backstreet's back (all right!)

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Nursey (behind the camera): (singing) Backstreets back, all right!
Dex: (carrying Chowder)
Chowder: (being carried & trying to sing along)

We warm up and then we just have this huddle that we do before the show, and then put our hands in and we sing,“ said Horan. "Every time we go to a new leg of the tour, we make up a new song to sing. So at the minute, it’s Backstreet Boys.” Then, singing: “Backstreet’s back, all right!
—  Niall for ET

In news that’s not me having a panic attack over menswear and words, I finally saw This is the End last night.

It was not a good movie.

I laughed myself fucking sick over it, and think that it was largely hilarious, but it was not a good movie.  It was obviously a product of weed and bromanship, and could’ve benefited from a good editor and maybe one sober person around to be like, “dudes, maybe we don’t need to talk about coming all over James Franco’s stuff quite so much.  Like, it’s excessive.”

I felt like a lot of the film was just the actors being high and ad libbing, resulting in most of the gags and dialogue, including the come exchange (giggity) I referenced above.  As a result, it was needlessly repetitive, and even threatened to be boring at times.  But if you’re into offensive bro humor, friendship, and the Backstreet Boys (!!!), there are definitely things to be enjoyed.  I’m not sorry I watched it, but I am sorry that I was mostly sober at the time.

She had forgotten what it was like. Being scared of the world. Even though the attacks happened inside of the school she still felt safe in the castle, but being her younger self reminded her how scared she used to be. How much she feared everyone and everything, her power being something so out of this world that she tried to bury it inside her. But most of all she had forgotten how much she missed being able to see. 

When she got back to normal she went to her parents, hid inside her tower again until she felt like she could breathe. And than she felt disgusted with herself, that she once again was the little girl who hid behind the walls of the tower so she could be safe.

Ironically it was her mother – the woman who had always hid her from the world who told her to go back. That she had a job to get back to, a life she built by not being afraid anymore.

Stepping out of the train station she began heading back to Hogwarts, her steps a bit more carefree than they had been a week ago but still heavy, afraid that if the wind blew too hard she would fly away. Grimm trotted in front of her, happy to be able to walk again so when he barked the first time she thought he was only doing because he was happy, the second time though she suspected something else.