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Prologue of Resistance - Dwayne x OFC/reader x Roman fic


Summary: Roman & Giovanna have been in a happy relationship for nearly a year, but when Giovanna’s predatory ex - and Roman’s cousin - Dwayne comes back to WWE, their relationship is in jeopardy. Dwayne wants Giovanna back, and he’ll do anything to have her - even if it means taking her from his cousin.

Warnings: This book will include age gaps, polyamory, menage, slight daddy kink & sex.

**Italics will be in flashbacks.**

**Zendaya Coleman as Giovanna Moreno**

Taking place in the 2015 Royal Rumble


As I raised Roman’s arm after he won the Royal Rumble, all I could think of was seeing Giovanna and having her in my arms again.

Giovanna Moreno was a close friend of my family, and was a professional wrestler along side Roman. Despite the age difference, Giovanna and I were in a serious relationship for a few years. The two of us met and grew close over the years from her spending so much time with the whole family.

We didn’t tell many people about our relationship because of the backlash we could get for the age difference, but she understood.

Our relationship was at first rooted in the mind blowing sex we had whenever we found time together.

It obviously soon grew into more as we developed feelings for each other and spent more time together.

We broke up years ago because both of our careers put so much distance between us and our relationship was getting so much harder to hide.

Since our breakup, I would see Giovanna at award shows and other events but I stayed distant for our own good. Other than those brief moments, I haven’t seen or spent any time with Giovanna.

Although I have been in relationships since we broke up, those women would just come and go, I didn’t feel the same with them as I did with Giovanna. Those feelings haven’t faded one bit over the years.


I sat on my couch in my backstage dressing room as I watched a replay of the Royal Rumble ending. I wasn’t aware of Dwayne returning to the Royal Rumble so I was obviously surprised when he interfered to help Roman win.

I couldn’t help but stare at my ex boyfriend’s thick, muscular body on the television as he raised my current boyfriend’s arm.

I let out a breathy moan as Dwayne’s mouth latched onto my neck and his hands found my waist. My hands clutched at his biceps and my nails dug into his skin.

“Hang on, kitten.” His husky commanded in my ear. He easily lifted me before cupping my ass with his large hands. I automatically wrapped my legs around his bare waist.

My hands found their way to his back, clutching tightly as I felt him roughly thrust into me. I let out a groan of pleasure, resting my head back against the wall behind me.

Just as my eyes were about to close from the pleasure, Dwayne started thrusting into me rougher, causing my eyes to dart open.

“Nah, nah, babygirl. Keep those eyes open when I fuck you.”

I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard Roman walk into the dressing room, closing the door behind him. I blinked my eyes and swallowed to help clear my head of the memories that plagued it.

I raised my brows in satisfaction as Roman took off his vest and undershirt to reveal his muscular upper body.

His long black hair was a little messy and his tanned skin had a sheen of sweat.

He had an exhausted expression on his face but his voice proved that to be different.

“C'mere princess.” He rumbled deeply with an outstretched arm to me. I walked to my boyfriend’s side, stroking my hand on his tattooed chest.

“You’re way too distracted..” Roman muttered, seeming to notice I was deep in thought. His lips trailed kisses from my jaw and down my neck. His deep sultry voice gave me shivers as I bit my bottom lip.

I felt Roman’s muscular arms snake around my waist, caging me in as his mouth abused the crook of my neck. His hands started to work on taking off his clothes while I did the same.

Roman tilted my head up to face him and his lips crashed onto mine, rough at first, quickly turning passionate. He bit my lip, pulling on it a bit, making a slight moan escape my lips.

My hands trailed up his chest to wrap around his neck as his trailed to cup my ass.

His rough hands easily lifted me before my legs wrapped around his waist. He trailed kisses down my neck hungrily, leading his way down to my collarbone.

Roman walked to the dressing room counter with me in his hold, before setting me down and taking his place between my legs.

His mouth found its way to the valley between my breasts, trailing kisses along the way. He bit down hard, no doubt leaving a claiming mark there.

His mouth trailed bites to my breast, taking a nipple in his mouth before licking a circle around the hard bud and biting down.

I let out a louder moan than the rest as my hand flew to Roman’s black hair, threading my fingers through the strands.

My breath hitched as Roman’s hands moved to my bare thighs, before using two fingers to trace around my entrance, but never touching where I needed.

Roman hummed with satisfaction as he felt how wet I was. “Shit, babygirl. Look how wet you are for me..” He wore a smirk as he suddenly thrusts those two fingers into me without warning, causing me to bite my lip.

Dwayne was probably still in the arena, I needed to keep quiet.

Roman noticed me biting my lip immediately and ended my pleasure, pulling out his thick fingers. He roughly pulled my legs wide apart and hooked his arms around me as he moved down between my thighs.

