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NHL!Bitty, Pt. III - Post-Season

Bitty loves Seattle as much as a southerner can love a city that barely sees the sunshine, and he loves his boys, but god bless it if he doesn’t cross his fingers and toes every year hoping to get picked up by a Metropolitan team so he can at least live on the same coast as Jack.

For a few blissful months every year, Bitty gets his husband back; and promptly does none of what he’s planned to do with said husband.

(Also, point-of-order, Jack’s three-year, 1.2 million a year Falconers contract is on the lower end of the spectrum. The average (2016) NHL salary is around 2.9 mil a year, meaning Jack went pretty cheap for someone being scouted by so many teams. Did our beloved Canadian hockey robot turn down mad-money elsewhere to sign with the Falconers? Probably.) 

Part I - Hug Check |  Part II - Chirping


They’re both snuggled up together in a rare moment of post-season calm. Neither are keen to move any more than the absolutely have to; tucked into lopsided couch cushions while the television plays split-screened between another film missed in theaters and the NHL Network.

It’s been a long, hard-fought season for them both: the Falconers knocked out of the playoffs in the second round, the Schooners barely making a dent in the first. Combine that with their newfound ‘chronic’ injuries and Bitty is happy to just lie here, mindlessly groping any part of Jack he can reach: he’s currently got a handful of pec, while Jack alternates between Bitty’s ass and lower back. It’s not arousing at all, just comfortable; until Jack’s wandering fingers hit a sore spot.  

“You okay?” Jack whispers when Bitty flinches.

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anonymous asked:

u want a silly scenario to start with? cause how about rfa+ all go to disneyland together for like a week, platonic group friendships would be preferred but go nuts dude(s)!

we are all about those silly scenarios, anon! we were pretty thrilled upon receiving this request, especially since admin c is a HUGE disney fan and could probably tell you where every hidden mickey is in the park. hehe~

• this puppy is an endless ball of energy at disneyland
• he wants to go on ALL the rides and eat ALL the food and meet ALL the characters
• he is low-key
• l o w - k e y
• scared of the haunted mansion,,
• he’s not entirely convinced that the characters are just actors
• “MC! it’s peter pan! did he know we were gonna be here today?”
• he destroys everyone at buzz lightyear’s astro blasters and acts like it’s no big deal
• he cries when he goes on the matterhorn
• definitely gets spooked when the first firework goes off
• he gets himself a ton of souvenirs and falls asleep that night cradling a mickey he bought

• zen sings along to all the instrumental songs from musicals that play on main street
• actually..
• he just sings along to practically every song in the park
• and he’ll get ‘em stuck in your head
• “can you shut up already”
• he takes a selfie with every single character but he hogs the screen so they usually only end up partially in frame
• “hey MC who’s more beautiful me or elsa”
• “i can only see half of elsa’s face”
• “.. so me then”
• at least a dozen people recognize him so he ends up buying a pair of sunglasses and a mickey hat within the first hour there
• he gets kind of sentimental at one point and tells you how badly he wants to be in a disney broadway show
• such as
• beauty and the B E A S T ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

• actual mom jaehee
• f a s t p a s s e s
• makes sure everyone is staying hydrated and even brought personalized water bottles for everyone
• she’s always the most enthusiastic one when it comes to disneyland because she never got to go there as a child
• she loves the parade so much
• she gets all jittery when the characters wave at her
• definitely the only one laughing at the skipper’s jokes on the jungle cruise
• “ladies and gentleman, welcome to the eighth wonder of the world, the backside of water!”
• 10/10 the best person to go to disneyland with

• mista trust fund kid is oddly fascinated by it’s a small world and makes everyone go on it four times
• refuses to wait in a line with a wait time of more than 35 minutes
• he is very uncomfortable around the characters (especially those in full suits)
• his life flashes before his eyes when pluto waves at him
• is disappointed by the quality of meals (especially given the price) but is intrigued by how good the churros are
• buys elizabeth 19385774738 souvenirs•
• jewelry
• figures
• artwork
• e v e r y t h i n g
• all in all a confused dad but he’s having a good time

• he brings props to pose with when the camera on the ride takes a picture at the climax
• reading a newspaper
• playing a board game
• having a sword fight with yoosung
• who knows
• you’re getting on space mountain when he says
• “if i wanted to i could probably hack this and make it go 500 mph”
• “i could make it go backwards—”
• pirates of the caribbean is his favorite ride
• he definitely yells at the people in the blue bayou as you guys float by
• he makes the characters do “”“squad poses”“” with him during pictures
• somehow knows the best times to get on rides??
• there are no lines with this guy
• super useful, super entertaining, and also mildly terrifying

• what do you expect
• he’s taking pictures of everything
• he gets a rlly cute group shot of everyone in front of the castle
• he really likes the water rides but his all-time favorite ride is the mad tea party
• he spins the teacup like there is no tomorrow
have mercy jihyun
• not a screamer but his face is frozen in fear during the drops and it’s kind of hilarious
• gets fuckin lost every 20 minutes so everybody pitches in and buys him a couple of light up balloons
• he is now a satellite
• during the fireworks, you notice he’s p sad so you nudge him and ask if he’s okay
• “oh. yeah, i’m good. i just… i can’t see the fireworks as well as i used to.”
• he has gone on every ride in the park by the end of the day
• but at what cost
• he practically passed out as soon as you all get to the hotel
• sleepy man,,

• you think saeran would hate disneyland
• and tbh he does at first
• he glares at each and every kid who’s crying
• “isn’t this supposed to be the happiest place on earth? so why are they crying?”
• it turns out his weakness is the food
• he loves dole whips..…,, so much
• he will pay the extra $1.50 if a food item is mickey mouse-shaped
• his favorite thing to do is get a huge ice cream sundae and sit on the curb to watch the parade go by
• saeyoung buys him a pair of light-up mickey ears and tbh he loves them
• (but he would never admit it)
• lots of unexpected smiles from this grumpy boy

• vanderwood is going to try to enjoy himself
• and he actually manages to do so once he discovers autopia
• he gets hella mad when saeyoung rear-ends his car
• he gets hella mad when saeyoung does anything at the park tbh
• hesitantly helps a lost kid find their mom at one point
• unlike jaehee, he is thoroughly unamused by the jungle cruise skipper’s jokes
• he has the jokes practically memorized by his third time on it (jaehee really likes the jungle cruise okay let her live)
• definitely the type to go back to the hotel and just watch the fireworks from there
• ……… but a part of him wishes he had stayed to watch them
• he had fun
• maybe
• (yeah)

~ admin c & admin e

Disney Descendants kids at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Mal: Does not want to be there, complains that it’s too hot outside, eventually really likes it, buys a custom purple Mickey hat, really likes all the Mountain rides, had Ben ride splash mountain with her four times, got ice cream at Storybook Treats, absolutely loved the fireworks.

