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We’ve joked about the impending nuclear apocalypse for years (because let’s face it, it’s pretty damn funny), but at the rate things have been going, we’re starting to wonder if we should stop laughing and start sounding alarms. Right now it’s still hard to say, but until WWIII hits we’re going to remain confident that our suggestion to build a bunker and stock it full of survivalist gear is merely precautionary rather than prophetic.

So check out this life-saving equipment which every day seems increasingly more and more necessary (gulp). And even if you’re not preparing for the End Days, at least the stuff is pretty awesome:

Keeping all of your priceless heirlooms and field rations in that cheeky bindle might make a few world-weary souls chuckle, but you’ll need a heavy-duty backpack if you want to make it through winter. This durable satchel is made of ballistic nylon developed by military material experts, and is big enough to carry a 15" laptop … because if it’s the end of the world, you’ll definitely want to be firing off angry emails to the people who made that happen. Wait, will electronics work in this new post-apocalyptic era? Well, it can’t hurt keeping your laptop around as a tool to bludgeon squirrels to death. Grab the Ballistic Backpack for $99.99.

10 Items You Need (More Than A Chainsaw) In The Apocalypse


I purchase these adhesive patches at Marshalls weeks ago. I forgot where I put them and then I found them again! I was planning to place the patches on the holes of my thrifted Kanken but then I realized none of the holes were that big. I didn’t want to bail on my plans so I placed one patch on the backpack. I’ll save the rest for future damages.

Neko’s 500 followers Giveaway!

I can’t believe I have a little over half a thousand people that followed me. That’s amazing. No porn bots, but I’m not sure if all of you are human. But anyway, it’s time for a giveaway! This one is a big thank you to all my followers especially and everyone that’s helped me out in some way or another the past year and a bit.

This is a giveaway for Guild Wars 2 only. If you do not have the full game, you cannot take advantage of this amazing offer. Please no giveaway blogs.

So what are the prizes?

1st Place will get two of their choice out of the following; an outfit, an armour set or a glider. So you can get an outfit and a glider if you want, for example.

2nd Place gets only one of the above, their choice.

3rd Place gets their choice of a gem store mini, backpack or a total makeover kit.


I will draw another random follower to receive 100 gold! That’s roughly 500 gems! 

To enter this amazing giveaway:

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This will be drawn one week from now! Starting date is 22/03 and the end date is 29/03!

Thank you for reading, following, liking and supporting me. Good luck with your entry and I hope to see more of you in the rest of the year!

Teach Me

Daryl Dixon x Reader | 18+ | Smut Warning | NSFW

Summary: The reader almost gets bit on a run and Daryl is furious with her. They get back to the prison and she asks him to teach her a thing or two about self-defense against walkers and people. Sweaty training ends in rough smut, Daryl style. ;)

Warnings: Smut


You hear the gates of the prison opening, one by one, as you sit in the car with Rick and Michonne, waiting to leave the prison and go to a town nearby to gather supplies. You wipe your hands up and down your jeans a few times and take a few deep breathes, trying to calm your nerves. This was the first run you had gone on with Rick’s group and you were nervous as hell, but you wanted to prove your worth to the group.

Rick and Daryl had rescued you from a herd of walkers a few weeks, your group had been overrun by a sudden herd and you had lost everyone, you thought you were also gone until you saw Rick and Daryl run up to you, with four walkers nearly on top of you, as they chomped at you, trying to grab your flesh. The two men easily pulled the walkers off you and smashed their heads in, using their boots and couple of iron rods in their hands. They had been in the area looking for supplies at the time they heard you scream. You had never been so glad to see other people in your life.

After that they offered you a place to stay at the prison, Rick asked the three questions and you seemed to pass. The past few weeks you had been lucky enough to have a roof over your head, a safe place to sleep, and people who actually seemed to be decent human beings. It was like an out-of-body experience for this world, you were so happy to have found them. And then there was Daryl, one of the men who had saved you. Daryl was something so different, you didn’t even know how to describe him. Shy but confident, tough but sensitive, kind but harsh, he was the kind of man it would take a lifetime to figure out and you certainly would have no problem with that.

You couldn’t help but notice this confident, yet nervous, man, every time he was near you. He didn’t say much, but he always seemed to have twenty things on his mind. You wondered what it would be like to hear all those thoughts that never escaped his mouth. This run was important to you, showing the group you could handle yourself. But Daryl? Daryl was more important, in a world like this, there is no time to sit back and ponder.You wanted to be with him any chance you got.

Your head snaps back to reality as you hear Daryl’s motorcycle roar to life in front of the truck you rode in. You see Daryl look back at Rick and nod as he drove forward out of the gates, one by one. Rick followed him out and you look back, seeing Carl and Sasha quickly closing each gate behind your entourage. You bite your lip a little feeling the rush of butterflies again in your stomach. You gripped the knife in your hand tightly, almost drawing blood, you wince and put the knife back in the holster on your side, continuing to play with your hands for the drive.

You sat in the backseat of the four-door pickup truck and watch as Rick and Michonne stare straight ahead, not saying much, focusing on the mission at hand. After about fifteen minutes or so you see Rick look up into the rearview mirror, looking at you as he began to speak.

“Should be there in a few minutes, everyone be ready.”

He stared at you with hard, yet compassionate eyes, and then turned to nod at Michonne, who nodded willfully back. You all go back to staring at the road in silence. You see Daryl’s strong muscular body ahead of you, in his vest and black denim pants, carrying his crossbow slung across his broad back, as he gripping his motorcycle handles tightly. You see his body sway to the right as he turns onto another road, Rick followed his path and followed him as Daryl turned on to another tar road, marked Roseville Ave. Your body leans to the right sharply as both the bike and truck turn at record speeds, Michonne’s body remains nearly straight up as her strong right arm grips the side of the open window harshly, holding herself in place against gravity.

When meeting Rick’s group at the prison for the first time you were surprised at how many of them were skilled fighters. You had taken on walkers a few times before, getting lucky with things like using shelves to take them down before stomping on them, making sure they were dead. Another time you were able to sneak around behind one and stab it at the base of the neck. But, you had never seen such a group more ready for this world than theirs, it made you wish you were a better fighter than you were. But you figured you had survived just as long as them and you wanted to show them you were not afraid of this world either, even if you were. 

You watch as you see a sign, “Now entering Roseville. Population: 500.” On the horizon you can make out a small downtown street, your stomach begins to flip and you shake a little, you try and shake it off as Daryl’s bike and Rick’s truck slowly enter the town, parking just before the small town street appeared.  Daryl quickly killed his bike, stepping on his kickstand and pushing it to the ground before slinging his right leg over, swinging his body around, and walking towards the Rick’s truck. Rick parked behind Daryl and cut his engine, following suit. He looked at Michonne and then looked at you, mainly focusing on you.

“You see anything or hear anything you come get me or Daryl, I do not want this going badly. Let’s stick together.” He said with a serious nod to me and then up to Michonne.

You hold your breath and nod, trying to be brave and compose yourself. Michonne stared back at him with hardened eyes and nodded seriously before stepping out of the truck and onto the street. Rick followed, slamming his feet on the asphalt below and turning to square his hips toward Daryl who is walking toward the truck with squinted eyes as the Georgia sun beat down on his body.

You sigh a little to yourself, “Here goes nothing,” and push your door open, and slowly dropping one nervous leg down at a time. Your feet steady themselves on the ground below you and you begin to pick on up after the other, following Rick and Michonne to meet Daryl on the road.

Rick puts his hands on his hips, near his holster where his gun sits securely. Michonne follows Rick’s stance and puts her hands on her hips, looking at Daryl, with her sword securely on her back. Daryl nods to them both, adjusting his crossbow a little, due to the shift in weight from getting off the bike. Daryl the looks back at you with hard eyes. You weren’t sure why. You take another deep breath and put your left hand on the holster on your hip that carries your knife. You look at the weapons everyone else had and wondered if you had made the right decision. Too late now. You thought to yourself, feeling your heartbeat begin to pick up and you shift your weight so that your feet are shoulder width apart, trying to steady your body and get ready for anything.

Rick looks to Daryl, then Michonne, then back to you, shifting his body a little to view you.

“We stay in tight formation, no one leaves anyone else’s sight, let’s split up into groups to cover more ground. Michonne, you’re with me, we will hit the pharmacy and see if we can find any medicine or baby supplies for Judith. Y/N, you’re with Daryl, you two hit the country store over there and see what food and other supplies you can find.” Rick spoke with authority as he pointed to the small, almost western looking set up of the downtown street ahead of you, you wouldn’t be surprised if a tumbleweed came rolling through any minute.

You stare up and over at Daryl who is looking at you with intense eyes, you felt your body react to his stare, as you felt a surge of electricity run through it. Truth be told? Part of the reason you had decided to go on this mission was because of the man staring you down. Ever since him and Rick had saved you and brought you to their home you had found you could not stop thinking about him, so mysterious, and so gorgeous in all the right ways. You had always loved the rugged guys and this man was something even you could never dream up. Your heart races for a different reason as you stare into him for a moment before shaking the thoughts and focusing on the life or death situation. Rick walked to the back of the truck and pulled the back door of the truck open, grabbing four backpacks that he had stored on the seat beside yours, he shut the door and threw a bag to Daryl, Michonne, and then you. You caught the bag, barely, and huffed a little. You quickly straightened up and slung the bag around one of your shoulders, hoping no one noticed your moment of weakness.

