backseat serenade (acoustic)

Good Songs For Bad Days

.If It Means A Lot To You- A Day To Remember

. TerribleThings- Mayday Parade

.With Ears To See And Eyes To Hear (acoustic version)- Sleeping With Sirens

. This Song Saved My Life- Simple Plan

.Sunrise- Our Last Night

.All I Want- Kodaline

.Backseat Serenade (acoustic version)- All Time Low

.Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

.I Miss You- Blink 182

.Another Sad Song- Lower Than Atlantis

.Better Be Home Soon- Crowded House

.These Days- Powderfinger

.Fred Astaire- San Cisco

.The Journey- Skinny Living

.Gasoline- Alpine

. Anchor- Birds Of Tokyo

. Do I Wanna Know- Arctic Monkeys

. It’s Ok- Tom Rosenthal

.Lucky Now- Big Scary

. Depreston- Courtney Barnett

. Suddenly- British India

. Inside Of You- The Maine

. Wolf- First Aid Kit

. shut Me Up- Mindless Self Indulgence

. Tongue Tied- Grouplove

. Forever Young- Youth Group (cover)

. All That I’ve Got- The Used

music tag/do the (music) shuffle

yo i was tagged by @krijgsonthaal dankjeweeeeeel i love these kind of tag games!!

Rule(s): put your music on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people.

(i shuffled my latest playlist of like 100 songs)

sweet creature / harry styles
6/8 / blink-182
99 luftballons / nena
backseat serenade (acoustic) / all time low
battle symphony / linkin park
bite down / bastille vs haim
catch & release (remix) / matt simons
clint eastwood / gorillaz
don’t care / coely
downtown / macklemore & ryan lewis

im tagging @magnvs-baen @ishouldprobablychangemyusername @aatsushiis @murkybokuto have fun my dudes

anonymous asked:

for the playlist thing, how about one for longing? I need me something like that rn

I wasn’t sure what kind of music you like or what kind of longing you’re talking about, so I put a variety in… these are all songs that have had an impact on my life in one way or another…

Summertime Sadness (cover by Miley Cyrus)
Habits (Tove Lo)
Karma Police (Radiohead or cover by Panic! At The Disco)
Adam’s Song (Blink-182)
Alone Together (Fall Out Boy)
Amnesia (5 Seconds of Summer)
Back to December (Taylor Swift)
Backseat Serenade - acoustic (All Time Low)
Beside You (5 Seconds of Summer)
Do I Wanna Know? (Arctic Monkeys)
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Les Misérables)
Everything I Didn’t Say (5 Seconds of Summer)
Falling to Pieces (Junior Doctor)
Ghost (Halsey)
Give Me Love (Ed Sheeran)

I could have put more, but I got bored.

let this song whisper your name; calum’s never been good with words [listen]

 idfc - blackbear // drive - halsey // after the last midnight show - the academy is… // apartment - modern baseball // yeah you - freedom fries // rock show - blink 182  // coming over (filous remix) - james hersey // backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low // roses - the chainsmokers // if i’m lucky - state champs // favorite record - fall out boy // wrapped around your finger - 5sos // promises - tep no // tear in my heart - twenty one pilots // + a surprise track

Aesthetic and playlist for Keith Kogane with a fear of failure and is in love

backseat serenade (acoustic)//All time low
Fell in love without you acoustic//motion city soundtrack
dear maria count me in acoustic//all time low
Sorrow acousic//bad religion
mars//sleeping at last
earth//sleeping at last
venus//sleeping at last
pluto//sleeping at last
goodnight moon//go radio

a mixtape - listen here

songs: long way home - 5 seconds of summer // very good bad thing - mother mother // doubt - twenty one pilots // satellite - guster // the edge of tonight - all time low // wake me - bleachers // resolution - matt corby // dark blue - jack’s mannequin // backseat serenade ( acoustic) - all time low // i want to write you a song - one direction 

listen to luke’s playist to michael here

soft punk - acoustic takes of pop punk

01. oh well, oh well (acoustic) - mayday parade // 02. young volcanoes (cover by connor ball) - fall out boy // 03.  sugar we’re going down (acoustic) - fall out boy // 04. backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low // 05. i write sins not tragedies (acoustic) - panic! at the disco // 06. grand theft autumn / where is your boy (acoustic) - fall out boy // 07. have faith in me (acoustic) - a day to remember// 08. don’t stop (acoustic) - 5 seconds of summer // 09. i miss you (acoustic) - blink 182 // 10. stay with me (acoustic) - you me at six // 11. stick around (acoustic) - state champs // 12. somewhere in neverland (acoustic) - all time low // 13. i wanna be yours (acoustic) - arctic monkeys // 14. sex (acoustic) - the 1975 // 15. punch-drunk love (acoustic) - the summer set // 16. welcome to my life (acoustic) - simple plan // 17. what whet wrong (acoustic) - blink 182 // 18. lived a lie (acoustic) - you me at six // 19. check yes juliet (acoustic) - we the kings // 20. chocolate (acoustic) - the 1975 // 21. i’ve given up on you (acoustic) - real friends // 22. kiss me again (acoustic) - we are the in crowd // 


