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pairing; seventeen joshua x reader

genre; fluff, angst :p

synopsis; soulmates have a timer on them that shows when one party is gonna meet the other. however, as a idol, joshua has been made to avoid that.

word count; 2.6k words

notes; first scenario after my mini hiatus !! hope you all have been doing well <3

You lay peacefully on your pillow, the moonlight subtly passing through your blinds as it cast soft shadows in your bedroom. It was 2am in the morning, and you were still wide awake, lying on your side under the covers as your hands were snug under your pillow and head.

Lots of things were running through your mind — all of them revolving around the topic of your soulmate, questioning the law of the timer embedded in your skin; and everyone else’s.

The timer on your forearm displayed a timing in the format of days to hours to minutes and to seconds. It was something that would gradually fade into view as one grows older, and is usually solid by the time he/she is a mere eleven years old. And at the age of thirteen, the timer starts it’s countdown in dull, dark red colors. You saw it on other people’s arms, the adults — when their timer hits zeros, it glows a bright color which differs from person to person. Only the 2 soulmates would have the exact same shade of the glowing timer.

In school, it was a big thing to all of you who just had had the timer started. Everyone would compare their own timings, and then joke about who would get married at a old age, or who would find their soulmate when they are still young.

But you never knew a a situation where the timer would travel backwards in time would happen.

It wasn’t just once; it wasn’t just twice; it happened more than ten times, if you had counted correctly — and you were nineteen now.

Like everyone else, you would get beyond excited whenever you see that your timer is closing down to 00:00:00:00, and would intentionally dress nice if you had plans to go out that day. But the timer never got to those numbers. The closest that it ever got to was 00:00:04:39; which had just happened that day.

And it had stopped there — and the numbers reversed, going backwards. The timer started counting up the number line and the time increased, until it reached the number it was at now — 11:06:28:43.

“11 days, 6 hours, 28 minutes, 43 seconds,” your mutter silently to yourself as the seconds go by painfully slowly. You stare at the numbers. It made you upset because you had lots of theories in your mind for the reason of why the timer would act like that; one of them being the fact that your soulmate is intentionally avoiding you.

You let out a loud sigh as you shoved your arm back under the pillow, squeezing your eyes shut as you tried to get some sleep.

10 days passed by faster than you thought; you were starting to get really tired of the whole soulmate thing. Why did you have to let a stupid timer bring down your mood so much? It wasn’t something you can control, so why not just let it be?

You sat in front of your desk, your elbow propped onto your table, twirling your pen as you stared blankly at your math paper which you did not understand a single word of.

Your phone suddenly vibrates abruptly on your tabletop, and you jolt up, your train of thoughts interrupted. You glanced at the caller ID — it was Kura, your best friend — and picked up the call.

“What’s up?” you asked, putting your pen down on top of your worksheets as you leaned back onto your chair. You had to pull the phone away from your ears for a bit as Kura blabbered undecipherable words into the phone.

“God, slow down!” you said, laughing. “Start from the top.”

“CLEAR YOUR SCHEDULE TOMORROW!” she exclaimed, and you frowned in puzzlement.

“I mean, I don’t have anything on my schedule for tomorrow currently, but what’s going on?”

“I GOT AN EXTRA TICKET!” she screamed again, which made you even more confused.

“What ticket?” you asked, getting a little annoyed at how she was being so brief.

“Seventeen! Seventeen!” she repeated a few times. “Seventeen’s concert! Diamond Edge!”

You widen your eyes for a second, then raised an eyebrow. A free concert sounds like a huge event, and although you knew Seventeen, you weren’t much of a big fan.

“So you’re saying I can go to their concert for free?” you probed, still a little suspicious.

“YES!” she exclaimed. “WITH ME!”

You laughed again at how hyped up she was, then remembered. Your eyes travelled down to your arm — 01:05:49:30.

One day.

“Hey, Kura, um…” you trailed off. “The timer says it’s tomorrow… I don’t think I can go.”

Kura rolls her eyes. “Who cares about the timer? It has been going backwards for countless times now, hasn’t it? It probably will happen again tomorrow, Just let it be and come to the concert!”

You thought about it; Kura was right. You shouldn’t let this refrain you from going out to have fun. Besides, if your soulmate was indeed avoiding you on purpose, you weren’t going to try and chase after him. You had more pride than that.

“Alright then,” you agreed. “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

The next day, you and Kura met outside the convention hall where the concert was going to take place. You two had arrived 2 hours earlier, and as expected, the place was already swarmed with passionate fans holding banners and lightsticks. 

What surprised you was that your timer was counting down accordingly. It read 00:02:17:30 — you were simply wearing a loose crop tee with jeans, so the timer was exposed. You lifted your arm towards Kura. 

“Look,” you muttered. She raised an eyebrow.

“The concert starts in 2 hours…” she said, and smirked, nudging you. “Your soulmate is probably a fan too.”

You pressed your lips together. It’s not like you were against it, but having a boyfriend who was a fan of a boy group you knew well sounded a little different from what you expected.

You shook your head off the thought. “The timer’s probably gonna go backwards later. I don’t wanna care.”

Kura grinned. “That’s the spirit!”

She herself was tired of seeing you heartbroken whenever your timer restarts, so she supported you in ignoring the timer. 

An hour and 30 minutes later, the gates to the convention hall opened, and everyone rushed in to look for their seats. 

Kura and you had gotten the Category 1 tickets, which means you two were going to be standing right below the stage. 

The fans were pretty polite and no one pushed their way in; that made you smile. You had heard of rude, impatient fans in other countries that had resulted in injured parties. It was very unpleasant. 

You and Kura stand at the front, staring at the stage and trying to peek backstage once in a while to spot the members, but only caught a glimpse of their managers.