“Alright. Let’s move!” Rick said and began to run down the street towards the pharmacy to the far right, past a hardware store, his hand on his holster. Michonne drew her sword and followed after him.

“Keep up.” Daryl said to you as he slung the crossbow easily off his shoulders and placed it in his hands at the ready, he turned his body and began to stride down the street to the country store all the way at the very other end of the small town street. You sigh a little in frustration, everyone else was so used to this, you grab your knife from your holster and run rapidly down the road, following Daryl and looking around for any signs of trouble.

Daryl runs down the road until he reaches the store front, heaving a little out of breath, you soon follow. You stand beside him and look into the old wooden storefront, there was a title etched out on the window pane, it was hard to read now, but it was there. It read, “Mom and Pop’s Country Store,” you smirk a little wondering when you would have ever in your life been happy to see one of those again. You had come from a town just like this, nearly non-existent and hell to live in as a teenager or for anyone who wanted to have a life. Ironically, coming from a town like this had saved you when the outbreak hit, you had warning from the bigger cities and outside world before it ever spread here, giving you enough time to devise a getaway plan.  

Daryl looks to you and sees your smirk, this seems to anger him and he stares into you.

“This ain’t no joke, Y/N.” He growled lowly, trying to hush his husky voice. “Stay behind me, ya hear?” He said, raising his tone just a little and leaning into you with an intimidating stance.

“Okay.” You say, nodding, and wiping the smirk from your face.

He nods and turns his view back to the country store, bringing his crossbow back up and uses it as a scope as he begins to step forward, slightly nodding back to you for you to follow.

You watch as his right foot hits the creaky hard wood floor of the deck ahead, as his body turns slowly from the right to the left as he scans the area, he hears nothing so he steps his other foot up and begins walking toward the door. He keeps his crossbow aimed straight ahead as he reaches one hand out toward the simple metal handle of the screen door and slams it open, again waiting for a moment. He nods back to you, as you hold your knife in your hand, trying not to shake like a leaf as you bring your feet up to the wooden deck and follow closely behind him, with your knife drawn in your right hand.

Daryl steps into the doorway and you hear another loud creak from the floor boards. He walks in and you see food on shelves and in old coolers on the left and an old checkout counter to your right, where a cash register and packs of cigarettes and lighters are stored, along with things like lotto tickets and newspapers stacked on them, a.k.a. things no longer useful in this world. You glance to the back of the small store and see a small array of clothing in the back of the store, down a few shallow steps away.

Daryl quickly steps over to the left side of the store, aiming his crossbow with intent as he looked down every row, high and low, for any trouble. He comes back in front of you, his back to you, still scanning the area.

He points his left hand and index finger over to the left side of the room, “Get as much food as you can carry.” He instructs and you nod, pointing your knife at the ready in front of you as you intently move your feet over to the couple of rows available.

You start with the back room first, looking through things like toothbrushes, soaps, and shampoos. You shove all of the hygiene products into your bag easily, as they are small camping supply versions, and move the next row. You see cans of refried beans, chili beans, soups, and vegetables, and swoop them into your pack, before seeing some peanuts, chips, and what looked to be pork rinds, you shrug, not for you but someone else might like them. You go about gathering as much as you can, ignoring obviously stale or rotten things like old bread, fruit, and milk, as you pass through the rows. You come to the end of the last row and shove charcoal, matches, and lighter fluid into your pack.

Your feet hit the wooden floor harshly as you heave a little under the now nearly full pack’s weight. You look down at the few racks of clothing and then look down at your sweat and dirt covered t-shirt, you grimace at your appearance and set the pack on the ground for a moment. You look over at Daryl who has set his crossbow on the counter and is filling his pack with lighters, cigarettes, jerky, candy, and whatever else he could find. He seemed pre-occupied in his task, you were sure he wouldn’t mind or notice if you just went and grabbed something new to wear.

Your feet hit the wooden steps that lead to the slightly lower floor softly, not wanting to let Daryl know you were disobeying him. You looked over to your right and saw a few spinning racks that showed pictures of the town and the state of Georgia, with sayings like, “We Missed You!” and “Welcome to Georgia!” on them, with images of local landscape, typical of any town who wanted a piece of the tourist profit to be made back in the real days. You also saw a few tacky Georgia screen print and embroidered t-shirts and sweat shirts on that side.

You decided to look at what else this store had to offer and turned your gaze to the left, where there were plain t-shirts, tanks tops and sweats hanging from hangers. You began to quietly browse through them, sliding the hangers over from one side to another as quietly as you could, looking up at Daryl who was busy scouring whatever he found underneath the checkout counter. You stop and notice a cute, simple blank tank top. You pick it up by the hanger and admire it. It was cute, practical, and it would hide dirt easily. You walk behind the rack of clothing and slowly set your knife down on the ground. You once again look over at Daryl, making sure he is still busy, as you reach your fingertips down to the hem of your dirty tank top and pull it over your head, throwing it to the floor. You feel the air hit your bare breasts a little and shiver, you pull the black tank top quietly from the hanger and quickly pull it over you, adjusting it onto you as fast as you can, so that Daryl does not see you. You pull it neatly over you and go to reach back down for your knife.

As you are about the reach down you suddenly hear jagged breathing from behind you. You spin your feet around, kicking your knife under the rack of clothes, and see a walker staggering toward you. You notice there is a small back office door open as you see a small woman with white straggly hair coming toward you, chopping her teeth. You gasp, stepping back, only to hit the bottom metal rail of the clothing rack and forcing you to fall down into it and onto the floor, clothes falling everywhere.

You grasp your hands around, trying to find the knife that had spun to the floor. Your hands roam wildly around you as your eyes remain fixed on the walked reaching their arms out at you and falling down onto your body. You heart races and your hands roam even more desperately around you, trying to find your weapon and salvation. Before you can cry or scream you suddenly see Daryl’s boot kick the walkers head to the left, forcing its weak, but determined, body off of yours. You look up and see him aim his crossbow and fire into the walker’s skull, shooting it dead.

Your body heaved with adrenaline as you watched the scene unfold. You look up at Daryl who keeps his crossbow and gaze intact on the dead walker for a minute longer before look down at you angrily.

“What the hell did I tell you, Y/N!??” He screams angrily.

You look up at him with wide eyes, still in shock by what just happened.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted-“ You started but he interrupted you.

“Can’t even listen to simple instructions.” He muttered to himself.

You felt hot tears coming to your face, you tried to push them down, but a few escaped. You looked down ashamed as a few tears slipped out.

You saw Daryl’s stance change as he angled his body to yours, leaning his hand down to you.

“Come on.” He said, his voice softer.

You take his hand, not looking at him, and allow him to pull you up off the floor with one easy stride. You turn away from him long enough to wipe the tears from your eyes and then focus on the floor, scanning it for your knife. You see that it had slide all the way under the card rack on the other side, you click your feet quickly and go to retrieve it. You bend down and grab it easily into your hand, turning around, this time very much ready to use it. You see it is little use as the walker is dead and your shocked body begins to return to normal. You dare to look up at Daryl and see him staring at you with angry, yet concerned eyes.

“Ya alright?” He asked and glanced over your body for any bites.

You look down at your body, inspecting yourself and finding nothing, luckily. You look up at him with apologetic eyes and nod slowly, “Yeah. I think so.”

He nods, his eyes relaxing a little at your words. He takes a breath and slings his crossbow over his back.

“Come on… We’ve got all we can from here.” He said, gesturing for you to walk back up the stairs first.

You nod and walk up the stairs, holstering your knife, and grabbing the pack you had filled. You put the backpack on using both straps and feel the heavy weight of the goods you had collected. You hear Daryl approach from behind you and feel him stop waiting for you to walk toward the front of the store. You walk to the front of the screen door and look behind you, watching as he quickly grabs his heavy pack and easily swings it onto his shoulders. You look at him and he nods his head up at the door, gesturing you to walk outside. You turn your gaze to your front and push the screen door quietly open, hearing the slight hum of the springs as you do.

You cautiously walk out of the store, looking to both sides as you do, and step forward, allowing Daryl to follow you back into the sunlight world. You look back at him and he looks down at you with what looks like relief. You step back out onto the tar road and walk back toward your vehicles, all the while he follows closely behind you, scanning the area.

You walk up the road and see Rick and Michonne standing in front of the truck, arms folded, shoulder to shoulder, waiting for you two, their eyes serious and stoic. You take a deep breath and await the lashing you would get when Daryl told them what you had done.

Rick looked at Daryl with hard, worried eyes, “What was that?” He asked referring to the noise he had heard.

Daryl looked over at you and saw your sheepish eyes staring at the ground.

“Nothin’. Just a dead son-of-a-bitch, I got ‘em.” He said easily.

You snap your head up at him in surprise, staring curiously.

He feels yours eyes on him, but continues to stare at Rick, trying to sell it.

Rick stares at him a little and then back at you, before lowering his gaze to the ground and nodding, seemingly believing Daryl’s words.

“Alright, let’s load this stuff up and get home.” Rick said, nodding to your and Daryl’s full backpacks.

