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Mag backreads ako bukas. Gsto ko munang iwan yung facebook at dito nalang muna tumambay.

Then sa tingin ko medyo madami dami na din akong finafollow na inactive kaya wala na masyadong laman dashboard ko. 😭

Basta suggest kayo ah? Dto na ako sa office eh. Bukas ako mag backreads. Thanks!

*backreading my own blog* if i was op i wouldn’t want to see this shitty little comment on my post. it’s stupid and unnecessary and maybe sometimes i should just learn to keep my mouth shut

Apologies if I haven’t responded to your ask or comment for a while! I just got back from a week out of town and I’m flying out again tomorrow for another week. Someday I will have time to backread (and finally watch Iron Fist) again!

Was backreading this blog while searching for a specific post. I suddenly felt the urge to write again, so here. I reinstalled the app on my phone. But before I could post anything after morr than I year or so, I did some “housecleaning”, if you know what I mean. Haha.

> …so he is online. Curious.

> You have to wonder for how long, and if he’s backread at all. If he’s seen what you’ve been saying about him all day.

> In fact, you’re tempted to wiggle textual fingers in his direction in an innocent wave to see how much he jumps, but alas, it is not to be. 

> You yawn while considering, loud enough that Autumn’s head pops up with a little startled prrp?, ears and nose pointed in your direction. Coon time, it seems. 

> Especially since the hyper lime responded. No, save that for tomorrow, when you’ve rested and can deal with his fish puns better. 

> Autumn jumps off of your lap the moment you shift, denying you even that excuse. You sigh, logging off and getting up with a stretch.

> Lucky Cronus. He escapes torment for one more night.

sanscestalltheway  asked:

Mum ano yun? Sino ung mga character na sinasabi nila? Bagong char. Be yon ng TH? (sorry not updated -w- too lazy to backread(?) or scroll down XD

Yes new TH characters ^^ I just need to lining it. and watercolor I wasted my time @.@

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when you wake up in the UK the morning after an award show and think you're gonna have to backread for like an hour to catch up. but nah my girls just showed up to take an award and leave 😅😅 - allysincity

Lol yeah. Sorry you had to sit through that.

so bigla akong nagkaurge na magpalit ng theme kasi hell yeah temporary break it is na kami but i ended up backreading and schette po daming memories na nakalimutan ko na pero nung nabasa ko bumalik yung feels. simula nung bago pa lang to tas tanan i met new friends in the way. ang saya lang. feeling ko naman nagbago naman me konti for a better purpose naman hehehehe. hays tumblr i luv u biri mats mah second home huhu

Backreading a little bit on the charge shenanigans in Battle’s new faction got me thinking about my now-army of guardians. 

Ibaacuine’s charge was once her mate. But he was killed by the same group that injured her on her way to the Starwood Strand. As a puppet, she has no recollection of him or of charge instincts as a whole. Which is probably a good thing because Thaaftwé would not hesitate to murder anything that threatened to distract from its goals.

Deinir’s charge is this delicate little seashell that Ruathi helped recover for him while they were out at sea. They asked their merchant ship to tie up its sails so that he could find out why this particular spot of the ocean felt particularly important. Ruathi brought up a handful of shells, suggesting that perhaps it was something on the seafloor and sure enough, after a few shell collecting trips, Deinir scooped it up in a flurry of excitement. He wears it on a thin leather cord around his neck under his shirt at all times. 

Ebru didn’t find her charge until recently when she came to the island. It turns out there was a particularly rare species of bramble that grew in a corner of the land that was to be cleared out for the orchards. She carefully transplanted it to her personal garden so that she could monitor its growth and that the orchard did not have to be relocated. After the first year, when the brambles began to grow somewhat out of control, she decided it best to weave the largest portion of the plant into her very body. Some of the smaller, more orderly patches still ornament her home, but the bulk of it has been integrated into her system to make care and control easier.

Alija’s charge is an old heirloom vase that is located at her family’s home in her native city. She felt perfectly comfortable leaving it behind because her family is made up mostly of other guardians, so they are well aware how valuable the item is, especially to her. It is well tended to. 

