backseat serenade (acoustic)

sing me to sleep

a mix of songs to listen to when you’re sad, tired, and everything in between. LISTEN

1. lullabies - all time low 2. fine, great- modern baseball 3. the boy who blocked his own shot- brand new 4. anchor down (acoustic) - real friends 5. amelia - tonight alive 6. skinny love - ed sheeran 7. miss atomic bomb - the killers 8. jesus - brand new 9. madelyn - the wonder years 10. wonderless - pierce the veil 11. twelve - la dispute 12.the chain - fleetwood mac 13. sleep - citizen 14. home for fall - real friends 15.hold on till may (acoustic) - pierce the veil 16.the last lost continent - pierce the veil 17. the night i drove alone - citizen 18. i’ve given up on you - real friends 19. crash - you me at six 20.therapy - all time low 21. i’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth - fall out boy 22. candour - neck deep 23.scenes from highways 1981-2009 - la dispute 24.the balcony scene - pierce the veil 25.i just want to sell out my funeral - the wonder years 26. backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low 27. the world is ugly - my chemical romance 28.floorboards (acoustic) - real friends 29. headstone - defeater 30. i’m lost without you - blink 182 31.plane vs. tanks vs. submarine - tiger’s jaw 32.future - paramore


soft punk - acoustic takes of pop punk

01. oh well, oh well (acoustic) - mayday parade // 02. young volcanoes (cover by connor ball) - fall out boy // 03.  sugar we’re going down (acoustic) - fall out boy // 04. backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low // 05. i write sins not tragedies (acoustic) - panic! at the disco // 06. grand theft autumn / where is your boy (acoustic) - fall out boy // 07. have faith in me (acoustic) - a day to remember// 08. don’t stop (acoustic) - 5 seconds of summer // 09. i miss you (acoustic) - blink 182 // 10. stay with me (acoustic) - you me at six // 11. stick around (acoustic) - state champs // 12. somewhere in neverland (acoustic) - all time low // 13. i wanna be yours (acoustic) - arctic monkeys // 14. sex (acoustic) - the 1975 // 15. punch-drunk love (acoustic) - the summer set // 16. welcome to my life (acoustic) - simple plan // 17. what whet wrong (acoustic) - blink 182 // 18. lived a lie (acoustic) - you me at six // 19. check yes juliet (acoustic) - we the kings // 20. chocolate (acoustic) - the 1975 // 21. i’ve given up on you (acoustic) - real friends // 22. kiss me again (acoustic) - we are the in crowd // 


let this song whisper your name; calum’s never been good with words [listen]

 idfc - blackbear // drive - halsey // after the last midnight show - the academy is… // apartment - modern baseball // yeah you - freedom fries // rock show - blink 182  // coming over (filous remix) - james hersey // backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low // roses - the chainsmokers // if i’m lucky - state champs // favorite record - fall out boy // wrapped around your finger - 5sos // promises - tep no // tear in my heart - twenty one pilots // + a surprise track

its all for you // a mix for unrequited lovers

1. requited serenade - tumblr user nepetatier 2. say something - a great big world 3. yayo - lana del rey 4. thinking of you - katy perry 5. heart swells_pacific daylight time - los campesinos! 6. a daydream away - all time low 7. crazier with you - elvis depressedly 8. backseat serenade ( acoustic version ) all time low 9. no.1 party anthem - arctic monkeys 10.white demon love song - the killers

listen here

Acapella & Acoustic (x)

“just listen to the sweet, sultry sound of my voice”

1. Thnks fr th Mmrs (Vocals Only)- Fall Out Boy
2. Chocolate (Acoustic)- The 1975
3. Story Of My Life (Vocals Only)- One Direction
4. I Write Sins Not Tragedies [Censored] (Vocals Only)- Panic! at the Disco
5. Sex (Acoustic)- The 1975
6. Caraphernelia (Vocals Only)- Pierce the Veil
7. Young Volcanoes (Acoustic)- Fall Out Boy
8. Radioactive (Vocals Only)- Imagine Dragons
9. Finders Keepers (Acoustic)- You Me At Six
10. Nine In The Afternoon (Vocals Only)- Panic! at the Disco
11. Oh No! (Vocals Only)- Marina & the Diamonds
12. Gotta Get Out (Acoustic)- 5SOS
13. Paradise (Vocals Only)- Coldplay
14. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light Em Up] (Acoustic)- Fall Out Boy
15. Crushcrushcrush (Vocals Only)- Paramore
16. Sweater Weather (Acoustic)- The Neighbourhood
17. Still Into You (Vocals Only)- Paramore
18. Backseat Serenade (Acoustic)- All Time Low
19. Wrecking Ball (Acapella)- Miley Cyrus
20. This Is Gospel (Acoustic)- Panic! at the Disco
21. Burn (Vocals Only)- Ellie Goulding
22. Angel With A Shotgun (Acoustic)- The Cab
23. Stay the Night (Vocals Only)- Zedd feat. Hayley Williams
24. The Reckless and the Brave (Acoustic)- All Time Low

a mixtape - listen here

songs: long way home - 5 seconds of summer // very good bad thing - mother mother // doubt - twenty one pilots // satellite - guster // the edge of tonight - all time low // wake me - bleachers // resolution - matt corby // dark blue - jack’s mannequin // backseat serenade ( acoustic) - all time low // i want to write you a song - one direction 

listen to luke’s playist to michael here

she keeps me warm // a ryumako mix

[listen here]

(cover art credit)

i. she keeps me warm by mary lambert // ii. kiss you (cover) by rizza cabrera // iii. you are my sunshine by elizabeth mitchell // iv. stand too close by motion city soundtrack // v. haven’t had enough by marianas trench // vi. olive you by dave days // vii. backseat serenade (acoustic) by all time low // viii. when the day met the night by panic! at the disco // ix. mona lisa (when the world comes down) by the all-american rejects // x. the only exception by paramore

Happy Valentines Day! (I had to re-upload this because I made the post wrong)

First Date- Blink-182// Just The Way You Are- Pierce The Veil// All My Heart- Sleeping With Sirens// Invincible- Tonight Alive// Still Into You- Paramore// Kiss Me Again- We Are The In Crowd// All The Small Things- Blink-182// Always- Panic! At The Disco// Backseat Serenade (Acoustic)- All Time Low// James Dean & Audrey Hepburn- Sleeping With Sirens// The Only Exception- Paramore// Kissing In Cars- Pierce The Veil// Always Attract- You Me At Six// Somewhere In Neverland (Acoustic)- All Time Low// The End Of All Things- Panic! At The Disco//

Listen HERE

fall back to sleep → the obligatory mushy crush mix → listen here

one: flaws - bastille. two: fools - lauren aquilina. three: the happy song - kate micucci. four: we will not grow old - lenka. five: oh, love! - william beckett. six: like a butterfly - sam brookes. seven: backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low. eight: let’s get together - newton faulkner. nine: adventure time - orla gartland. ten: made to measure - the hoosiers. eleven: grow old with me - tom odell.