Apocalypse Backpack Challenge- Original Post


  • Post a photo of everything you would have with you in case of an alien/zombie apocalypse
  • Use the tag #ApocalypseBackpack
  • Tag everyone you would want on your survival squad and challenge them to post a photo of what would be in their backpack
  • You don’t have to be tagged to participate

I know this is a lot of stuff and though it’s technically not in my backpack, it does say “everything you would have with you” and these will fit in my backpack.

Things in my “backpack” 

  • Futon/bedroll 
  • blanket
  • towel (i have a big one and a small one)
  • sweater
  • water bottle and water purifier (the thing with the handle beside the water bottle)
  • solar charger (though idk why I’d need my phone, but there ya go)
  • flashlight and headlamp (my lantern is broken :( )
  • pepper spray, pocket knife, and multitool 
  • sunglasses and chapstick
  • compass, flint, and carabiner
  • zip ties and bungee cords
  • tin foil, plastic baggies, and tp
  • first aid kit and bug repellant
  • extra batteries
  • Matches
  • mess kit (bowls and stuff) and peanut butter for food (protein!) 

Things I would have that I forgot..

  • pads
  • my bow and arrows
  • sneakers
  • more food items..
  • and something to read! (now I know what to charge my kindle and nook)

Survival Squad

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