Arythin was not as lucky as his sister in terms of finding a convenient charge. He has yet to find his charge as his embarking on the Search was delayed by Alija’s trip to Thaaftwé. He has to maintain her seat on their city’s noble council otherwise it leaves a troublesome vacancy. If she hadn’t departed and been detained at the island, he would have set out to find his own charge by now.

I haven’t thought too much about Calrehlen’s charge. It might be someone else on the crew, it might be a person he meets in a port town and brings into the crew. I haven’t decided.

Mavirios’s charge is the swamp he currently lives in. Not the easiest to take care of, given the other elements trying to take back the land seized from them by the Gladekeeper’s followers. He has to contend with the poisonous plantlife in the corner near the Tangled Wood, worry about his house flooding as the tides try to roll in higher and higher each week, and deal with the sun-induced decay in the portions bordering the cliffs up to the Ruins. The bitterness of his living situation has worn off due to the lack of energy he has after tending to the whole area each day.

And Yriison is charged with caring for a small potted tree that lives on the window of his room in his inn. It’s nice to have something he can carry around on the Caravan’s travels. But there are times when the plant isn’t too happy with the weather of the elemental territory they’re travelling through. All in all quite the varied experience.


)(ey t)(ere, babe. It’s you! I’m sure you already know about me from backreading or Val or waterver.
I’m gonna reblog t)(is and add to it as stuff occurs to me but like.
First of all, good news!
T)(ere is indeed at least one possible course of action t)(at you can take t)(at won’t result in you being killed by Artiifex or one of t)(e ot)(ers! So, congrats.
Some ot)(er stuff:
It IS )(ard, and fuck t)(e people w)(o say it s)(ould be easy for you to do t)(e rig)(t t)(ing.
Our Mot)(er isn’t infallible.
Yes, you do )(ave negative emoceans, deal wit)( t)(em.
People love you. People will continue to love you if you improve, even if mistakes )(appen.
Take a break, please abdicate, sooner rat)(er t)(an later.

lols backreading some of my spn meta

I want to pet past!me. Sometimes I talked about Dean getting better. Having a moment of clarity where he realized he done fucked up tried to get better like Cas and Sam did. Instead started yet another Apocalypse after killing death (but no before physically and psychologically torturing Sam first - kid has to have a hobby, I suppose).

Nope, Dean’s response was to blame Sam, have Sam do all the work saving people, and spending some quality time with the king of hell. His new probable love interest is the incarnation of darkness.

I just.

I no longer believe that Dean is getting any sort of redemption arc. I feel like the best ending poor Sam will get is the two of them blowing themselves up to save the world. Lets hope they go somewhere besides the Christian heaven - the possibility of them sharing a heaven for all of eternity is just too depressing.

Say what you mean

I backread hawkwardly‘s jamie/tyler tag on tumblr and then I wrote a small psychic-powers ficlet. Who knows if it’s her thing, but, hey, gotta give credit where credit is due. Good work with the gifs.

The Stars aren’t stars enough for anyone to really notice Jamie the person, even in hockey circles. He’s Jamie Benn, and he’s pretty good on the ice, but he’s not getting photographed by the paparazzi on the reg. He doesn’t go out much and the team respects him but keeps their friendly distance and Jamie is thankful for every reason in the book.

And one that’s a book in itself.

Jordie can see into other people’s dreams, and that’s cool. Jenny can see out of other people’s eyes. Jamie can see inside their heads.

Nobody’s psychic all the time, obviously, but it drops on him at random moments. Fucked-up thoughts slam into his mind when he’s driving next to the same person for too long, or stuck in line at the supermarket: people think about their pets and their friends and their kids, sure, yeah, but they also think about driving off bridges. They think about mass murder.

His helmet takes care of it on the ice. He does not know why.

He gets a reputation for being a homebody, and he keeps it.

Jamie Benn doesn’t like crowds; Jamie Benn doesn’t do one-night stands; Jamie Benn can read your mind just by standing next to you for a while, it’s fucking awkward and terrible and he hates it.

Jamie stays in.

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Though its kind a bit late, I would like to greet everybody a Happy New Year!

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