backseat of a cab

i was seein this dude when i moved to the city n he thought i was crazy and was convinced i killed a man

his reasoning was cuz i always sat backseat in cabs and cause i never told him why i moved to the city

CJAMM Series: Desire (Part Five)

WC: 3542


           Why? Why were you someone so prideful? Why couldn’t you just let someone give you a helping hand and say ‘thank you’ in return? Why did you have to be stuck in the backseat of a cab with someone on the way to your apartment before you started to argue with them? You had always prided yourself on being pride, no surprise there, but there were times when your pride needed to chill for a while, like now.

“I had it handled.” You sternly told CJAMM who was looking at you in bewilderment.

“You were being manhandled, if that’s what you mean.” He countered, sinking further into his seat.

“That’s now what I mean and you damn well know it, CJAMM.” CJAMM held his hand up then, his eyes closed before he looked at you, “Would you please stop calling me by my stage name? It’s Sung-Min.”

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First Fight ↠ Dean&Renee

Jon was feeling a little better, still not one hundred percent but he just decided to keep quiet and not show anyone that he was feeling anything but okay. Brian had bagged tickets to SmackDown so he was with the couple along with his wife and obviously they were going on drinking, that was the only way the self proclaimed dream team finished a night together. After piling into a taxi Jon took the passenger seat so he didn’t really have to do much talking and let the other three sit in the back. Brian rested his arms on the backseat on the cab, one arm around his wife and the other around Renee, being the casual flirt that he always was. 

Mutually awkward Hartwin

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Eggsy didn’t know what to say.  “Oh,” he replied before mentally cringing at how embarrassingly lacking that response was.  He cleared his throat to try again.  “So the feeling’s mutual then?”


 “Oh,” he said again.  He fidgeted, unsure of why he was suddenly so uncomfortable.  “Cool.”

Harry gave a single nod before rubbing his hands together.  “Actually, it’s fucking freezing.” 

“That’s not what I - you know what, fuck it, yes, it’s cold.”

Harry waved down a cab.  It slowed to a stop and he opened the door.

“Where to?” Asked the cab driver.

Harry looked to Eggsy expectantly.

Eggsy desperately wished he was actually drunk right now.  He climbed into the cab and gave Harry’s home address, like he always did.

Harry merely nodded and sat himself down in the backseat.

The cab ride was a silent affair, when the cab abruptly turned sharply.

Harry instinctively lifted his arms to catch Eggsy without looking, as he always did whenever the younger man was drunk.

He only turned to look when nothing happened.

Eggsy gave him a strange look from across the back seat, completely unmoved by the sharp turn.  Harry awkwardly lowered his arms back to his sides.

“D’you have any idea of how fuckin’ hard it was to make that look like an accident?”  

“You certainly fooled me,” Harry replied.

Eggsy sighed as he absent-mindedly played with the brim of his baseball cap.  “Fuckin’ fooled myself.”

Harry frowned.  “Why are you sulking?”

He crossed his arms.  “I’m not sulking.”

Harry pointedly stared at Eggsy’s slumped, crossed-armed form and shook his head.  “Nevermind.  I would have thought you would have been happier, is all.”

The cab pulled over to the side and Harry quickly paid the man before they both stepped out.

Eggsy had worked why he was so uncomfortable.

“I don’t know how to act now,” Eggsy said abruptly, just as Harry was handing him a cup of tea.

Harry poured himself a cup of tea before sitting down on his sofa next to Eggsy.  “I much prefer you as you are.  Perhaps with a smile thrown in.”  He sipped at his tea.  “Maybe with less hats.”

Eggsy lowered his tea indignantly onto its saucer.  “Excuse you, there’s nothin’ fuckin’ wrong with my hats.”

“I am consistently alarmed as to how many hats you hold in your possession and how you somehow manage to colour co-ordinate them to your jackets.”

He placed his tea onto the coffee table.  “Fuck off, you literally have socks that match your ties - who fuckin’ does that?”

You have shoes with wings on them.”

You’re so obsessed with oxfords that you’ll use it as a secret fuckin’ passcode.”

“Well they are words to live by,” Harry retorted, placing his own cup of tea down.

Eggsy rolled his eyes.  He huffed a laugh despite himself.

“Ah, there it is,” said Harry.


“A smile.”

“Oh.”  Eggsy tapped his fingers against his knees nervously.  “So what now?”