“Good work.” He says looking you in the eye, you smile a little in response.

Daryl slung his backpack over his shoulder and handed it to Rick, before turning to you and reach out his hand for yours. You groan a little under the weight and shift your body to sling the pack onto Daryl’s hand, which easily holds the weight. He pulls it onto his shoulder and gestures at you and then at the truck. You smile a little and walk back over to the side of the truck you had emerged from to begin with.  He walks behind you and reached his arm around you to the handle of the back door, lifting it open and swinging it out for you. You step in and sit down, staring down at him, a little confused by his actions.

“Thanks.” You say softly and smile a little up at him through your lowered eyes.

He scoffed just a little and smiled back up at you for only a split second.

“Just glad you’re alright.” He said with a quiet tone before turning his head back over to Rick and Michonne, once he sees they are not watching you two, he glances quickly back over at you.

“Have a safe trip home.” He said softly.

You look at him nodding and smiling, “You too.”

He nods and shuts the door, walking over to the other side of the truck, opening the other back door and slamming the pack down on the seat. He stared at you for a minute again, without a sound, before Rick and Michonne walked over behind him, waiting to throw their packs in too. His hand left your pack on the seat and his eyes slowly withdrew from yours.

You felt that surge of electricity again, as you watched him walk away toward his bike. You gaze at him longingly for a moment, before snapping back to reality and turning your attention back at Rick and Michonne, who handed you each pack one by one, you heaved them inside and nodded, watching them both get back into the truck. You looked ahead and saw Daryl swing his leg back over his bike and use his left leg to lift the kick stand up, using his body to sway the bike to the right as he kicked the stand up. He jumped a little, kicking his left foot down on the starter and you hear it roar to life. Your whole body vibrates a little in response to the sound of it and you close your eyes and shake your head, trying to concentrate on reality.

You remained silent throughout the drive home, thinking about the day and what had happened. You furrow your brow nervously, as you think how close to death you really were. If it wasn’t for Daryl… Your heart starts to race a little at the thought that you almost died today. What were you thinking coming out here like this? You thought, chastising yourself. Before you knew it you were rolling up to the prison gates behind Daryl’s bike. You watched Sasha and Tyreese pull the gates open, one by one, allowing Daryl’s bike, followed by Rick’s truck back into the prison.

Rick followed Daryl’s bike up the gravel road a ways until you both reached the parking area of the prison camp. Daryl slams his kickstand back down and swings his right leg over, easily slamming it down next to his other foot. He watched and waited as Rick pulled the truck over behind him. Once Rick put the truck in park, Daryl walked over to the back of the truck, across from you, and grabbed two of the heavy packs in his arms.

“I got yours, Y/N.” He said stoically and swung both bags easily over each shoulder.

You smile a little to yourself and nod, “Thanks.” You say softly, looking up at him with shy eyes.

He nodded, without any emotion in his face and turned to Rick who had gotten out of the truck and walked over to Daryl’s side.

“I’m gonna take these up to the cellblock.” He said.

Rick nodded, “Michonne and I will get the rest.”

Michonne swung her body easily out of the truck, holding on to the open window frame while doing so. You hear her feet hit the gravel as they come slamming down, she walks over to Rick and Rick hands her a pack, before picking up his own. You open your door and slowly drop one leg at a time, until they softly hit the ground. You look down at your feet as you walk, again thinking of how embarrassing and scary today had been for you. You rarely failed at anything, this world had taught you, there were still many things to learn. You look up and see Rick and Michonne walking up to the cellblock, clicking their heels in unison as they walked up the road to the prison. You look at them confused, wondering where Daryl was. Suddenly, you hear a throat clear and you look over to the front of the truck, seeing Daryl standing there holding both packs in each arm, his muscles flexing at you.

“Come on.” He said and nodded toward the road.

Your stomach did flips as you realize he was waiting for you. You smile smally and nod, walking over to him. Once you were face to face with him he turned his heels and began to walk up the road, following Rick and Michonne’s path. He stared ahead stoically, not saying anything as you two walked up the gravel. Once you made it inside the prison you both walked to the cell block, Daryl walked ahead of you for a moment and slammed the two packs on a nearby table that was set up for supplies. He set them next to Rick and Michonne’s packs. Rick stood at the table and nodded a thank you to Daryl, before turning and digging in to separate the supplies.

“I’ll be back.” Daryl said to Rick. Rick nodded, lost in his own duties.

Daryl turned around and looked at you, nodding his head back, a gesture to you to follow him.

Your body tingled in excitement and your stomach began to flip at an immense rate, you could feel your heart beating throughout your body. He turned around and began walking towards the back of the cellblock, where everyone’s individual cells were. You stared at him, from behind, as he led you to his cell, which was all the way in the back of the block. He pulled the curtain to his cell open and nudged his head forward, ushering you to step inside first. Your feet bravely complied as you forced them into the room.

You looked around and saw a few clothes scattered around, along with some food wrappers that had been thrown on the floor. You looked back at Daryl who had also entered and secured the blanket “door” onto the wall with little tacks he had found in one of the offices in the prison. He tacked the blanket down the wall, giving you as much privacy as was allowed in this world. You watched as his fingers secured the last tack, on the bottom, staring down at his hunched over, muscular form. Your eyes roamed over his body, looking him up and down, with his back to you. You smile a little, staring at his arms, broad shoulders, and down his back to his amazing ass.

You watch as his body shoots up and stands, he turns back around and stares into this time his eyes gave way to something that looked like anger. He reached both of his hands over to the strap of his crossbow as he heaved it over his body and brought the heavy weapon up and over him, he walked to the corner of the room and carefully set it down, turning his attention back to you.

You smile, feeling your face heat up at his glare, you slightly move your right foot back and forth across the floor, looking down at it awkwardly. You peer up at him, your head still down, he stares at you from across the room.

“I really don’t know how to thank you enough, Daryl-“ You start, wanting to show him your gratitude, but were cut off.

“Don’t know why you were even out there.” He said shortly, causing you to look at him sideways.

“I know, I just wanted-“ You started again, your eyes growing sad.

“Wanted to what? Get yourself killed?!” He raised his voice to you, causing you to back up a little in fear. He throws his arm out in emphasis as he spoke to you.

“Jesus Y/N! You think you can just go off and do whatever you want, whenever you want… And then go and get yourself nearly killed!” He angrily paces around the room a few times, lost in his own thoughts.

Daryl had liked you from the moment he pulled those walkers off you, the first time you met. He liked how shy and nice you were, even after the world going to shit. He didn’t know anyone who could smile as brightly as you could, amidst the hell that was on earth these days. He hid his feelings well, only stealing glances when he knew you weren’t looking. He loved how easily you got along with others, making it seem damn near effortless. He was furious with Rick for allowing you to go on that run to begin with, he should have trusted his gut and not allowed you to go. He paced around, his adrenaline pumping, as he thought about what could have happened, if he had been just a second too late. He stopped pacing and turned to you, before speaking.

“You shouldn’t have been out there!” He shouted again.

You stared back at him, nodding sadly, you knew he was right.

“I know.” You say in a small, hushed voice, slumping your body down onto the bed, while Daryl paced around, above you.

He looked at you curious about your response, before turning back to his pacing motion.

“I just… Shouldn’t have been there… Should have known better.” He trails off, lost in his own thoughts again.

You sit on the bed twiddling your thumbs, watching him as he chastises himself and you, pacing the world.

“You could teach me.” You say softly, looking up at him again.

“What?” He asked, still pacing.

“Teach me how to fight.” You say and peering into his eyes.

His body stops and he looks back at you, contemplating it. He chews on his lip a little and his toe taps as he thinks, finally he nods, staring into you.

“Alright.” He nods his head up to you, and then towards the door, “Let’s go.”

He uses his big hands to untack the door carefully and you stand up to follow him out of the cell and back outside. You follow Daryl down the road toward the edge of the property where there is a small shed and behind it a decent sized plot of green grass, perfect for training. Off in the distance you can hear Walkers growling and running their fingers up and down the chain link, making you shudder a little.

Daryl leads you around to the back of the shed, where there is just a small bench set up next to a modest fire pit. This is where Daryl spent most of his time when he wanted to be away from the others. He walks halfway across the field before turning to you, walking backwards and sticking his arms out in the air. He motions both hands to you, gesturing at you to come his way.

You stomp your boots down on the ground, squinting your eyes, trying to turn on your determination button. You were not going to go down in this world as someone who didn’t at least try to fight back against the evil that was in it. Your chest heaves with adrenaline, under your new black tank top. Your legs move with focus underneath your denim blue jeans. You pull your hair back into a tight ponytail, still walking towards the man who had saved your life, twice now. You wanted to make him proud. You walk up to him and face him, squaring your hips and spreading your legs shoulder width apart. You place your hands on your hips, awaiting instructions.

Daryl looked you up and down, getting a little turned on by your determination. So damn cute. He thought to himself, his body shifting a little, as he felt what you did to him. He blinked, trying to shake the dirty thoughts away, he wanted to teach you how to survive, both the dead and the living. He straightened his body out again and took a deep breath, focusing on the task at hand. He put his hands up palms facing flat and up, he flexed his muscle as he squatted his body down a little.

“Alright. Let me see what you can do. Punch my hands, as hard as you can.” Daryl said, still bracing.

