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Okay, so this came to me earlier and like… I’m thinking that at least, I’ll post it and share it here with all my lovely Baron’s Bitches… I think it’s gonna be a mini series, it might wind up being a full fledged fanfiction, who knows really?

I wanna thank everyone who encouraged me on this, there were so many of you and it meant the world to me!! 

I originally just wanted to write A/O smut but somewhere along 1k and 2k words this kind of just evolved beyond that? So no smut right now, but loooots of sexual tension and such.


eventually rough sex, !Alpha Baron x !Omega Reader, biting/marking, talks of alpha omega dynamics ( things like reader having a heat cycle, Baron knotting reader at some point, etc) and pretty much anything that comes to me. I’ll update the warnings as needed. 

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I looked up from fixing my ring gear to find Baron standing there, again, those dark eyes roaming all over me. Swallowing hard, I tried to ignore the speeding up of my heart’s rhythm or the way my knees started to weaken like they always seemed to or the way I went from totally fine to dripping wet mess in literally .0000 seconds under his gaze.

I feigned annoyance at his appearance although if anything, I was curious.

“You.” I muttered, my eyes finally holding his for exactly six seconds. He stepped slowly into my private dressing area and I heard the click of the lock behind him.

“Shane said you gotta walk me down to the ring tonight.”

“Oh joy.. Just what I wanted for Christmas.” I gave a roll of my eyes and bit down on my lower lip even though my thighs were clenching even more now at the thought of it. He moved closer, staring down at me.

“Can you stop that?” I asked as his hands smoothed over the crooked halo sitting in my hair, swatting at his large and rough hands. “Look, I’ve been leaving you alone. That is what you practically yelled at me for an entire plane to hear that you wanted, right? Now I’m gonna do the same. Get the fuck out of my dressing room. Don’t look at me, don’t talk to me outside whatever this thing Shane and Daniel are up to, don’t even breathe on me.. Are we clear?” I demanded as I found myself body to body with him.

I stepped back and he continued to look at me, I honestly think he was a little shocked that I was being as nasty to him as he had been to me since I’d gotten called up to the main roster. Becky spoke up from the doorway behind us, her throat clearing.

“A delivery guy bought these by for ya, ___. Looks like somebody’s got ‘erself a secret admirer!” she stepped in, holding a bouquet of deep red roses and a box wrapped in red and silver paper. I eyed the box and then my best friend but Becky was shrugging. “Dere’s no name on da card.”

“Probably a joke. Just sit ‘em on that counter or something, I’ll open ‘em later.” I shrugged the whole thing off and Becky eyed Baron and then nodded at me. “Everything okay?”

“His royal Jerkiness was just leaving.. Weren’t you, Baron?” my tone was icy even though I winced at the way the words came out and it killed me to talk harsh to the man I’d chosen to be my mate, the only man I ever wanted to be claimed by.. But every time I had to be around him, it felt like I was ripping my own heart out and being in some kind of weird and plotless gimmick with him like I was lately, well..

I was stressed and hurting and I couldn’t be around him, okay?

I couldn’t do it.

“Actually.” Baron’s hand closed around my wrist and I jerked it free not even a split second later. “There is no actually. You said what you needed to, you can go now.” I bit my lip as I stared up at him solemnly, fingers twisting the curl at the end of my hair.

He grumbled something I couldn’t make out and slammed the door behind him quietly. I winced but I reminded myself that it was better this way. He wasn’t ever meant to be my mate, obviously.. And even though pretty much all the Alpha males I worked around were happily mated, I wasn’t so low confidence that I was in some despair I’d never find the Alpha who’d want me and not see being mated or my feelings as a messy inconvenience.

I wasn’t going to just sit around, pining for him either. Because that wasn’t fair to me and it wasn’t who I was.

… you didn’t have to be such a bitch…

… he missed out… now you’re leaving him alone, like he wanted and suddenly, he’s everywhere you happen to be?…

Shoving the long running mental dilemma out of my mind, I picked up the roses and the red and silver box, reading the card on the roses first, licking my lips slowly at the words as my fingertips played with the necklace that had been my ‘secret santa’ gift from the night before.

the handwriting on these gift cards is different… I bit my lip in thought and I grabbed my gear bag, digging around until I found the card that the necklace I currently wore came in.