Acapella & Acoustic (x)

“just listen to the sweet, sultry sound of my voice”

1. Thnks fr th Mmrs (Vocals Only)- Fall Out Boy
2. Chocolate (Acoustic)- The 1975
3. Story Of My Life (Vocals Only)- One Direction
4. I Write Sins Not Tragedies [Censored] (Vocals Only)- Panic! at the Disco
5. Sex (Acoustic)- The 1975
6. Caraphernelia (Vocals Only)- Pierce the Veil
7. Young Volcanoes (Acoustic)- Fall Out Boy
8. Radioactive (Vocals Only)- Imagine Dragons
9. Finders Keepers (Acoustic)- You Me At Six
10. Nine In The Afternoon (Vocals Only)- Panic! at the Disco
11. Oh No! (Vocals Only)- Marina & the Diamonds
12. Gotta Get Out (Acoustic)- 5SOS
13. Paradise (Vocals Only)- Coldplay
14. My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark [Light Em Up] (Acoustic)- Fall Out Boy
15. Crushcrushcrush (Vocals Only)- Paramore
16. Sweater Weather (Acoustic)- The Neighbourhood
17. Still Into You (Vocals Only)- Paramore
18. Backseat Serenade (Acoustic)- All Time Low
19. Wrecking Ball (Acapella)- Miley Cyrus
20. This Is Gospel (Acoustic)- Panic! at the Disco
21. Burn (Vocals Only)- Ellie Goulding
22. Angel With A Shotgun (Acoustic)- The Cab
23. Stay the Night (Vocals Only)- Zedd feat. Hayley Williams
24. The Reckless and the Brave (Acoustic)- All Time Low

sing me to sleep

a mix of songs to listen to when you’re sad, tired, and everything in between. LISTEN

1. lullabies - all time low 2. fine, great- modern baseball 3. the boy who blocked his own shot- brand new 4. anchor down (acoustic) - real friends 5. amelia - tonight alive 6. skinny love - ed sheeran 7. miss atomic bomb - the killers 8. jesus - brand new 9. madelyn - the wonder years 10. wonderless - pierce the veil 11. twelve - la dispute 12.the chain - fleetwood mac 13. sleep - citizen 14. home for fall - real friends 15.hold on till may (acoustic) - pierce the veil 16.the last lost continent - pierce the veil 17. the night i drove alone - citizen 18. i’ve given up on you - real friends 19. crash - you me at six 20.therapy - all time low 21. i’ve got a dark alley and a bad idea that says you should shut your mouth - fall out boy 22. candour - neck deep 23.scenes from highways 1981-2009 - la dispute 24.the balcony scene - pierce the veil 25.i just want to sell out my funeral - the wonder years 26. backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low 27. the world is ugly - my chemical romance 28.floorboards (acoustic) - real friends 29. headstone - defeater 30. i’m lost without you - blink 182 31.plane vs. tanks vs. submarine - tiger’s jaw 32.future - paramore


i’m in love with you; a playlist for the words you’ve been dying to say [x]

i. backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low // ii. always - panic! at the disco // iii. lovely - twenty one pilots // iv. alone together (acoustic) - fall out boy // v. thinking out loud - ed sheeran // vi. summertime - my chemical romance // vii. the only exception - paramore // viii. the only hope for me is you - my chemical romance // ix. little things - one direction // x. all that i wanted - shelly fraley // xi. when the day met the night - panic! at the disco // xii. favorite record - fall out boy // xiii. still into you - paramore // xiv. photograph - ed sheeran

fall back to sleep → the obligatory mushy crush mix → listen here

one: flaws - bastille. two: fools - lauren aquilina. three: the happy song - kate micucci. four: we will not grow old - lenka. five: oh, love! - william beckett. six: like a butterfly - sam brookes. seven: backseat serenade (acoustic) - all time low. eight: let’s get together - newton faulkner. nine: adventure time - orla gartland. ten: made to measure - the hoosiers. eleven: grow old with me - tom odell.

Backseat Serenade - All Time Low