I grew up as a skater kid and have always been fascinated by the skateboarding culture, even if the only time I ride is the local corner store. The other day I went down to Love Park and photographed a bunch of my friends. This photo set is of my friend, Bryan Leddy. That’s his full name but everyone just calls him, Leddy. - Philadelphia, PA - 02/26/2012

tenaxmiles  asked:

*she turned into a Hellhound and can't turn back, so now she's running circles around Michi and barking, dropping low on her front paws and wagging her tail and backside playfully.* .... = 3 !


A heavy sigh escaped his mouth as he saw his actual Hellhound body acting like a playful dog in front of him. That certainly was cute, but he felt like she might wag the tail to the point of making him fall over… Hopefully Katey knew how big she looked like that. “Owly… Sit or Lay down instead.” He said in a firm tone, at least he tried, but damn it was odd to hear Kateys voice coming out of his mouth and the moment he was going to growl, he hooted instead…

“Aaa… Fuck.”