Meanwhile, backstage…

“It says 8 minutes, Joshua!” Manager James raises his voice. “8 minutes! You all are going up in 8 minutes according to schedule!”

Instead of breaking out in a wide smile like most people would do as their timer nears zero, Joshua ends up instinctively hiding his arm behind his body. Manager James’ loud voice caused the other members to look over to Joshua, whose head was hung low. 

“What can I do about it?” Joshua muttered, not rudely, but his fists clenches behind him. S.Coups caught sight of that. 

“What can you do about it?” Manager James parrots angrily. He lets out an frustrated grunt and calls for Joshua’s stylist. 

“Get him some long sleeves, and cover up the timer with foundation or something. Make sure that it isn’t seen by the other fans.” 

Joshua’s stylist quickly nods and does what she was told. Joshua turns away, letting out a heavy breath as he blinked multiple times to force his hot tears back in. 

S.Coups pats him reassuringly on the shoulder. “It’ll be alright.”

Joshua was not happy. He was mad. He didn’t understand why he had to be restricted from meeting his soulmate. So many times, he had to walk in the opposite direction of where he was heading because the timer was nearing its zeros. He had to cancel plans and his company made up excuses of him being unwell, when he was just locked up in the dorms so he would have no chance of meeting his soulmate outside.

That was how the timer was forced to backtrack. 

This time, he knew they couldn’t stop him from going out to perform, because it would’ve been too last minute. He knew the timer was going to stop during the concert — he had calculated the hours — and he hid the timer from his managers on purpose; so they wouldn’t know.

Joshua’s stylist pats on thick foundation onto his forearm, blending it out to cover his timer before handing him a long-sleeved outfit to change into, but he didn’t care about that — he knew if the timer ends and glows, it would definitely show through the foundation and clothing fabric. 

“It won’t go backwards this time,” Joshua says softly, only loud enough for the members around him to hear. “I won’t let it.”

Jeonghan nods encouragingly — he hated seeing Joshua upset, full of self-blame after the timer goes back because of him.

“We’ll do what we can, don’t worry,” Seungkwan whispers quietly, shooting Joshua a cheeky wink, making him break out in a smile. 

“Seventeen, please prepare at the stands!” the coordinator calls out, and all 13 of them hastily make their way to the backstage. Manager James shoots Joshua a warning look, which translates to “Make sure you know what to do.”.

Joshua couldn’t read his timer anymore — he couldn’t read the numbers through the foundation even if he pushed his sleeves up.

The MC calls Seventeen onstage, and together with loud screams and cheers from the fans, the 13 of them goes up, with Joshua last in line. 

The moment he steps onstage, a tingling sensation spreads through his arm, and he looks down. 

It was glowing.

A beautiful, lilac-purple color.

Your arm tingles. You thought it was merely someone else’s arm brushing past you, until you realize — that’s not how it’s supposed to feel like. 

You look down and widen your eyes. Your timer. 

The numbers 00:00:00:00 were emitting a soft but piercing purple glow, and you immediately snap your head up, frantically looking around — looking everywhere around you but on the stage.

“Y/N!” Kura exclaims, grabbing your arm. 

“I know, I’m looking!” you shout back, not looking towards her. You were going to cry, you were desperate.

“No, that’s not what I mean! Look!” she shouts again, louder this time, and you turned to her. 

“What!?” you snapped, annoyed. She was pointing at something on the stage, and you follow the path of where her finger was directed towards — and immediately saw.

“J-Joshua…?” you mumbled in confusion. His arm was emitting the same purple glow, but it was obviously muffled.

Joshua’s eyes were wildly scanning through the crowd, and it landed on you. The both of you just stare at each other for a mere second, before he looks away. 

Your mind went into a state of frenzy and confusion. He looked away. HE LOOKED AWAY. 

“Joshua! Would you like to say a few words before you start on your first performance?” the MC asks, and all eyes turn to Joshua, whose arm was now naturally behind his back, hiding the timer well — but the members already know.

“I’m honored to be able to perform here in such a huge arena for all of you! I hope you all have fun today!” he speaks cheerily, and your jaw drops. He didn’t acknowledge you at all — and he was smiling?

As the MC continues speaking, while everyone else was distracted, you catch sight of S.Coups, who was beside Joshua and near the side of the stage, taking a few more steps to where the stage curtains were, and pull a security guard towards him. He whispers something into the guard’s ear, and the guard nods before disappearing backstage.

A few moments later, before you could do anything else, two guards approach you from the other side of the barricade separating you and the stage, and pushes open the barricade a little before pulling you out by your arms.

“What are you doing?!” you exclaim as they lead you through the cleared pathway to somewhere unknown.

“Keep it down,” one of the guards said. “The leader of that group told us to do this.”

“S.Coups? Seungcheol?” you questioned, but they didn’t answer. They just led you out of the arena, down a couple of hallways, and into a plain room which resembled a waiting room. Then they left you alone in there. 

You plopped down into the couch heavily, head in your hands, as tears started trickling down your cheeks. 

Joshua was your soulmate. You didn’t care that he was an idol — you couldn’t believe that he actually completely ignored you even though you had raised your glowing arm for him to see. You confirmed that your theories were right — the timer had been going backwards because of his intentions to avoid you. What now, they were gonna lock you in here? Until the concert ends so they can just dump you in the streets? And make sure you and Joshua never meet? What kind of—


The door opens, and with puffy eyes, you snap your head upwards.

You immediately recognized the brunette. Joshua was panting heavily, as if he had just sprinted here.

“Joshua—” you start, but he just takes 2 big strides towards you, his arms wrapping securely around your petite frame. 

“I’m so sorry,” he said, his voice thick, and you could hear the guilt lining his voice. “I’m so sorry, I’m so so sorry.”