You look at him with a little shock and concern in your eye, making him chuckle a little.

You felt butterflies flutter through your stomach seeing his smile, his smile was the cutest thing you had ever seen.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be alright.” He said to you, smirking.

You roll your eyes a little, you could be tough, you would show him. You drop your left heel back and pivot your right foot forward, putting up your fists. Thumbs inside or out? You quickly ask yourself mentally, trying to remember what your dad had told you as a child. Out. I think it’s out. You nod to yourself and tighten your fists, clasping your thumb out grasping your other fingers. You motion your weight back and forth on your feet, rocking to a rhythm only you could hear as you amp yourself up.

You squint one more time, focusing on Daryl’s right upright palm you push your weight forward on your right foot and jut your arm out, twisting it to straighten your fist as you slam it into his palm, harshly. You smile a little as you twist and pivot your other arm out, turning your waist, and slam your left arm into his left palm. You do this a few times, crossing back and forth between palms, making contact every time.

Your wrists were tiny and the impact was minimal, but you had perfect form Daryl thought as he watched you punch into him, he smiled, taking you in in all your fire and glory. He watched as your determined eyes focused on his hands, he watched your body move in a motion that he fucking loved, your hips moving side to side in pure militant action. He saw you stand back after a minute, trying to catch your breath, his eyes wander down your body and he watches your chest heave in the sun, seeing a couple of droplets of sweat run down your neck and drop into your shirt. He bit his lip a little before shaking it off and standing up, looking back at you with an impressed gaze.

“Someone must have taught ya to fight… before all this.” He waved his arm out into the air, gesturing to the scenery around you.

You scoff a little, rolling your eyes. “The one good thing my dad ever taught me… hell the only thing.”

You said with sarcasm rounding out the sentence. Your father had never been around long enough to teach anything much, but around the time you turned 16 there was a random day where he had wanted to see you and you spent the entire day together, went to a movie, out to eat, shopping, and towards the end of the day you sat at a park, where he became determined to teach you how to defend yourself. He was a cop, so naturally he knew the basic self-defense training, he taught you the basic punches and techniques to get away, things like kicking in the kneecap, palm to the nose, and other course with guys, the groin was always a safe bet when thinking of getting to safety. These tips helped you a lot along the way after the world ended, on both the living and the dead. Come to think of it, it may have saved your life in this end time world. You shift your body a little, lost in your thoughts. Family is never an easy thing, but you never expect to be without it. You never think the last time will be the last time. In this damn world? It always could be, the air stung with inevitability.

Daryl clears his throat and you snap your eyes back to his, where he is staring at you, intently.

“Sorry.” He says shortly, but leans his body forward towards yours, as he speaks, putting his hands in his pockets.

You smile a little back at his response. He was so damn cute and he didn’t even know it. You watch as his weight shifts back and forth between his heels and his toes, his hands tugged into his black jeans. He peers up at you, sideways, trying to read your mind. You shrug a little, looking at the ground and then back up to him.

“Not your fault. We all lost something.” You say, looking sideways at nothing, nodding your head, reminding yourself that things could be worse. You snap your eyes back to him and shift your feet deeper into the grass.

“What now?” You ask, raising your palms to him and squatting down, making a stance and waiting for instruction.

He smirked a little and nodded his head sideways before quickly looking back at you. He squats back down and puts his palms up to match yours, nodding.

“Let’s see whatcha got!” He smiles and begins moving his feet, making his body cross the ground.

You squint in concentration and follow his lead, trying to match your feet’s rhythm to his. You slap your hand against his, while crisscrossing your feet, hitting him a little, he pushes his hand into yours and stares into you. You move and twist your hips and feet over across the lawn, slapping his right and left hands here and there when you are able, each time he leans his hand into yours and nods his head in encouragement. You break out into a smile as you begin to get the hang of it, as you both move swiftly form side to side in the grassy area.

You giggle a little to yourself as you begin to hit his hand each time, matching the rhythm of his feet perfectly towards the end. You are so caught up in your rhythm you forget that you need to breathe, you sprint back and forth until your legs feel like they or on fire and you fall over into the grass, turning and laying on your back, your body heaving.

Daryl lays beside you with a big hump, also on his back, his legs up and swaying, as his face contours, catching his breathe. He sits and breathes in and out deeply for a second before turning toward you and smiling. You, also heaving, looks over at him and smile blissfully and grateful for the adrenaline rush.

“So what now? Mr. Dixon?” You ask innocently as you pull your body to your knees and lean over him.

“What else are you gonna teach me?” You stared into him, awaiting instruction, feeling your breathing come back to normal, but your heart still raced in close proximity to the man you had wanted since you had met him.

He smirked a little, his breathing coming back down, he tossed his hair, nudging his head up, and stared into you.

“I got a few ideas.” He said, still smirking.

Suddenly he moves his body up and over yours, forcing you to lay on your back. You peer at him in shock and watch as he gentle presses his right hand down on your sternum, holding you to the ground.

“What if I were a walker? What would you do?” He asked, as you struggle a little under his hand.

Your eyes close, trying to focus, this was another test. You think back to the training you had been giving and move your left arm up swiftly, pushing it hard against Daryl’s arm restraining you, forcing his grip off you. You roll to your right a few times and force your body to your feet, fists raised.

Daryl rolls over and crawls his way slowly to his feet, swinging his arms, and staring at you, a small smile never leaving his lips.

“Good.” He says as enthusiastically as Daryl Dixon can and he nods his head up at you.

“Now… Come at me.” He raises his arms and juts his fingers up and down, gesturing to you.

You dig your heels into the ground and nod your head, determined to do good. You sprint forward and slam your body into his, using both hands to push him to the ground. You both fall and you land hard on top of him, your hands bracing against his chest. You hear the thud, but neither of you feel the fall thanks to the pure adrenaline running through both your veins. You feel his hands quickly come up to your hips and harshly pull them as he pivots his body around, turning you onto your back and pushing you hard into the ground. You cry out in pleasure, feeling his hands force your body into the ground with so much pressure.

He looks at you and curiously cocks his head to the side, smirking. Had he heard you cry out for him? He stares down at you and you look back at him licking your lips a little as you feel his body straddling yours. You look down at his hips on yours and then stare up into his eyes with longing. He nods and swoops down, crashing his lips onto yours.

You feel his tongue as it grazes harshly across your bottom lip and then across your top, you cry out again and arch your body up into him, opening your mouth to him. You close your eyes and he watches you cry out. He growls and you feel it all through his body as he presses against you, you feel his hips press hard into yours moan again. He plunges his tongue into your awaiting mouth and swirls his tongue harshly around your mouth, capturing your tongue and making love to it. You feel his hand come up and cup the side of your face, pushing you into him harder. You swirl your tongue around his faster in response to his urgency.

He groans a little and presses his hold body onto you even harder, thrusting his hips up into your core, watching for your reaction. You smile a little, your eyes still closed, stopping your tongue for a moment. He smirked and did it again a few more times, watching you come undone a little. Your hair harshly rubs into the grass as you feel his hips grind you into the ground a few times. His tongue swirls around yours a few more times as both of his hands cup your face and pull you into him. He quickly exists your mouth putting a little kiss onto the tip of your nose. He leans up and peers down at you with a mischievous smile.

“What if I were a walker?…” He shifts his weight, pushing his groin into yours holding into you. “…What would you do?” He asked, smirking at you.

You moan a little to yourself, loving the feeling of him pressing himself into you and then look up at him, smiling a devilish smile. In one quick motion you lean your knee up and gently graze his thighs apart from inside them and swirl your body around, pushing him down onto the ground beneath you, your hands pushing his chest down as hard as you could. You breathe heavily as you feel the lust and adrenaline pump through your body. You grind your hips into his a little bit and watch as his eyes turn to you lowly looking like he had a bunch of naughty intentions. His hands grazed up your thighs and roamed to your hips, his right hand moved lower and grabbed the side of your ass harshly. You writhe your hips into him in response, straddling him as the sunset glow appeared on both your bodies.

You look down at him as you grind your hips into his, you feel his throbbing cock beneath his pants and sigh a little in response.

“What are you going to teach me now?” You ask lowly, riding him into the grass.

He smirks and grabs your ass harder, pushing you into him harsher as you grind into him.

“Baby? I got all kinds of things to teach you.” He emphasized your name and you became even wetter.

Suddenly his right hand came back to your hip and both hands swirled you around, his body pushing you both over in another somersault, him landing back on top of you. He grabs your wrists and harshly pushed them both up above your head, holding you into the ground. He positions his legs so he is straddling you, his clothed cock pressing into your core. You writhe up into his hips, staring at him with longing.

“Daryl…” You breathe heavily, staring into him, reaching your lips up, trying to taste him again.

He smiles and plunges his tongue back into your mouth, harshly pushing past your teeth and making love to your awaiting tongue. You swirl around each other’s tongues for what felt like a blissful hour, lost in your passion, until you suddenly feel Daryl’s hand drop your wrists and graze down the outside of your tank top and coming to cup your breast a few times.

“Yes!” You cry out, shooting your head back and out of his mouth.

He kisses down your cheek to the side of your neck, running his tongue up and down it before crashing his lips onto your earlobe, sucking it slowly into his mouth. He moves his other hand up to your other breast and massages you from outside your shirt, making love to your ear. He breathes heavily into your ear and he kisses you, slowly detaching for a minute and whispering to you.