“I suppose I could kiss you,” Harry suggested casually.

Eggsy’s heart just about stopped.

Harry continued on as though he were talking about the weather.  “Though you are wearing that dreadful hat and I’d more than likely hit my forehead against it.  That would be dreadfully embarrassing.”

Eggsy threw his hat across the room.

John Constantine getting bored riding in the backseat of the cab & reaching over to run his fingers through Chas’s hair while he’s driving, like the huge annoying distraction that he is.

A kitten, for Connor.

“It’s important for you to know that I hate you”

Troye’s first words to the kitten he’d just signed adoption papers for were not exactly what the animal shelter staff had expected. Nevertheless, the gangly Australian boy seemed truly excited to be collecting the small creature, and had purchased a mountain of supplies, from harnesses and bowls to the high end litter boxes, and a dozen different types of treats. He loaded it all into the backseat of a cab before coming back in to take the tiny kitten with him. As the cab drove off, Troye stared into the pet carrier at the furball. He’d chosen an orange medium hair with bright blue eyes and a stumpy little tail. The tiny thing had already spread hair across Troye’s favourite black jumper, and it’s annoying vibrations as it purred were making him regret this decision. He decided to focus on what would happen when he got home.

 A couple hours later, with meetings finished and coffee in hand, Connor climbed out of his car and walked up to his apartment door. He knew Troye was home so didn’t bother fumbling for his keys, instead just turning the handle and pushing his way inside. “Tro, I’m back! Are you ready to go out? What’s my big surprise today?” Connor walked further into the apartment, before the reply came. “It’s in here, babe!” Troye’s voice carried from the direction of the bedroom, and Connor rolled his eyes. If that boy had built up all this hype about a big surprise when he got home and it turned out to be just him naked in bed… it wouldn’t be a bad thing, but it was a little misleading. He strode to the bedroom, ready to shake his head, but instead found Troye standing awkwardly in the doorway to his room. “Your surprise is in there. I don’t know how to deal with it so I was just waiting for you because I don’t really want to be alone in there with it…” Troye’s voice trailed off as he stepped aside and pushed the door open, and Connor looked curiously inside. Nothing seemed to be inside, until he noticed the sheets rustling, seemingly of their own accord. Before he could ask Troye what was going on, a bright orange head popped out between the pillows, and the kitten leapt forward onto the sheet, chasing something invisible to the boys. Connor’s eyes went wide and his smile seemed to split his face in half. He rushed forward and scooped up the creature. “Troye you didn’t. I thought you hated them? You always say no. You said we travel too much. I thought - what is it’s name? Is it it a girl or a boy? Troye, what is this!?” Troye was grinning too, but not at the ugly little orange thing, at his boyfriend’s childlike glee. “I don’t like cats, babe, you know that, but I really like you. And I thought it was about time we got you a kitty. Your fans are quite adamant that you need one, and I think the look on your face confirms it. It’s a girl; I wasn’t about to bring another man into your life, especially when I know you’ll end up loving the thing more than me. She doesn’t have a name, yet, but if it’s okay with you, I was thinking Sydney? We can call her Syd for short.” 

Syd followed Connor everywhere. When Troye came home from the studio late at night and Connor was passed out on the couch, Syd would be curled up between his bent knees, glaring at Troye as he gently woke Connor to take him to bed. If he got back from an early morning flight to find Connor still cuddled between the sheets, Syd would be sprawled across Troye’s pillow, and would hiss at Troye in his attempts to slip into bed. The kitten loved Connor, but she had no such affections for Troye, and the sentiment was mutual. Troye didn’t mind though, the animal brought so much joy into Connor’s life. He loved the way Connor’s eyes lit up when Syd came bounding into the room, the way Connor crawled around on the floor like an idiot to play games with his kitten, and the sight of Connor asleep in a chair with Syd in a ball on his chest. The cat was a nuisance and he stunk and his fur was everywhere, but Troye had zero regrets about bringing the little pest home. 

