remember when your heart was breaking?
your love for them was a river
that did not wish to be crossed,
and you couldn’t imagine surviving the rapids.
remember when every time you heard their name
it felt like bitter cold waves hitting your chest?
fighting your emotions was like doing a backstroke 
against the current,
speaking to them filled your lungs with
an unbreathable sadness.
yet you woke up today, warm and dry.
your heart felt solid,
toned by despair and acceptance.
you heard their name and it was no different than
a trickle of creek water over your toes.
accepting your emotions meant being carried downstream
until the opportunity to pull yourself out arose.
you breathed in deep and whispered aloud,
“remember when you thought
your heart was breaking?”
—  “of water and healing” // dionne sims

backstroke (≈26k words total) by aerialiste
chapters: ¼ (7k words)
rating: explicit
relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
characters: Sam Winchester, Charlie Bradbury, Kali
tags: Human Castiel, Fallen Angels, Veterinary Medicine, Porn with Feelings, Angst with a Happy Ending, Angst and Feels, Canon Divergence, Not Canon Compliant, Canon What Canon, Charlie Bradbury Lives, Galveston Island

“Well, shit,” Dean said aloud into the empty room, eyes still closed. “Okay then.”

So Dean finally got his act together, and he and Cas are now officially doing…whatever this is. But Cas has a complicated past of his own, and in the words of a new friend, “When they think they’ve got you, you have to remember you’re worth getting.” It’s just that Dean has never in his life felt like something worth getting, much less keeping—although Castiel seems to want to try.

Hello I but a smol humble pornographer of the Lord have committed an act of fanfiction. Also this is a sequel to “Crawl” and picks up right where it left off, so if you haven’t read that before, you might want to. Also, it’s completely finished but I’ll post a chapter once a week, every Saturday for the next month—hope you like it, my lovelies! I maeked it for u.


With the 2016 Olympics fast approaching, I put to you fellow techblr that we should compose our own Stagehand Olympics. I have a few ideas for events already. 

For example:
Arbor Races
Gel Frame Horseshoe
Dolly Race and Dolly Relay (in freestyle, butterfly, backstroke, etc)
Two Person Knot Tying

These are some that have come up in my work in the past few weeks, and I’d love to see what you’ve got. What events do you want in the Stagehand Olypmics?