The fact that you two were meeting for the first time didn’t occur at all; your tears were just flowing onto his shoulders. 

He strokes your hair a few times, and you two let go. When the both of you saw each other’s red, puffy eyes and messy looks, a chuckle breaks out.

Joshua wipes your tears away with his thumb. “Don’t cry.”

“You didn’t acknowledge me!” you exclaim accusingly, although in reality you no longer blamed him. It seemed like he was forced to do what he did. 

“The company,” he explains. “They don’t allow me to do that. That’s why the timer has been doing that thing of resetting itself. I’ve been prevented from meeting you.”

You pressed your lips together, your eyes dropping to the now faded timer on your arm, your thumb gently grazing it. “You have no idea how hurt I was when it happened.”

Joshua lets out a sigh. “I was, too.”

The thought of the times where you saw your timer backtrack flashed in your mind, and made new tears flood your eyes. 

“No no no,” Joshua quickly says, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “Hey, don’t think of that anymore, I’m so sorry.”

You shake your head. Your emotions were mixed right now, but you were happy. 

“Look at me, will you?” Joshua murmurs, and you slowly do. He smiles when your eyes meet. 

“Pretty,” he says softly, making you smile in embarrassment. Holding your chin gently with his thumb and index finger, he moves closer to you, and your lips meet. 

I was on the subway home (from the sm concert amazing) during baekhyuns ig live so I missed a lot but here’s some stuff I caught (im also on mobile so sorry about the formatting):

- baekhyun was in the car home from the concert he said he washed his hair and stuff and was headed home (idk how he did that so fast tho)
- baekhyun mentioned how there were a lot of aeris today even tho it was hot he was worried he said he peeked from backstage a few times to see
- they only ate breakfast all day??? And then did a concert ?????? Ummm?????? 😤😤
- Minseok was in the car also
- bbh said they were expecting rain (bc it’s been rainy all week in seoul) but it didn’t really rain but it was so hot he wished it rained a little ☔️
- he said he messed up a lot in monster and then minseok laughed at him in the bg lmfao
- he sang some songs I couldn’t tell what they were (again I was on the subway) and I think at one point he did an impersonation while singing bc a fan asked?? And Minseok was laughing ?? Correct me if I’m wrong
- someone asked if they changed coordis and he said ‘did we change coordis ?? No’ but then a few sec later was like 'uh idk’ ekdhekdj
- he showed us a can of a drink he said he likes a lot I think it was a carbonated peach drink 🍑 but I’m not 100% sure
- at one point he did some pun with sm and the produce 101 season 2 song
- and then he started to introduce himself as if he was a trainee on produce 101 dodhshsjehshskd 'hi I’m bbh from sm entertainment’ etc binch BYE kshsiend 👋
- he said he was tired 😴 a few times at one point he yawned/screamed 'IM TIRED’ it was c*te
- baekhyun showed us close ups of his eye and was whispering bye aeries into the phone lmfao
- he ended with stuff about how exo is coming soon and to wait a little and thanking ppl and saying he’ll become better etc how sweet 😖😖
- I’m love him 💕💕💕

Drama Kisses ( Aren’t Real ) // Mark Lee

1st Post from Admin Forest ♡ 

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“It’s totally fate!” Your over excited best friend exclaimed for the 5th time.

 You rolled your eyes as you retrieved your books from your locker, then shut the door with a slam and looked at her; “I’ve already told you, it’s just a stage kiss. It doesn’t mean anything.” You explained, but she didn’t even bat an eyelash.

“Yea, you say that, but I know in your heart that you WANT it to mean something.” She pressed on, giving you a wink.

You ignored the pink hue that had tinted your cheeks. and started trudging to the next class you had.Just like always, your friend was right.

Drama, and acting were your passion. You loved to take on different roles, each more exciting or thrilling than the last.

And coincidentally, so did your not-so-little crush, Mark Lee.

He wasn’t the most popular guy in school, no he was that guy’s best friend. Popular nonetheless, just not as much.

He had a very calming aura that could make even the tensest person relax, and it drew people to him, including you.

You both had been in the same drama class since freshman year, and had been in a fair amount of plays, and musicals together.

However, in those shows, there had never been a time where you both had the two leading male and female roles.

This time it was different. Your school was putting on a production of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

It was one of your all time favorites, and you just knew that you wanted to be Juliet.

You had put your heart, and soul into the audition, impressing your teacher, and causing fury, and jealously to bubble in the stomachs of the other girls auditioning.

After your performance, you stepped down from the stage, and went back to the dressing rooms to collect your bag and some books. When you stepped out, a voice startled you.

“You were amazing up there, I could feel your passion.” Mark said, leaning against the wall, with his hands lazily shoved in the pockets of his worn out ripped jeans.

He offered you a shy smiled, which you returned. “Thanks, I just hope it was good enough to land me the part.” You replied, a light blush grazing your cheeks as Mark began to walk with you, making your heart pound.

“If you don’t get it, I’ll smack the teacher myself. You really deserve it.” He grinned playfully.

A giggle slipped past your lips before you could stop it and you looked down bashfully at the floor. “Thank you, again. It really means a lot to me.” You said quietly.

Mark stopped outside of the boys dressing room. “No problem, and who knows, maybe I’ll be your Romeo.” He said slyly, before entering the room, letting the door shut behind him.

If you had been blushing before, it was nothing compared to the deep tomato color you were at that moment.

As fate works in wonderful ways, you did end up receiving the role of Juliet. And seeing as how the universe likes to mess with people’s lives, Mark had been given the part of Romeo.

All the girls had given you dirty looks the moment the cast list was posted, but you brushed them off.

With your best friend by your side, you nervously scanned the list for your name.

Y/N L/N – Juliet

Your friend squealed, and crushed you in a hug. You were beyond happy of course, but something threw you off. It was the name below yours.