Roman began teasingly trailing bites on my inner thighs, leaving marks in his wake. I felt him smirk into my skin as I let out a low moan for him.

“Don’t try and keep quiet, baby. You know I love it when you moan for me.” Roman murmured as he kneeled and buried his face between my thighs.

He flattened his tongue and licked me from hole to clit, painfully slow. He softly circled my clit with his tongue before taking it in his mouth and sucking.

My hips bucked as I loudly moaned his name. “Oh God!” I shrieked as Roman continued eating me out while easily thrusting two fingers into me. He seemed to love my response and wanted more as he hummed, the vibrations making me gasp.

“Fuck, daddy..” My hands fisted in a desperate attempt to keep myself grounded to reality, one in his hair and the other covered my mouth.


Around fifteen minutes after the PPV ended, I was making my way to the stadium exit when I decided to look around the dressing rooms for either Roman or Giovanna. Preferably the latter.

I was nearly at his room when I heard moaning and grunting. I obviously knew what the noises were from and I was about to just leave the arena as planned, but something caught my attention.

“Oh, God!” I heard someone nearly scream in pleasure, but what caught me was how familiar it sounded. Before I knew it, I found myself following those noises which lead me to Giovanna’s dressing room.

Just the thought of someone else, let alone my cousin, fucking my ex girlfriend Giovanna had my jaw clench in anger and jealousy.


Hope y'all like it! There’s gonna be a lot of buildup, since it’s an actual book & not just a regular fic. There’s gonna be a lot of smut in nearly every chapter though, whether it be in a flashback or something else. Let me know what y'all think!

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Shane McMahon - Love & War

Prompt: Can I get one with Shane McMahon Where yall hate each other because yall are attracted to each other, you decide to quit and go to raw. Then  You get drafted back to smackdown and you star arguing with Shane because going back means having to be put on the shelf and hiding your feelings
Requested: by @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch
Warnings: Swearing I guess 
Words: 1500+

“You’d think he’d stop dancing after all these years….and maybe not wear sneakers. He’s meant to be a businessman” you rolled your eyes as Shane walked down to ring to meet Stephanie and Vince. 

“Who cares? He’s having fun” Becky shrugged her shoulders fixing her ring attire. She stared at you watching the tv intensely “Clearly you care. Come on get ready we have our tag match soon” 

“I don’t care” you said turning away to get ready. You did a little though. You and Shane had a fling. Shane’s marriage broke down in 2014 and although Shane wasn’t a part of WWE back then, he still came to the main pay-per-views and that’s where you met. You had a fling in the end on 2014 and then he left and you didn’t hear from him again. He didn’t even tell you when he returned last year. When the draft was announced after WrestleMania 32 you were excited and prayed you were drafted to raw with Stephanie…you weren’t, you were drafted to smackdown. You wanted to go to raw because you were actually good friends with Stephanie. Hunter and Shawn were your mentors who trained you since you were 18 and everytime you were in the same room as Shane it ended in an argument. 

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Marry Her (Pete Dunne X Reader)

More Pete Dunne for Y’all. SOrry it’s kinda short. 

 It was Royal Rumble day. In your opinion it was the best damn day of the year. Especially this year. Because you were FINALLY entering. Much like Charlotte you were a wrestling prodigy. Your father, Stone Cold Steve Austin, trained you from the age of 7 and you were lucky enough for Vince to let you fight the men due to your aggressive style of wrestling. You were going in at number 20 and were actually up next. There was only 4 people in the ring now and they were all going at each other. Tyler Bate, Dean Ambrose, The Miz and Pete Dunne. And of course the latter had to be your  crush. But you’d seen him around and he was a bit of a dick which only added fuel to the fire. Your music hit and you ran into the ring to be face to face with Pete of all people first. 

‘Now darling, I don’t want to hurt you’ He said cockily. 

‘Oh hush you uneducated Peanut’ You said before hitting him right in the  face with a drop kick which left him stunned enough for you to throw him  over the top  rope. 

So you ended up winning the Royal Rumble. 

After hobbling your way backstage you were greeted by all the main roster who you loved dearly. You could  see Pete Dunne out of the corner of your eye walking over and you smirked to yourself. 

‘Nice win’ He complemented sticking out his hand for you to shake. You took it and he gently kissed the top making you blush profusely. 

‘Thanks’  You said and he smirked at you. 

‘You’ve got a nasty drop kick’ He said and you smirked. Time to play. 

‘That’s not all that’s nasty about me’ You said before walking away shaking your hips as you left, smirking to yourself. 

‘Marry her’ You heard Tyler Bate say. 

‘I think I might’ You heard Pete’s response making you blush a  little. He didn’t sound like his usual cocky self.