Evie: Got all dressed up, came prepared with water bottles and protein bars but did not wear the right shoes, spent an hour at the Bippity Boppity Boutique, loved Tomorrowland because SCIENCE! Road the Dwarf mine car ride twice with Doug, complimented all the cast members on how lovely they all looked in their outfits, got funnel cakes at Sleepy Hollows, bought five different souvenirs, explains how the fireworks work, falls asleep on the ride back.

Jay: Does not know the meaning of ‘shoplifters will be prosecuted,’ had to go back and buy the things he stole, loved the Swiss family treehouse, basically spent a lot of time in Adventureland, tried to flirt with every princess they met with, ate too many turkey legs.

Carlos: Just wants a churro, get’s dragged on rides, screamed a lot at the Haunted Mansion, liked Main Street BUT TOMORROW LAND COULD BE TODAY!! Got lunch at the Cosmic Cafe, still wants that churro, liked the Jungle Cruise ‘BEHOLD THE BACKSIDE OF WATER’  liked the Dumbo ride, absolutely LOVED Tom Sawyor’s island, really enjoyed the projections on the castle at night, finally got that churro.

Ben: Tries to keep everyone together, fails for two hours but eventually everyone gets back, has a backpack with everything they need, fast pass master, has a schedule to follow ‘NO JAY WE NEED TO BE AT SPACE MOUNTAIN IN TEN MINUTES WE DONT HAVE TIME FOR TURKEY LEGS!’ loves Fantasy Land, goes to Story Time with Belle and helps with the story, gets reservations at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, bows to all the princesses and kisses their hands. Buys a ‘She’s my Minnie’ and ‘He’s my Mickey’ t-shirts, sings a lot at the firework show. Gets everyone on the train for a ride around.

Audrey: Only stays in Fantasyland, brings her own sunhat and sunglasses, meets all the princesses, only rides story rides, road Under the Sea too many times to count, eats at Cinderella’s royal table, rides the carrousel, cries at the firework show, makes friends with all the animals including that stray cats that live there.

Chad: Has been there so many times already, complains a lot, tries to pull out the sword from the stone, screams on all the fast rides, hung out in Adventure land for a bit before tagging along with Audrey for the rest of the day, had to catch a kid that was running away from their mom because they saw a duck, tries to get the sword out again, got a dulewhip and chilled out on main street for a while, likes looking at the castle, makes him feel proud of his family.

Doug: Let’s Evie lead him around, takes pictures of her when she sees something new because he loves her surprised faces, really likes the Mine Ride, let’s Evie drag him to the Evil Queen meet and greet, kisses Snow White’s hand. Dances with Evie to the piano on main street. 

Lonnie: Lowkey flirts with every princess, managed to pull the sword out half way which isn’t supposed to happen so someone had to fix it, tries every ice-cream over the corse of the day, does the interactive games, watches the shows at the castle. 


A little Tristhad for @hannigram-a-b-o-library​‘s Summertime Slick event, day 7: Surprise Heat.

Also on AO3.

The stupid thing was that, for once, he hadn’t even been thinking about kissing Tristan. Normally it was all he could do to stop himself from claiming that tempting mouth, poppy red and – in Galahad’s imaginings, anyway – petal soft, working itself into that curling smirk that brought his breath short. He had devoted long hours to constructing first kisses in his mind: some deep and lingering, some gentle and faltering, some filthy-sweet and wet. And all perfect.

Instead, in the end, he kissed Tristan for the first time by clumsily smashing their mouths together because the omega simply wouldn’t shut up about how Galahad really needed to relax with himself while he was fighting. The way his upper lip rolled into a sneer as he – yet again – berated Galahad for the limits of his moral perspective was entirely unbearable. Galahad simply couldn’t stand it for a second more, and so had elected to grab Tristan by the shoulders and kiss him until he stopped talking.

Which, in Galahad’s defence, did do the trick.

The moment their lips touched, Galahad felt Tristan freeze beneath him. His stomach twisted as he realised what he had done, how disgusted Tristan must be with him. Still, he held his lips against the other knight’s for a moment longer, trying to memorise the feel of them in the only opportunity he would ever have.

Galahad pulled back slowly, tensing in preparation for a well-deserved punch. What the hell had he been thinking? Not much, apparently. Apart from stop talking, you beautiful bastard, and stop telling me unpleasant truths about myself, and please stop pouting in my general direction. Frankly, he’d probably punch himself for such idiocy if Tristan wasn’t going to do it for him. He squeezed his eyes shut and braced for impact.

Any moment now.

Any… moment… oh.

Galahad opened his eyes to the sight of Tristan’s back retreating into the distance, leaving him completely un-punched. And oddly disappointed. Being knocked out wouldn’t have been his preferred result of kissing Tristan (that would be Tristan kissing him back and then dragging him bodily into his quarters so that they could explore what else they could do with their mouths), but at least a punch would have been… something. No reaction at all was just hurtful.

Galahad dragged a hand across his beard and decided that if he couldn’t have Tristan inside his mouth, he would settle for a drink instead. Several, in fact.

“Any idea what’s up with Tristan?”

Galahad lifted his head from his beer – somewhat reluctantly, given that he’d only been allowed to get one decent pull at it – and tried not to look guilty as Gawain sat down opposite him. “Why should I know? I haven’t done anything to him.”

Gawain gave him a bemused look and said, “Never suggested you did, Gal, the hell are you on about?”

“Nothing.” Galahad ducked his head in embarrassment. “Don’t know. Anyway I never know what’s up with the man. Complete mystery to me.”

Gawain leaned over to peer into his flagon. “How many of those have you had, pup?”

“Not so many I couldn’t land a punch.”

“Fuck’s sake Galahad,” Gawain said, staring at him, “you’re even touchier than usual today. Between you and Tristan, must be something strange in the air.”

That had Galahad’s head snapping back up. “Why? What has Tristan said?”

“Hasn’t said anything. But Dag says he saw him fling himself – fully clothed, mind – into the lake and stay submerged until Dag thought he’d have to go in and rescue him.” Gawain relaxed back into his seat and chuckled. “I know he’s always a little insane, our Tristan, but sounds like he might really have cracked this time.”

Galahad grabbed hold of Gawain’s arm and shook it roughly. “And did he?”

“Did he what?” Gawain asked, pulling his arm away and glaring at Galahad.

“Did he have to go and rescue Tristan?”

“Oh, that. No, he came back up eventually, shouting bloody murder apparently. Refused to come out, too, just growled at Dag until he left him be.” Gawain chuckled again, apparently amused by Tristan’s antics, and then swivelled in his chair as a commotion broke out at the front of the taverna. “O-ho, looks like the lady of the lake has emerged.”

