Roots - Lake Wapiki.  Indian Heaven Wilderness, Washington state.

photography by Haley Thanks so much for viewing! 

A Higher Education PT.1

Summary: Shawn and yourself are best friends at University. 

Word Count: 4,228

A/U: No idea what I’m doing here, but I’ll be doing this into three parts and they will be coming soon. I’ve also included some things that everyone has been demanding asking for. 

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey excuse me?” I looked to my left to find a girl with long red hair and many freckles looking at me. When she saw she had my attention she continued on.

“I won’t be here next class would you mind if I got my notes from you?”

I put on a smile and nodded. “Yeah, sure.” I lied.

She proceeded to ask me for my email and I purposely put one letter wrong. If this first year thought she was going to get notes in a curved class she was an idiot. I had every intention to dominate everyone in here with their naivety alone. 

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Sissy Selfies Outdoors!

Assignment Title : Sissy Selfies

Toys Needed : A camera (can be your phone), a backpac, permanent marker, a dildo, girls clothes & underwear.

Description : Alright, you are goiing on a little trip. Fill your backpack with the toys listed above and go to a park, a forest, or anywhere outside. Obviously, be careful for kids. When you arrive, the first thing you want to do is write ‘’sissyboy’’ on your forhead. You need to make folowing selfies outside :
- Selfie with a dildo in your mounth
- Selfie with a dildo in your mounth wearing nothing but a bra and panties
- A 100% naked selfie with your clothes not in the picture
- Selfie in girlclothes
- Selfie in Girl underwear

Campers as Conversations I've had 3
  • Max: we tried stealing your diary and there's only one page
  • Nikki: and it's about your dad not talking to you
  • Space kid: your pants have holes in them
  • Max: omg really I totally didn't notice the obvious rips on my knees on the pants I've been wearing for 8 hours
  • Space kid: ........really
  • Dolph: I need a pretty good black pen
  • Harrison: oh I have one in my backpac-
  • Dolph: I don't know what it looks like but I can already tell it sucks so stick it
  • Neil: *throws pencil package at Max's face*
  • Gwen: that was a dirty play THROW IT BACK
  • Neil: WHAT
  • Max: OK
  • Max: *misses neil*
  • Max: damn I missed welp now I get to stAb YOU
  • Neil: WHAT
  • Gwen: only once
  • Neil: W H A T
I Don't Believe in Fortune Cookies - SaltyAuntSuga
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Jimin/Jungkook

Genre: Fluff, Fate, Destiny

Jungkook is a cautious person.

He’s careful. Observant. Aware.

But that doesn’t mean he can control the universe. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. And three strange incidents occur where Jungkook is put within an inch of his life and saved by the same man in a calico-pattern scarf. He never caught his name.

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Reflections on the awesomeness of my life.

Right…. so, as I am apparently doing every day, Ive contined thinking about life for the past while, and decided mine is amazing.  I have also decided on the trip I am taking net summer.  I have also thought about some places I would like to move.  It is very strange how my general wanderlust seems so exacerbated by periods of self reflection.

Anyway, back to the first point.  Avoiding using numbers, because I really dislike tourists (heance why I am apparently calling them tourists and not travellers) who are obsessed with listing every place they have gone, I have been able to travel to a lot of places.  In most of them, possibly all, I have been shown exceptional hospitality by locals and travellers alike.  It has given me a perspective I wouldnt otherwisee have… on relationships (friendships and otherwise), career planning, academics, ethics, and just plain fun.  Speaking of academics, I have been able to complete formal academics works in a lot of environments, from Philly to Oz to Uganda, which has been an amazing experience, let alone that it is porbably the only reason I got into colombia (the ethic of fun and spontanaiety is not always perfect for my grades).  So yeah, I am really happy.

Beyond Happiness, I think that travel is really important because it is in many ways the antidote to prejudice and closed mindedness, as well as pesssimism and resignation to the status quo.  Combined with my travels and live experiences, a number of professors, with some of whom I am close, others less so, pushed me to challange and change my reality into what I thought was right, as opposed to what was automatic or expected.  These include Arcadia professors Anamaria Garcia, Alex Otieno, Sue Peirce, Holly Neibauer, Geoff Haywood, Vance Kincade (whose love of Rush Limbaugh leads me to believe he might not be thrilled at what I am and intend to be doing in life) and Jennifer Riggan.  Moorestown High School teachers Bill Mcdermott, Kathleen Lipinski, and Mr Wright )I have no idea what his first name was, and I gave him a rediculous number of headaches, but he pushed me farther than many others) also come to mind.  Right.  This is risking becoming simply a list of names, so I better cut it off.

I still have 1.5 months left in South America, but being that this means that less than ten percent of my trip remains, I am starting to feel sentimental about my coming repatriation, even though I will be back for just over a month before starting a research assignment in Northern Iraq/Iraqi Kurdistan.  Every time I have gotten on a plane home from a big trip, I have returned deeply transformed.  Whether leaving Sumatra, Sydney, Nairobi, Hamburg, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, New Delhi, Cairo, San Francisco, or, in another two months Lima, the growth, learning, and productivity of my time away from my normal base is incomperable to anything I have achieved in acadamy.  Not to say the two haven{t been important to one another.  As noted earlier, a lot of people gave my guidance and a framework in a broader base of research.  So that is great.  But I still cannot wait for my next experiences travelling, not to mention the challanges classroom teaching will bring over the coming year(s).

Right.  Next summer.  And then I have to get a series of northbound busses to San Gil.  I am going tto buy a prius for the summer and take a 3 month roadtrip around the country.  Friends/coworkers/strangers who want to share the experiences and costs of fuel and tolls (around a grand for the whole trip split however many ways) are welcome.  I am excited for the experience firstly because it will represent a new challange to my perceptions of the US and the world, and also help me to get to know new places I could one day live in.  Despite my love of east coast urban living, I have always dreamed of having a yard and a fish pond and such.  Right.

Anyway, that is all for now.  Colombia is great.  Hope everything is well on your end.