School backpacks by fashionbyjenner featuring a slouchy backpack

Monki vegan leather backpack, €32 / Accessorize polyurethane bag, €53 / Black knapsack, €26 / Metallic bag, €45 / Real leather backpack, €45 / Black knapsack, €43 / Nila anthony backpack, €36 / Ashley Stewart fake bag, €18 / Topshop slouchy backpack, €51 / Zara bag, €33 / Zara bag, €33 / Handle bag, €32

Aaaaaaah! The backpacks (and lunchboxes) I designed are finally available for sale at For Human Peoples! 

Essentially, every host came in and sketched out their ideas, and I had to take their concept and make it pretty pretty. (I kinda started to die as Sam, dublininc, described his…) In the video, you can see a tiny snippet of the process. 

Also, I’m super proud of all the graphics I got make in the video promo. Each one is a custom bkg for the hosts with little in-jokes here and there. (Reina wasn’t able to be in hers, but Suptic kinda worked out perfectly with those cat ears.  >^_^< ) 

I still get excited every time I see something I made on a computer screen turn into a tangible object. It’s so cool. >_< 

We also have leggings now, but I’m going to make separate design process posts for my favorite designs amongst those.