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Who's Ashley & Tyler and what did they do at Comic Con a couple years ago?

they played the characters hanna and caleb on pll. a lot of people that play a couple onscreen are friends off screen, but nobody has ever been as blessed as haleb fans with tyler and ashley. anyway, comic con– they presented at comic con in 2015 and there’s a video of them dancing backstage. they’re dancing and then she does like a little turn and somebody else starts dancing with her, and tyler wraps his arms around her from behind and pulls her back to him. it’s kind of hard to describe how cute it is, so i dug up gifs i made of it a looooong time ago

the video is terrible quality, but it’s still one of the best things to ever happen to me 

Can we just acknowledge all the amazing things happening at once in this? Oak’s little jig, Anthony’s fancy moves, Thayne’s facial expressions, Ephraim hurrying by with his pants only half-on, and Jon Rua just jumping up and dabbing. 

These silly boys give me life <3



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