Mark Lee – Romeo

All of a sudden, Mark was beside you, running his eyes down the list with his posse behind him.

Once he saw his name, he grinned widely and turned to his friends.

“I got the part!” He yelled, excitement twinkling is his eyes. His best friend, Donghyuck, fist bumped him and looked at the list himself while the rest of their group congratulated him.

“Oh lookie here! Mark gets to lock lips with Y/N!” He smirked at you, and Mark shoved him.

“Shut up man, leave her alone.” He said quietly as he dragged the younger boy to the door, flashing you an apologetic smile before exiting the room with the others following.

Your best friend nudged your ribs. “Funny how the world works huh? C'mon, let’s go celebrate.” She said, and you allowed her to pull you to the exit.

When the day of the play finally arrived, you were more nervous than you ever had been for a show.

Rehearsals were more calm, but this time, it was for real.

Meaning, you and Mark would actually kiss.

During practice, your lips never touched, just hovered because the director said it was “bad luck”.

Your palms were sweaty and you couldn’t stop your hands from tugging at the collar of the dress you had on.

The theater was already packed full when you peeked from backstage.

You could see your parents, friends, and even your grandparents. A hand grabbing your shoulder snapped you back into reality and you came face to face with the devil himself.

Mark’s face held a steady grin. “Are you ready?” He asked giddily, bouncing on his heels.

All the saliva dried from your tongue, so you found yourself nodding instead of speaking.

“Well, break a leg out there! You’re gonna do great!"His encouraging words made your confidence boost up a bit and you let out the breath you didn’t notice you were holding.

"Thanks, you too.” Was your response.

The lights went down and the blinding spot lights flashed. Taking a deep breath, you gathered as much courage as you could, then walked out.


Soon the play was nearing an end, and the time for the kiss scene was close.

The heart beat in your chest was beating erratically while you desperately tried to hype yourself up in your head.

The feelings of nervousness and excitement were swirling around in the pit of your stomach, making you dizzy.

Mark stepped towards you, and gently cupped your cheeks, treating you as if you were made of the most fragile glass, the familiar motion bringing back memories from previous rehearsals.

Almost like he could sense the anxious vibes radiating off your body, Mark flashed a quick smile, before leaning towards you.

Your hands rested on his shoulders, and you prayed that you weren’t squeezing them in a death grip.

After what felt like years but was only seconds, your lips finally came in contact with Mark’s.

They were plush, soft, and tasted faintly of his vanilla chapstick.

You willed all those shaky feelings from your mind, and really put all your passion into the kiss.

Mark felt like he was floating, not knowing you felt the same.

He almost forgot that you both were just acting, and slowly pulled away, savoring every last second.

As the scene came to an end, and loud applause erupted from the audience, he knew he wouldn’t forget the taste of your strawberry lip gloss.

Backstage was less hectic and busy than before the show, but all the actors and actresses were buzzing in happiness. “Good job all of you! That was spectacular!” The director said, causing the cast to cheer for all their hardwork.

Mark was looking around until he finally spotted you, changed into your casual clothes while talking to your best friend.

He walked over in a rush, just as your friend had gone. “Uh…h-hey.” He stuttered out, mentally slapping himself.

Lucky for him, you smiled and sat up straighter. “Hi.”

Awkwardly rubbing the back of his head, he struggled to find his words. “That kiss was…really something. I could feel the emotion.” He complimented, watching as your cheeks flushed.

“Well, that means I’m a good actress right?” You asked playfully.

“Of course! You’re one of the best actresses I’ve ever seen!” Mark said, not realizing what he said until he said it.

His words made your heart flutter and soar even higher in the cloud you felt you were on. Your lips still tingled from the kiss.

“Funny how something that looks real, means nothing.” You let out, looking away.

Mark frowned a bit.

“It meant something to me…” he mumbled shyly.

Your eyes were saucers when you heard him. “Really?!”

He only nodded, clearly embarrassed. “Yea, I mean I’ve only had a crush on you since 9th grade, so…” he explained with a shrug.

Pink dusted over his face and spread to the tips of his ears.

“Well then, why don’t we hang out sometimes. Maybe we can practice some lines together?” You suggested, a bright grin glued onto your face.

He met your eyes and nodded eagerly. “Y-Yea that sounds great!”

“And to think I was so nervous about a kiss…” you thought to yourself

After all, who said drama kisses mean nothing?


Characters: Jared x Reader, fans, Jensen

Word Count: 1579

Warnings: implied sex and kinda fluff

Summary: All people ask you about is your past relationships and your relationship status during your panel. They are pleasantly surprised with the end result of their questions.

Authors Note: Honestly, this whole idea came from listening to Intertwined by Dodie. I wanted to have this song as like how they fell in love type thing. This is my first RPF. Also, Jared is single for this. No disrespect to Gen. Hopefully I satisfied your imagination with this! Feedback is always appreciated and enjoy xx

Originally posted by marvelouslyinsane

You slowly woke up in your hotel room with Jared’s arms wrapped around your waist. You lazily look at the time before jumping out of bed, realizing that you were running late for your panel.

Your panel starts in twenty minutes. It takes ten minutes to get there, leaving you with ten minutes to get dressed, and you still have to shower.

You texted Rob that you were going to be running late before taking a quick shower and getting dressed. You were about to rush out the door, then you realized that you hadn’t woken Jared up. You shake him awake and his eyes slowly flutter open.

“Morning sunshine,” you joke as you give him a quick kiss. “I’m running late for my panel, but I’ll see you down there after you get dressed.”

He hums in response, leaning on the headboard, looking at you. “Go on, don’t want to keep the fans waiting.” He smiles at you. “You’ll be great.”

