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Red Velvet Reaction to: Their GF Having A Big Butt

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Irene: She’s absolutely weak for butts but BIG butts - Oh my gosh. She can’t function. Her hand is always on your butt, both for innocent and not so innocent reasons. When in a serious setting, where she can’t do that, she thinks only about your butt and when she can touch it next. Sometimes wears sunglasses purely so she can check out your booty in public without getting caught.

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Wendy: Will playfully call you Nicki Minaj or sing “Baby Got Back.” Also lays the hardest of smacks on your backside and you can hardly sit down for an hour: “Why do you always do that?”

“I’m just checking out your ASSets - baddum tish!”

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Seulgi: Doesn’t say anything about your butt but her eyes say it all. The others keep catching her checking you out and she will always drop hints that - “I think you should buy a second pair of those jeans, they look really good on you!” or “brushing” dust off your butt that no one seems to see except her.

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Joy: Makes you the butt (;^)) of all her jokes; “What’s that horn sound? Y/N, did you fart?” but only to annoy you. In private, she’s in awe of your backside but gets too much joy out of annoying you. Like all the girls, she sometimes gets distracted by your backside, checking you out as often as she can without getting caught.

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Yeri: Says nothing but inwardly appreciates your juicy backside. Sometimes can’t hide her awe if you’re in jeans or leggings and denies it like hell if she’s caught; “Who - Me? No, no way!”

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90 fashion tips
  1. Smile — we are all occasional victims of BRF, but there’s no need for it to be chronic.
  2. Wear it in black.
  3. Large, dark sunglasses are always chic (just never wear them inside).
  4. Denim is always in style.
  5. Find a tailor and visit her often.
  6. Do not splurge on trends (ever).
  7. Nude pumps are always a good idea.
  8. Loud, oversized logos are not okay after age 18.
  9. Don’t charge clothing to a credit card.
  10. Invest in a nice blazer.
  11. Show skin strategically.
  12. Wear colorful accessories.
  13. Take a skin, hair, and nails vitamin every day.
  14. Avoid ruching.
  15. Do not underestimate the power of a fashion scarf.
  16. Buy your size.
  17. Don’t shop with a friend. You will inevitably purchase something you don’t like.
  18. Always have a lint roller.
  19. Wear the right undergarments.
  20. If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.
  21. Embrace your personal style.
  22. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale.
  23. Pack emergency flats.
  24. Don’t dress for men. Just… don’t.
  25. Before you leave the house in white — do a light check. See-through stinks.
  26. Layer your accessories.
  27. Buy a nice pair of riding boots, you will wear them forever.
  28. Don’t criticize yourself. You’re a hot chick.
  29. Sundresses with pockets are the best kind of sundresses.
  30. Mix prints.
  31. Leopard print flats, buy some.
  32. Add an element of surprise to every outfit (even if it’s lacy undies).
  33. Polyester is a cruel mistress, avoid her if you can.
  34. Pair loose clothes with tight ones for a balanced look.
  35. Never wear loungewear to the airport.
  36. Own a killer LBD.
  37. Don’t be afraid of bold patterns.
  38. Get out of your fashion rut and try something new for a change.
  39. Dress for your body, not your age.
  40. Great coats are always in style.
  41. WWKMW — “What would Kate Middleton wear?”
  42. Check your backside before you head outside.
  43. Special events are no time for something new — wear what you know looks good.
  44. Own plenty of crisp white tees.
  45. Mix your girliest pieces with your most casual pieces for a great look.
  46. Cuff your boyfriend jeans and wear them with pumps.
  47. When in doubt, buy denim smaller — it will stretch.
  48. There is no excuse for pajamas outside.
  49. Leggings will never be pants.
  50. Buy fun tights (but they should always be mostly black).
  51. Go see a cobbler — make your favorite shoes last.
  52. Black bathing suits hide a multitude of sins.
  53. Dress in color themes, don’t worry about matching perfectly.
  54. Confidence is the best accessory.
  55. Jazz up an outfit with red lipstick.
  56. When it doubt, overdress.
  57. Don’t wear jeans to a wedding — even if it is “casual”.
  58. Speaking of jeans — they should always be dark wash.
  59. Layering is your friend.
  60. Clean out your closet every year.
  61. Double sided tape can save a girl’s dignity.
  62. If you feel uncomfortable in the morning, you will feel uncomfortable all day. Change.
  63. There’s no excuse for not owning an iron.
  64. Tide To Go pens (just saying).
  65. Get your white button down shirts starched for an extra polished look.
  66. Uggs are not for grown women.
  67. Invest in a good wallet.
  68. Know what neckline looks best on you.
  69. Shorts can be sneaky buggers, skirts are always a safer option.
  70. Get your pencil skirts tailored for an knock ‘em dead fit.
  71. Go easy on the sparkle — less is more.
  72. You can be comfortable without resorting to pajamas or hoodies.
  73. Know your measurments.
  74. Organize your closet.
  75. Pick your outfits the night before.
  76. Don’t feel compelled to listen to your mother — get your own style. Let her have hers.
  77. Don’t wear anything too flashy on a first date.
  78. Good posture will make any outfit look better.
  79. Only wear heels your can walk in comfortably.
  80. Strapless is a very unforgiving neckline, choose wisely.
  81. It’s okay to skip a trend (even if “everyone” is wearing it).
  82. Know when it’s time to throw something out.
  83. Dress for the weather, colds are never cute.
  84. Learn from your fashion mistakes, don’t wallow in them.
  85. Only buy one special occasion dress per year.
  86. Don’t buy something just for the label.
  87. Don’t let your insecurities rule your shopping decisions (again, you’re a hot chick).
  88. Smile when you try something on. Even if you don’t like it.
  89. It is so easy to buy great clothes for less. Don’t buy things you can’t afford.
  90. Be your best-dressed self every day.
Hour Sixteen : Of Importance

