May nagba-backread din kaya sa blog ko? Yung tipong nakatambay lang sya tapos hindi alintana yung connection kasi naaaliw sya sa mga nababasa nya. Kahit hindi nya nila-like o reblog, basta tamang backreading lang yung ginagawa nya. Meron din kaya? Ewan, wala siguro. Hindi naman ako famous e kaya siguro yung blog ko nilalangaw. Haha. Ilaglag daw ba ang sariling blog? Hahaha!

Kung sakali mang meron nga, ano naman kaya yung mga naging reaksyon nila? Ito kaya:

  • “Shet! Ano bang pinagsasasabi ng blogger na ‘to?!”
  • “Pakyu! Walang kwentang blog! Such a waste of time!”
  • “Taragis yan! Puro sabaw lang dre. Nag-blog pa sya!”

AWTS! Hahaha. Hay naku, paano nga kaya kung ganyan yung mga comment nila? Isa lang masasabi ko: PAKYUTU!

  • Unang-una, hindi ko kayo pinilit magbasa sa mga post ko.
  • Ikalawa, ang ganda kaya ng blog ko. Hindi nyo lang magawang i-appreciate kasi iba ang taste nyo, ok?
  • Ikatlo, kung follower/s ko kayo, auto-unfollow agad. Di kayo kawalan.
  • Ikaapat, Sinabihan nyong walang kwenta yung blog ko, yung sa inyo ba may kwenta?!
  • Ikalima at pinakahuli, ulitin mo yung unang-una.

Ang dami kong sinabi e wala naman talagang tumatambay sa blog ko. Feeler kasi! Hahaha. Ok.

I love backreaders, it shows they are really interested in getting to know you. They read some of the things you’ve posted before about your life, your likes and dislikes, your hobbies and interests. well, all in all.. about yourself. And slowly seeing and understanding who you really are.

I’ve been backreading RDJ Advises Chris Evans on his Life Choices and I actually thought to myself “Wow, Chris has really come out of his shell” before remembering I wrote them all and then it got a little weird

one of the things about superhero comics is like, people are afraid of the continuity. and i don’t blame ‘em! 60, 70 plus years of publishing, and the instinct that this is all big one cohesive story makes you think like “i have to read all THAT?” there’s this worry that you’re gonna miss something real important buried in some back issue from 40 years ago

but big 2 superhero comics really don’t work like that, and if you do need to know something from an 80s issue of fantastic four for the fantastic four you’re reading now, they’ll be sure to explain it

so much so that you don’t need to backread everything is that you could read the last five years of spider-man comics without EVER knowing peter parker once ate himself and subsequently gave birth to himself in about 2006

cuz they never fucking talk about that story

I’ve been backreading @the-exercist for…an actual embarrassingly long span of time, at this point, and in my backreading I came across their takedown of the original, rather more unpleasant version of this image. 

But I was captivated by the little rhino and I thought it was a shame the image was so unpleasant in its message. So I put my Photoshop skills to good use, cropped the slogan and poster, added a smile, and turned our Running Rhino from someone anxiously chasing an unattainable fantasy ideal to someone who’s just havin’ a good time on a treadmill. (I figured reposting with a link would be better than drawing attention down on a post from two years ago.) 


Say what you mean

I backread hawkwardly‘s jamie/tyler tag on tumblr and then I wrote a small psychic-powers ficlet. Who knows if it’s her thing, but, hey, gotta give credit where credit is due. Good work with the gifs.

The Stars aren’t stars enough for anyone to really notice Jamie the person, even in hockey circles. He’s Jamie Benn, and he’s pretty good on the ice, but he’s not getting photographed by the paparazzi on the reg. He doesn’t go out much and the team respects him but keeps their friendly distance and Jamie is thankful for every reason in the book.

And one that’s a book in itself.

Jordie can see into other people’s dreams, and that’s cool. Jenny can see out of other people’s eyes. Jamie can see inside their heads.

Nobody’s psychic all the time, obviously, but it drops on him at random moments. Fucked-up thoughts slam into his mind when he’s driving next to the same person for too long, or stuck in line at the supermarket: people think about their pets and their friends and their kids, sure, yeah, but they also think about driving off bridges. They think about mass murder.

His helmet takes care of it on the ice. He does not know why.

He gets a reputation for being a homebody, and he keeps it.

Jamie Benn doesn’t like crowds; Jamie Benn doesn’t do one-night stands; Jamie Benn can read your mind just by standing next to you for a while, it’s fucking awkward and terrible and he hates it.

Jamie stays in.

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OMG Check, Please! - The Best Webcomic You're Not Reading Yet

So in the past week I’ve become obsessed with Check, Please! Like I can’t stop thinking about it. (Thanks to mamaliza for sharing it with me!)

Written and illustrated by Ngozi Ukazu, it’s the story of Eric Bittle, a figure skater turned freshman college hockey player who also bakes pies like nobody’s business. The full cast of characters is delightful and amazing, the artwork is utterly fantastic, THE STORY IS ADORABLE, and I’ve already poured over the entire thing three times.

You can get started with the first comic here, and make your way through– to date there are 17. But I highly recommend backreading the whole tumblr because there are tons and tons of extras and in-character Q&A’s and Eric Bittle even has a twitter.

Basically it’s my new favorite thing so go read it!