“What? What’s going on Gawain?” Galahad asked, standing up out of his seat to try to see through the crowd and contemplating knocking Gawain over so he’d get his huge, blonde head out of the way.

And then, suddenly, Tristan was standing in front of them, so wet he was dripping, clothes clinging to the planes of his body, and glaring at Galahad with a feral expression and a sneer on that fucking mouth that caused Galahad’s cock to twitch traitorously beneath the flaps of his pteruges.

Galahad opened his mouth to say something, to ask if Tristan was alright, but the omega stared him down into silence. “Actions have consequences, alpha,” he growled, sneering out the last word. Then, without any warning, Tristan grabbed Galahad and slung him easily over his shoulder, Galahad’s head coming face-to-face with Tristan’s arse. Which brought two things swiftly to the young alpha’s attention:

  1. Tristan’s backside could have been carved from marble.
  2. It was not just water Tristan was soaked with.

Galahad breathed deep and moaned, helplessly, as the scent of Tristan’s slick filled his nose. It was all he could do not to bury his head in the curve where Tristan’s back met his buttocks, not to trace his tongue against the sodden fabric of his trousers where it clung to his flesh. The omega smelled glorious, like sun-warmed earth and pine forests, and the faintest trace of molten iron, the scent of weaponry clinging to Tristan’s skin. All thought was replaced by the need to be filled with that scent, and Galahad ceased to struggle, content to simply be wrapped in Tristan’s presence as they continued towards the living quarters.

Tristan stalked into his room and deposited Galahad unceremoniously on the floor, which knocked enough sense back into him to be able to figure out what was happening.

“Heat,” Galahad murmured, near-unaware of his surroundings, “you’ve gone into your heat.”

“Yes,” Tristan growled, looming over the bewildered alpha. “Your fault. I tried to staunch it,” he said, gesturing to his damp clothing, “but the damage was done. So now you will be learning about responsibility, little alpha.”

“My fault?” Galahad stammered, gaping at Tristan as he turned away. “How the hell is it my fault? Tristan, I… what the fuck are you doing?”

Tristan finished pulling off his tunic and turned to glare witheringly at Galahad. “You think I should stay in my wet clothes, pup?”

“No, that’s… no, of course not. But while I’m… and you’re in…” Galahad was having great difficulty remembering how words worked while Tristan was revealing more and more tanned and taut flesh, and with it releasing more of that spectacular scent that was making Galahad’s head spin with desire. He wondered if trapping him in this room with a heat-fevered omega he couldn’t touch was meant to be his punishment for the kiss.

If it was, Tristan was even more of a sadist than he’d thought.

Completely naked now, Tristan stalked past Galahad and crawled onto his bed, leaning his head down onto his forearms and raising his ass in the air to make quite the most appealing picture Galahad had ever seen. “Come on then, alpha,” Tristan spat, turning his head to fix Galahad with a glare, “get on with it, don’t piss about.”

Galahad’s mouth flapped open and he suddenly found it hard to breathe. “You want me to… you want me to mate with you?” The question came out as a squeak.

“Whether I want you to or not is irrelevant. I’m going to need a knot and since you are the reason for that unfortunate necessity, you are going to provide one.” Tristan lowered his head back to his arms and growled, “Unless you have a problem with that, Galahad the Pure.”

Galahad stared for a second. It would be easy, horribly easy, to simply undress and slide into Tristan, already slick and open with heat. To take his pleasure and feel Tristan tight around his knot and-

“Fuck, yes I have a problem with that!” Galahad snapped, causing Tristan to whip his head round, eyes narrowed and fierce. “I don’t even know how you think I’m responsible! All I did was kiss you Tristan, that…” He trailed off and simply stared at Tristan for a moment. “You can’t possibly… Tristan you can’t think that was enough to set you off!”

A growl came from low in Tristan’s throat and he sneered, reminding Galahad uncomfortably of the moment he’d kissed him. “Do not flatter yourself, pup, it was due in a few days anyway. You simply nudged it closer, any alpha taking such liberties would have had the same effect.”

“One moment of foolishness and you choose to punish me like this?” Galahad felt anger rise inside him to mingle with his dashed hopes. “I knew you were cruel, Tristan, but this I would have said was beyond you.”

“Punish you?” Tristan finally twisted out of his position and flew off the bed to confront Galahad. “How is this punishment? Any alpha would jump at the chance of a wet, willing hole, do not claim you are any different.”

“How little you think of me. I would rather be nothing at all to you than that.” Galahad took a breath and calmed his tone. “I will not be just a knot for you to fuck,” he said, voice low and bitter, the words forced out between gritted teeth.

“Why kiss me at all then, pup?” Tristan sneered, unmoved by Galahad’s words. “To humiliate me? Control me?”

“Because I love you, you stupid bastard.”

The silence that followed his words tasted sharp and painful to Galahad, his heart held exposed within it. It filled the room, pressing close and uncomfortable against his skin until he had to say something.

“I’m sorry. I never meant to… to take advantage. I’ve thought of kissing you so often, I don’t know why I did it today, I just couldn’t stop looking at your mouth, and I wanted… and I always want to, so I don’t know-”

Tristan put his hand over Galahad’s mouth to stop his babbling. “Hush, pup, I’m thinking.”

Galahad stared at him and tried very hard to resist the urge to lick at Tristan’s skin, so warm and so close and covered in the scent of his heat. He wanted to suck the flesh into his mouth, to taste the salt of Tristan’s sweat and slick mingled together… but it would not do to make such a mistake twice in one day, he might as well roll over and let Tristan kill him if he did such a thing.

“You love me, you say.” Tristan lifted his hand, and allowed Galahad to reply, yes, to his question before replacing it. “For how long?”

Again he removed his hand to let Galahad speak, and Galahad felt he did an admirable job of not chasing after it. “Training,” he managed to choke out, “when you taught me to use my bow.” He expected – hoped, a little – that Tristan would replace his hand, continue playing his game of questions. Instead, he dropped his arm by his side, looking unconvinced.

“We were nothing but children, Galahad. This is nothing more than a crush you speak of.”

“I thought that. I hoped it. I knew you would never return my feelings and so I prayed for them to fade. But they only grew as we did, every time you showed me up in a fight, every time you drank me under the table, every time you were kind to that stupid bird of yours.”

Tristan frowned at that but let it pass. “And after all these years of pining, you kissed me today because?”

“Because you wouldn’t stop arguing with me! And your mouth, it does this thing where it curls at the edges when you’re telling me how stupid I am, and it drives me crazy Tristan, I can never think when you do it, and I always lose every argument because I can’t stop looking at your damn mouth and mmmmmf!”

Tristan, apparently, had decided that kissing someone to shut them up was a very effective method after all.