You rush out the hotel room and made it to the panel, even though you were ten minutes late.

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literally based off of this video 

 (cred: arzaylea on snap)

 Summary:Making Cal angry is the best, especially if he’s as on edge as he’s been lately.

 Warning: Smut. Choking. Daddy!kink. Calum. 

I genuinely feel like the biggest warning in this is Calum, because Calum. 


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potentiality-26  asked:

How about singing together or playing instruments together for Hartwin?

“It’s a bit cliche, isn’t it?” Eggsy asks, pacing backstage, trying not to peek behind the curtain. “Duet act on a cruise?” 

“Don’t think we can pull it off?” Harry asks dryly. He’s got his instrument ready, gleaming gold in the dim light. They’ve practiced together, yeah, but Eggsy still can’t believe Harry plays the sax, of all things. It’s fitting, though: smooth, liquid sex, just like Harry’s voice. Fuck, he’s too far gone. 

“I ain’t saying that,” Eggsy says quickly. “I’m just saying, it’s…it’s a bit different from what we do. ‘Sides, I’m not the best singer.” 

This time, Harry looks his way, raising an eyebrow. “Eggsy. You have a lovely voice. If you had been discovered, you would have been swept up by a record company. Are you getting stage fright?” 

“No!” Eggsy protests, then admits, “Maybe. I’ve never sang in front of anyone before. Not like this.”

“There’s a trick to this,” Harry reassures. “Focus on one person in the audience. Play to them.” 

“But I don’t know anyone. I ain’t going to be looking some stranger in the eyes for trust, you know?”

“Then look at me,” Harry says, so gently. “Keep your eyes on me. Can you do that?” 

Wordlessly, Eggsy nods, opening his mouth to say something, like a thanks or a blurted confession, but he wouldn’t know because the red velvet curtain is rising, and he freezes like a deer in the headlights.

“Ladies and gentleman,” their mark, who may or may not be part of a drug trafficking circle, greets. He’s wearing a dark blue tuxedo with a silver bowtie and fedora that make tiny lights dance around the room, and Eggsy catches a few of the people in the front row, mostly older couples with wine glasses on their tables. “We have a special treat for you tonight. Joining us from London, this duo will be playing us some American classics. Let’s give it up for Love Songs After Dark.” 

There’s a smattering of polite applause, and not for the first time, Eggsy wonders why Merlin chose such a cheesy as fuck name for their so-called band. They had to pose for a few Photo-shopped CD covers, mostly them in front of palm trees or in cocktail bars, dressed immaculately in dark tuxedos. 

The spotlight turns down, and Eggsy feels his palms sweat as he grips the mic. Harry’s as calm as ever, raising the saxophone to his lips and waiting for Eggsy’s nod. 

Well, he can’t keep standing here forever. Eggsy nods, and Harry begins to play the intro, Eggsy resisting the urge to shuffle in place and trying to listen for his cue. Already, he’s sweating in his midnight blue tux and slicked-back hair, but as Roxy says, the show must go on. 

Fly me to the moon,” he begins, a bit tentatively. “Let me play amongst the stars.” Remembering Harry’s advice, Eggsy glances to the side, catching Harry’s eye and holding it. “Let me see what spring is like...”

He gains more and more confidence as he goes on, allowing a bit of twirling in place and a few elaborate hand gestures. Harry continues playing, notes flowing from his saxophone as easily as breathing. He can’t offer any words of encouragement, but clear approval shines in his eyes as Eggsy keeps going, as well as something else. Something softer. Something he somehow hadn’t noticed before. Something that’s coming on during a love duet, of all things. 

Eggsy doesn’t let himself think, just keeps singing and singing, feet bringing him closer and closer to Harry. The audience is forgotten as he croons the last lines, hesitance back in his voice, palms really sweating this time: “In other words, please be true. In other words, in other words…” He lets himself pause, then leans forward, lips brushing the mic. “I love you.

Surprise flashes in Harry’s eyes, then there’s a small, discernible nod in reply. 

They can’t do anything, not in public like this, but Eggsy grins, wide and happy, as the audience applauds.

Non-sexual Forms of Intimacy

anonymous asked:

Omg so wow I love your blog soooo much. It is literally one of my very favorite scenario blogs! Ummm okay my request isssss a scenario in which you are visiting Jenissi backstage at a music show and you end up talking to/fangirling over another idol from another one of your favorite groups (say Rap Mon from BTS for example~) and Jenissi gets jealous, so quick, demanding, angry sex ensues in some empty room~ Please and thank you! <3

Thank you and you’re welcome! <3

-admin p


“Are you nervous?” You asked Jenissi, taking note of how tense his body was. He sighed and let out a heavy breath, closing his eyes. You tip-toed until your nose was brushing against his.

“You’ll do great, just like always.” You said trying to comfort him, leaving a light peck on his lips. He smiled down at you and laced your fingers together with his, squeezing tight. 

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VidCon - Barry Allen Imagine

Rating: G

Warnings: Pokemon and Star Wars references

Summary: You are a famous vlogger/gamer and you finally got your shot at the big leagues. Coincidence, chance, fate, or whatever you want to call it, brought a certain fan to you that very day.

Word Count: 1858

You tapped your fingers against your desk. Your laptop was, for once in your entire lifespan, off. Your phone was on.

A while ago, you got an email from YouTube itself. It mentioned your astounding number of subcribers and views and congratulated you on the achievement. Then, it told you that if you kept up the good work, you’d be officially invited as a special guest at VidCon.

The phone rang. You tried to pick it up. You fell to the floor and answered, “Hello. (Y/n) here.” Your eyes widened. “Really? That’s awesome! So…. Yeah. I can definitely make it. Email? Yeah. When will… Ok. Great! I’ll see you in a few months.” You hung up. Your lips curled into a smile. You jumped up and screamed, “Yes!”