And it was different, the first card was neater, there was heavy baring down on the pen in some places.. It looked like whoever had written it and copied lines from my favorite poem in the inside had taken a lot of time.

The second card looked, well.. Spur of the moment, desperate.. There was a certain begging undertone in the words and it wasn’t signed like the first.

The first one had simply been signed, “Hopefully yours.”

The second one was signed, “Yours.” and it was almost like the sender was confident, like he was declaring that he was mine.. Or that I was his or something.

I pursed my lips, rolling my eyes in annoyance at myself. Both packages were probably a joke anyway, I didn’t really put much stock in someone romantically pursuing me because there were so few unmated Alphas on our roster. And all the ones who were, well.. They had their eyes on someone, at least according to locker room gossip.


Baron fumed and punched at another wall, glaring angrily at the men around him. One of them dared to send her a necklace. It was their subtle way of ‘stating intent’ and the Lone Wolf didn’t like it, not one bit.

His eyes narrowed as they settled on the other men.

“What’s eating you, Corbin?” Jack Swagger was smirking and Baron let a low growl fall from his lips but he bit his tongue and snapped calmly, “Nothing. Just thinking how good it’s gonna feel to beat the living hell out of Ziggler tonight.”

Jack eyed him with a raised brow but Baron glared at him and the conversation dropped and Baron’s thoughts went back to her and that necklace sitting around her neck… Whoever gave it to her was seriously delusional, thinking she’d be wowed by some white gold chain with a shooting star diamond charm.

He smirked to himself.. The necklace he’d sent her… That was the one she’d really like.. Because it was her favorite style, – choker, and it had a guitar pick from her favorite band as the charm. It was more her than some expensive necklace with a diamond shaped like a shooting star.

and all the ‘observation’ all the ‘knowing’ your mate in the world… How does it help when she suddenly wants nothing to do with you, hmm? You shouldn’t have pushed her away so much… The thought was weighing heavily on his mind and he found himself curious.

He stood and as if he were on autopilot, he found himself standing outside of her private dressing room for the second time that night, her sweet and seductive scent filling his nose as he watched her opening the ‘gift’ from him, another Motley Crue t shirt and the necklace he’d had made for her…

His own way of ‘marking her’.. for now.

He’d had to do something.


I tore away the paper from the small and slim box and I bit my lip as I pulled the black paper out of the box and held up the t shirt. The choker wrapped up inside hit the countertop with a hollow thud and I picked it up, studying it.

For a split second… I was back sitting in the 5th row from the back at the last Motley Crue concert with my father. I bit my lip and held the choker up to my neck, looking at the guitar pick.. It was the actual one that Nikki Sixx used. And that meant that whoever had given me this necklace had either been at the concert or they had connections..

this has to be some kind of weird joke

you are kind of in that feud with Eva Marie on Twitter

…. but she’d just come at you, she wouldn’t sneak around and play mind games and make you think that two guys are into youBesides, both of you knew that personal lives were off limits and that the twitter thing was just to generate hype from the fans for your feud..

I held the t shirt up and gave a soft gasp. I had a shirt exactly like it, but I’d gotten into a brawl backstage with Eva Marie and she’d ripped it. I’d gotten it at the concert too. My father had actually bought it for me and gotten the band to sign it somehow. Whoever had given me this necklace and the roses and the shirt hadn’t done that, but there was this hastily scrawled explanation on a piece of paper in the box and I read it.

Saw you crying when your other shirt got ripped. Figured if it meant that much to you, I could replace it. Sorry it’s not signed or anything.” – I twisted a curly strand of hair around my fingertip and I leaned against the counter.

Maybe Eva Marie was apologizing? We had been carried away that night, we were both just excited to be getting an actual angle at the time, she’d been frustrated by her weeks of playing ‘no show’ and I was fed up with the bullshit dark matches or being the loser in a squash match.

it’s not like it was a rare shirt… anybody could’ve gotten it… most likely, Eva did because she kind of knew why the shirt was so important to you, how your dad died not even a week later and it was the last thing you did with him, was go to that concert and then some rally at his old MC….