“I’ll teach you how to scream my name, darlin’.” He said in a raspy voice and began to kiss down your neck and sucking harshly on your collarbone for a moment, making you cry out to him again.

“I fucking love when you moan for me, girl.” He growls into your skin, causing vibrations throughout your body and a whimper from your mouth.

His tongue continued to work its way to the base of your neck, his lips reached the top of your tank top and they detached from your skin. You look down and see him staring at the fabric in frustration. He looks around the area, checking to see if any walkers or people are nearby, he sees nothing and looks back down at your clothing. You bite your lip in anticipation, as if you could read his mind. He stares up at you and sees your eyes glistening with amusement and happiness.

“Go ahead.” You say to him and nod down to him.

He smiles and growls, moving his hands quickly down to the hem of your tank top, using his fingers to lift it off you. You smile, lift your body up, and put your arms in the air. You giggle a little as he eagerly strips you of your shirt, revealing your aroused naked breasts. He groans at the sight of you and suddenly, his hands are pulling at the button to your jeans, he quickly unbuttons you and you feel his fingers slide down the zipper.

You feel yourself getting hotter and braver, you move your hands up his bare chest and tug and pull at the hems of his vest. He smiles and allows you to push the vest off each shoulder and down each arm, one at a time. He throws it to the side and moves his hands back down to your hips, concentrating so hard. He licks his lips and stares at his hands as they move to either hip and begin to try and pull the fabric off of you.

“Lift that beautiful ass of yours…”  He growled, his eyes never leaving your hips.

You smile and comply, lifting your ass slowly into the air. You moan to him as you feel him pull the fabric of your jeans and your panties down all at once. Once they reached your knees his hands slowly roamed back of your thighs, as you remained arched into the air. His hands roamed back up to either sides of your ass and smacked each side harshly, roughly grabbing both cheeks and your hip bones for a minute.

“Daryl!” You cry out his name, loving his rough touch on you. He smacks your ass a few more times with both hands in response.

He uses his hands to slowly, but roughly, push your hips back down to the ground. He holds his hands into you for a moment, staring down at you with desire.

“Why don’t you open those pretty legs of yours.” He said, as his hands moved over to rub around your lower stomach. You groan a little at the feel of his hands so close to where you wanted them. You lick your lips and look up at him as you spread your legs apart in front of him, revealing your wet, aching pussy to him.

“Damn Y/N.” He growls as he stares down at it, licking his lips. He rubs his fingers up and down his lips a few times as he stares, before he looks back up at you, locking into your eyes.

“Here’s what I’m gonna teach you…” He says as he lowers his body, scooting his knees down, until he has his face directly in front of your pussy, he moves both hands behind your ass cheeks and looks back up at you.

“You always cum for Daryl…” He growls and rushes his head down into your core, pushing his tongue into your pussy harshly.

“Fuck, Yes!” You cry out and move your hands down to his hair tugging him into you harder, loving the feel of his tongue inside you. You buck your hips up into his face and you feel his tongue dart in and out and swirl wildly around  you over and over. He licks his tongue up you and wiggles it a little hitting your clit, causing you to buck harshly into him and cry out his name. You push his head into you loving the pressure of him on your clit.

He groans out a little, loving when you take charge, and uses his right hand to smack and grab your ass harder, pulling you into this mouth more. He sucks and swirls around inside your over and over as you ride his face, fucking into him as hard as you could. You could feel the sweat starting to build on your skin and you could feel what the rhythmic motion of his tongue was doing with every lap. He moved his tongue up to the top of your pussy and harshly kissed the top of your clit a few times, wiggling his tongue inside you.

“Holy Fuck!” You cry out, closing your eyes as you scream out to him.

His tongue wiggles faster and he sucks on your clit harder, pushing his head into yours and moaning.

“Mmmm…” He moaned out causing vibration through you.

“Baby! I’m going to-“ You cry out writhing into him.

He growls into you again, sucking and swirling onto your clit hard and wiggling his big tongue around inside you faster and faster.

“Yes!!! Fuck!!” You cry out as you cum onto his face, pushing your hips up into his lips as hard as you could. He used his hands to hold you into him by your ass and continued to moan onto your clit, causing you to buck up into him a few more times, before holding yourself there and smiling in pure bliss.

You hold yourself into his face a few more second before dropping your hips. Daryl pulls his lips out of you and look up at you as you pant your high away. You stare down at him tussling his hair in appreciation. He smiles back at you and turns to his right to kiss your inner left thigh. You moan a little in response to his tongue again on your skin, you pull the thigh around to his neck, slightly pulling him back into you, causing him to look up at you as he tongues your thigh.

You stare down at him, needing to feel him all over you, you arch your hips a feel times, feeling yourself so wet just staring at him.

“Daryl… Teach me how to fuck you…” You trail off, lost in his body and your bliss.

He growls, looking more like an animal than ever before, he drops your leg and climbs up your body, he stops as he reaches your bare breasts and harshly slams his mouth down onto your left nipple, nibbling it just enough to make your cry out in a little bit of pain.

“Ah!” You cry out and your hands find his hair again. He sucks and swirls around your left breast a moment, harshly rubbing his scruff into your skin, causing you to cry out in pleasure. He moves his attention to your other breast and does the same, making love to your skin with his tongue. He pushes back up and climbs up you. He holds himself in a push-up stance above you and you groan a little staring up at his big, broad, bare chest. He looks you in the eye and then looks down at his pants, he stares back up at you with a smirk.

“Take ‘em off.” He commanded and you quickly ran your hands down from his hair, down his chest and to his pants.

Your fingers traced the button before slowly moving your hand down, you rubbed your hand down and up his jeans, moaning as you felt how hard he was. He growled and stared down at you as you palmed him.

“Fucking take them off.” He said lowly, fucking you with his eyes.

You comply and move your fingers back up to the button. They quickly pop it loose and slowly unzip his zipper. You use your hands to wiggle the fabric down his hips a little before slowly delving your right hand inside and carefully grabbing his cock in your hand, allowing it to exist its prison. Once his cock was out you use your hands to harshly push the jeans down and off his hips. You open your legs to him and use your feet to pull the fabric down and once they are by his ankles he kicks out of them.

You wrap your legs loosely around him, staring down at his throbbing, already glistening cock, and then back into his eyes. You watch as he pumps himself a few times, making his already huge cock grow even harder. You moan out and your hand moves to your pussy, where you place pressure onto yourself and writhe your hips up into your fingers.

“Here’s another lesson…” He trails off as he aligns his cock with your pussy, rubbing the tip up and down you a few times. “A good fuck goes a long way…” His southern drawl dripped lowly out of his mouth as he aligned his cock with your center and roughly pushes himself all the way into you.

“Daryl!” You cry out in shock and pleasure, feeling how fucking big he was inside you.

He bounced into you, hearing you call his name, and began to push into you harshly, but slow, putting pressure onto you with every hit. He wrapped your legs tighter around him as he began to slam his cock inside you over and over.

“Damn!” He cried out at the sensation of wrapping your legs tighter around him, as you rode his cock even better.

You groan and arch your hips up into his, trying to match his rhythm. He tighten your pussy around him as you hit up into him and he smacks your ass again.

“Fuck yeah, Y/N!” He cries out and moves his hands to harshly grind your ass into his hips.

Your body begins to bounce up and down the grass, harsher and harsher with each thrust, as Daryl fucks you into the ground. He smacks your ass harder and harder as he watches your body bounce up and down as it fucks his cock.

“You like that, Y/N?” He asks smacking your ass again, forcing your eyes to open and stare into him.

You nod, breathing heavily.

“I can’t hear you?!” He commands, smacking your ass again and shooting his cock into you even further than before, slamming into you, your hips bouncing back in reaction to how big he is, you whimper, still nodding.

“Yes! I fucking love it!” You cry out and he smacks your ass again, nodding and moving his hands to grasp your hips harshly and guiding his cock into your pussy at his own command. You arched your body up into his and allowed him to lead you to your destination. He swirled his hips into yours, always finding the right pressure with every hit, your head thrashed as you felt yourself closer and closer to your salvation.

“Right there, baby! Harder!” You cry out, holding your hips up into his, putting the best pressure onto yourself as you could.

“Cum for me, Y/N.” He said breathlessly, slowing down for a moment to fill you to the hilt a few times, causing you to groan and ache for him even more.

“Faster, baby!” You cry out and bring your hands to pull his shoulders and body into you. His hands begin to roughly push and pull your hips onto his faster and faster, as he pushed and bounced into you, with each hit. You felt the grass as it slid feverishly under your back as he fucked you like you had never been fucked before. He pressed his forehead onto yours and your sweat soaked bodies rode each other. You got even more turned on just hearing the rhythm of your breathing as you fucked each other. He moves his lips down to the side of your neck, crashing his lips back onto your skin as his cock continued to fuck you so good.

You slam your hips and clit up into him a few more times, loving the feel of his cock inside you, before you start to let go. He looks at you and see you cumming, he moves one of his hands down to put slow pressure onto your pussy, pushing hard down the side of you, making you buck up and hold into his hand.

