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Look who’s hosting this week!


If you’re ever wondering how much work goes into an SNL character, here’s a great example. Above is Jodi Mancuso, the head of the show’s hair department interviewed for Creating Saturday Night Live: Hair and Makeup. Below is Bronx Beat, one of the funniest recurring sketches of all time featuring Maya Rudolph as Jodi Dietz who she based on Mancuso. Maya once told Entertainment WeeklyI still find myself slipping into Bronx Beat. She’s our real friend, Jodi Mancuso, who works at the show in the hair department. She loves it. She’d give us ideas: ‘You should tawk about prime rib. You should tawk about cutsa meat.’ I love that woman. The way Maya and Amy (who based Betty Caruso on another woman in the SNL hair department) over-exaggerate their accents and created caricatures of these two women is a testament to their comedic prowess.


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