You turned on your video camera. “Hey, everyone! So, this is not a gaming video. If you want to, you may skip it. However, I do have some exciting news.” You laughed, still feeling the giddiness rise inside of you. “Ok, so I’ve been officially invited to… VidCon! I am super excited! Maybe even more excited than when we heard about Pokemon Go.  Maybe. Anyway, I hope to see a few of my subscribers there. I hope you can all make it. As far as I know, the convention will be held in Anaheim, July 23rd to 25th. When I get details of where and when I am specifically, I will tweet it. Oh, look.” You paused pointing downward. “There is the link to my twitter feed! And all my other social media! You might wanna click it. Yeah. Anyway, super excited and can’t wait to see you guys there!”

The next day, you uploaded your video. Immediately one hour after you uploaded the announcement, a few tens of thousands of people had viewed.

In fact, a select few of them were completely ecstatic about it.

“We have to go. We have to,” Cisco stated, pacing around the room. “Come on, guys! We can save up, fly to Anahiem and even meet (Y/n)!”

“Cisco, I do love her channel,” Caitlin admitted. “But with the metas and the city… Do you really think we could leave for VidCon?”

Iris smiled. “Well, with the Legends of Tomorrow handling things…”

Cisco agreed, “We could call them! Then, we have a break, and go to VidCon.” He nodded. “See, it all works out. Yeah?”

Barry pursed his lips. “Well, if we could get them to protect Central City… Then, I guess, we could go.”

Cisco beamed, jumping around excitedly. “Get ready. Guys! We are going to VIdCon!”

July came around, and you were walking around VidCon with glasses and a hat. It was classic, but so far, no one crowded you. You smiled as you saw the many fans of different people with different merchandise. It truly was an experience.

You knew exactly where to go. You memorized the map and the way just to get to your own room early.

“Excuse me, Miss?”

You turned around and smiled at the dark-haired woman. She had three others with her: a tall man with a sweater vest, a young man with long, wavy hair, and a redheaded woman.

“Yes?” you asked.

“Oh, I was just wondering if you knew where Room 304 was.”

“Actually, I do.” You laughed a little. “But, there’s nothing going on there for a few hours.”

“We know. We’re just really looking forward to this one vlogger slash gamer.”

Your heart swelled. They were talking about you! That was amazing! They were going to go to your room early just because they were looking forward to catching a glimpse of you! You beamed. “Here, follow me.”

A young man behind her stepped forward. “Are you sure? We don’t want to disrupt your plans or anything.”

You laughed. “Trust me. You are not disrupting anything. Come on. Follow me.” You led the group of four throughout the busy crowds. You all had the most pleasant conversations. Sweater Vest loved Star Wars and pokemon just as much as you did, so, naturally, you were gravitating towards him. Then, you saw the room. The doors seemed to tower above you. You inhaled deeply. You were finally there, with the big leagues. And it felt so satisfying.

“Well, this is it.” You turned around to face them. “So, may I know your names?”

“Cisco,” the long-haired man stated. “Barry,” he motioned to Sweater Vest, “Caitlin,” he wrapped his arm around the red head’s shoulder in a half-hug, “and Iris.” Cisco patted the other girl’s shoulder.

Barry smiled.  “And thank you so much, Ms…”

You smirked. “(Y/n).”

Right on cue, one of the stage managers came out and sighed. “Finally! We have been waiting for you.”

“Sorry, just helping some friends.” You took off your hat and sunglasses. You grinned at the four. Cisco’s jaw had dropped. Caitlin’s eyes were wide. Iris was beaming, holding her map crumpled in front of her mouth. Barry just stared at you in… awe.

You pursed your lips. “I look forward to seeing you guys. Bye for now!” With that, you followed the stage manager inside.

Hours later, people poured in to see you. You peeked from backstage. People were even standing in the back! It was overflowing! It was unbelievable.

You spotted the four friends you’ve made in the front row, chattering excitedly. You grinned. You couldn’t believe they were such big fans.

“(Y/n), you ready?”

You shook your hand and feet, trying to get the jitters out of you. “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

The host announced your name. You ran on stage. The crowd went wild. People were cheering, stomping, shouting. It was amazing. It was the best thing you’ve ever heard. It was your own applause.

You sat down and gazed at the crowd. “That was the coolest thing I have ever done, heard. Just… wow!”

The crowd laughed. You did, too.

The workshop went really well. You got asked questions of all the sorts from camera angles to favorite pokemon.

Finally, the host announced, “Alright, everyone. Unfortunately, that is all the time we have for these wonderful gamers here.”

“Aw!” went the crowd. Some people even screamed, “Boo!”

You laughed. “Guys, it’s ok. I’ll still be around. If you can find me.” You shrugged. The gamers next to you made similar comments and everyone laughed. You and they thanked the host and ran off stage, smiling and waving to your fans.

You spent the next hour walking around the creator events, learning more about becoming a famous vlogger.


You gasped. You looked around. Thankfully, no one heard someone shout your name. You sighed in relief and looked for the source of that voice.

Barry sheepishly waved at you, mouthing, “Sorry.”

You laughed and walked over to him.

“So sorry about that. I completely forgot.”

You smiled. “Don’t apologize. It’s perfectly fine.”

Barry laughed a little, scratching the back of his neck. “Oh! I got you something.”

“Something for me? Barry, you don’t have to.”

“You didn’t have to walk my friends and me to your room.” He fished through his bag. “So, I saw this at a booth, and I knew I had to get it for you.”

You beamed. “You really didn’t have to.”

He shrugged. “I wanted to.” He pulled out a plushie of your favorite Pokemon.

