Not selling out: Teens live in commercial online spaces because that's their only option

danah boyd points out that when kids conduct their social lives in commercial spaces, it’s not because they don’t care about selling out; it’s because they have no other option: “In a world where they have limited physical mobility and few places to go, they’re deeply appreciative of any space that will accept them.”

boyd’s extensive fieldwork with teens (documented in her must-read book It’s Complicated) backstops her opinion. She describes how kids understand that they’re being data-mined and surveilled in social spaces, and don’t like it, but accept it as a trade-off for a world that is in equal measures fearful of them and fearful for them.

The UK is a great place to see this in action. Most cities and large towns have curfew rules on the books that give the police the power to send teenagers home after 9PM if they think that someone might be distressed by seeing them. Public spaces use “mosquito” tone-generators that create annoying, high-pitched noises that are primarily audible to young ears – an auditory version of the spikes we use to stop pigeons from roosting, but aimed at children.

At the same time, we tell teens and kids that they can’t walk to school alone, can’t play in the park alone, can’t venture into town alone to shop or congregate, because of the Daily Mail-fed terror of sexual predators (who are overwhelmingly not strangers in parks, but relatives, teachers, clergy, coaches, and other authority figures in our kids’ lives).

Then, when kids turn to the only place where they can be social without being feared or feared for – the corporate-owned social spaces of the net – we damn them for having no sense of authenticity and being uncritical serfs in commercial seigneuries.

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Penguins’ Core’s Scouting Report From Their Respective Draft Year

Marc-Andre Fleury

Drafted: Pittsburgh, 1st Round (1st Overall), 2003
NHL Central Scouting: “Top-ranked North American goaltending prospect backstopped Canada to the silver medal with a spectacular performance at the World Junior Championships, leading the tournament with a 1.57 goals-against average and finishing third with a .928 save percentage. His carefree personality has prompted some to compare him to Vezina Trophy winner Martin Brodeur. Some scouts believe he could join Rick DiPietro of the New York Islanders as the only goalies taken with the top overall pick. Like Brodeur, he likes to move the puck to teammates. And like so many French-Canadian goalies, he employs the butterfly style. He also has the ability to recover quickly in scramble situations and control rebounds.”

Evgeni Malkin

Drafted: Pittsburgh, 1st Round (2nd Overall), 2004
Kyle Woodlief, USA Today/Red Line Report: “Big Evgeni Malkin was the dominant force in the World Under-18 Championship in Minsk last month and has not only solidified his No. 2 overall ranking, but has significantly narrowed the gap between himself and consensus No. 1 Alex Ovechkin. It’s not a matter of Ovechkin coming back to the pack; Malkin has just elevated his game to a new level. A number of teams now have the pair ranked in a dead heat, with some believing that Malkin’s rapid progression and long-term upside make him worthy of the top spot. As much as we love Ovechkin, it’s not that big a stretch. Malkin is nearly a full year younger and will play in the NHL at nearly 6-foot-4, 215 pounds when he fills out. He also has the puck skills of a much smaller man and a nasty edge to boot. Watch the way Vinny Lecavalier has been playing in this year’s playoffs and imagine Malkin five or six years from now — the comparison seems quite valid.”

NHL Central Scouting: “Good, strong skater with fine balance and agility. Has a good change of pace. Excellent stickhandler and a smart player. Good, smooth hands and an excellent playmaker. Carries the puck with confidence. Has a quick, accurate wrist and slap shot. Can score in many ways. Outstanding hockey sense. Creative player. Works hard on every shift. A good competitor who can play both a finesse and physical game. Competes hard for the puck and is willing to pay the price to score or set up a goal. Played on Team Russia at the Under-18 World Junior championships. Had a fair World Junior tournament with Team Russia in 2004. Played better as a regular with top team Magnitogorsk in the Russian league. Great mix of size, skills and hockey sense. A leader on the ice. Has all the tools needed for a great career.”

Sidney Crosby

Drafted: Pittsburgh, 1st Round (1st Overall), 2005
Kyle Woodlief, USA Today/Red Line Report: “Hockey has always been blessed, from generation to generation, with outstanding ambassadors of the game — players who have a special dignity and universal appeal for their sincere humility and genuine appreciation of the gifts they’ve been given. They are players who never take their standing in the game for granted and unfailingly sell the sport to young and old alike; think of names such as Howe, Beliveau, Orr, and Gretzky. That’s the type of attitude that Crosby exudes, and it’s why he will be made the flag-bearer of the new, post-lockout NHL, no matter where he ends up playing.”

