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I don’t really know what to say right now. I feel like it’s the same story on repeat and then sometimes it gets pretty upsetting you know? It’s the same it’s NXT all over again it’s RAW all over again it’s the same story all over again. It’s a second-place finish every time, you know? It’s about opportunity and when I get opportunity it always seems to allude me it alludes me by here every single time. I’m angry I’m heart broken, and I don’t really know what to say right now I’m sorry I don’t. (x)

When Roman comes back, I want him to come back PISSED.

I want him to come back and absolutely batter the heels in backstage segments.

Curt Hawkins talking that good shit? SUPERMAN PUNCH TO THE FACE.

Luke Gallows chatting it up with his good brother Karl Anderson? SUPERMAN PUNCH TO HIS CHROME DOME.

The Miz talking about….fucking I dunno, kelp shakes and seaweed wraps and shit with Maryse? SPEAR THROUGH A MOTHER FUCKING WALL.

I need destruction.

Brothers Best Friend - Seth Rollins

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A/N- New series! Yay! I’m gonna have to balance out two series now so you’ll probably get 1 episode of each chapter every day (That’s just and aim!) It’s only a short one to start with. Enjoy!

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Finn Balor - Prompt #2

Prompt: “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.”
Requested: by @ambrosegirlforever
Warnings: Body issue
Words: 1400+
y/d/n: your daughter’s name

“You nervous?” your husband Finn asked as you pulled up to the arena for Monday night Raw. You were returning to in-ring competition after nearly 3 years. You fell pregnant just before your wedding to Finn when you were at the height of your career. WWE kept you while you were pregnant getting you to be an ambassador and a commentator on NXT and 205. After you had y/d/n, you had 6 months off tv before you took over Talking Smack, Raw Talk and Pay-per-view kick off shows. 

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Well even though it’s my hometown I’m not gonna let it distract me from the fact that all the women here at RAW need to know that they don’t mess with the five feet of fury: Alexa Bliss, and that I am here to take over this women’s division. (x)


“A lot of people think I’m shy, or I’m quiet, and I’m far from shy when they first meet me, or when I first go into a place because I like to scope it out. And I’m not a person that feels like I have to make conversation with everybody in the world and just run my mouth constantly.” - Dean Ambrose

Tired of Waiting For It

Roman Reigns/OC. For @oraclegazes: Shield-era Roman, reader and he have been friends for a while and she hasn’t told anyone she’s into Roman, not realizing he likes her too. He gets jealous when creative puts her in a romantic storyline with Seth and smut happens when she confronts him to find out what his problem is. Bonus if Dean figures everything out before they do.

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