WHY I will never unfollow these blogs:

nothing-rhymes-with-ianto - The most Torchwoodiest blog out there!

backpacksgotjets - Soooooo much Fett. Beautiful.

wookiesalwayswin - The name says it all, doesn’t it? Seriously, though… always on my Tumblr crush list.

doctormossinthetardis - IT Crowd, Doctor Who… ‘nuff said.

sexytardis- -Doctor Who pick-up lines. Is there anything funnier?

shockblanketsarecool - Lovely Sherlockian goodness. Plus lots of Martin Freeman & Benedict Cumberbatch.

thisissarcasm - Absolute hilarity PLUS Doctor Who and Sherlock.

bluepoliceboxes - Quality, quality blog. Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock. Good stuff!

valeria2067 - Sherlock/John shipping hilarity. And she is one clever, lovely lady. Lots of original content.

sherlock-stole-the-tardis - Another quality, QUALITY Sherlock blog. And run by Maddy who is just a lovely person.

hitchhikersguidetothewhoniverse -Doctor Who and everything else awesome. And just an all around awesome guy.

keithjacks - Intelligent Doctor Who theories/explanations… cute, too ;)

the-vashta-nerada - YES! Lots of Doctor Who and other nerdy goodness.

getinthetardisrose - If you like beautiful Rose, Rose/Tex graphics, go no further.

thatbluebox - The first blog I think I ever followed on tumblr. Lots of beautiful graphics posted here.