Kris Letang

Drafted: Pittsburgh, 3rd Round (62nd Overall), 2005
Kyle Woodlief, USA Today/Red Line Report: “The question for him is whether his tremendous skating and smarts overcome his lack of size? He has exceptional footwork and, frankly, much better hockey sense than his more-publicized defensive partner, particularly in the offensive zone. He’s a very smart PP quarterback and plays a clean, efficient, mistake-free game. He’s a very subtle player, but very underrated. His poise under pressure, neat spin moves and great puck movement decisions give him a good shot to overcome the size handicap.”

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Below the cut is 29 icons of Marty Deeks/Eric Christian Olsen in the NCIS: Los Angeles episode Ascension. Please do not steal as I made all the icons below the cut. These have been created for roleplay use but I would still like a like to show that people like them.



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Annie Oakley Shot Here: The Strange History Of A Fairmount Baseball Field

There is not much up at St. Clair Heights Park these days - a baseball backstop, a small concrete seating area and a large lawn. There is no marker to indicate the magnificent building that once stood here, nor to memorialize the shooting match between Annie Oakley and Frank Butler.

What is now known as St. Clair Heights Park was once known by the rich Teutonic sobriquet of “Schuetzenbuckel.” This was the “shooting hill” for Cincinnati’s Germans, who loved to shoot. That name dates to 1866, when Cincinnati’s Schuetzen-Verein (or Shooting Association) bought the property, but the story goes back further, to a Baptist missionary society.

In 1849, the Western Baptist Educational Society bought the land at the summit of the hill from the Fairmount Land Company to build a seminary. This they did and Charles Cist in his 1851 “Sketches and Statistics of Cincinnati” was very much impressed:

“It is a spot of great natural beauty, commanding a full view of the Mill Creek valley, from the Ohio river to Cumminsville; of the entire city of Cincinnati, as it spreads out toward the south-east; and of the elevated lands environing the city for many miles around. The principal seminary edifice, now (May 1851), in process of erection, is of brick, 112 feet in length; 50 feet in breadth, and four stories high above the basement. It will contain a chapel, library, lecture-rooms, dormitories, rooms for study, &c. This seminary, called into being by the voice, and relying, as it does, on the combined strength of the Baptist denomination in Ohio, Indiana, and adjoining States in the north-west, cannot fail of eminent success.”

Unfortunately, it did “fail of eminent success” and was sold, first to a military academy and then to a medical college before, in 1866, being acquired by the Schuetzen-Verein, who soon discovered a problem. The view, as Charles Cist averred, was spectacular. The buildings, especially after the Schuetzen-Verein invested some $150,000 in remodeling, were superb. However, as Philip D. Spiess notes:

“As modes of transportation changed, the Schuetzenbuckel became less accessible. Other hilltops surrounding the basin area were beginning to enjoy the use of inclined planes, and their resorts prospered accordingly. The top of the Schuetzenbuckel could be reached only after an arduous climb on foot or by buggy; the city horse-car line ended at the bottom of the hill. A plan was conceived to build an incline up the Schuetzenbuckel but was never carried out. The popularity of the park began to decline.”

Nevertheless, from about 1866 until nearly 1890, lots of (mostly) German sharpshooters made their way to the Schuetzenbuckel to plug clay (or real) pigeons.

There is some dispute among historians and documents as to exactly when - or if - Miss Annie Mosey bested “Colonel” Frank Butler on the Schuetzenbuckel, but there appears to be a consensus that the match did happen, possibly on Thanksgiving Day in 1875, but more likely sometime in 1881.

The general drift is this: Frank Butler was traveling the pre-vaudeville circuit in a sharpshooting act known as Baughman & Butler when he arrived in Cincinnati. Butler placed a $100 bet with Cincinnati hotelier Jack Frost that he could out-shoot anyone in town. Frost allegedly put up the 15-year-old (or 21-year-old) Annie Mosey and Butler lost. Frank was entranced. Soon after, he and Annie were married and begin appearing as an act early by 1882.

The magnificent Schuetzenbuckel building caught fire in 1888 and was burned to the ground. Most of the debris was pushed over the hill. In 1912, most of the property was turned over to the city for park use.

So, if there was all this shooting going on atop the Schuetzenbuckel, where did the bullets go? A local sharpshooter, historian and (apparently) metal detector operator named Rick Sage has uncovered quite a few plugged tokens from the hillsides around the old shooting range. You can see some photographs here:
The Roast Room

Eating here this Sunday and I have been struggling for months now over what I plan to order. I’ll ask for help from my waiter and the chef but it’s going to be difficult.