It was not, as it turned out, any better a kiss than their first had been. Galahad was entirely too stunned to respond, his hands fluttering around Tristan’s waist but not brave enough to actually touch, and his mouth remaining stubbornly closed against the heat of Tristan’s. It wasn’t until Tristan flicked his tongue sweetly against the seam of his mouth that Galahad finally woke up enough to realise what had happened, but he could only chase after the press of Tristan’s lips as they pulled away, and Tristan regarded him with amusement.

Amusement and, Galahad realised with a start, nervousness. Trepidation. Fear.

“It’s ok,” he said, his hands suddenly working again and clasping Tristan’s arms. “I’m not going to run off. I…” Galahad suddenly remembered something terribly important. “Tristan, did you really jump in the lake to try to stop your heat?”

Then Galahad saw something he had never expected to in all his days.

Tristan blushed.

“I thought… perhaps if I could lower my temperature…” He hesitated, avoiding Galahad’s eyes. “I was not ready to deal with what a heat would mean.”

Galahad placed a finger beneath Tristan’s chin and drew his eyes upwards. “You said it meant nothing, that any alpha would have brought it on.”

Tristan looked at him. “A lie, pup. My heat isn’t due for weeks.”

“Then… how?”

Tristan tucked an errant curl behind Galahad’s ear and smiled at him fondly. “Because I’m in love with you, you stupid bastard.”

Galahad could only stare at Tristan, trying to take in the words. “Oh,” he said, eventually, living up to the name of stupid. “Really?” he added, after a moment, not really doing anything to raise his reputation in terms of intelligence.

“Yes, pup.”

“Oh.” Galahad felt a smile, wide and silly, spread across his face to match the one on Tristan’s. “I love you too.”

“You mentioned that,” Tristan teased.

“Yes. Sorry. Think I’m a bit stunned. And your scent… Fuck, Tristan, you’re in heat.”


“Which means we should… if you want to…”


“Right now?”

“Yes, alpha, my alpha, right fucking now.”

Their third kiss, Galahad was thankful to discover, was indeed the charm.

“Jungle Cruise” Marc Davis

This fantastic concept for the entrance to Jungle Cruise by Disney Legend Marc Davis wonderfully sets the stage for one of Disney’s most classic theme park attractions. Inspired by The African Queen and a True-Life Adventure documentary, Jungle Cruise takes guests down various rivers of the world via steamer boats, past wildlife, exotic flora, and, of course, the “Backside of Water.” Whether it’s the cringeworthy skippers with unlimited puns, or the atmosphere of intrigue and adventure, this opening-day attraction continues to delight guests to this day.

Art ©️Disney

😊What are Friends For?

Summary:  Can you write one imagine where reader and E have a crush on each other and you guys are constantly close but deny it in not a bad way, but a blushy one, and all of their friends say nothing about it but clearly know that they are whipped for the other one cause they see like idk Ethan wanting to brush her hair just to be close to reader or reader cuddling silently into his side all cute and fluffy and shit like that 😂😍 //Hey Can you do a imagine where one of the twins helps you learn how to swim?//Tickle fight

Warnings: None, but fluff

A/N: So I decided to combine a few requests to make this beauty!

“Grayson stop!” I screeched as he was tickling me on the couch. We were watching some show whenever he decided it was time to tickle me. Ethan was editing this week’s video so it was just Gray and I.

“Why don’t you scream for your boyfriend Ethan?” He asked as he kept tickling me. He had tackled me basically at this point as I was laughing. I heard someone clear their throat in the doorway behind us.

“Hey Ethan!” I squeaked as Grayson was on top of me in between my legs. He had my arms pinned down against the couch as I let out a playful scream.

Originally posted by ellens-new-world

“Gray.” Ethan said lowly. Grayson looked up to him as his smile faded quickly.

“Sorry. Hey do you guys want to go to the beach? I need to get some sun before Hawaii.” Grayson smiled awkwardly.

“Are you going?” I asked Ethan with a smile. Grayson let out a cackle. Ethan shot him a look.

“Of course. I forgot how whipped you two were with each other. Why don’t you guys just date already?” Ethan and I both started blushing hard.

“Nah it’s a friendship.”

“It would be weird.”

“It could ruin what we have.”

“It’s fine.” Ethan and I bickered back and forth as we both looked away blushing. Okay so Ethan and I like each other. No doubt, but neither one of us wanted to admit it, because all three of us were bestfriends and we didn’t want to ruin what we have.

“Ethan you brush her hair for crying out loud. We have ‘friendly sleepovers’, but it’s you two cuddling in the foam pit or something while I wind up going to my room to sleep to avoid being a third wheel. Hell even if we’re all watching a movie I see you two holding hands and you two cuddling into each other. So don’t give me that ‘we’re just friend’ bullshit!” Grayson protested as we both laughed.

“Go change lil bro.” Ethan said trying to change the subject, which Grayson just let out a groan as he ran away from us so he could change. Ethan and I awkwardly stood there and giggled some.

“I’m going to go change.” I finally stated.

“Yeah I should too. Meet you back out here?” He asked and I nodded.


“Hey I’m going to go play some volleyball. Wanna join?” Grayson asked E and I, but we both just shook our heads. “Oh right. Now it’s time for Y/N and Ethan time. I’ll let you two be.” He ran off to the court leaving Ethan and I.

“Wanna go for a swim?” I laughed at Ethan’s question.

“No I think I’ll stay on the shore and get some sun!” I smiled. Ethan let out a chuckle.

“What? Afraid the sharks will getcha?” He asked as I threw my towel down. “Come on Y/N stop being a party pooper. We have things to do and adventures to be ready for like our trip to Hawaii.” Ethan said as he looked around the beach. “And no one is here. Come on.” He begged, but I shook my head.

“No Ethan I’m fine here thank you.” I started rubbing tanning lotion on, when Ethan got an idea. He then picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. “Ethan Grant!” I screamed and kicked, but it was no use. The truth was I didn’t exactly know how to swim. “Dolan I swear–” Before I could finish my threat, Ethan had dropped me in waist deep water. My body sank as I tried to resurface. My arms hooked around Ethan’s neck as I sputtered out water.

“Woah Y/N can you not swim?” Ethan asked as his arms looped around my waist to hold me tightly against him. His hands were barely above my butt. I ignored the awkward position we were in.

“No not really.” I admitted as I pressed my face into the crook of his neck.

“Y/N don’t be embarrassed. I’ll teach you.” He chirps. I just shook my head. “Okay well you don’t get much of a choice. Come on. I taught Gray to swim so it shouldn’t be that much harder.” Ethan chuckles as he gently sets me down. “Hey don’t worry I’ve got you okay?” Ethan could obviously tell I was nervous a little bit. I just nodded my head in agreement. Ethan sat me down to where I was standing on my own. He showed me the butterfly, breaststroke, and everything in between.