You gasped taking into your arms and hugging it tightly. “Wow! That’s so cool!” You gazed at Barry. “Thank you. I don’t know…” You laughed. “I don’t know how to thank you.”

Barry just smiled and shrugged repeatedly. “I mean… I don’t know.”

Holding the plushie to your chest, you tilted your head. “You know, there’s this great restaurant near here. I looked it up while planning. I could treat you for dinner.” You inhaled deeply. “You know, if you want. If you don’t, you could always suggest something, or just-“

Barry smiled. You babbled, just like he does. He held your shoulders. “Hey, I would like that, but can we change one detail?”

You sputtered, “S-sure. I mean, I wanna do it because of your gift, and to get to know you better, too. So… Wait, what do you wanna change?”

Barry blushed. He pulled away from you and ran a hand through his hair. “I mean… I… well, maybe… if you want, we could make it a date?” The young man shied away from you, terrified of the rejection.

Your lips slowly curled into a smile. “I would like that.”

“Really?” Barry’s eyes widened in surprise.


The two of you smiled at each other.

“Hey!” Fingers snapped in front of you, obstructing Barry from your view. You blinked. Cisco, Caitlin, and Iris were in front of you. Cisco patted Barry on the back, smiling cheekily. “So… (Y/n), like your present?”

“Yeah. I do.” You nodded, squishing the Pokemon plushie. “Actually, Barry and I were going to grab some dinner.”

“Yeah,” Barry agreed. He took a step towards you and faced his friends. “You guys go on without me.”

Caitlin nodded. “Right, we’ll give you guys some privacy.”

“Privacy?” Barry and you asked.

“Right!” Iris agreed. “You two need privacy. We get it.”

Barry blushed. You just stared at the floor with a small grin.

Two years had passed. You were just as famous as you were at your first VidCon, maybe even more. You licked your lips and turned on your video camera. “Hey, everyone. Welcome to my vlog. Today, I have special news. Not only will I be able to go to VidCon, but someone will be with me.” You sighed and smiled sadly. “My boyfriend, Barry, who is not with me now, will be attending, as well. He’s an amazing boyfriend! So generous, handsome, and-“

“There’s more? I don’t deserve such credit.”

Your eyes widened. You beamed, turning around. “Barry,” you sighed. You jumped up from your seat and right into his open arms. You pulled away from him, your arms still around his neck. “You’re here! Why? How? But, Central City?”

Your boyfriend shrugged. “I wanted to see you.”

You smiled. You kissed Barry on the cheek. “Oh! Do you wanna be in my next vlog?”


“Come on!” You pulled Barry to your couch. “So, my boyfriend will be joining me at the workshop at VidCon!” You laughed. “You know, funny story. We actually met at VidCon.”

Barry laughed, covering his face. “That was embarrassing.”

“It was cute.” You kissed him on the cheek, making Barry blush.

Barry turned to you, smiling softly, and he just couldn’t believe how lucky he was. “I love you,” he whispered.

You smiled. “I love you, too,” you gasped. You laughed a little.

He touched his forehead to yours. Your hands found his. The two of you gazed at each other for what seemed like hours.

Your breathing hitched. “Right!” You pulled away from him. “We have an audience.”

“So sorry for all of this, guys,” Barry apologized.

“You don’t have to apologize, Barry. They should expect this.” You looked at the camera. “And yes, my dear viewers, this…” You held up your clutched hands. “This really did all start at VidCon.”

Hey guys! I know, really late post, but my laptop’s been cranky, deleting sooo many versions of this. So, hopefully this is good! Much inspiration comes from my brother, because he loves YouTube, Pokemon, and Star Wars sooo much. 

Anyway, hopefully you all like it, or at the very least, don’t hate it. Love you all! 

When you get jealous of his relationship with another girl (You x EXO Kyungsoo x Girl's Day Minah)

Hey, wassup? i’ve been waiting for this! i really love you’re blog, it’s just that awesome. :) so, i would like to request. when Do’s Girlfriend got jealous to Minah. like his full attention is in her, and like she suddenly got conscious in herself because of minah, then, hmm, then A little bit angst, then make out thing i guess? Hahaha. thank you very much! happy holidays. ^_^


“Be careful with this dress! The train is really long, so I’m going to pin this part up, and just hold the rest when you get up on stage, understand?”

“What? Oh, yeah. Hold the dress. I got it.”

You nod to the stylist fooling with the train of your dress and return to your cue cards, pretending to study them diligently as people hurry across the dressing room. With all of the music shows you had hosted, you should be professional by now, but today, you were nervous–the kind of nervous that made your hands sweaty. You keep your eyes on the monitor, watching the time tick away until you got out on stage.

Today was the day that you and you boyfriend Kyungsoo would be standing on stage together for the first time. Even though you probably wouldn’t be able to say much, you were just excited by the thought of it. You were a solo artist, debuted a few years after EXO and pretty successful with only one album and a few singles to your name. You were more self-conscious than most because, unlike most of the people standing on stage, you had won a talent competition that had secured your contract.

It was still a weird feeling to be dating a celebrity when deep down, you weren’t one. Had it not been for the competition, you’d still be working in your dad’s café, serving rice cakes and kimchi to high school students after school, but that had all changed. Now your dad proudly displayed your picture in his restaurant, and people recognized you on the street. It probably seemed cool to be famous, but it still made you nervous sometimes.

“Here’s the rest of the cards.”

You look up to see your co-host, a new member of recently-debuted guy group, holding out a few card with the show’s name printed on the back. “They made some changes to the script.” He says. “They said to throw out the last two cards.”

His hand is trembling as he hands it to you. You could already tell he was nervous. Hopefully this kid didn’t mess up. “Okay.” You say quickly, standing up. “Take this.” You hand him the award you were giving away, a glass number with gold letters printed on a tiny plaque. The winner’s name was covered up with black tape and you wouldn’t see it until you announced it live. “Don’t drop it.” You instruct him sternly. “Give it to the guy in the red shirt before we go onstage.”