A throat clearing from the doorway had me tensing all over and I wasn’t sure why, but as soon as Baron stepped into the room, I stood blocking the roses and the box’s contents, my arms crossed as I looked up at him. “You again..”

“We gotta go down to the ring now. Or did you just get so caught up in whatever all this is,” Baron nodded to the vase and the box behind my back as he continued, “That you completely forgot?”

I clenched my jaw and grumbled. “I’m gonna change shirts.”

“But you’re wearin my shirt. You’re supposed to be my valet, remember?” Baron almost sounded like he was whining and I laughed at myself mentally for even entertaining the thought. I turned on my heels and shrugged, sliding off his merch shirt and aiming it at my gear bag while picking up the Motley Crue t shirt. “I’m more than just a valet, your valet.. besides, Baron, we both know that you honestly don’t want me around… I’m just giving you what you were screaming at me you wanted… remember? Or did Ziggler actually rattle those brains in your last match against him, hmm? So honestly, it shouldn’t matter whose t shirt I am or am not wearing.”

As I slid the other shirt on, my back turned to him, I could have sworn I heard him gasping a little, saw him licking his lips a little in the mirror. There was a lust filled look in his dark brown eyes for the split second that mine met his and then he finally stopped staring at me and he spoke..

“I was an..”

“A dickhole? An asshead? A jerkoff? Any of those work.” I replied, blatantly keeping my eyes trained on the choker in my hands, on turning my other necklace, the shooting star one I’d gotten from my ‘secret santa’ the night before, so that the clasp wasn’t hanging down in the front.

I didn’t even realize he’d stepped up behind me until he fastened the choker around my neck. “Looks handmade.”

“Mhmm.” I mused, my skin heating to a boil all over under his fingertips as he pressed himself even closer against me from behind. “Whoever gave you this must know you pretty well.”

“Or it’s some kind of apology from Eva Marie.. I mean she was the reason my last shirt like this got ripped.”

Baron chuckled and there was something about the look in his eyes when mine finally met them.. This smirk, the one that both turned me on and infuriated me was there.. Did he know something about either gift?

“What surprises me is how the one person knew I’ve been eyeing that shooting star necklace for weeks now. Or that I’m into that kinda stuff. Or how this person, if it wasn’t Eva, even knew I cried about the shirt being ripped and got me another..” my teeth grazed my lip and for a few seconds, he just stared at me. “Anyway.. we need to get down to the ring, get this over with.” I trailed off, stepping around him and skipping out the door of my dressing room.

I could feel his eyes on my body from behind for at least two minutes before his music hit and we had to walk down together and I felt my skin burning beneath the intent gaze.

As I stood on the ring apron, holding the ropes for Baron, my eyes met the baby blues of none other than Baron’s opponent –and real life enemy from what I’ve heard, Dolph Ziggler. And Dolph winked at me, taking the mic.

“You’re still walking him down to the ring, even when he treats you like you’re nothing?”

I bit my lip, shuffling my feet. What the actual fuck was Ziggler doing? This wasn’t in the script. His fingertip reached out, it hooked on the thin white gold chain with the diamond shooting star and he stared at me a few seconds, licking his lips. “You deserve better.”

And down he went when Baron growled and lunged, taking him down to the mat with a chair he’d grabbed from beneath the ring. I slipped out of the ring, watching the match intently.

Dolph’s words and the way he acted just before the beginning of the match both struck me as odd and I think that I spent over ninety nine percent of the match just puzzling out what he’d been up to while also trying to figure out who in the hell was sending me all these gifts lately.

I fanned myself and grumbled.. One of the worst things about being an Omega in heat is that everything feels a thousand times hotter and you’re all caught up in your horomones and you’d lay down for anything or anyone who presented themselves.. It’s like you completely lose all control when your heat cycle starts.

And all I could keep picturing was earlier, when Baron was sliding the choker onto my neck and pressed against me. I crossed my legs, clenched my thighs tighter.

