backside grab


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Deciding to ally with Cato had to have been the worst decision you could’ve made in the Games.

“‘Morning, lovely,” Cato greeted as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes. You let him sleep while you kept watch for any of the tributes that were left.

“It’s evening, if the arena sky is anything to go by,” you pointed out as Cato began to sit up.

“You know that means nothing,” Cato stated, wrapping his arms around you and kissing your cheek and neck.

You felt your cheeks heat up with a blush. Cato was always the most affectionate when he’s tired, and you honestly loved the attention. You reached up to run your fingers through his hair as he cuddled you, though you noticed a hand started to wander down to your backside.

“Cato!” you scolded, grabbing his hand. “We’ve been through this. The Districts are watching!”

“I don’t care,” Cato stated, pushing against you in protest.

You giggled and shoved back, managing to get Cato on his back. You smirked, taking the opportunity to pin him, your hands holding his hands to the ground above his head, and your legs pinning his legs down.

“You’re a Career. I’m not. It was way too easy to pin you,” you teased.

Cato smirked, now seeming more awake. “How do you know you’re not right where I want you?” he asked. Suddenly, Cato lifted one of his legs, sending you off-balance. He easily flipped the two of you, now the one pinning you to the ground. “This is why you need me.”

“And why do you need me?” you asked.

“For this,” Cato replied, before bending down to kiss you. You closed your eyes, and the arena seemed to melt away.

That is, until Cato’s hand again started wandering. You giggled as you swatted it away. “I told you to stop that!” you scolded.

She do~

When Hanzo decided to court you, he was more than well aware of your spastic nature. On the battlefield you were more than a worthy opponent. At base.. that was a totally different story.

It was a quiet afternoon at Gibraltar. Everyone was at base taking some leisure time to themselves since nothing had been coming up on their radar. Hanzo was more than happliy ready to spend the day with you as promised.

He stood for a moment wondering where you could be. Suddenly he felt a presence, just as he was about to react he felt two small hands cup his backside.

“Do he got the booty?”

Hanzo shoved himself away and looked back at you with wide eyes. He was Definitely not expecting that from you. He watched you laugh he loved so much.

“ You should let me grab you backside more ofter, love!”

Light blush decorated his cheeks as he composed himself.

“You shouldn’t grab me at me like that, I could have hurt you” he scolded

“Mhhmm. You didn’t though! Oh.. did I make you feel uncomfortable?”

He reassured that it wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable, just unexpected. Eventually, nerves were calmed and the little incident was forgotten; or so you thought.

Days had past since then, and nothing of it had come up since that day. On a late evening, you were walking to the library to get a book to read. Hanzo had been gone for a few days on a mission leaving you to your own devices.

Looking at the worn spines of books, you didn’t notice the figure behind you. Large hands had cupped your backside causing you to jump coincidentally into the chest of the owner of those hands.

Hanzo leaned his lips down to your ear. His beard rubbing against your cheek as you blushed deeply.

“She do~”

Thea hissed as some guy grabbed her backside. Clearly, she had a little bit of a temper, she’d been like that before her rebirth, but she had no patience for fuckboys. The girls were off getting drinks at the bar, leaving the petite brunette to fend for herself.


Imagine being a Dwarrowdam of color and Dwalin being obsessed with your larger than most backside and always grabbing it but one day you have to tell him if he’s going to do it to do it gently and he apologizes for hurting “his chocolate flower”

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