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I dunno if you got any asks like this but what Shojo Anime/Manga do you recommend personally?

Hi! It’s actually been a while, probably because I’ve mostly moved to Twitter for anything other than reblogs. Still, I’m glad you asked, because I’m always happy to talk about my favorite series.

Just FYI, some of these series are out-of-print; others, I haven’t read for quite a while and my opinions may be different if I were to re-read them today. None of them are particularly obscure - I’ll be honest, I’m pretty basic when it comes to this stuff. I’m going on personal taste, not feminist merit here. In no particular order:

Basara is excellent action-fantasy with a heroine who has to step and be strong even when it’s a struggle in a post-apocalyptic future

Yona of the Dawn is about a deposed princess in fantasy Korea trying to gather the Four Dragons so that she can get her kingdom back

Red River is basically a bodice-ripper and has a looooooot of issues with sexual assault but I enjoy it nonetheless

Please Save My Earth is a cool sci-fi that explores concepts of identity, reincarnation, and revenge

Fruits Basket is a beloved classic with a nurturer heroine helping a family cursed to turn into animals when they are embraced by a member of the opposite sex

My Love Story is very, very sweet and has a lovely, healthy relationship at its center

Kamisama Kiss is a problematic fave - the main love interest is a complete asshole but I love how it incorporates Shinto mythology

Kimi ni Todoke has somewhat outstayed its welcome but when it’s good, it’s so sweet and charming

Revolutionary Girl Utena is an all-time classic and the inspiration for this blog

Fushigi Yugi: Genbu Kaiden fixes a lot of issues with the series it spun off of and really illustrates Watase’s maturation as a storyteller

Lovely Complex features a couple founded on mutual interests and compatibility - she’s just way taller than him, and they both struggle with that

Nana features unflinching, unromanticized portrayals of unhealthy, even abusive relationships, and celebrates female friendship - unfortunately, it’s unlikely to ever be finished

Paradise Kiss is from the same author as Nana, and in my opinion the superior series; it’s a tight five volumes and one of the best female coming-of-age stories I’ve ever read

Ooku by Fumi Yoshinaga is a historical “what-if” where, due to widespread disease, women end up running the Tokugawa shogunate

Princess Jellyfish is a beautiful story about people who reject or feel rejected by society, the community they build as outsiders, and how they react when it is threatened

Ouran High School Host Club, after a bit of a rough start, does a really admirable job of examining not only gender roles but socioeconomic inequality

Millennium Snow is from the same author with a full decade between when the first and second halves were written, and it’s interesting to see how Bisco Hatori matured as a writer and how it altered the course of the story.

Kare Kano has an excellent anime adaptation, from the same director as Evangelion, but for the love of god, skip the manga

All My Darling Daughters is a one-shot from Fumi Yoshinaga that is clearly, explicitly feminist.

Cardcaptor Sakura is a pretty good manga and a great anime, one of my favorite magical girl stories ever

I’m sure this is more than enough to start! Have fun!

Things I want to see in Infinity War
  • Daredevil
  • Thor with his helmet
  • “No shit, Sherlock” and then Tony and Stephen give a look
  • Cap lifting Mjolnir
  • Spider-Man and Ant Man bonding
  • Star Lord geeking out over Captain America
  • Deadpool watching the whole thing through a small TV and saying “I ain’t getting involved in that shit.”
  • Purple Man and Crossbones coming back
  • Red Hulk
  • Fully grown Groot

(undertale spoilers)

Details about The Great Papyrus for anyone who wants to present his greatness as accurately as possible. 

Note: This does not take the demo or reward tier video into consideration. We will be using the final game (including unused sprites) and 3D Render for reference. There are inconsistencies between the two, so sprites will usually take priority.


  • white skull 
  • interestingly enough, the rest of his skeleton is black
    • this is seen in overworld sprite and render
      • battle sprites have white skeleton, but a black skeleton would be hard to see with the background
    • he’s not wearing sleeves, as seen by the distinction of the ulna and radius bones of his arms
      • 3D render has solid arms, likely because distinct bones would make the arms fragile
    • is his skeleton painted black?
  • black eye sockets and black eyebrow ridges
    • his eyes are comically different sized, usually with his left eye being the smaller one
  • white battle armor with yellow cuffs on sleeves and bottom
  • red-orange cape
    • many mistake his cape for a scarf, but you can tell its a cape from the back
  • red-orange gloves with yellow cuffs
  • red-orange boots with black straps
  • blue shorts(?) with yellow trim

Design / Face:

  • has wacky expressions with googly eyes or anime eyes
    • eyebrow ridges sometimes disappear during these  
  • when looking in one direction, the black of his eye sockets shifts
  • can cry tears and blush 
  • corners of mouth are usually upright, but they can go down to be flat with the top of mouth and that’s the lowest they go
  • nasal cavity opening is triangular shaped with a slight pinch at the bottom
  • his whole face is used when expressing emotions

