Another Year, a Different Waking

First Reaper76 fanfic, little nervous bout posting this, but nothing ventured nothing gained. If anyone has any tips for improvement, please let me know.

 When Jack first woke up, it took him a moment to blink through the haze in his mind, lifting his arm from around his husband’s waist. He turned to roll before letting out a low groan at the ache that shot through his back

Sore shoulders, aching back and legs, it was an amazement he wasn’t hooked on a painkiller yet. Even whatever he had been injected with during the SEP couldn’t prevent minor arthritis, or any of the other aches that came with the job.  Although he was pretty sure that the years of fighting, running and hiding had given more aches in a month than he had felt in a year. He stretched his arms out, hearing the cracks of his shoulders before letting an arm drop on his forehead. Eyes barely open, he flexed all his fingers while letting them crack before glancing to his left, almost scowling at the clock.


It didn’t surprise him. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept through the night.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! A group of friends and I wanted to role-play a pack of betas, but we're not sure how that would really work...? I'd be glad if you could maybe give my squad a bit of info on them. Thank you!! :)

Nooooooo problemo! I hope you and your friends have fun! I’ll do a mix of head canons and little rp starters/ideas

  • A squad of betas are literally squad goals. No raging testosterone, no mood swings, no heats, no ruts
  • Did someone say omega protection squad? Because that’s exactly what betas are
  • When betas all get together, they tend to become a lot more immature and childish
  • A pack of betas wouldn’t have many squabbles, the most likely thing they would fight about would be omegas and alphas, because just like in normal friendship groups, two people can end up falling for the same person
  • If they did ever fight, it wouldn’t be a violent fist fight like alphas or a long-term cold shoulder like omegas. There would maybe just be yelling, maybe some squaring up to each other, but it’s rare for betas to get into physical fights
  • Weekend haunts for more social betas can be clubs and parties, where they can not only let loose but also make any omegas around feel more comfortable. More introverted beta groups tend to stay at someone’s house and tell ghost stories
  • Did I mention that betas love ghost stories?
  • Also, even though they don’t need to build them on an instinctual level, some betas build nests? Just imagine your beta pack chilling in a mega nest on the sofa, maybe cuddling, maybe not
  • Platonic cuddling is most definitely a thing that betas do
  • Imagine a bunch of betas during the first snow of winter, running around like children, stuffing snow down each others backs
  • Or, if you live in a really hot country, imagine your betas gathering in someone’s garden under a tree, taking it in turns to talk about how much they hate the heat
  • Imagine your betas going for a fancy night out, with dinner and maybe a ballet show
  • Imagine your betas trying to cook a pizza. All together. At the same time. Which saying would apply more: “Many hands make light work” or “too many cooks spoil the broth”?
  • Imagine the sleepovers, playing games like Never Have I Ever, Chinese Whispers, Spin the Bottle, etc
  • Imagine the camping nights! Roasting marshmallows over a fire, squabbles over who gets to sleep in the big tent with the giant inflatable mattress, stargazing, making up bullshit constellations, telling ghost stories around the fire when it gets dark
I want to know what life is like for girls at Hogwarts

I want to know about how the older girls watch out for the younger ones

and the friends that will hex a catcalling boy for each other

the friends that will take a hex for each other

I want to know about the little manual of hair-styling spells in the bathroom

the late nights the girls will spend all sitting on their beds, playing truth or dare

or maybe just sharing confessions

or both at the same time

or about the secret stash of chocolate frogs that everyone works together to keep stocked, for when that time of the month rolls around

I want to hear stories about the seeker’s best friend will comfort her after a close quidditch loss

or the fierce pride that glows in all her dorm-mates’ eyes when their keeper saves the game

or the admiration and hugs for the girl who had so much trouble with Transfiguration, then passes the test

I want to read stories about muggleborn girls bonding with purebloods over makeup

trading tips and secrets and eyeliner, laughing and joking and experimenting together

how the girl who’s better at potions sneaks down to the dungeons to brew a Cramp Reducing Draught

and passes it around the houses, regardless of the badges on their robes

or about how all prefects know the charm to turn parchment into tissues

and patiently do so while the first year cries away her homesickness

I want to hear about girls who get into fights with each other

serve detentions with each other, and–

well, they might still hate each other–

but also about the girls who are sent into the Forbidden Forest together

get lost together

and maybe save each other.

I want to know about the friendships that begin from boy problems

friendships that survive despite boy problems

and the more-than-friendships that emerge as they mature together

I want to see girls who spend hours  in empty classrooms because they find power in silence

or the inseparable trios who always have each other’s backs

or the twins mercilessly teasing each other across the Great Hall, and

older sisters watching out for younger sisters

or younger sisters watching out for older sisters

(because who says that younger girls always need taking care of, they’ve got eyes too, y'know)

girls that stand guard outside a classroom door while a friend sneaks a Floo call back home

and spin the most outrageous lies to any professor who comes along

girls who sneak butterbeers back from Hogsmeade for their grounded friends

girls who go out for morning runs together, by the lake

girls who bring their favorite paperbacks in their trunk with them, and pass them around during the semester

girls who go home over the holidays and write their friends mountains of letters

girls who stay at Hogwarts for the holidays to keep their friends company

girls who lend their owls to each other, their quills, their house scarves

with a “take it, don’t worry about it, just don’t you dare change the colors

I want to know more about the girls at Hogwarts

the scared ones that grow into strong women

who learn to stand up for what they believe in

and back down when they’ve done something wrong

who lean on each other to get through crises, through winters, through exams

who are powerful enough to take what once was an insult

and turn it into their pride, to look you in the eye and say, beautifully confident

I am a witch

and no one can take that from them.


I honestly don’t think people are going to find realistic representations of horses in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, just saying.

Also, I don’t know why it’s always the horses. Like, nobody has a problem with boars that have mushrooms and produce growing out of their backs

or with deer with huge ears and swirly antlers

or with lizards with plants growing out of them

or with THESE

But then with horses people are like “THEY’RE NOT REALISTIC THE ANIMATORS SUCK AT DRAWING” ????