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Backseat of a Cab
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Give it up, and come on out. That stupid dreaming is over. In the backseat of a cab, you lost everything you ever had. And you had to call a number to get it back. Strangers always interested you most. What you could, you did to bring them close. And when you fumbled for your keys at the bottom of a bag, you grabbed a hold of something you couldn’t have.


The Henry Clay People - Backseat of a Cab (live) (by nesslurpee)

If you’re a fan of Japandroids and Deer Tick, you will certainly enjoy The Henry Clay People. Here is a live performance of a track from their just released album “Twenty-Five For The Rest Of Our Lives.”


Part 3 of my new JG fanfic,”The First Kiss”

Against David’s better judgment, he acquiesced to Judy’s will to audition for a part in the upcoming Broadway show, ‘‘Best Foot Forward.’‘ So, after exiting the Carnegie Deli, David hailed a taxi.

“Please take us to the Ethel Barrymore Theater..’’ he instructed.

‘’You got it.’’ the cab driver replied with a friendly grin.

The cabbie drove off in the direction of the theater district as soon as the couple slipped into the backseat. Upon arriving at 243 West 47th Street, the cab driver pulled up to the old theater’s brownstone main entrance and parked. After the Rose’s stepped out of the taxi and David paid the cabbie, the chubby faced gentleman gave his regards to Judy.

‘‘Good luck honey.’‘ he said with a wink before driving away. 

David took Judy by the hand and escorted her through the theater’s glass door entrance that led into a antique looking box office foyer. A craggily old man came up to them walking through the doors.

“Hello, can I help you?” he asked.

“We’re here for the open audition for the “Best Foot Forward" play this morning” David replied.

“Oh..I see. But those auditions aren’t held here..they’re being held half a block away..”

Judy and David sighed.

“Can you tell us which address?” Judy asked.

The gray haired man smiled.

“Yes..just turn to the right as you leave out of here…keep walking until you see a reddish Victorian building that has a large “for lease” sign on it. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it’’

‘’Thanks” Mr. and Mrs. Rose said in reply as they hurriedly made their way out of the theater.

David and Judy anxiously strolled down the block and before they knew it… they saw a crowd of girls lining up outside a rusty- red stone building. The couple continued in the direction of where the young women were and after finally reaching the address- David and Judy were out of breath!

 The pair entered through the door of the complex and were immediately approached by the director’s assitant. The tall, slender lady wearing large tortoise rimmed glasses, abruptly introduced herself to Judy and then handed her a hardcover book. “Here take this…you’re going to balance it on your head when you walk in front of the production team.”

Judy just stood there, clutching the novel in her hands… watching scads of young ladies, most donning garish make-up.. come and go..sashaying out of a wooden door that bore a sign on it that said,  ‘Audition 9 a.m. Actors only’ 

 ‘’I guess I better wait out here for you darling..’’ he said giving her a kiss on the forehead.‘’And don’t worry about a thing, just put your best foot forward.’’

‘’Thanks.’’ nervously chuckled Judy, giving David her purse and jacket to hold onto for her. 

 The next moment, the large stage door swung open and a voice bellowed out saying, ‘’Ok..girls..line up in a single line.You’re going to walk across a runway, then state your name, age, weight, and height.’’

Judy quickly got into the line with the rest of the girls and followed behind trying her hardest to balance that weighty book on her head.

 While slowly stepping inside the large room, the prissy looking girl in front of Judy sneezed, dropping the book from her head. ‘’Oh I’m sorry, pardon me..’’ she said looking back at Judy.

‘’That’s alright. Gesundheit.’’ Judy uttered back with a smile.

‘’Thank you.’’ the actress replied.

‘’These things are certainly heavy aren’t they?’’ Judy quipped, taking the hardcover off her head for a moment.

‘’Yes, they are. But I’m used to walking with them.’’ the girl placidly remarked.

Judy, noticing her rather chilly response, simply smiled and once again placed that uncomfortable hardcover up on top of her head as she continued to follow close behind the snobbish young lady on the runway. 

Trying to appear poised while walking the catwalk was a feat in itself for Judy, mainly because she had never done it before. Back at MGM studios, she wasn’t asked to steady a book on her crown during a screen test nor parade in front of producers like a showgirl. But she strived to do the best she could …in spite of her inner momentary insecurities.

After Judy stepped down off the cedar- plank runway, she slid the book off her crown.. hesitating for a brief moment before stating her name.

‘’I’m Judy Garland.’’ she finally declared.

The entire room suddenly went quiet.

The show’s director, George Abbott raised his eyebrows.. studying Judy’s face for a moment while she continued.

“I’m nineteen..”

The director started to rise up from his set-chair.

 “And I’m 107 pounds and nearly five feet tall..but in heels…I’m five- three..depending on the height of the heels..“ she announced with an uneasy giggle. 

‘’WHAT is the meaning of this?’’ the sturdy-jawed theatrical director vocalized from across the room. 

Judy just stood there like a wounded dove…practically speechless because of his stern utterance. 

‘’Did the studio send you here?’’ he blatantly asked as he approached her. ‘’Is this some kind of a joke that L.B. Mayer is playing or what?’’ 

Judy suddenly grew defensive with every fiber of her being.

‘’Joke?… I wasn’t sent by the studio, nor Louis B. Mayer. I’m spending some time in New York this weekend and I clearly just wanted to try out for a Broadway show. It’s something I’ve never done before… and I just wanted to see if I had what it takes to be a stage actress, that’s all.’’

George Abbott just glared at her in silence.

 ‘’All I can say is.. if this is what it’s like to work in the theater…I wouldn’t like it. I was treated better in Vaudeville!’’ Judy spunkily continued. 

The show’s young choreographer, Gene Kelly, who was nonchalantly standing in the back of the room… 

looked on in amusement at the confrontation between the tenacious director and Judy while the rest of the crew were unnervingly watching the unfolding scene biting their nails. 

Just then, George Abbott stepped closer to Judy and grabbed the book out of her hands.

‘’Thankyou Miss Garland for that pretty little speech…but if you’ll please excuse us now…we have to let the rest of the girls take their turn.’’he saucily remarked, patting Judy’s shoulder in a condescending manner.

Judy, feeling utterly embarrassed..meekly walked off the hardwood stage and headed straight for the exit stage door.

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