“Yeah I don’t think I can do that.” I giggled and so did he.

“You’ll get the hang of it. Okay now paddle Y/N.” Ethan says as he held my body above the water. I paddled a little as I lifted my feet from the sea floor, but quickly put them back.

“Ethan what if I drown?” I asked and he just chuckled.

“You won’t drown. I’ll give you CPR before that happens.” Ethan said chuckling. I groaned as I paddled hard, but went nowhere. I heard Ethan laughing. “Kick your feet Y/N!” He shouted at me as I kept on paddling. “Stretch your arms! Oh my gosh you swim like a rock!” Ethan couldn’t stop laughing. I stood up on my feet really irritated at him.

“I give up!” I snapped as I threw my arms up in surrendering.

“Woah woah Y/N hey I’m sorry. It’s okay.” Ethan said as he tried to get my attention, but it didn’t work.

“No Ethan! I can’t swim. I just won’t go to Hawaii with you and Gray in July. It’s fine.” I protested, but he ran, well I guess swam after me.

“Gosh you’re faster on land than in the water.” Ethan said as he grabbed my arm pulling me back. “Listen to me Y/N.” He snapped which caught my attention.

“What Ethan?” I snapped back.

“I’m sorry. I just get nervous around you so I act like a jerk. I just wanted to hold you okay? I want to help you and be there for you. I’m sorry. Can we please just forget all the dick things I said and try again?” He asked sucking his lip in between his teeth. I rolled my eyes at his confession, but agreed.

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“Fine.” I followed Ethan back out into the water as he gently held my hand. Actually he picked me up and spun me around which made me shriek and him laugh. He then pulled me against his body as he slowly pulled me down. I tried to protest, but Ethan shushed me.

“Just trust me.” I let out a frustrated sigh as I felt Ethan laying me on my back in the water as his hands rested just under my back. I trusted him so I didn’t panic. “There you’re floating.” Ethan was so much taller than me that he could be on his knees on the seafloor and he would still be above the water as he held me up. “Flap your arms a little bit.” I did as I felt Ethan’s hands leave my backside I was still above the water.

“Ethan!” I screamed in sheer panic.

“I’m right here Y/N. I’m not leaving you alone okay? I’m here.” He smiles as do I. His hands go back to my backside as I smiled. “It’s not exactly swimming, but it’s kind of close.” He chuckled. Ethan’s eyes were going up and down my body making sure to keep me afloat. I changed my position as Ethan grabbed my hand to keep me above the water. Ethan and I looked each other in the eyes as we both smiled together. My hand gripped his shoulder as he wrapped my legs around his midsection. We just stared into each other’s eyes as we heard Grayson yell at us.

“Guys! These snow cones are amazing!” Ethan and I turned to look at Grayson. “Oh my God did I interrupt the big kiss? OMG I’m so sorry! Forget what I said! These snow cones are terrible!” He shouted as he ran away from us.

“You were saying?” I asked as we both chuckled.

“I wasn’t. I was doing.” He said as his lips closed in on mine. This was the kiss I waited for since Ethan and I first began our flirtationship. It was the kiss I’ve wanted for so long. He was such a great kisser too. My heart felt like it was going to thump out of my chest. His hand squeezed my waist tightly as I smiled into the kiss. My legs wrapped tighter around him too. We slowly pulled apart as he gave me a long lasting peck. We were both out of breath and it was safe to say we were both shook. He started smiling as he let out a sigh of relief. “That was better than I could have ever imagined.” He smiled. I smiled back.

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“Finally!” Grayson cheered as I buried my face in Ethan’s chest as it was definitely turning red. “I’m going to have to call mom and tell her everything! Oh my gosh that was perfect!” Grayson cheered louder as I detached myself from Ethan’s body as he takes my hand in his as we walked up to the shore. As Grayson just asked us 20 questions, we just held hands and ate snow cones until the sun started going down. We all decided to stay at the beach and watch the sunset. We built a fire and just relaxed. Now I was way too excited for Hawaii. 

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I was lying on Ethan’s lap as he played with my hair. “Best beach day ever.” He said as he bent down and pressed his lips to mine.

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The Winchester Way Part 5

Summary: Reader has a little rest and relaxation after her rude awakening.

Characters: Reader, Jo, OC Kyle, OC Melody, Dean

Word Count: 1,443

Warnings: SMUT, Nudity, Voyeurism, Dub-con, M/F, F/F, M/M, Virgin!Reader (just a reminder), Rough Sex, Oral Sex (male giving/receiving), Masturbation

A/N: Part 5! I would like to thank my Creative Collaborators, @sis-tafics and @negansevilqueen for all of their help and support and feedback. My brain would not cooperate and they helped giggle things loose - seriously, you have no idea! As always, HEED THE WARNINGS!!! I am not that experienced with writing smut, so I hope it’s alright. And feedback is greatly appreciated!  : )

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]


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kaospersona  asked:

Do you too dream of being a Jungle Cruise captain? Showing people the backside of water?

And telling everyone that, when fully grown, that snake will weigh over five thousand pounds, and jump distances greater than twenty-five feet.


the evening was beautiful.  the stars and moon shining brightly over the ocean, and your skin. your princes came home from a long raid today. 

they had been gone for months on end, it worried you, not being able to hear from them, if they were okay.

but they made it home safely.

you smiled upon hearing everyone laugh and cheer for the sons of ragnar. bjorn, ubbe, hvitserk, sigurd, and ivar.


you gazed at him from across the room, the candles flickering brightly in his eyes, perfectly showing the mad and darkness withen them.

when he felt your gaze he immediately caught your eyes. his lips quirked up into a deep smirk as he stared at your body which was barely covered by anything at all.

you gasped lowly as he started sucking on his bottom lip.

he graped his mug of wine tightly in his hands, his eyes practically undressing you.

and you let him.

you and ivar were……well, you didn’t exactly know what.

you had grown up hating each other, you still did, but, before he left all those months back, something had changed.

a deep lust was present before he got on that boat. everytime he stared at you, everytime you accidently brushed up against each other.

something, had changed.

you hadn’t spoken to him yet, you hadn’t wanted to. you spoke to his brothers, yes. but facing him would be harder then any battle you’d been in.

one night, a week prior to his leaving, he found you a moment after you had pleasured yourself. still wet and writhing. he crawled up your furs and

laid his head against your shaking thigh, and slowly dipped his long, thick fingers inside your heat. you allowed his fingers to slip inside with a sharp moan.

that night was still heavily burnt into your mind. he had made you cum, not once, not twice, but three times. with just his fingers.

he had wanted to learn to pleasure a woman, and you were more then welcome to aid him in his learning. then you both went silent for a week,

you both never even said goodbye when he left, just long and lustfilled stares were shared that day. you sighed. and grabbed another mug full of ale.

trying hard not to look at him. but you could feel his eyes burning into the back of your skull. you were sad that you didn’t say goodbye to him when he left.

but the past is in the past, you thought whilst taking another sip of ale. suddenly you felt an arm go across your shoulder. you looked up and seen ubbe lothbrok smiling
down drunkly at you.

