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Around the time we started the first Backseat Drawing streams on Twitch, we asked our viewers to submit photos of their pets to be included in a drawing with Stitch.  Here is the result!

Check out the Time Lapse Video of this drawing on my YouTube:

Thank you so much for all of your support in our streams!  We love you all!  Awwooo!

have i ever

talked about how..


sits on Asher in the car???

on the one hand, Asher is to blame for wanting to take up ¾ of the backseat
on the other hand, Gunner never capitalizes on his opportunities, letting Asher lay down first

but they come to a compromise eventually, as you can see

Okay but DAO modern, semi-real-world AU where, instead of walking and camping, the warden and their companions are driving across Fereldan (several times, as the game usually works out).

Flemmeth gives you a ride to Lothering, but after that she insists on keeping the car she and Morrigan share for herself, and the persuasion check to talk her out of it is impossible. After you kill the bandits, you can just take one of their cars. You start out in five-seater that’s in *decent* condition, making it the best of all the choices. (Who gets to sit up front and who has to share the backseat with Dog?) Once you get to Redcliffe, though, Teagan will offer you his 8-seater chevy. He mostly uses it for hunting, so you don’t have to worry about it if you get blood on the seats or if Dog sheds everywhere.

Is your warden a careful driver? (Morrigan disapproves.) A reckless one? (Wynne disapproves.) Always five miles over the speed limit? (Sten disapproves.) Does Mahariel know how to drive at all, or does only the Keeper (if even) learn how to drive, since the Dalish have no need to travel to shemlen cities and use shemlen roads? Does your warden drive all the time, some of the time, or never? How does your warden settle the inevitable argument between Alistair and Morrigan about which of them gets to drive?

Alistair constantly wants to play road-trip games. (“My grandmother went to Kirkwall and she packed…” and of course Alistair will make Sten play I-Spy with him at some point.) Morrigan finds road-trip games extremely annoying, so unless you put a stop to them (netting disapproval from Alistair and whomever he was playing with), she disapproves and pulls out her MP3-player and becomes impossible to communicate with the for the rest of the trip. Wynne does crossword puzzles, and when she can’t figure out a word, she’ll ask you about it, giving you approval if you can figure it out. Sten mostly stares out the window silently. Oghren sleeps, and snores loudly. Leliana reads in the car a lot, but if you don’t remind her to stop every now and then, she’ll get motion-sick and make you stop the van for a little while. Zevran is easily bored and asks “Are we there yet?” a lot. Loghain is THE WORST back-seat driver, but he remembers long road trips when Anora was little, so he’s good at soothing Zevran’s boredom.

There is an ambush waiting for you at every gas station. All of them. Every single one. A pit of dread grows in your stomach as the gauge nears E. Does your warden start trying to siphon gas from innocent cars at night, to avoid the gas stations? Nice try, but you get ambushed while siphoning gas. 

And the most important question of all: Who controls the music? Is your warden dictator of the music? Is there a schedule? Or does your warden wield the stereo like a political weapon? Why spend money on gifts when saying “Zevran gets to pick the music from here to Orzammar,” nets you +15 approval (though varying degrees of disapproval from other party members, depending on how much they hate Zev’s music) and is free?

But consider carefully. Morrigan knows all the words to every Evanescence song. Sten ONLY listens to classical. Zevran has a surprising affinity for Taylor Swift. Leliana’s tastes are all over the place and more than half of her music is in Orlesian, but she will INSIST you sing along with her. Oghren likes heavy metal, but he won’t pay attention and Zevran will change it on him after five minutes. Loghain doesn’t believe that anyone has made decent music since Elvis died (and Maker help you if Leliana plays Orlesian music when he’s in the car). Wynne prefers to keep the radio off and make everyone talk to each other. Alistair is all alternative rock, all the time.

What song was on the radio when your warden and your chosen LI got busy in the backseat for the first time? When you stopped to sleep for the night (because not everyone can sleep in the car), what song did Leliana find on the radio and beg you to dance to with her? Did you do it?

Everyone has a smart phone and there is only one charger in the car. Managing this will require all of your warden’s political skill.

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Okay so my lovely gf and I went on our first date in awhile tonight (she dislocated her shoulder playing soccer and has had to take it easy) so we went to see Wonder Woman and we were driving home at about 10:45. We were both tired and ready to get home and lay down together, it was pouring rain outside. And suddenly she slams on the brakes and gets out of the car. I was so confused I was like "babe where tf are you going" and I see her jog down into this ditch that's more like a creek (1/2)

And she leans down into knee deep water and at this point I’m getting out of the car and chasing after her. I can’t see her very well because it’s raining so hard and it’s dark but then she’s calling for me and I move towards her and she’s covered in water and mud (Note: She’s wearing a vry expensive baseball jersey that is like her prized possession and it’s soaked and dirty and I can’t believe she would be willing to do such a thing in this jersey (2/4) ps Im guessing on numbers at this point

And she’s lifting up a plank of wood that’s fallen over into the water and she’s like “Help me move this” and I’m like “babe what the fuck you’re gonna hurt your shoulder worse” and she’s just like “just help me I’ll be alright” so I do and we set the plank aside and then I see it. There’s a German shepherd stuck in the water and my gf doesnt hesitate to reach down into the water and lift the dog out. It kinda whimpers but she just whispers trying to calm it down & carries it to the car (¾)

She gets in the backseat and lays the dog against her in a way that’s obviously going to be painful for her and she starts quietly singing Hallelujah (her favorite song) to it and petting it. And she gives me directions to the emergency animal clinic and I look in the rear mirror and I see the way she’s looking at this dog and I just go “Hey babe? I’m in love with you.” And she smiles real wide and says “I was in love with you first.” (4/4) Ps the dog has a dislocated hip but should be okay

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Author: @papofglencoe

A/N: Rated E for Explicit language and sexual situations. Unbetaed.

It took five, ten, fifteen years… It would have been easier to let go.

But Peeta wanted them so badly.

What’s not to love about how it started? With a bottle of wine on a chilly winter’s night, curled up together beneath a goose down comforter, fingers twined together, the light of the fire dancing off his pale skin, his blue eyes sparkling playfully, a stupid, drunken grin taking over every inch of his face when I told him we could try.

He grasped my neck, pulling me to him, crushing our lips together in a kiss that tasted like passion and joy and gratitude, but most of all, hope. We slipped our pajamas off with trembling fingers, even though we’d done this a thousand times before, because we’d made love, but we’d never made a baby. It made our love monumental, the choice we’d made.

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So I’m a little late to the game here, and just discovered this whole Mystery Skulls Animated thing for the song “Ghost.” Do yourself a favor and click that shiny text to get your bad self caught up if you haven’t seen it. It’s worth the five minutes.

I see lots of people theorizing about what the meaning of the video is, what happened involving the characters, etc., and some of the theories that seem to abound (especially on youtube, but what smart person reads youtube comments) just don’t make sense to me. It is an alarmingly story-dense animation to just be a several-minute music video. I can only hope that I’m not just retreading someone else’s thoughts, here, since I haven’t exactly read through all the fan interpretations out there.

So, I’m gonna hit on what I think happened below the cut. Don’t read if you haven’t watched. Seriously, watch it first.

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