What if Mark can’t sleep anymore when he gets back, so he stays up at nights in the training room, in the library, drowning himself in activity, maybe even in alcohol, trying to pass out, to feel more human again. BEcause every day that he’s back he can feel his humanity slipping away from him, turning into something more, becoming the changeling…

What if Mark, after being with the Fae for so long, can’t lie anymore. so when he gets back, he barely talks to anyone. The only one he ever really opens up to is Ty, and Ty tries to find a way to get him out of that, to get him back to the old Mark. And what if Jules is desperately trying to talk to him, but all he can ever really say to Jules is, “I’m sorry,” because he knows he’ll only end up saying things that will hurt them both.

What if Mark has nightmares when he gets back. So vivid an horrible because they are things he watched and heard about in his time with The Hunt. But in his nightmares it’s his family, His family who dies and his family who does the killing. And He wake up so horrified so scared of being the destruction wrought on his family, so so scared of being the spark to horrors untold. And because of these dreams he can barely bring himself to speak to them, and one day Jules tries to talk to him to ask him why he’s avoiding them, and he lets it all fall out, everything he has seen, the scars over his heart and in his mind that are more triggering and painful than even the ones on his back.