backseat fighter

Fairy Tail 512 Notes

Let’s just get to it:

  • Sting didn’t talk this much about Natsu during the GMG. Just confess already!
  • Guess Lacarde is just banking on Acnologia standing around long enough for him to cast this spell…I’ve heard worse logic.
  • No one likes a backseat fighter, Rogue.
  • Diving into darkness…which itself is a product of sleep, to fight sleep. Makes sense.
  • Once again Sting questions how to do something before just doing it. Guess he’s more like Natsu than I realized.
  • Kagura continues to be the best part about this fight. Yes I’m biased! Don’t judge me!
  • Who’s your mommy now, Lacarde?! Apparently it’s Sting.
  • I can’t tell if Zeref is sad, or having a staring contest with the table.
  • Also no one’s brought him food yet…rude.
  • Still waiting on “Natsu’s heart” to turn into someone that Natsu actually has a personal connection with. I’ll take Laxus at this point.
  • …That’s fair. I honestly can’t argue with that explanation, fake Rogue.
  • I was perfectly content believing that Igneel knitted that scarf for Natsu. It’s a hilariously cute visual imaging a giant dragon struggling to use needles to make a scarf for his adopted human son.
  • I imagine he kept shedding scales because he was so stressed out from messing up all the time.
  • So i’m guessing in addition to losing their pigment (which makes sense since snake skins do the same thing) dragon scales also become soft enough to be knitted into scarves? Sure. 
  • Of course Anna knitted the scarf, it’s not like Zeref could do one thing for his brother before slinging him through time. No wonder Natsu hates him.
  • Also, Anna x Igneel confirmed as canon.
  • So since death is now in quotes, that means Natsu’s personality will probably fade out and END will take over. Although that makes no sense since END is just a base instinct Natsu has to kill Zeref (that no other demon has had btw) and not a separate personality like so many fanfics and people theorized.
  • Hold on, I thought Natsu’s temp was spiking before, now it’s dropping?! When the blue hell did this start?! 
  • I like how Porlyusica automatically tells Lucy to strip before trying any other methods of warming his body. Man even when there seems like a legit reason for the fanservice I get irritated.
  • Porlyusica: “It’s our last resort. I’ve done nothing, and I’m all out of ideas!”
  • I don’t feel sorry for Happy. He should have told everyone about this eons ago. There was literally no reason to keep it a secret. 
  • Hey Gray’s awake! Maybe he can warm Natsu up.