“hello, ubbe” you giggled as he almost stumbled on to you. he laughed and started to pet at your hair. “hello, pretty, pretty girl”.

you knew ubbe wouldn’t try anything with you, you and him were closer then any brother or sister. he loved you and you him.

“what is such a pretty girl doing by herself?” he slurred lightly taking a large gulp of his drink. you couldn’t help but let your eyes flicker to ivar.

who was watching the both of you with a hard glare. ubbe took notice to this and snorted loudly, some of his drink dripping down his chin.

“aaahh. i see” he teased squeezing you closer to him. you looked at him confused “see what?” you questioned. he leaned in to your ear and whispered

“i thought ivars love was one sided, but i guess i was wrong”. he walked away from you, almost skipping. you grabbed his hand and brought him closer to you before he could leave.

“what do you mean?”. he laughed loudly almost spilling his drink “i feel you becoming wet as we speak about him, love” his words made you blush mad.

“you know, he touched himself quite frequntly on that boat, (y/n). he never did that until he was away with you that one night” ubbe said tapping his chin acting as if he was in deep thought.

you groaned lowly and squeezed your eyes shut. you know nothing could get past the second oldest. ubbe forced you to look at him.

“i’d make a move, love. now. before you regret something. and i’d better make a move also or ivar will strike me dead with his eyes” ubbe said, spitting out the last words  quickly

then ran over to margarethe, sweeping her into his arms with a loud yell.

ubbes words sunk in, but how?, how could you approach ivar now?. currently he was surrounded by the biggest men in kattegat, all of them asking about the raid and win.

with a deep sadness in your heart, you left the hall.

the beaches sand was soft between your toes as you walked along the water. the bottom of your dress was completely soaked, but you could care less.

you looked like something from a different planet. the way the moon reflected off your head made an almost golden halo around you, your white dress blew about your body,
and hugged your figure perfectly.

you stopped and stared out at the water, which looked to inviting for its own good. you gently made your way into the icy water.

you took in a deep inhail of breath as the water reached your waist. you could feel the fish under the water swarm your feet and legs, you closed your eyes and

pointed your face towards the sky. the wind around you made lovely goosebumps swarm your skin. faintly you could hear the sound of a beautiful norse song being played.

you couldn’t help but start to sway your hips to the sound. you raised your arms high and twirled your whole body in the water. your hair flew around in the wind
and flowed down your shoulders and back.

you bit your lip and started dipping your backside in the water, the action making you gasp and do it again. what you didn’t know was there was a pair of excited eyes
watching you as you danced.

when you were tiered you decided to walk back to shore, the cold air on your now damp skin making your nipples erect and skin tightning.

you stopped mid stride when you heard the sound of brush being tampered with. you stood perfectly still for a moment ignoring the way your body was starting to shake from the cold.

you then shook it off and was about to walk forward until an axe flew past your head and into the wood of the boat behind you.

you were alone and no weapon in your grasp, the axe was to tightly lodged into the wood for you to grab. you ran. of course running into the woods was the worst idea

but you had to get away. sharp branches near by scratched your pure and untouched skin as you ran by, you nearly tripped over a log but managed to get over it and run
even faster then before.

you clutched the bottom of your dress tightly as the woods became more dense and thick. thankfully the moon was still present through the trees, allowing

some light to guide you. suddenly you could see a small clearing with a creek coming up close. you smiled and giggled doing a small spin mid run.

it felt good.

just as you were about to make it, something caught your foot. causing you to trip. your head and body hit the hard earth beneathe you causing the breath to be knocked from you.

you turned over on to your back, you seen a tree root wrapped around your foot.


it was silent in the cold night air, just the sounds of your harsh pants were echoing off the trees. suddenly you could hear slithering on the ground,
crunching the twigs and leaves.

but what could you do?, it was dark, and you were stuck. you laid there quietly closing your eyes tightly and bit your lip.

crunch, crack, crunch, crack. it was getting closer.

then it was all quiet again-

“what do we have here?

PART2 ???? IF SO LET ME KNOW and if not feel free to request anything you want, lots of love and thanks from me<3

Teacher’s Pet

Genre: Smut

Characters: Jooheon x Original Character [Miyeon]

Summary: Your boyfriend comes home early to see you still in your work clothes. Something about you in your work clothes makes him go crazy. So much so, that he wants you to take over for the night.

Word Count: 1686

Credit to gif owner

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Kinda want this right now! 🤤