Weeks went by and Troye discovered that his hate for the creature had minimized. When it brushed past his feet in the morning as he tried to tame his hair, the urge to kick it away was gone. If he found Syd sleeping in his spot on the couch, he would find a different spot to sit. He was beginning to not only tolerate the animal, but accommodate it. He tried to ignore his changing emotions, but Connor wouldn’t let him. The older boy teased Troye, and insisted he was becoming a cat person. Connor caught him petting Syd once and didn’t stop talking about it for days. Troye hated it; hated Syd, hated Connor. Except, he really truly didn’t. And if he was being honest, Connor was kind of right. Sure, Troye still hated cats and found them to be useless and a nuisance, but Syd was different. How could Troye hate something that brought the man he loves so much joy? One evening, Connor was wrapped up in business meetings until late into the night. He called Troye to apologize but the phone rang through to voicemail every time. He was nervous; it was supposed to be a night out together and he wasn’t there; he was sure Troye was mad. After the last meeting finally ended, Connor drove home, risking one more delay to pick up sushi from Troye’s favourite place before going back to their apartment. He entered tentatively, expecting to find a disappointed boyfriend on the couch. Instead, he walked into an empty living room. Connor set down his belongings and looked around, ending up at his bedroom door. From outside, he could hear Syd purring, and he pushed the door open. There, in the middle of the bed, were the two loves of his life. Troye curled into a ball with Syd asleep in the middle of his limbs. Troye’s hand was under Syd’s neck, and their faces were inches apart. Connor smiled and pulled out his phone, quickly snapping a photo. He took a step closer to get a better angle, but managed to squeak the floorboards. Troye’s head moved slightly, and Connor watched as his eyes opened. A blush of embarrassment spread across the Aussie’s face as he realized the compromising position he’d been discovered in. “So Tro, you still hate cats?” Connor asked, clambering onto the bed beside Troye and brushing the messy hair off his baby’s face. “Shut up. Yes, I hate them. This one just, just reminds me of you.”

After that, Connor caught Syd and Troye cuddled together more and more. Troye had fallen for Syd in much the same way Connor had fallen for Troye; the longer he was around him, the more he realized exactly how much he loved him.

Falling in love with your rhythm Pt. 4

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

The sun shone in through the window while you looked in the mirror and applied your eye liner. You were getting ready to meet Yoongi at the mall. You were excited about being seen out in public with him, but you were more excited just to see him. You’d dressed extra pretty and you’d wore your best pair of shoes, because you wanted to look as cool as he would. He had suggested going to the mall because he wanted to spend some time outside of the dorms, but he made you get up early so we’d both arrive when the mall opened. He had always hated crowds.

You kissed your grandparents before leaving the house. You hailed a cab and jumped in the backseat. You put your headphone in and stare out the window. You watched everything speed past as you thought about him. He hadn’t left your mind since you visited him at his dorm. You remembered his warm arms around you holding you as you watched the movie. You felt foolish thinking about him so much. It didn’t seem like he shared you feeling and he just thought of you as his best friend, not as girlfriend material. You knew your feeling would go no where but they seemed to grow despite your wishes and you were scared you’d end up ruining a perfect friendship. None the less you couldn’t wait to see his smiling face. It always made everything better no matter how you were feeling.  So it would have been an understatement to say you wanted to see him. After a couple more minutes of deep thinking you finally pulled up in front of the mall and you paid the driver and walked to the door. You looked around but you saw no sign of him.

Suddenly your earbud was pulled out of your ear by someone standing behind you.

“What are you listening to? I Bet its one of my songs.” A voice laughed. You turned around quickly to see Yoongi standing beside you grinning ear to ear. You grinned and turned around and hugged him. “You took your sweet time getting hear, but its cool. As long as you’re here now.” He said sweetly. He began you put the ear bub into his ear. You finally realized what song was playing and you tried to get it back from him as quickly as possible, but it was to late.

“I didn’t know you liked naughty songs like this.” He said as the beat from Namjoon’s Song Trouble played in his ears. “I’m starting to think you like Him more than me.” He smirked as he lead you into the building. You noticed that he was wearing his new leather jacket and ripped jeans. His hair was brushed off of his forehead, and you noted that you liked it better that way.

“Where do you wanna go first Jagi?” He said glancing at you. Your eyes widened and you lost all train of thought. Did he just call you Jagi?

“I-I do, I-I w-want to go, I r-really don’t k-know.” You managed to stutter out. He began to double over in laugher.

“I was only joking ______. Your reaction was priceless. I didn’t think I’d be that freaked out by the thought of he calling you that.” he said still slightly laughing at you.

“Very funny.” You managed to say, smiling back at him, but it didn’t reach your eyes. You were bothered by how much you wanted him to say that to you seriously. The feelings you were beginning to have for him only seemed troublesome, and you wished they’d go away. “We should go to the girls clothing store. I want to buy some new jeans.”