Design / Body:

  • tall and lanky figure aside from the battle armor
  • battle armor makes his upper body much wider than hips
    • shoulder length is at least twice the width of hips
  • always seen with gloves on, no matter what outfit
    • if called in Hotland after exiting Alphys’ lab, he mentions “I’m always wearing gloves…” when talking about knowing Hotland like the back of his hand
  • right glove appears to have a separate opening for the index finger, but not for the other fingers
    • this is seen in both 3D render and unused battle sprite
  • appears to be right-handed

Soul / Magic:

  • only uses blue and white attacks
    • contrary to popular fancanon, he never uses orange attacks or magic
  • turns the soul blue without any visible magic, attack, or action
    • if captured on purpose before the blue bones attack, the next time Papyrus is fought, the multiple blue bones attack is never used
    • every fight after the first starts right away with a blue soul; no attack needed
  • has a (possibly non-bone) attack that could blast you (likely the Gaster Blaster)
    • during his fight, he sometimes “prepares a non-bone attack and then spends a minute fixing his mistake”
    • if spared in genocide route and inquired about his box of bones, he mentions that had he used his special attack, “you surely would have been blasted to…”
  • is the only monster that has shown complete control of magic/attacks to not deal damage when opponent’s HP drops to 1
  • has a white upside-down soul, as all other monsters 
    • remember, only six colored souls were seen after Asriel destroyed the barrier

Please remember this is only a reference for those who want to present Papyrus as close to canon as possible. It is not meant to hinder your creativity.

the amount of angry messages i’m getting from people telling me what a bad person i am because i’m uncomfortable with how people are framing jasper as blameless and lapis as the abuser in their “relationship” is fucking unnerving. a lot of the language being used sounds WAY too much like language used against me in real life when i came out against an abuser.

lapis lazuli was injured, imprisoned, interrogated, used as an object, and abandoned on a foreign world. she was forced to lie there, unable to move and without any contact from anyone, for thousands of years. then, she was found by Pearl, who didn’t know she was sentient and therefore did nothing. and when lapis escaped and went home, she was immediately imprisoned again, interrogated by Peridot, and abused by Jasper. 

yes, abused. Jasper aggressively manhandles Lapis on several occasions, speaks down to her, threatens her, and calls her a “brat.” we don’t know what was done to Lapis when she got back to Homeworld, but whatever it was, it was traumatic enough that she’s quiet, fearful, and willing to remain a prisoner because even that’s better than whatever else Homeworld could do to her.

after surviving the crash, she is again grabbed by Jasper, who attempts to manipulate her and use her as an object to kill the one person who has shown her any kindness in thousands of years. there’s a reason Jasper’s “just say yes” line is so creepy. so, for the first time, Lapis takes back control of herself. she pretends to be compliant and then turns the tables on Jasper. she imprisons her as she was imprisoned, because she wants to save Steven and because she’s so traumatized that this seems like her only chance to fight backr. 

i’m sick of all the posts saying “Lapis was the one in the wrong, as evidenced by her statement concerning ‘what [she] did to Jasper.’” she wasn’t talking about it in a moral sense. she was talking about how Homeworld would likely kill her for capturing a Quartz and betraying a Homeworld mission. was what Lapis did healthy? no, but, from what we see (”just let me do this for you!”), she’s convinced it’s the only way she can protect Steven and is willing to sacrifice her own well-being. and is there a level of vengefulness to it? but from what we see, Lapis is not getting any pleasure from what she’s doing. she’s endlessly suffering.

at the end of the day, it was Jasper who abused Lapis, Jasper who wanted to trick her into fusing, the most personal thing a gem can do, in order to gain power and kill Steven. i get it–people like Jasper–but it’s fucking gross to act like she was the victim and i’m sick of seeing people blame Lapis for her situation and act like her lashing out makes her the abuser. 

and i’m sick of seeing victim-blaming language in a fandom for a children’s show. i’ve seen “it’s Lapis’s fault. she should have never gone back to Homeworld,” “she should have done what Jasper said from the beginning,” “she’s being selfish by fighting back against someone who’s hurt her,” “she doesn’t even try to understand Jasper.” one person tried to say she was the abuser based on the fact that they didn’t believe her “little story” about how she ended up in the mirror. what does that even have to do with anything? 

Jasper isn’t some blameless precious thing just because you think she’s cool. she’s a person who has served an empire and done bad things and, unlike Peridot and Lapis, she hasn’t had a chance to begin to atone for what she’s done (hell, we don’t even know if she’d want to).

stop. just stop.