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Electricity is out! Mc with the RFA members when suddenly lights out for a quite long time.. at their s/o house? (what will happen in there is up to u to decide, even nsfw totally fine lolol)

(some of these are very lightly NSFWish, others aren’t- it’s signalled next to the character name!)


  • He was at MC’s place, playing LOLOL in his laptop while MC browsed their phone next to him
  • his laptop was quite shitty. the battery was probably dead, and it only worked while charging
  • which means that when the power generator went boom and the house went dark, so did his laptop
  • screams
  • it got so dark so quick that he and MC almost fell off the couch
  • he’s super pissed because all the progress he made is now lost
  • but MC distracts him from that and starts looking for candles
  • he chooses his favourite scented candles that he and MC find in a cabinet and uses those to light up the living room
  • he’s a bit anxious about the whole thing, but being with MC like this is… nice
  • the room smells nice and everything is candlelit, and he and MC are cuddling on the couch
  • it’s super relaxing?? he usually dislikes it when power goes out but this is way more enjoyable
  • they fall asleep like that, all cuddled up on the couch
  • (psa: don’t fall asleep with lit candles children that’s a fire hazard don’t be like yoosung and MC)
  • When they wake up, the power is back on
  • and also it’s super late. way too late
  • Yoosung has to rush back home- he has school tomorrow ffs it’s 2 am why did this happen
  • still, he can’t concentrate later, not due to the sleep, but because he keeps wanting to go back and cuddle MC like that instead of sitting in class

Jaehee (NSFWish)

  • sometimes, when jaehee drops by MC’s place, it’s to catch up with stuff
  • talk a bit, cuddle in the couch, have coffee or tea, stuff along those lines
  • it’s usually at night; she’s pretty busy during the day, plus she can drop by on her way home
  • sitting on the table, she’s eating some cookies while chatting with MC
  • and suddenly she can’t see?
  • everything is dark
  • she drops her cookie and calls out for MC
    • “MC? Are you ok?”
  • MC replies, completely unharmed
  • oh the lights went out
  • using their phones’ flashlights, they walk around the house
  • the tv won’t turn on
  • nor any light
  • phones won’t charge
  • no internet
  • pretty much no electricity it seems
  • MC tells Jaehee she can go home- after all, she’s probably going to get bored sitting in their dark house for more time
  • Jaehee refuses and says they’ll keep MC company until the lights come back
  • sitting in the bed with legs crossed, waiting, is pretty boring though
  • one thing leads to another, and suddenly, there they are; laying in bed, tangled in each other, kissing heavily
  • it’d have gone on for longer since Jaehee can get affectionate when alone
  • but the lights come back and snap MC and Jaehee to their senses
  • blushing, MC bids Jaehee goodbye and wishes her a good day at work tomorrow

Zen (NSFWish)

  • visiting MC is his duty as their boyfriend
  • he feels guilty he hardly gets to see MC sometimes, and always tries to make it up by buying MC a little gift or treat when he drops by
  • today is no difference
  • he brings a rose to MC, and greets them with a smooch
  • he knows it’s quite late and apologices (he’s a gentleman!), and tells MC that he won’t overstay his welcome
  • zen you could never overstay plz
  • the intimacy starts even before the lights go out
  • it’s night and the beast is released, what could one expect?
  • on the couch, limbs tangled together and lips leaving small hickeys where they land
  • groans and moans echoing through the house
  • they don’t even notice the lights go out
  • they’re way too busy
  • busy going at it
  • after they’re done, MC notices something
    • “Zen, isn’t it super dark, or…?”
  • they realise the lights went out but they didn’t realize bc they were fucking
  • it’s half amazing, half embarrassing, and entirely comedic to Zen


  • visiting MC isn’t that usual
  • mainly because it’s mostly MC who comes to his place, not the other way around
  • still, he really likes MC’s place
  • it feels homey
  • somehow more than his penthouse
  • it’s hard to fit time to go there in his schedule, which does means most visits are around nighttime, but it doesn’t really matter
  • MC likes to sit down and watch “commoner TV programs” with him, and he finds himself enjoying that time too
  • except when the TV goes black mid-episode
  • the lights go out too
  • Jumin knows what happened, but he’d never really been in a blackout for long. he had emergency generators in C&R and his house- but MC doesn’t seem to
  • he’s a bit interested in what to do as MC gets some candles and battery flashlights
  • he does tell MC to sit down because he worries walking around in the dark like that could make them trip or something
  • it ends up being a long chat with Jumin
  • for some reason, being in the dark with some candles seemed to get him in the mood for talking
  • he tells some childhood stories, and tells stories about V as a child- which are rare
  • finally, when the lights come on, he tells MC that next time he’ll bring some wine in case this happens again
  • also, he does say that if it does happen again… maybe he’ll decide to do more than chat


  • he’s the type who would say he’d drop by MC’s place whenever but. he’d actually always ask first
  • also, MC offers him dinner
  • he can’t turn down food he needs real food as much as he denies it
  • the moment he knows the night will be great is when the lights go out
  • MC is apologising and looking for flashlights
  • ?? mc please you didn’t choose to have the electricity go out chill??
  • in order to pass the time without electronics, Seven knows there is only one way
  • Only One
  • MC is very suspicious when he asks them to bring out all their blankets
  • and when they do, Seven clumsily starts making a fort in the darkness of the living room 
  • suspicions: confirmed
  • … not like MC can complain because they join in on making the blanket fort pretty quickly
  • it’s a bit off for a fort, but hey, it was made in total darkness so it’s ok right
  • nothing beats the feeling of proud wave of emotions when both MC and Seven crawl into the fort and cuddle there
  • also, with the battery he has left on his phone, Seven makes everyone in the RFA freak out when he sends a cryptic message that gives everyone the wrong impression
    • “Hey guys I’m at MC’s place… the lights went out… we’re having fun in the blankets ;)”
  • Zen is screaming but he would never guess MC and Seven are being dorks in a blanket fort
Sit On My Face - Archie Andrews