It was one of those days where the only decent things you found when out scavenging was a pack of smokes and a single can of baby formula for Judith. It wasn’t your worst find, but it could have been so much better. You were heading back to Daryl’s bike by cutting through the back of some houses when suddenly you saw a deer through the bushes. You signalled to Daryl to look over and he saw it too, placing down his rucksack and aiming his crossbow. He was about to fire when a bird took off from a nearby branch and startled the deer away.
“Dammit!” He sighed.
“Lets go over there and see if we can find anything else, it might come back,” you whispered. Daryl nodded and you both headed over to where the deer had been. It was then that you saw it had been there for water, as there was a small creek running through the woods. The water was clear and looked inviting on such a hot day. You hadn’t encountered any walkers so far today and the deer wouldn’t have come here if there had been any signs of them earlier, so you figured it was safer than most places.
“Wanna get in?” You ask Daryl, biting your lip a little.
“Nah, I’ll keep watch,” he replied shyly, bowing his head slightly. You nod and start to undress, you slip your top over your head and shimmy your trousers down to your ankles where you step out of them. You then take your bra off along with your knickers, and leave them in a pile on the bank. You walk past Daryl who’s near the the waters edge and his eyes widen as he looks at your backside heading towards the water. This wasn’t the first time you’d been naked in front of him, you two had been together for a while, but you hadn’t had sex yet. You’d done almost everything else apart from that; not that you didn’t want to, but Daryl was still worried about his scars, so you didn’t want to push him if he wasn’t ready to reveal them yet.
“Fuck,” he whispers to himself. He looks away and bites down on his lip, feeling his jeans tighten as his member stiffened. You get in the water and start swimming around, cooling off nicely. Daryl looks over at you smiling to yourself and brushing your hair back, coming out of the water and exposing your wet breasts as you do so.
“Shit. Fuck it,” he mumbles, dropping everything next to your pile of clothes and stripping off, with you completely unaware of what’s happening. You notice the water rippling up your back and turn around to where Daryl was standing to see he’s now in the water, his clothes and boxers next to yours on the bank. You grin at him and swim towards him, wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing him.
“You didn’t have to Daryl,” you say softly.
“I wanted to. Especially after seeing ya like that,” he nods down to your body. He kisses you deeply as you both bob about in the water, and he pulls you into his body so you feel his erection against your hip. You pull away and swim to the other side of the water, him following you. You look back and laugh, swimming off again just as he catches up. He smiles and follows you again, then you splash him when he gets to you. He laughs and pulls you into him, cupping his hand in the water and soaking your face and hair when he directs it to you.
“Oh my god!” You squeal as he soaks you completely. You get to the bank and sit on the edge, drying off in the sun, legs dangling in the water still. Daryl stands in the water between your legs, stroking your thighs. He leans in and kisses your chest, moving to your breast, then he plays with your nipple in his mouth and you throw your head back.
“Daryl,” you moan quietly, your hands running through his hair. He takes his attention to the other side and rolls the one he just left between his fingers. Electricity shoots through you, this was different than before, he was going slow and it was more passionate. He bites your nipple as he pulls his mouth away and looks up to your face.
“I need ya,” he growls.
“I need you too,” you whisper back.
“Nah, I need to be inside ya,” he says, voice going deeper than before. Your eyes widen and you back up on the grass, allowing him to jump out of the water and crawl over your body. His cock was so hard, he needed release now, he looked into your eyes as he pumped himself a few times and you nodded to him, then he slowly pushed himself in. He buries his head into your neck and you ran your hands down his back without him flinching at all. You could feel the bumps of his scars underneath your finger tips and stroked them carefully, making sure he knew you loved him no matter what. You meant up and kissed his shoulder, making your way up his collarbone and to his neck. He starts thrusting harder into you and you wrapped your legs around him, pushing him deeper into you with your heels on his bum.
“Daryl, I love you,” you pant as he goes faster, spurred on by you pushing him deep inside.
“I love ya too, fuck, yer so beautiful,” he groans into your neck. You lift his face to look at you and kiss him, then your head rolls back as he hits your clit with each thrust and you moan out. Daryl looks at you in awe, amazed at how he’s making someone like you feel so good.
“Do ya like that?” He bravely asks.
“Yeah, Daryl, go harder,” you breathe. He picks up his pace and pushes as hard as he can, now the only sounds around you being panting and skin against skin. You start to come undone and grip onto his back as tightly as you can as you come into his cock. Your walls tightening around his length then sets him off and he spills everything inside you, filling you completely.
“Shit Daryl, you turn me on so much,” you heave as you try and get your breath back.
“I do?” He pants. You smile and nod at him, then when he pulls out you feel yourself and dip your fingers inside, soaking them in your excitement.
“This is all for you,” you purr at him, going to put them in your mouth. He stops you and puts them in his instead, licking and sucking them clean.
“Ya taste sweet,” he smiles, then attaching his lips to yours and slipping his tongue inside. You lay on the bank together for a while, then both get up and dressed as the sun starts setting. You get back to Alexandria and drop off what you found to Rick’s house. As you walk back to the house you shared with Daryl, he slips his hand in yours and interlinks his fingers.
“Today was perfect,” he says softly.
“Yeah it was,” you smile at him.




Summary: A little St. Patrick’s day fun with Dean.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam

Setting: anytime

Rating: PG for fluff and fun

Warnings: none just fluffy goodness

Word count: 889

Notes: Just a little something for St. Patrick’s day. Reposting because I didn’t like how mobile had it posted.

Tag list:

Forever: @winters-buck@marvel-lucy @feelmyroarrrr @aquabrie @fandommaniacx @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel @angryschnauzer @mogaruke @supernaturallymarvellous

Supernatural: @smoothdogsgirl @aprofoundbondwithdean


You couldn’t help it the sway of that ass in those fitted jeans just begging to be smacked or better yet pinched. Proper after all its St. Patrick’s day and he didn’t have a stitch of green on his body. Oh you knew all to well about those sinfully sexy emerald eyes, how they’d pierce your very soul when their set on you, the smolder he’d set upon your visage when he thinks Sam isn’t looking. Yup it’s pay back for all the teasing you’d endured on the last hunt, the simple brushes of callused fingers against your skin, whispered promises and temptations, driving you crazy.

Now’s the prefect time, feet bare no sound to make as you step down into the kitchen taking it slow. Music blaring AC/DC to cover your tracks while inching closer to your target. Till your right behind him fingers reaching out for each cheek to give a decent pinch. Feeling the muscular ass flex as a yelp is let loose and Dean jumps around, dropping the glass plate back into the water from breakfast, only to catch your backside running out the opposite door.

“Oh it’s so on sweetheart,” sexy growl leaving his lips that form a sinful smirk.

Cowardly or more along the lines of self preservation, you’ve take to hiding in your room a couple of hours, peeking out every once in a while just to go back in. Your plan working, making Dean forget, at least you hoped he would, as you set in motion the next part.

“Hey Sam,” entering the library seeing the younger Winchester engrossed in another thick tome of lore.

Smiling, while raising his head, “Afternoon Y/N pinch anyone good today?” smirk gracing those full lips.

Grinning, “Dean told ya huh?”

“He may have mentioned it in passing, along with something about revenge.”


“Working on Baby of course since we have a low in cases,” shaking his shaggy chestnut head. “Maybe wanna be careful you know how Dean is with pranks.”

“Oh Sammy,” you tsk, shaking your head wistful smile forming on your lips. “This isn’t no prank sweetie, it’s payback for the torture he gave me on the last hunt.”

Snorting out a laugh, trying to keep from letting the mirth take him over, “Give him hell then.”

“Wouldn’t dream of giving him anything less,” you toss over your shoulder while heading towards the garage.

Once again 80s rock music blared from the sound system, but this time Dean’s leaned over the front of Baby as she rumbles. Hood up, checking, priming the engine, just doing the normal maintenance to keep her in top condition. Stopping to admire strong bowed legs spread wide as he leans in, ass sticking out just asking to have your hands run over all the taut hard muscle.

Licking your lips slowly, stepping up behind him to wrap your arms around his trim waist, hands running up the hard expanse of chest covered by grey blue t-shirt. Oil, grease, mixed with hints of leather and cologne meet your nose that’s  buried into his back.

“Come to beg forgiveness sweetness?” rough, smirk filled voice questioned hands still working on Baby.

“Pff,” leaning up to brush your lips over the exposed column of his neck, placing light sucking kisses. “You wish Winchester,” quickly to pinch his ass again before taking off.

Your giggles and his curses echoing through the garage. He’d turned to watch you run off again grin sliding over his lips, skin still tingling from your lips, heating his blood, making  him  readjust his jeans and wish the strain in the denim down. Plan forming in his head how to pay you back, yet even with the pinches that barely hurt, he’s enjoying the spontaneity and attention.