The two of you are called on stage, and you step out to where the cameras are. The cheering makes your heart beat fast, but you know they aren’t cheering for you. Most of the performers are on stage by now, and you try to spot Kyungsoo discreetly. You see him wedged between Chanyeol, Kris, and a few of the members of Girl’s Day, all donning heels. You chuckle under your breath as you are ushered to the side of the stage. He’s surrounded by giants.


You focus your attention on the camera as the broadcast starts, rolling of your lines just as you practiced them. The new guy does pretty well, watching the camera and live feeds count the number of online votes. The winner isn’t EXO, but everyone cheers loudly anyway. You watch Kyungsoo as he shuffles around in the crowd, your eyes falling on some girl that he’s talking to. It’s…Minah?

You recognized her from a few of the activities EXO had done, and a music video here and there. She’s dressed in layers of chiffon and a huge pink bow, and remember vaguely that her and her group covered a song for this show. You narrow your eyes and she talks with Kyungsoo, hitting him playfully and smiling. He ducks away, tugging on her bow and earning himself another punch. She disappears in the crowd for a moment, and you watch his face wrinkle with instant concern. You can’t see what’s happening, but whatever it is, he goes running.

He didn’t even wave at me. You think sourly. Is she really that important?


You grimace as your co-host elbows you quickly. Your eyes widen. You didn’t even notice that the focus was back on you. “Ah, yes, well thank you for joining us on this week’s broadcast…” You quickly roll of the rest of your lines, and you hurry off stage so that the winning group can give their encore.

“That was close. "Your co-host breathes. "You weren’t paying attention so I had to-”

“What happened over there?” You point, completely ignoring him. He stands on his tiptoes. “Oh, uh, some girl’s heel broke.” He says. “She fell, so some of the guys had to carry her off stage.” Your eyes widen. No way…really?

The minute you are cleared, you head backstage, peeking into the open dressing rooms. Sure enough, there Kyungsoo is, sitting beside Minah. Her shoe is broken and mascara is streaked down her face, but the last thing you’re worried about is the cut on her knee. Kyungsoo’s arm is draped around her chair, his other hand resting on the crook of her elbow. You shake your head in disbelief. He catches your eye and waves, but you’re having none of it. You tear off your microphone and stomp to the dressing room.

“Hey, babe.” Kyungsoo finds you sitting at the dressing table, and sits on a couch, twisting the cap off of a water bottle. “I waved at you earlier, but I guess you didn’t see me.”

“Or I just didn’t give a damn.” You mutter under your breath.

He sits. “What?”

“Do you really think I care about that now?” You snap without turning around. “I wanted to see you, and the last person you were looking at was me.”

“You mean on stage?” He scoffs. “I’m sorry that I forgot. Minah-ssi fell, and we had to help her up-”

“So she’s more important than I am?”

Kyungsoo pauses, narrowing his eyes. “Wait, hold on. What are you saying right now?”

You fall silently. You were digging your own grave if you said what you wanted to say. “Are you jealous of her?” Kyungsoo asks, coming over to you. You busy yourself taking off your jewelry, tossing rings and bracelets back in their containers. “Minah is my friend.” He hisses. “How could you think that?”

“Why shouldn’t I?” You explode. “She’s pretty, and a good singer, and she’s close to you-”

“So are you.” Kyungsoo fires. “I don’t see the problem.”

“Because she could replace me in a minute, Kyungsoo!” You scream. “And I wouldn’t be able to do a thing about it!”

He gives you a strange look, and then calmly goes over and closes the door. “Why are you so worried that she’s going to replace you?” He frowns. “I never, ever, ever hinted, or even thought about anyone but you.” That catches you off guard. You sit on the couch with a sigh, all the anger drained out of you.

“Because, Kyungsoo.” You say, biting your lip. “I’m not famous like any of those girls out there. I didn’t train, I didn’t have half dozen music videos, or lots of fans. They didn’t tell me how to be a good celebrity girlfriend. I just…”

Kyungsoo sighs, brushing a stray hair away from your face. “That doesn’t matter. No one out there had a secret to how to be the right girlfriend. They don’t teach you that.” He chuckles to himself, but your straight face causes him to sober up. “I like you for you, and it wouldn’t matter if you were famous or not. Those girls out there…I work with them. We’re coworkers. They could never mean as much to me as you do, not even if they tried.”

You look at him. “Do you mean that?”

“Of course I do.” He smiles. “There’s a hundred of them, but only one of you.”

He tips his head against yours, searching for your lips. You let him kiss you, too frustrated to take control. He wraps his arms around you, and you grab the front of his suit, pulling him closer. You can feel him pulling at the back of your dress, but he stops. Stray tears slip down your face, and he breaks away, sighing.

“Laces again?” He whines. “What happened to zippers?”

You chuckle, and his smile wanes a little, seeing the tears glisten on your cheeks. “I hate it when you cry.” He says, wiping them away.

“Sorry.” You whisper, swallowing hard. “I didn’t mean to.”

“I have to go.” He says, standing up and straightening his clothes. “We have a schedule after this, so I can’t stay long.” You stand up, clinging on to his hand as he heads for the door. “I’ll see you later?” You say, giving him a kiss on the cheeks. He nods, reaching for your lips to give you one more kiss.

“Remember.” He says, a smile on his face. “It’s only you.”


Scenario end! Aiigggggoooooo, I’m so terrible for letting some of these requests stay for as long as they have T.T This one is one of the earlier ones, but there’s a few on my list that are from a month or two ago T.T I hope you enjoyed this one, and I’m going to get back to work! Legggo! ~Jjangpanda