“Fuck! Daryl!” You cry out, cumming even harder now and use your left hand to push his lips harder into your neck.

He holds his hand into you for another moment, allowing you to ride out your high, watching as your hips jump up into his hand and further onto his cock. He throbs inside you, loving how he makes you feel.

Your vision comes back to you and you move your hands to force Daryl’s head off your neck and back up to your eyes. You stare into him and sweetly take his lips back into yours, you swirl around his tongue gratefully, and moan into his mouth, pulling him back into you. You kiss him passionately for a few moments before pulling his mouth off yours and staring into him. You thrust your hips up onto his cock a few times, feeling his throbbing cock inside you.

“Have your way with me, baby.” You say bravely, just wanting to feel him fucking you again.

He growled and he began to slowly thrust into you, long and hard, loving the reaction he got when he fucked you like that. You groan and stare up at him, needing more. Once he had teased you enough, he picked up his pace, beginning to feel his arousal skyrocket. He begins to fuck you wildly as faster than ever before. He smacks your ass over and over, grinding you into him after each smack. You push your hips up into his, trying to help him reach salvation. You clench your pussy around his cock as you ride him and move your hands up to your breasts where you massage yourself, staring him down as your body bounces up and down as he fucks into you.

He sees you do this and smacks your ass again, “Fuck, Y/N! You like that, don’t you!?” He says, not needing an answer.

His cock begins to fuck into you at the perfect rhythm and you moan out in pleasure as your body bounces up and down his cock, you feel yourself building again and your cry out grinding into him harder than before.

“Fuck! Make me cum again, baby!” You cry out, feeling him slam his cock into you harshly and putting all the pressure onto your clit that he could. He did this a few more times, and you came again for him, harshly grabbing your nipples and riding his cock harshly up and down.

“Fuck… Yes!” You cry out as you cum around his cock again.

Daryl growls at the sight and feel of you cumming a second time on his cock. He cuts loose and fucks into you as hard as you have ever experienced. He smacked your ass over and over and slammed into with more urgency every hit. You whined and moaned a loving approval with every hard hit, You stare up at him, loving the way he looks at you as he fucks you. You grind your hips harder into him and stare lowly at him, wanting him to cum inside you. You clench your pussy and hips onto his cock a few more times and watch his head shoot back and his eyes shut. He hits harshly into you a few more times before exploding his cum inside you.

“Fuck! Y/N!!” He cries out your name as he explodes inside you, harshly holding your hips into his, thrusting them onto his cock a few more times as he rides out his high. He smacks your ass harshly a few more times before lowering your ass back to the ground and pulling his big cock out of you.  You whimper a little as he exists you, already missing the feeling of him inside you. He pushes his body back up yours and presses his naked body onto yours from above.

He stares into your eyes and brushes a piece of hair away from your eyes. He uses his fingers to playful trace along your forehead, under your eyes, around your cheeks, and resting on your bottom lip. It lingers there for a moment before he begins to trace your lips up and down in a swirling motion. He stares at your lips as if mesmerized and then looks back up at you, his finger staying on your mouth.

“I’ll teach you anything you want, darlin…” He looks back down at his finger on your lips and then looks back up.

“But from now on, you don’t put yourself in danger unless you have to… I can’t allow anything to happen to you.” He said, moving his finger up to your nose to boop it quickly. He strokes the side of your face for a moment as you look up at him, completely in love with everything about him and his touch. You watch as his stares down at you, leaning his lips back in to take yours.

You sigh arching your body up into his, once again on fire. You feel his tongue plunge into your mouth and begin to make love to it again. You moan, moving your hands back to his body and his hair. You hoped all your days would be covered in this man above you. You smile, lost in your dream and his tongue once again…


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anonymous asked:

How would kid Keith or dad Shiro react if Lance let it slip that he was feeling kinda useless?

Hello there nonny! Aw, this tugged at the heartstrings especially after season 2. Poor, insecure Lance makes anything angsty. But no worries, Dad Shiro and little Keith to the rescue! Sorry this took a bit longer than the others, but I hope you still enjoy it because it was so much fun to write! I love these two buddies and this family! Enjoy and thanks so much for sending in these asks guys, I love them!


Lance didn’t often consider him to be a third wheel. Or a fifth, or even a seventh wheel. But that was only if you were counting Allura and Coran, but he decided that since they were just school teachers, he didn’t need to count them at the moment in their little group.

However, that was before Pidge won the science fair, at only eight-years-old. Before Hunk got an award for best gourmet meal in the third grade. Before Keith got the Golden chair in music class for his Japanese folk song he performed in front of the talent show audience. Lance didn’t need awards or trophies or Golden chairs to know that he was a good boy. Why his mother and father told him that every single day before school.

Though, they told all of his older siblings the same exact thing too.

No, no. Lance did not need all these fancy awards to know that he was validated and needed. At least, he thought he didn’t need any of it, but now…now he wasn’t too sure. Ever since Keith had gotten his Golden chair, Lance had begun to realize that he was the only one in his group who hadn’t really accomplished anything yet.

Pidge was on their way to being some major corporate, big scientist. Hunk was going to open his own restaurant that would be even better than his mom and dad’s, and Keith was already turning out to be an award winning soldier just like his dad. And don’t even get Lance started on Shiro. The man had more medals, awards, diplomas and gold trophies that Lance was sure to be able to count. He would know. He’d snuck into - er, peeked, into an old room in the Shiroganes basement and had seen all of Shiro’s accomplishments in boxes.

Lance was already eight-years-old and what had he accomplished so far?

A stead C in Math, a passion for action movies and the ability to recount the alphabet backwards. Otherwise, he’d done nothing! Nothing! Lance was already eight and if time kept going as fast as it was at this rate, then Lance was sure he was going to be left behind by his successful and big shot “Friends.”

Lance didn’t want to be left behind.

He didn’t want to be useless.

Not right now. He wanted to feel like he was a part of the group and not slowly falling back behind everyone, as if watching them from the back as they advanced on without him. He tried thinking about what he could do in order to become an elite, non-useless member of his friends group, but so far he’d run dry with ideas.

He thought about trying to join a boxing club because he was good at fighting, but then he remembered that Keith mentioned having to want to try boxing. There was no way Lance was going to try to outdo the mullet.

Then he thought about doing the astronomy club, but he remembered that Pidge would join if he did and there was no way that Lance would be smarter than Pidge. Next he thought about joining a dance club but Hunk was already in a Hawaiian dance team and he was awesome at it. So far, Lance’s list had more cross out lines that not, and he’d even tried to just point down redeeming qualities that he had which no one else had.

Is Friendly Hunk is friendly to EVERYONE

Winning smile Apparently Shiro can never take a bad picture

Good at sports So is Keith apparently, and he doesn’t even like sports

Good with animals Okay, so Red bit me once BUT it wasn’t my fault

Not a loser

Lance sighed heavily, clutching the list in his hands before dragging his pencil to strikethrough the last though. If he couldn’t come up with anything that didn’t make him a useless friend then what else was there for him?

“Lance! Are you coming over today?” Lance almost jumped out of his skin when Keith finally walked up to him after class. Hastily, he shoved the crumpled piece of paper in his pocket and looked up to see Keith walking his way. Keith frowned when he noticed Lance trying to quickly shove something in his pocket but decided to keep quiet. His friend had been off for the past few days, and Keith was hoping that it would pass soon and that Lance would be back to his annoying, stupid self.

It was worrisome.

“Uh, oh yeah.” Lance sighed internally. He’d actually forgotten that last week he’d made plans with Keith to stay at his house with Shiro, until his parents got off work. A week ago the eight-year-old couldn’t wait to spend the whole day with his best friend Keith and Keith’s dad, however, he was feeling down on his luck and the array of awards in the Shirogane house did nothing to make Lance feel any better.

“Yeah. You okay?” Keith eyed his friend critically, watching him from head to toe. Lance squirmed under the scrutinized gaze and quickly averted his eyes by ducking his head.

“Yeah! I’m great!” In the next second, Lance shot Keith a bright, wide, fake smile. One that Keith easily could see through, but he decided to drop it. Keith knew not to push anyone into talking, because more often than not he clammed up when he was upset. However, that didn’t stop Keith from wishing that he could somehow help his friend.

“Alright. If you say so.” Keith said quietly before hiking his backpack up onto his back. Lance followed suit, still smiling even when Keith looked away when Shiro pulled up with Red in the car. Lance’s smile only dropped when Shiro exited the car and Red excitedly bounded up to Keith in order to happily lick all over his face. Lance slowly made his way over to Keith, noting how Red didn’t even spare him a second glance.

What do I care? It’s not even my dog anyway. It’s Keith’s so obviously it’s stupid.

“Hi there Lance.” Lance was startled out of his thoughts but Shiro’s gentle voice. Suddenly Shiro was right beside Lance, while Keith continued to pet Red several times in a row. Lance swallowed, quickly forcing himself to smile brightly.

“Hi Shiro dad!” Lance waved, causing Shiro to chuckle.

“Are you excited to get to play with Keith this afternoon?” Shiro asked as he took both Lance and Keith’s backpack to store in the trunk of the car. Lance and Keith waited patiently at the side of the car with Red while Shiro put the bags away.