For a starter I want:

either the Amsterdam Sausage or the Beef Croquettes

backstopped by either:

the bread and farmhouse butter or the housemade pretzel with liverwurst

For a main I’m pretty sure I’ll have the Irish Sirloin (rare) with baked potato & herb crème fraîche, spicy coleslaw and smokey béarnaise sauce.

But for the Secondi do I get the salmon, the pork belly, the classic or the oriental?

tagged by wulfalice (i was stsvincent (-:) where you choose ur fave lyrics from the first 10 songs that come up on shuffle! ♥

1. fireside // arctic monkeys – “but that place on memory lane you liked still looks the same / but something about it’s changed”

2. 12 fingers // young the giant – “but when those sounds sang from our halls / the backstop pressed against bleached walls / do you remember the sound of snow?”

3. i’m your villain // franz ferdinand – “we could be laughing lovers / I think you’d prefer to be miserable instead”

4. arrows // vampire weekend – “i awoke up in a bedroom / you’ve gone up hunting i was asleep

5. mowgil’s road // marina & the diamonds – “do you think you will be good enough / to love others and to be loved?”

6. it’s up to you now // the black keys – “you smoke cigarettes and you act like a clown if you want”

7. satellite // the kills – “ what a mess a little time makes to us when time and place collide”

8. blow your mind // the vaccines – “ of simple fiction that’s a guarantee /
but don’t expect me to be turned with champagne and flowers”

9. hurricane // ms mr – “ welcome to the inner workings of my mind / so dark and foul I can’t disguise”

10. soft shock // yeah yeah yeahs – “louder, lips speak louder / better, back together”

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Enhancement of Sports

There is a theory out there that sports could be more challenging for the pros that simply collect pay checks for previous hard work.  Now in most careers that would only happen if you were to retire with amazing benefits but some of these athletes are bums.  In a CRAZY TALENTED sense.

What I mean is, perhaps there is a way to make it more challenging and perhaps DANGEROUS. I know, all caps.  More so, lets change it up, baseball is a little to boring for the modern world BUT if you were to say, I don’t know, add a Tiger on a 25ft chain to the center field wall or a Grizzly Bear prowling the backstop for any loose balls or catchers to devour.  I know this will never happen but again, thinking outside the box, humans love for sports, animals, excitement, danger, gore, and action this kind of thing could help blend it all together.  

Let’s take football for instance, if a bobcat or (enter your real team mascot here) in the coffin corner its way less likely that GRONK will go up and catch a quick fade. Well, maybe GRONK would but most Tight Ends & Receivers don’t even like going up the middle into a safety let alone a wild beast.  

Basketball is tougher but also easier. The animals would have to be birds… so then you would need netting, but why not make this one easier on an enclosed environment and say no animals. Let’s just raise the hoops to either 12ft or water log all the balls.

Soccer needs an overhaul that only the English can control, so my thoughts mean dick to them BUT if they would listen, I would remove the “GOALIE” and make the entire BOX & goal controlled by roaming cheetahs. We all know the Cheetah would win best defensive player awards every season.

Hockey doesn’t need to change its already amazing and crazy as shit.

donutcatrainbow asked:

22, 26, 64 and 150 pls

22. Where would you like to travel?

EVERYWHERE but I’d really like to go back to New York one day and also India or Italy.

26. What do you do when you wake up?

Lay there and play on my phone for a while then shower

64. Tell us the story of your first kiss?

oh gee whiz I was in my exs bedroom looking at some records he had on the wall and i was babbling about david bowie then he just kinda kissed me and i was super awkward 

150. Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page?

from “It” by Stephen King (this book is fucking radical)

“although Stanley Uris would soon be sallying forth into a job market glutted with young accountants- and when he went into that jungle, he would do so with no family finances to backstop him, and with their daughter as his only hostage to fortune.” 

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I just saw the most beautiful, confusing thing

Borderline drunk, I’d decided to go down to this old playpark I’d used to visit while I was little,down on the seafront. Outside, there was a huge group of cosplayers playing some ball game (probably cricket/rounders/baseball?). There was a guy in a full on astronaut suit, Heisenbergs, Buzz Lightyear and a very drunk Woody, amongst others. They were playing against a group of guys in ‘hooters’ shirts with fake breasts and wigs. I had no idea what was going on, but it’s safe to say most of them had probably been drinking. It was almost 10PM and they were still going at it, loudly complaining about backstops and other stupid things. 

