So I was on this internet archive site and I looked up the old Lazytown website and discovered all of these cute character descriptions and I thought I’d share
(I will never get over the fact that Bessie was supposed to be Sportacus’ mom, or that Stingy was originally supposed to be the youngest of the group)

Whatever you do, don’t imagine little kid JD
Don’t imagine his mother taking him to the library as he happily skipped along
Don’t imagine him frightened when his father drank too much
Don’t imagine him going to his mother for protection when his father got worse and worse and worse
Don’t imagine his mother forcing him to Sunday school when she saw his father getting bad. Don’t imagine her needing to give him something to hold on to
Don’t imagine JD loving the heroism of bible stories
Don’t imagine him enthusiastic about religion but not quite understanding-asking his mother,“Mommy, what is God?”
Don’t imagine her replying, “Love is God.”

Don’t imagine his scattered panic when he saw his mom in a building set to be demolished.
Don’t imagine him not understanding-why, why would she wave to me?

Don’t imagine JD at ten or eleven as his father shut out.
Don’t imagine him blaming himself for his father’s distance and his mother’s death
Don’t imagine JD drunk for the first time, not understanding why it felt good to be numb.

And above all, don’t picture all of this running through his head when Veronica decided things had gone to far.

Ms Paint
Excerpt from Jeremoth’s journal-“Giselle, my dear wife. I knew her since childhood and we were the best of friends even till she died. She was smart, outgoing, she even beat up the ones who bullied me. She wasn’t just a pretty face though. She knew mechanics, she even stole parts off a car one time! I know she was smarter than me, she could have easily been the doctor instead of me. It was hard being a woman back then. But she didn’t let that stop her. We had a fight and separated for a bit, I went to med school and she went into illegal fight clubs, and even burlesque. She loved it, even if they considered it "not classy” for a woman. She didn’t want to be classy, she was just herself. And I loved everything about her, she was my rock and my best friend. She always will be too.“
"She never was sure if she wanted children. We had talked about it before we got married. She laughed that she wanted 3 kids, I said ‘that’s how many I want too!’ But it didn’t seem like a serious talk at 15 and 17. Then, we got married, and I asked again. She was still not sure, thought she wouldn’t be a good mother. I didn’t press, I let her make the decision on her own. Finally she told me she was ready. We tried for a long while, but nothing. She thought maybe it was a sign that she wasn’t meant to be a mother. But then, Eveleen was born. (She also punched me in labor when I was delivering the baby, but that’s another story..)Eve was our everything. And Giselle, rough and rugged as she was, made a wonderful mom. She home schooled Eve because she knew she could teach her better than any school could. Wanted her to have street smarts and life lessons, she said. I don’t know why she was scared to be a mom when she was the best one.”

“To Feel More Intelligent”

In which Eve attempts to help make his brother “smarter”

… What do you mean this isn’t how it happened?

@little-noko got me thinking about the possibility of a vibe!Papyrus, so my brain ended up coming up with this poor dude.

This is the Papyrus from the Vibes’ timeline. He was consumed along with everything else by the verse. Most were torn apart to be used as energy or resources. Papyrus, however, was…well, put into ‘storage’. He exists in a short time loops (though time in the verse is…iffy at best), spending most of his time confused and searching for his brother. 

He’s more of a faded echo than the actual Papyrus, though he is conscious and he remembers a little of previous loops, but his memory is pretty unreliable, which doesn’t help with the confusion.

His colours are a little faded due to the verse, which is also responsible for the distortions (when panicked or having a break down he loses all colour and the flickering gets worse). None of the Vibes have any idea he’s there. Even if they did, the verse wouldn’t let them see him. People accidentally teleporting into the verse might come across him, and occasionally the verse distorts reality as it reaches out to other AUs, which could place him there for a short time.

BatIM Obvservations

*I want to make a lore post later on, so I’ve decided to keep a post with notes about what is happening as the game goes on, feel free to let me know if I missed something*

• It’s been 30 years since Henry worked with Joey. The style of animation gained popularity around 1920-1930, so this game AT LEAST takes place in the 50s.
• Also, assuming Henry went to college for animation, he was likely in his early 20s at the time. He is at least 50 years old in the game, and there’s no telling how long he worked there before he quit so he may even be in his 60s.
• Henry left before the ink machine was installed (“So, this is the ink machine?” He also doesn’t really know how to turn it on at first)
• Joey’s letter is friendly (possibly business partners? He also refers to himself as Henry’s “best pal”)
• Previous point is evident by Tape Recorder Guy saying that Joey “writes the checks”, implying that their particular relationship was strictly business
• Henry mentions that he “wasted so much time in this chair” when discovering his old desk. (Begs the questions, why did he quit and why does he feel like the job was just wasting time? Animation isn’t a job you just fall into)
• The building appears to be boarded up/condemned and Henry may only have been allowed to enter due to supernatural influence
• Boris appears to be dead and it is actually ambiguous as to who killed him. We assume it was Joey, due to Henry’s statement, but the fact that Boris seemed to be a Pete-like antagonist to Bendy’s Mickey Mouse, it may have been Bendy himself (“Who’s laughing now?” could be Bendy mocking Boris)
• We know nothing of Bendy’s character. He may very well have been evil in his cartoons. (Evident by his design-very menacing hands and creepy smile) You can also see a big “NO” on the drawing desks next to cuter drawings of Bendy, possibly meaning that Joey meant for Bendy to be dark in some way.
• Tape Recorder Guy’s account:
o “At this point, I don’t get what Joey’s plan is for this company. The animations sure aren’t being finished on time anymore. And I simply don’t see why we need this… machine. It’s noisy, it’s messy, and who needs that much ink anyway? Also, get this! Joey had each one of us donate something from our work station. We put them on these little pedestals in the break room, to help “Appease the Gods” Joey says, “Keep things going”. I think he’s lost his mind. But, hey, he writes the checks. But I tell you what, if one more of these pipes burst, I’m outta here!”
-The animations aren’t being finished by the deadline, which makes me wonder if they were a failing studio. This could go two ways, however. Were they failing and Joey was trying to save his studio OR was Joey’s madness the cause of its downfall?
-None of the others seem to know what the ink machine is for or what it does.
• The ink machine’s pipes run through the entire building
• The sacrificial items may have some significance (or may reference the departments of the studio):
o Cog and Wrench-Maintenance
o Bendy Doll-Merchandising
o Ink-Drawing/Animation
o Vinyl-Music/Sound engineering
o Illusion of Living-Joey himself/The boss

CHAPTER 2 (teaser)
• This chapter’s called “The Old Song” As seen in this picture
• As pointed out by ProdCharles on youtube (This video), the circle in the beginning is an alchemy symbol NOT an occult symbol. The symbol at the end of chapter 1 seems to be, though.
• Sound plays a bigger role in this one, as does bacon apparently (themeatly’s tweet , Mike Mood’s response, and the can of either bacon soup or straight up bacon in the preview)

*Stuff will be added as the chapters come together*