“Yeah! I’ve been super excited for this, since last week!” Lance said quickly and Shiro frowned for a second when he noticed how tight Lance’s smile seemed to be. As if he was forcing it. Which was highly unusual for the bubbly, energetic boy.

“That’s good to hear. How are you Lance?” Shiro quickly tried to change the topics subtly, when he noticed the tense ridges in Lance’s shoulders as Lance and Keith got into the back of the car. For a second, and only Shiro could see this, Lance’s smile faltered until it was replaced with another fake smile.

“I’m awesome! Thanks for asking, Shiro dad!” Lance said, buckling himself up despite the sick feeling bubbling in his stomach. In the back of the car, Shiro noticed one of their old T-ball medals sticking out of a pocket. The one where Keith was voted MVP.

You couldn’t even get that.

“Are you sure? There’s nothing bothering you?” Shiro tried once more, looking in the rearview mirror. He was saddened to see that Lance continued to smile as if nothing was wrong.

“I’m great! Don’t worry about me!”

However, Lance quickly turned away to look out the window of the car and he missed the look that Dad and son shared with one another. Both knew something was wrong and they were determined to help him.

No matter what.


“Alright, what’s wrong with you?” Keith finally demanded a couple of hours later. He had kicked down Lance’s pitiful attempt at a sandcastle (he wasn’t even trying so Keith didn’t feel all that bad) and towered over Keith with his arms folded over his chest.

“Hey! You jerk, why did you do that?!” Lance shouted. He wasn’t really upset that Keith had knocked over his sandcastle, but with everything that was building up inside him was beginning to wear him out. He was feeling emotionally exhausted right now, more than anything and he just wanted to go home.

“You’re acting stupid. I wanna know why.” Keith didn’t move from his spot with his arms folded over his chest. Lance wasn’t an intimidator to him; he never was and he was more than a little worried about his friend right now. Lance was acting way too sad to be normal and Keith did not like it one bit. He wanted his best friend who was always silly, always smiling and making everyone feel better with his (lame) jokes.

“I’m not stupid! You are!” Lance shot to his feet, kicking sand in Keith’s direction, knowing full well that the other kid hated sand. Keith stood firm despite the attack.

“No, you are! You’re all moping and being stupid and stuff! Knock it off, what’s the matter with you?!” Keith cried out, jumping back this time when Lance tried to kick sand at him again.

“No! I’m not stupid and you need to stop being a jerk! There’s nothing wrong with me!” Lance hissed angrily, voice rising steadily.


“I am not!”

“Are too!”

“Am not!”

“Are too!”



Lance and Keith both jerked back when hands grabbed at the backs of their shirts. With ease, they were both lifted into the air and forced to look back at Shiro, who was staring at them in disappointment. Immediately Lance and Keith slunk back, already knowing full well that one was to not aggravated the already disappointed dad, and their lower lips wobbled. Shiro brought them both inside before setting them each down in their own chair facing Shiro, then he leaned back and crossed his arms over his chest.

“Alright, now, do either of you boys calmly want to tell me what that was all about?” Shiro asked. Both boys remained silent, pointedly refusing to look at each other. One of Shiro’s eyebrows rose. “Aren’t you two best friends? Best friends don’t yell at each other and kick sand at them.”

“Lance started it!” Keith cried out, to which Lance gasped. He opened his mouth to protest but was silence by a look from Shiro.

“Keith, we do not point blame at our friends like that.” Shiro scolded and Keith’s shoulders slumped.

“But it’s true!” Shiro could see Keith’s lower lip wobbling dangerously and his eyes were shinier than usual. He knew he was close to a freak out from Keith, but he couldn’t let Keith just get away with his behavior. It wasn’t fair to Lance.


“Lance has been sad all day and it’s making me sad!” Keith finally exploded as a few tears dripped down his cheeks. Lance was startled into silence, watching his friend sniffling sadly, while Shiro remained calm and firm in not picking sides. Although, Shiro was a bit shocked to see how well Keith had picked up on Lance’s emotions.

“That might be, Keith, but that doesn’t mean you get to kick his sandcastle and call him stupid.” Shiro reprimanded softly. Keith sniffled again, finally defeated by his father’s disappointment and Lance felt his guilt rise tenfold. You even manage to tear apart a family. Keith sniffled a few more times before nodding.

“I’m sorry Lance.” Keith apologized immediately before Shiro bent down to give him a hug and give him a tissue. Keith latched on quickly and Lance saw a small smile on Shiro’s lips.

“There, now that’s not so bad. I’m know you and I are both worried because we know Lance’s is sad. But a friendship doesn’t work if you force someone to talk to you. You have to ask.” Keith nodded sadly in Shiro’s arms and Lance could begin to feel tears making their way down his own cheeks. As Shiro looked over at him in alarm, he began to try to speak to the boy.

“Lance, what’s -”

“It’s because of that!” Lance finally shouted loudly before pointing at the Golden chair award in the living room. Lance dissolved in hiccuping tears and Shiro blinked, torn between looking at Lance and the award. It seemed Keith was just as confused.

“You’re sad because of that award?”

“No!” Lance shouted stubbornly. “Yes. I mean, not the award itself but because you have it!” Shiro thought that he was starting to get a picture of what was wrong with Lance. Gently, he reached out to scoop Lance into his other arm and he sat down on the chair with both boys in his lap. Keith messily tried to wipe Lance’s face.

“Did you wish you won the award?” Keith asked quietly and Lance’s sobs grew louder.

“No!” He cried. “It’s yours and you won it but I didn’t get anything! I never get anything! Because I’m just a loser!” By now, Shiro was figuring out completely on what was bothering Lance and it made his heart ache that Lance was feeling so hurt and sad at his age. “Pidge is smart! Hunk’s kind and a great cook! You’re awesome and get lots of awards just like Shiro and I’m a nobody who will never do anything in my life!” Lance blubbered before burying his face into Shiro’s jacket. Shiro ignored the tears and snot that littered his jacket as he tried to soothe the boy.

“Do you want to have my trophies?” Keith asked hesitantly.

“No! I just wanna be important!”

“But you are important!” Keith argued hotly, glaring at his sniffling friend. Lance blinked through blurred vision and tried to glare at Keith but failed miserably and Shiro shushed him. “You’re very important to me, and to Hunk especially and Pidge. And Ms. Allura loves you and Coran and you’re important to daddy too, right daddy?” Shiro blinked before nodding quickly.

“Of course. Lance, you’re a very important boy in our lives, all of our lives.” Shiro said softly, wiping away the tears that racked down his cheeks.

“You’re really nice and always making sure that everyone feels good or asking them if there’s anything you can do to make them feel better. You make the most ridiculous faces that always make us laugh and tell the stupidest jokes, even if they are kinda funny.” Lance felt a small flutter in his chest when Keith spoke, looking directly at him. He hiccuped a few times but remained quiet.

“You always make sure nobody picks on Pidge, Hunk or Keith and you always have a smile on your face.” Shiro added softly, much to Lance’s surprise. “You always help me put away the bags when you come over and you say thank you at dinner and snacks. You’re one of the most polite boys ever and you were our best short-stop on T-ball.”

“Yeah and your drawings are usually pretty good and you are awesome at Gymnastics - which none of us can do by the way.” Keith continued excitedly. “Just the other day you did this amazing flip on the bars that I wish I could do.”

“It was pretty cool wasn’t it.” Lance smiled hesitantly and Shiro and Keith laughed.

“Yeah buddy it was. You’re a pretty amazing kid and I hope you know that.” Shiro smiled gently and Lance’s heart fluttered. He shyly looked away only for Keith to grab his hand. “I know it hurts when everyone else around you gets awards, or trophies or medals and seems like they’re succeeding when you’re not, but there’s much more to success than gold Lance, and many people fail to have that their whole lives.”

“Really?” Lance’s eyes widened dramatically causing Shiro to chuckle.

“Really. You have more love and greatness in you than men I’ve known for decades. You are going to succeed far in life Lance, you just have to be patient.”

“Yeah.” Keith cut in before the conversation got too mushy. “Besides, sad Lance is annoying. I much prefer happy Lance because he’s pretty cool.” Keith blushed at the little speech and Lance blinked, feeling touched at his friend’s words. He hadn’t expected Keith, nor Shiro to say what they had but he was happier than ever that they had. They made him feel warmer than he had in a while and gave him new hope that he would succeed.

“Thanks guys.” Lance blushed and couldn’t help but beam at their words.

Later that week after Lance had earned first place in his gymnastic tournament, with Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Pidge and his entire family in the stands, Lance noticed a note folded up in his bag. Opening the note, he couldn’t stop the blinding smile that stretched over his lips, lucky to call these people his home.

Is Friendly Hunk is friendly to EVERYONE (IT’S IN HIS NATURE TO BE KIND)

Winning smile Apparently Shiro can never take a bad picture (THIS IS TRUE)

Good at sports So is Keith apparently, and he doesn’t even like sports

Good with animals Okay, so Red bit me once BUT it wasn’t my fault










I was in desperate need of a new (and bigger) backpack after I managed to rip open my old backpack when I tried to fit my gym clothes in it… and to celebrate my new backpack and because school is coming up soon here is what’s usually in my backpack :)

The backpack I will be using is a Beckman “college” 34L.