There was no way in hell I was going to resort back to all my feelings for a man who couldn’t want me less if he tried. I had more respect for myself than that.

tonight you could go out, you could fuck him out of your system

letting another man touch you is NOT an option!….

as if you could replace Baron anyway. The heart wants what it wants.. And unfortunately, your stupid and stubborn heart wants that jerkthere’s just always been something about him…. And just going out, getting laid, it won’t be as satisfying

but if you keep ‘saving yourself’ for the jerk, you’ll waste away… he doesn’t want you and he couldn’t want you any less if he tried…


The show had only just ended and I caught up with Becky and Naomi outside in the parking garage, my eyes darting around everywhere as I quickly lit up a cigarette and took a long and hopefully calming exhale, leaning against a column.

“I thought you were quitting?” Naomi eyed the cigarette and I grumbled, shrugging. “If I don’t do something, I swear to God above I will go back into the building and give that man these hands. Did you guys see what he  did when Dolph asked me if I wanted to go for a fucking coffee? I mean yeah, I get that he doesn’t want me. I get that.. And I’m leaving him the hell alone. Why the literal fucking hell can he not do the same now, hmm?”

Naomi giggled and Becky was nodding directly over my shoulder.

I felt the pack of cigarettes being slid out of my jacket and I heard them hit the side of the dumpster with a small thud. I turned around and glared right up into those damned intoxicating dark eyes, the feverish feeling racing through my veins again, my thighs going back into insta ache mode when I started to clench them all over.

he doesn’t want you

but I waaaant him….

you really need to move on

…. you’re in heat, of course he’s going to look a thousand times more appealing to you now and this giving up on pursuit idea is going to feel like the shittiest one ever, but… it is for the best. He embarassed you… on a plane full of people

Baron’s smirk told me that he was well aware of my predicament and that only made me angrier at myself. Everybody’s got that one person that they cannot control themselves.. Why the fuck does he have to be mine?

“You must want to die tonight.” I fumed as I gave him a dark and angry glare, crossing and recrossing my arms over my chest, suddenly aware of just how soft and thin this black t shirt my secret santa gave me earlier and just how clingy it was. But suddenly, under the roaming eyes of Baron Corbin, I was acutely aware of just how clingy my shirt was and how thin it seemed.

Baron’s tongue jutted out and it rolled slowly over his lips. And naturally my eyes followed the movement.

“You? Hurt me?” he started to laugh aloud and I swore, turning on my heels to storm away, not in the mood for his shit at the moment. He caught up to me, grabbing my wrist, stopping my walk.

“You’re still pissed.”

“You fucked up my night!” I whined, lightly stomping my feet as I glared up at him quietly.

Baron leaned down, his lips dangerously close to mine as he spoke.

“I was doing you a favor.

“You were being a fucking jerk!”

I tore my wrist out of his grip and stormed over to my Challenger, getting in and starting it before he could come over. As I drove, I wiped at my eyes because as frustrated as I was, I just wanted to break down, I wanted to cry.

I have to give up on him.

Why is he making it so hard to do that?

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“Friends” [2] [Seth Rollins]


may I get a part 2 to the friends one? she and seth get married in vegas, dolph tries to win her back but seth makes him pay for what he has done to her. she joins the shield as their leader and their manager. even though they work for the authority, they still get cheered no matter what?

AJ Lee looked down at the wedding photo on your phone, then glancing up at you with a perked eyebrow for an explanation.

“Vegas wedding,” you clarified, hiding your smirk. “It was his idea, don’t look at me like that.”

She shook her head and lightly chuckled. “I just thought you’d be more of the.. fairytale wedding type.”

“Eh,” you shrugged. “Not really. I’ve always liked going against the rules.”

“Now that I definitely knew,” she grinned. “Alright, I’ll catch you after my match with Paige,” AJ scooped up her sparkling title. “Later, nerd.”

“See ya,” you cheered after her, smiling as she skipped away with a tight grip on the belt slung over her shoulder. You wander around the arena for a moment, going nowhere in particular, before finding yourself wound up with The Bella twins who were eyeing the screen carefully, watching the match that was playing out in front of them. Brie waved you over, big grin stretching her lips and crinkling her eyes as she squealed at the sight of the rock on your finger. 

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