I grew up as a skater kid and have always been fascinated by the skateboarding culture, even if the only time I ride is the local corner store. The other day I went down to Love Park and photographed a bunch of my friends. This photo set is of my friend, Bryan Leddy. That’s his full name but everyone just calls him, Leddy. - Philadelphia, PA - 02/26/2012

@staabpirate1 backside airs to tail tappy on the Bird Perch at the Encinitas YMCA back in April. Photo: Brittain #kevinstaab #encinitasymcaskatepark @tonyhawkfoundation #skatelegends #skateboarding #theskateboardmag @theskateboardmag #grantbrittain #nicestguyever #birdmanssidekick @republicofencinitas

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