backround pony


“Cafeteria Song” but always zoomed in on someones face

this is a very jumpy video so dont watch if your sensitive to that

a scene with no faces becomes rainbowdash angry in the backround (i forgot one scene tho oops)


Day 4 - Favourite background pony?

I am not sure if they count, and I know it said favorite, but…Braeburn and Soarin are my ultimate favorite background ponies. I say background because Braeburn is only in one episode and Soarin is in the background a few times. These boys are totally adorable and I love them so much! Seriously, they never get enough love, and if they do it’s the wrong kind…Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box, just remember that these stallions are the very best!!

You know what I really really like about season 6?


Like back in the day it was like the same ponies over and over, no matter what. No variety at all except maybe being recoloured. Sometimes the same pony would appear twice!

And now like, theres so many different looking ponies with different body styles, different manes, different faces

like look at all the variety in just this small group of ponies

so cool :>