Prompt : “Why does my butt look so flat in this, but when you wear it, it makes yours look bigger?”

A/N : 16 out of 24

Pairing : Dick Grayson x Reader

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It was a dare.

You shifted uncomfortably as you felt the Nightwing suit attach to your skin as though it was about to swallow you whole.

“How the hell do you fight in this!” You said through gritted teeth, feeling like you were being suffocated.

Dick shrugged, “I was an acrobat, remember? We had costumes way more uncomfortable then this.”

“I don’t envy your life.” You said, stretching to try and somehow magically make yourself smaller.

“That won’t work,” Dick said, laughing, “I ordered it made to fit any size because I forgot what size you said you were.”

“What an amazing boyfriend.” You said sarcastically, “Can I get out of this death trap now? You know, before I pass out from lack of oxygen.”

“Well before you do, go check yourself out in the mirror first.” Dick urged, grabbing your arms and led you over to the full length mirror hanging on his bedroom wall.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if you do this every night before going on patrol.” You snickered. At his silence, you knew your theory was undeniably true. “You’re so conceited sometimes, Dick Grayson.”

“There’s nothing wrong with admiring yourself.” Dick said, defending his honor.

Rolling your eyes, you turned around to check your backside, only to stare in shock at how utterly…flat your butt looked.

“What the hell?” You exclaimed loudly, walking forward so that you could be closer to the mirror.

“Is something wrong?” Dick asked, alarmingly, checking you over.

“Why does my butt look so flat in this, but when you wear it, it makes yours look bigger?” You questioned, pouting.

Dick released a relieved laugh, “Oh, I thought it was about something important.”

“This is important, Dick!”

ok tiny fic pet peeve… people using “back checking” to describe someone using their backside to check someone in a puck battle… nope that’s a hip check. back checking is about hauling your ass back to your defensive zone to put a stop to the opposing team’s attack on your end of the ice and may or may not actually involve any body checking or hitting.

While working on my Malon cosplay I came to a realization and perhaps a handy hint about ribbon:
Found the right color of ribbon for your cosplay but it has unwanted printed detail on it?

Solution: Flip it over and check the backside, chances are the ribbon is single face printed and the backside will be print-free!