1. My 13″ macbook pro. 

2. Notebooks. The notebooks I will be using in class this year is gridded A4 from Notabene, my tiny with dots from IKEA and also some lined (brown) from Clas Ohlson.

3. Whichever book I’m currently reading. I tend to show up to school a little early and then it’s always nice to have something to read.

4. My bullet journal. This one is a moleskine gridded large classic one.

5. Folders/binders. The pink one is where I keep my practice exams and “cheat sheets” that I have made for my Math (R1) exam I’m having this fall, and the other one is to keep loose papers in.

6. My beloved pencil case.  On which most of my friends have written their name or something else on.

7. Calculator.  A necessity when 90% of your subjects require you to do complicated math…

8. Lip balm.

9. Markers. 

10. Super cute page flags/markers. For those wondering I got them at Panduro and they were cheap!!!

11. Scissors. Just in case I would ever need them

12. Post it’s.

13. Headphones. Because my teachers always surprises us with videos and clips we have to watch on our own in class…

14. Hair elastics. Because I have long hair that tend to go in the way…

That’s what is in my bag/backpack, and I would love to see what you carry around with you too!


UNSPKN part 9

Where brothers can’t have a normal day

Set after the events of “Flowey Is Not A Good Life Coach” fanfiction, comic will focus on beloved skelebros and their great need of psychotherapy after all that happened.

Also it’s not a spoiler, it’s just my version of (another) epilogue. Heh.

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Original fanfic - here

Side note - Sans here is based on my friend, @wonszu X3 they always took backpack to the store to carry water bottles easily. Such a sneaky creature <3

He Couldn’t Stay Away (his POV)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky comes back after months of being MIA. You finally have a chance to confront him, and he surprises you with some admissions of his own.

Character(s):  reader, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers

Warnings: language, angst, references to anxiety and mild depression, fluff, smut, alcohol, misplaced guilt.

Word Count: 5189

A/N: same story as the first, just from his point of view. lots of bucky in love, scared and heart broken. so many feels <3 please feel free to message me if you have any comments or critiques or advice or anything! still so new to writing these<3 Xx-Morgan

Other Parts: her POV / Together / Forever

Master List

He sat in a quiet corner of the airport, fidgeting with the glove on his right hand, counting down the minutes until his flight to New York. He had spent the last five months in a cabin in the mountains, trying to keep himself away from the compound… away from you. Every night he tossed and turned with nightmares, struggling to come out of them; it was so much easier when you coaxed him through them. As he watched the planes leaving and landing through the glass wall in front of him, he thought about what he’d say to you, how he could tell you he loved you, if you’d even listen.

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Wiccan Prayer Beads

You can use prayer beads to count your prayers or chants, or use them as something to focus your mind on while meditating. I’ve also known some pagans to wear their prayer beads around their neck as a way of invoking the powers of the Divine while doing magic or during special rituals.

Number Symbolism in Wiccan Prayer Beads

This isn’t, by any means, a standard rule of prayer bead symbolism. You can change any of these to fit your personal needs!

  • 13 Marker Beads: Thirteen moons in a year & the Thirteen Goals of a Witch 
  • 3 Spacer Beads: the Threefold Law & the Triple Goddess
  • 4 Goddess Beads: the four elements, the four seasons, the four Major Sabbats, the four Minor sabbats, and the Four Powers of the Sphinx
  • Pentacle: symbol of the Craft, the Divine, and the fifth element of Spirit

Beads Colors

You can choose the colors of your beads to correspond to a certain deity, nature spirit, or element. You can also choose the colors based on what each type of bead means to you personally (Example: white marker beads for the moons; black spacer beads for the Threefold Law; a red, yellow, red, and green Goddess bead to represent the elements). Use whatever feels right to you! Make them personal to you!

Storing Your Beads

Your beads can be something that you wear everyday, like a pentacle necklace, or something sacred that stays on your altar. I had a friend who would wear theirs daily, while I keep mine in a special box on my altar.


  • The marker beads are typically bigger than the spacer beads. Since most people pray/chant/meditate with their eyes closed, it’s easier to use them as a method of keeping count when you can feel the size difference.
  • Like any other tool you use frequently, your prayer beads will need to be cleansed regularly, ESPECIALLY if you plan on wearing them in public or carrying them in your backpack or purse.
  • If you do wind up carrying your prayer beads with you in a purse or backpack, try storing your beads in a black drawstring bag to deflect some of those everyday yucky vibes.
  • Use small beads and elastic jewelry string, and make yourself a prayer bead bracelet!
  • If your prayer beads are meant for a specific deity, you can replace the pentacle with a charm specific to said deity. (Ex: a Mjolnir charm for Thor, a bow and arrow for Artemis, a goat charm for Pan) 
every new botw detail

since i haven’t seen a similar post, i’m going to make a simple list of every new or confirmed returning detail, concept, or character that we learned about in the new breath of the wild trailer and nintendo treehouse coverage.

  • zelda’s appearance. 
  • zelda wears multiple outfits throughout the game
  • voice acting most likely just for cutscenes, as evidenced by gameplay
  • zelda protects link in some context
  • link and zelda get ambushed and attacked by guardians and they get real dirtied up
  • zelda has a closer relationship with link in general in this game 
  • aged goddess spring
  • zelda bathes in the goddess spring like in skyward sword
  • gorons
  • chief goron
  • gerudo
  • gerudo queen or princess
  • gerudo village
  • sand walruses
  • sand-skiing on sand walruses
  • giant sand crocodile/gators similar to molgera
  • red sharkish zoras
  • tall red zora warrior
  • red zora princess
  • other zoras based on different kinds of sea creatures
  • great fairy queen, fat like previous fat fairies in other zelda games
  • the bird people are not enemies
  • the bird warrior, zora warrior, zora princess, gerudo princess/queen, and goron chief all have similar scarf like adornments, likely meaning they’re all sages or maybe part of an alliance group
  • another village, with windmills, similar to kakariko (likely IS kakariko)
  • (death?) mountainside covered in burnt trees and ash
  • enemies are spawned directly through ganon’s magic
  • master sword is being kept at the base of the great deku tree
  • link does not recognize the great deku tree after his slumber
  • there is a collectable memory system
  • you can rewatch the memories
  • master sword obviously restored at some point
  • flame resistant clothing/armor
  • flame resistant shields
  • fire breathing lizalfos
  • indoor lava area
  • upsidedown-sheikah-mask-wearing samurai warrior enemy
  • stal-version of moblin
  • multiple steppe talus besides the one
  • multiple giant cyclops bokoblins  
  • octoroks are in the game but we do not see one up close
  • some of the trials are corrupted with ganon’s pink energy
  • good view of the titan guardian that crawls on death mountain’s surface, which is actually one of:
  • four divine beasts that are part of what is sealing ganon
  • giant lizard, giant camel, giant bird, giant elephant
  • they each make up the speculated 4 large dungeons
  • they have a separate smaller boss inside of them, unseen but in glyphs on the map
  • there are humanoid warrior enemies with the same aesthetic as the guardians, unseen but in glyphs on the map
  • wandering nomad beedle with big beetle backpack
  • you can store different horses that youve tamed at the horse head stables.
  • horses have different stats
  • horses can die in battle.
  • you can name your horse once registered.
  • once registered it receives a saddle.
  • you can whistle for your horse to come to you.
  • horses will return to the stables if you lose them.
  • you can feed horses.
  • dogs will follow you if you feed them.
  • donkeys
  • you can drop down onto a horse from the hang glider
  • you can mount horses from many angles now
  • horses will stay on paths more without guidance the more you bond
  • rupees are not so uncommon just because they were in the demo/plateau
  • the sheikah are all dead yet again, surprise
  • there’s still probably an impa anyway, judging by the old woman voice
  • king of hyrule is definitely in the game, if not the old man himself
  • …….
  • other tiny things

What’s in my school bag/backpack?

( ) = item brand/store.

I use the bag (H&M) for “laid back” days, ie. when I’m only going to and from class; in which case some of these things are left at home.
And I use the backpack (Adidas) for longer school sessions, ie. project/exam time - when I know I’m gonna be spending 10+ hour days at uni. Everything pictured comes with me.

1 - pencil case: fineliners (for use in my bullet journal; Staedler), white out, other pens (Muji; Sharpie), tabs, and sticky notes. *highlighters not pictured.

2 - paper: a file folder, three notebooks (Moleskine), and my bullet journal (Indigo).

3 - purse: lighter, wallet, headphones, feminine products, and lip balm.

4 - miscellaneous essentials: phone plug-in, portable phone charger (Mophie), charging cord, hand lotion, gum, sunglasses (Aldo), misc. sticky notes/tabs (Ikea)

***Not pictured: laptop, laptop charger, water bottle, snacks/lunch, textbooks that I haven’t purchased yet oops.

Just thought it would be fun to share what kind of stuff I take to school, happy studying! :)


anonymous asked:

hello~ do you have any recommendations for aesthetic/minimalistic backpacks? preferably those of large sizes... (so about ~1,400 or higher in LxWxH) thank you!~

hello! I do have a few links for you u w u

arsonist’s lullabye (bucky)


bucky didn’t expect to meet ofc in bucharest, but above all, he didn’t expect ofc to follow him into his dark past. especially when it all finally catches up to him. 

pairing: bucky x ofc

word count: 4.2K

warnings: angst, fluff


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