backstage fashion show

The Blonds Autumn/Winter 2012at New York Fashion Week.  This is all very glam industrial. The only part of this I could get away with wearing are the massive rings. Even then I would get strange looks or funny comments from my family/friends. I usually do with my sparrow like attraction to big rings and watches.  bought a massive, but verrrryyyy beautiful ring at a market in Spain for about 3 euros and I my mum asking “Isn’t that a bit big, I’m not too sure about that…” I guess sometimes it can be impractical, but it hardly bothers me. Even when I bought a watch for my birthday, I chose a Guess one with a really big face, which basically covered my whole wrist. Whenever someone saw me wearing it, they’d all say the same expected thing “That’s a bit big, isn’t it?”. Now, people who know me don’t tend to comment on things like that anymore, because for me it’s the norm.