Night falls, you’ve managed to pinch Dean’s ass five more times along with a few to his cheeks. He doesn’t go after you not yet, not till Sam heads to bed leaving the two of you alone in the living room. Getting up ass on display you can’t help but smack it this time and hard.

Swiftly he turns to straddle your thighs, taking both hands in his strong grip to hold them behind your head on the back of the couch. Leaning in breath ghosting over your neck, “You have a thing for my ass Y/N?”

“Well it is a nice rump Deano, can bounce a quarter off that firm butt, not to mention bite,” licking your lips, seeing his eyes darken.

“Never took you to have an ass fetish,” teeth ghosting over your earlobe before biting down lightly getting a moan from your parted lips.

Cocking your head to the side, “Well I had to have something to pinch. It is St. Patrick’s day after all and your not wearing green.”

Brow lifting, “My eyes are green woman.”

Shrugging, “I know but I couldn’t help myself so I didn’t count them.”

“Oh your in so much trouble baby girl. I think another color needs to be used,” standing, without another word he picks you up, tossing you over his shoulder and starting for his bedroom.

Giggling, “What color would that be handsome?” though something told you, you already knew the answer.

Which he doesn’t give just a sound smack to your ass and a dark laugh leaving those sinful lips.

Change of Mind

PAIRING: reader x natasha romanoff


REQUESTED: nah fam

PROMPT: my new neighbor is smoking hot and i didn’t even like women until now and she has a garden and plants flowers in her bikini and i am dying inside AU

prompt credited to @floralprintshark

WARNINGS: femslash au!, for all those who are uncomfortable with that. slight dirty implications 

If you had known Tony Stark and the rest of the Avengers would be staying next door to your family owned beach house, you might have never stepped foot in the house. They were an intimidating bunch, there was no doubt about that, and it made you uneasy to do the smallest of things. For example, playing music through speakers while you cooked or cleaned, thinking it would disturb them due to the loudness or the terrible music taste ― perhaps it was both. You would never know. 

You even went out to get a new bikini, a sexier one just in case any of the guys decided to step out into their pool or the beach the same time you did. 

But your main goal was to avoid any of them for the summer so you wouldn’t have to face an embarrassing moment of fangirling. And for the most part, it was working out extremely well. Two weeks into their stay, you successfully avoided each and every one of them. To your knowledge, you assumed they thought your house was completely empty.

It wasn’t until the third week when your mission failed. 

The Avengers were a rowdy bunch. And the majority of their conversations took place in the backyard, which gave you access to their conversations if you chose to listen. 

Nine out of ten times, you ignored their talk to give them privacy. However, they were talking about how they were all going to go out for lunch, and you eavesdropped to hear exactly when they would be going. It was wrong, but you honestly wanted to float in your pool instead of going to the beach.

As they headed out for lunch, you quickly changed into your new bikini, giddy about finally having some alone time in the water.

After 10 minutes of chilling, floating with your backside on the water, you heard rustling before a loud bang. Jolting out of your daydream, you moved into a standing position when you saw the most beautiful thing in your life.

There she was, Natasha Romanoff in all her gorgeous glory, in a red bikini and a water canister in her hands. She was bent over, her round ass up in the air as she placed the canister on the ground in order to fix the flowers.

You could feel your mouth drop open, your eyes blatantly staring at her in awe. All you could think about was how illegal it should be to be so perfect. She looked as if she was crafted from the gods themselves. You could imagine the higher ups putting all their amazing crafts into creating the goddess that stood on the opposite side of your gates. Another thing you thought of was how stupid you were. You were so busy worrying about what the guys would have thought of you ― deftly forgetting the fact that Natasha was there.

It couldn’t be completely your fault. You were straight, never once looking at another girl as a potential lover. But hot damn, was she beautiful.

My new neighbor is smoking hot and I didn’t even like women until now and she has a garden and plants flowers in her bikini and I am dying inside.You thought, internally scolding yourself for being so idiotic. You contemplated on silently getting out and going back inside your house to save yourself from future embarrassment. She probably felt you ogling her ass. 

“I didn’t mean to make so much noise.” A melodic voice entranced you, dragging you out of your internal debate. Natasha was leaning on the gate that separated your house and Tony’s, a small, barely there smile on her lips. She looked at you with an unidentifiable expression, one you’ve never seen on TV. But that wasn’t the only thing you noticed. You tried, you honestly did. You willed your eyes to look anywhere else but satan was testing your every fiber of strength and the temptation was too strong to resist. So your eyes trailed from her eyes downward to her breast ― her large, voluptuous knockers.

Oh my god, her nipples are hard.’ They were pointy, straining against her tight bikini top. If you didn’t have some restraint ― no matter how weak ― there was a 99.9% chance your mouth would’ve watered at the sight.

“Take a picture, it would last longer.” Natasha’s singsong voice teased, quickly making you blush in embarrassment. You looked away, attempting to subtly scramble to the pool ladder without seeming desperate for a hasty escape. With keen eyes, Natasha noticed your choppy movements as a sign of running away, she spoke again to catch your attention. "It’s okay, though, I’ve already taken a photo of your beauty. But it doesn’t compare to the real thing.“

Instead of waiting any longer, you rushed out of your pool, not bothering to dry yourself off before sprinting into the house and leaving Natasha alone in the

Pressing your back against the door, you could feel your heart thump rapidly and you could feel something other than water soak your heat. Groaning, you dashed upstairs to take a freezing shower in order to rid yourself of the horniness the Black Widow caused you with just one look.

Essays in Existentialism: Jealousy II

Clexa prompt: “Lexa, you can’t just have someone killed because you think they were hitting on me!”

The reception of the clan from the north was an arduous task for Lexa, though Clarke was unsure why. There had been many meetings with old friends from neighbouring villages, dinners with old leaders and mentors, visits with passing-through parties, all done with ease and even enjoyment on the part of the commander.

This meeting, however, was dreaded, was loathed, was tolerated.

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Ace!Fenris Fic Teaser: First Kiss

It’s both the first week of No Angst August and @dragonageaspecweek and I wasn’t sure how to participate since my Ace!Fenris is still in the outlining phase, but I decided to write a teaser for it! I was also inspired by @fendersassoc and the First Kiss theme for the first week of No Angst August, so here I’ve written an Ace!Fenris teaser for a Fenders Soulmate AU, and it’s their first kiss! 

Fenders under the cut~~

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Training Day

Based on these Imagines from @imaginexhobbit: Imagine being a fierce warrior in the company and being very strict about your diet and exercise, Dwalin feels threatened by how serious you take it and you keep challenging one another + Imagine training with Dwalin + (a little bit of) Imagine having a staring contest with Dwalin  || Humor and slight NSFW for innuendo.

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