Major announcement!

Today we are delighted to announce that after two years of hard work on our Heritage Lottery funded project Our Country Lives, we can finally reveal what we’ve been working on all this time: turning the Museum of English Rural Life into the Museum of English Westlife.

There have been hurdles to overcome - how Westlife are Irish, how none of our collections relate to nineties boybands, the resignation of half of our staff and being kicked out of the Museums Association - but they were worth it. We recently acquired a massive stash of Brylcreem, and we’re off to the hairdressers for our quiffs and middle partings. After that we look forward to rewriting all of our interpretation to reflect the trials and tribulations of 14 years worth of boyband history, from boyhood to manhood.

Please come down the Museum, where we’ll be playing Flying Without Wings on repeat until 12pm, or until Security tell us to stop.

(It also means we can change our acronym to MEWL, which will work with the cat crowd)

it annoys me when some fans of 1D are claiming the band is done, or its over. No, it’s not. You still have four men who are feeling betrayed and who want to continue to be strong for YOU. Don’t claim that 1D isn’t the same when you have four core members continuing this WORLD TOUR and making sure you’re going to stick around and be there for them. So what if one member left, you continue to support those boys like you would if Zayn was still there. 1D are going on they’re not stopping. They remind me of BSB when Kevin Richardson left for a couple of years to be a father and to be normal for once in his life. BSB still did 3 tours and released two albums, their fans still stuck around and I’m hoping you guys stay strong and continue to support Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis. They need you as much as you need them. 

Can the Backstreet fandom extend a hug to the 1D fandom? Cause we know exactly how it feels for one of our members to leave the group and only have four guys left. We know the pain they’re going through and we know how sad they all are. We completely understand. So let’s give all the 1D fans a huge fandom hug and support them and Zayn right now. <3

Also, guys, don’t give up hope. Our fifth boy came back, maybe someday yours will too. Anything is possible!