“Alright then after that we should go to the arcade. So I can kick your ass in a couple of games.” He said. You nodded your head after you telling him you were going to make him cry after you won.  

Suddenly a group of four girls approached you and him. Them stared at him expectantly like excited puppies. “Can we please have your autograph.” They politely requested.

“Of course, anything for my fans.” He quickly replied. Fascinated, you watched as he took each one of their papers and signed them happily. The last girl stepped forward, her long her hair flowed effortlessly down her back and her cheeks were tinted a cute shade of pink. Her eyes were downcast as she approached him.

“I’m sorry if we’re disturbed your date with your girlfriend. We were just so eager to meet you. You’re such an inspiration.” She said fiddling with her fingers.

“You’re not interrupting anything. This is just my best friend. I’m happy you decided to come up and talk to me. What’s your name?” His word stung but you acted like them didn’t. You were alarmed by the way he was looking at her. He never looked at you that way. He reached forward and put a strand of hair behind her ear and she giggled. You thought you were going to be sick. You tried to contain you jealousy and remind yourself that your crush was one sided.

“ My name is Rebecca, I’m so excited to finally be able meet you. Your music is so amazing.” She breathed, talking a bit fast due to excitement. She reached into her purse and produced a pen and paper and she began to write. “Here’s my number maybe you could call me sometime.” In shock you watched in slow motion as he reached for the paper and you thought about smacking his hand away.

“Thanks I’ll definitely do that.” he said smiling. After the girls had left you continued to walk through the mall with him. “So what did you think about her?” he asked glancing over at you.

“She was alright, if you like the cute, pretty, innocent, sort of thing.” You huffed dejectedly. You both walked into your favorite clothing store, and you began to pick through the racks.

“I thought she was pretty cute maybe I’ll give her a call later.” he said absentmindedly. He picked up a black and red skin tight dress and giggled. “I bet she’d look good in this” snickering he waved the piece of clothing in front of your face. You grabbed the cloth from him and frowned.

“I’d look way better in this.” You said smirking “You’d probably past out.” You put the dress up to your body giggling.

“I’ve never seen you in a dress. Do you even have legs under theses pants of yours.” he teases.

“Fine I’ll go put it on. You’ll see” You stomped into the dressing room. You begin to undress. You sighed thankful you decided to shave your legs that morning. After you pulled the dress onto your body you stick your head out of the door and called out nervously “You sure I should come out in this? It’s a little tight.”

“Just come out. I’ve never seen you in a dress before, I’m curious.” He called back to you. Timidly you stepped out of the dressing room. You tried and failed to pull the dress farther down your legs. His eyes meet yours and then they found their way down your body. His face begins to turn a dark shade of pink, and he meets your eyes again. His gaze making you feel hot. You feel something tighten in the pit of the stomach and between your legs starts to become warm.

“You l-look so amazing. I think you should buy that dress.” He said biting his lip. You slyly walk a little closer to him. You could feel the heat rising in your face. You never expected him to react like this. Did he actually think you were pretty?

“Do you really like it that much?” you whispered. Your mind was spinning. The way he was looking at you made you wanna run back into the dressing room. You put your hand on armrest of his chair. He leaned closer to you unconsciously. His hand brushing against yours. Your heart skipped a beat and your breath caught in your throat. You quickly moved away from him fearing you’d do something you’d regret.  

“You do look great in that dress.” he called after you as you ran back into the dressing room. You leaned up against the wall and tried to calm my breathing. You replayed what just happened in your head and couldn’t believe he reacted like that. You quickly changed back into the jeans you were wearing.

You walked back out of the dressing room and Yoongi followed you silently though the store. You bought the dress causing him to smirk. “So you liked that dress?” he asked looking you in the eye.

You smiled at him and said “Well if you like it, I like it.” You answered as you both walked towards the arcade.

Today is my Yoongi’s birthday and I’m super proud of him. He’s been working hard all year and I hope that his birthday is wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I think the next one will be even better.

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Backseat of a Cab
  • Backseat of a Cab
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  • Twenty-Five For The Rest Of Our Lives

Give it up, and come on out. That stupid dreaming is over. In the backseat of a cab, you lost everything you ever had. And you had to call a number to get it back. Strangers always interested you most. What you could, you did to bring them close. And when you fumbled for your keys at the bottom of a bag, you grabbed a hold of something you couldn’t have.