I sat on a bench in the park, and there was this young girl (probably around ten years old) trying to run up a slide. Her parent(s) seemed to have left her there, as she was alone. After a while, she’d slipped on one of the larger slides and hurt her leg. She began to cry, and that is when the cosplayers seemed to take notice of her. The hooters boys ran over, and a girl in a maid costume bought over her bag and got out some decorated plasters to give to the girl. I came over then to see if she was okay, but it seemed to be quite minor. She seemed kind of shaken up though, and one of the guys let her try on his wig to cheer her up and another girl gave her a bow from her costume to put in it to help her stop crying,  as some of the others left to search for her guardian.  

It was one of the sweetest things ever, and she was really excited to see their pretty outfits. Once they found her mother they all posed for a photograph with her, and gave her some lemonade. Her mother took her home and they said goodbye, going back to their game.

As they left later on, they appeared to have Macmillan charity collection bucket with them.

Faith in humanity +1

After running over a bunny and narrowly missing 72 more, we arrived in Christmas Valley at 3:30 am. The gas station was closed and our tank was empty, so we clipped our hammocks to the backstop on the local softball field and fell asleep to a star filled sky with the Milky Way streaking across! Starting our redwoods trip right! #hobohammocks #hammock #hammocklife #hammocks #hammocking #hammocklove #hammocktime #hammockcamping #menofoutdoors #getlost #nature #neature #gooutside #theadventureproject #wanderlust #family #adventure #naturelovers #camping #REI1440Project

European court to rule on key anti-crisis program

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — The European Court of Justice is getting ready to hand down a decision Tuesday on whether the European Central Bank should be allowed to offer a key financial backstop.

In 2012, the bank helped calm Europe’s debt crisis by saying it could buy the bonds of countries whose governments face excessive market borrowing costs.

Such spiraling costs can push a country into a bailout, as previously happened with Greece, Portugal and Ireland. The offer was never used, but reassured markets.

The offer was challenged by a conservative German lawmaker and others who argue the ECB overstepped its legal powers.

A court official issued a preliminary opinion in January saying the bond purchase offer was permitted under the basic European Union treaty. The judges don’t have to follow preliminary opinions.

Just What Every Ballpark needs -- An Aquarium

The Florida Marlins Ballpark has an aquarium that contains fish…right behind home plate. My Thoughts:
1.  It is said to be shatterproof, but a baseball flying at 100+ MPH that would hit that thing just right…Well, I can’t wait to see that.
2.  All the pet shops have signs saying “Do Not Tap on the Glass” by their aquariums.  Think of how many foul balls, errant throws, etc. hit the backstop each game. Isn’t that go to stress those little fishies out?  

3.  This goes with #1–Aren’t we all hoping and praying that thing will shatter during a game.  That would be a sight to see!  I can’t wait.  

European court to rule on key anti-crisis program

FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) – The European Court of Justice is getting ready to hand down a decision Tuesday on whether the European Central Bank should be allowed to offer a key financial backstop.

In 2012, the bank helped calm Europe’s debt crisis by saying it could buy the bonds of countries whose governments face excessive market borrowing costs.

Such spiraling costs can push a country into a bailout, as previously happened with Greece, Portugal and Ireland. The offer was never used, but reassured markets.

The offer was challenged by a conservative German lawmaker and others who argue the ECB overstepped its legal powers.

A court official issued a preliminary opinion in January saying the bond purchase offer was permitted under the basic European Union treaty. The judges don’t have to follow preliminary opinions.

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Students of financial history can point to historic levels of valuation to suggest that we are in a bubble. But students of psychology may be needed to complete the picture. For one thing, the financial markets have been so strong for so long that fear of market risk has mostly evaporated. People who used to hold bank certificates of deposit now maintain a portfolio of growth stocks. It is not really within human nature to comprehend that you may not know everything you think you know, and, further, that what you believe in could change on a dime. When your investments are backstopped by reasonably-priced tangible assets, the prospect of a change in sentiment is not very costly. If a building is no longer needed as a furniture retailer, maybe it would make a good warehouse. If you can’t make money as a distributor, you can recover most of your capital by reselling your inventory.

Not so for dreams. With more and more of the market value of U.S. equities represented by lofty (in some cases infinite) multiples of current results, a change in sentiment could wipe out a large percentage of investor net worth. Sentiment, existing only in the minds of investors, is subject to change quickly and without notice. Perhaps today’s dreams will become realities for some of the current Internet and technology favorites; and perhaps not. For many, the dream will be replaced by a nightmare. Then, the escalating bill for betting on dreams rather than on realities will have to be paid up.

Real value, of bricks and mortar, finished goods inventories, accounts receivable, operating factories and businesses, and even brand names, is hard, although far from impossible, to destroy. If you don’t overpay for it, your downside is protected. If you purchase it at a discount, you have a real margin of safety.

—  Seth Klarman, June 1999