A/N: Hello! It’s Lex again. Uploading two times in one month (If I’m not wrong - and I might be) so this imagine was written with the help of my dream on monday and bitch Grundy… and connected with few requests “reader!archie friends with benefits” “reader riding his face..” “reader has feeling for him.. but he’s in love with someone else”  “angry sex with a reader” You welcome! :’)) 

ABOUT: This smut is about reader and Archie when they in friends with benefits relationship, They kinda pretend to be with one another but Archie prefer Grundy and the reader (what a great friend she is.. right?) just found out from Jughead. 

 It’s not edited - english is not my first language! 

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“Archie? We need to talk so I’m coming in.” 

I pushed the door open and went in. He was lying on his bed, earphones stuck in his ears and eyes closed. The mystery of his silence was solved. I stood there for a moment, admiring his large body spread out on the bed. I was mad at him but my body still wanted him. 

I approached the bed, clearing my throat before I remembered he couldn’t hear me. 


“Babe,” he cut in, eyes still closed, “you still pissed?” 

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More clony asks! Who tends to worry the most?Who is more inclined to be jealous or possessive?How do they resolve their arguments? Who remembers dates, birthdays, and appointments?Who has the most nightmares and how do they deal with them?Who steals the blankets? Who cry on movies?Do they ever trade clothes?How often are roadtrips?

Yay! I love clony asks!

1. Clay. He always worry about something to be honest. But thats why he fell for Tony who can always calm him down by hugging tight and whispering that everithing Will be alright. 

2. Both of them. But Clay shows his jealous in diffrent way then Tony. When he see someone looking at Tony for too long he squeez his hand and kiss him for much longer than usually when they are in public. Tony think its adorable so he kinda provoke him to do this. But when he is jealous himself, he grab Clay by his waist and gives everony this deadly gaze. Clay thinks that he look like pitbull, but he don’t really mind it. 

3. They talk about everything and usually their fights ends in couple hourse, cause they just cant stay mad at each other. And they make out, cause nothing is better for getting over argument than sex. 

4. Tony does, he remember every date and also every speciall moment in their relationship, like their first date oraz kiss, and when Clay tell him I love you for the first time. He also remember all aniversays in Clays family, so he text him to remind about buying presents. 

5. Clay. He often dream about Hannah and how he couldn’t save her. He wakes up terryfied and he barerly can breath. But Tony can deal with those nightmares perfectly, by hugging Clay to his chest ang gently rubbing his back and kiss his head untill he fall asleep again. 

6. Clay, again. He need all this cosy and warm feeling, so he just wrap himself in blankets like burrito. Thats why Tony hugs him when they sleep and don’t let go untill they wake up, cause if he do this, he will sleep without any blanket. And Tony is super warm so Clay loves it. 

7. Tony does. But only on Disney movies. And he don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of, “True reason to shame is not crying over Mufasa Clay, so shut your mouth you heartless monster”. 

8. Clay takes Tonys leather jacket without asking, cause its so warm and smell like his boyfriend. Tony find it incredibly sexy so he is absolutely okay with this. 

9. Everyday. Tony love roadtrips with Clay, and they can ride for hours. And make out on the backsit 


Camisado - Panic! At The Disco

Trigger Warnings: Physical Abuse

Genre: Alt/Indie


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So a few months back i broke up with my 2 month boyfriend and now im in live with another guy that does not like me, but one thing that still remains is the sexual tension between me and my ex. So today we were coming home from a party and we were both on the backsit if my mother's friend car and i put my hand on his thigh and i starter to move upwards and so did he which led to me basically giving him a hand job and him rubbing me thru my pants... Definitely the dirtiest thing i've ever done...

WHO’S READY TO GET BUFF??  👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌 👌

by popular demand, i’m going to be sharing my workout regime with you all!!! this is just me explaining what i do, and what i found that works for me the best. if you have any questions/concerns/ect please shoot me an ask and i’d be happy to help!

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New artbook and volume 72 - part 2 aka “Shippers Gonna Ship <3”

The backsite of the Hagoromo, Naruto and Sasuke’s poster is the picture of The Last: Movie Guide Book cover <3

The last pic of the artbook is Volume 72’s cover.

I took pictures of my Jump #50 (2014) and the new volume, Hinata and Himawari, Naruto and Boruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Sarada <3

cacw Pokemon Go au:

  • Cap & Bucky hear there’s a Mewtwo (or Pikachu) in Siberia so they want to get there
  • The government thinks they’re running away from their crimes, but they’re not
  • In the raft, Sam tells Tony the truth about Mewtwo
  • Tony decides he would rather catch it than help Ross, so he goes behind their backs
  • It turns out Zemo had sent a rumour and there are only ratatas around the abandoned place
  • When Tony sees the Ratatas he gets angry and attacks Steve & Bucky
  • T’Challa had also come because of Mewtwo but when he realizes it was all a lie he decides not to kill Zemo, but imprisons him for his shitty rumours
New Life // chapter five

Val’s pov:

When I realized what was going on I opened my eyes and pulled away quickly.

Zendaya was looking at me confused and lost in the situation, I don’t think she was fully aware of what was going on.

My only thing in head was ‘What the hell I just did?’ That wasn’t supposed to happen not all.

“I am sorry, this shouldn’t have happened.” I said quickly taking step back.

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