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Hello that mc and jumin being affectionate was so good can I please request v and saeran in the same scenario plz and your blog is so cute

Thanks so much! Sure, we’ll add V and Saeran:) Also, original post can be found here. Hope you like it!


  • Saeran was taking a nap on the couch
  • You had come in asking a question, but he didn’t respond
  • He had been known to fake sleeping before to ignore you and get some quiet
  • But you weren’t having that today
  • So you go up to him and literally flop ontop of him
  • He didn’t move though
  • “Saeran, are you faking?” you ask, gently poking his cheeks
  • He doesn’t move at all
  • You keep calling his name in weird voices
  • Of course, he is awake, and tries to resist it
  • But you were being silly and it was kind of funny and cute
  • His lips twitch in the smallest of smiles and you call him out
  • But he still continues the charade with his eyes closed
  • “Ignoring me, huh?” you mutter. “Not for long.”
  • You lean forward and barely brush against his lips, but it’s enough to send him shivering
  • You kiss him again, more firmly this time and he finds himself kissing you back
  • One last kiss, but this one goes deeper and is more demanding
  • He cradles your head with his hand in attempt to pull you closer
  • You finally pull away, and without even missing a beat, ask the question you had done earlier
  • Saeran is left dazed and frustrated, but he’ll get you back later


  • V was recovering from his eye surgery still
  • So you had to help him get around a lot and do things around the house
  • One day, you were helping readjust his bandages
  • You finish tying it in the back and he just sighs
  • “I can’t wait to see you,” he says sentimentally
  • You come face to face with him, melting a little
  • He reaches out a hand to cup your face, and he decides to be a little cheeky
  • His thumb brushes against your bottom lip and his voice gets a little lower
  • “I can’t wait to see your lips either.”
  • You blush a little, but lean forward so your noses touch
  • “You can’t see them yet, but would you like to feel them?”
  • It’s his turn to get flustered, “When did you get so bold–”
  • You cut him off with a firm kiss before he can finish
  • He’s muffled a bit, still stunned but he slowly melts into you
  • He lets out a satisfied sigh into kiss
  • Before things get too heated, you pull away saying you’re worried he might hurt his eyes somehow
  • He’s a little disappointed, and now he really can’t wait until he’s fully recovered

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Hi! Who's the girl in a Black Flag top in your background picture? She looks awesome and I wanna know if she's a real person and find her band

Hi there! That is Kathleen Hanna, singer from Bikini Kill / Le Tigre / The Julie Ruin, and co-founder of the Riot Grrrl movement.

The documentary on her is a feminist / punk MUST WATCH. 

“The Punk Singer is a 2013 documentary film about feminist singer Kathleen Hanna who fronted the bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, and who was a central figure in the riot grrrl movement. Directed by filmmaker Sini Anderson and produced by Anderson and Tamra Davis, the film’s title is taken from the Julie Ruin song “The Punk Singer”, from Hanna’s 1998 solo effort.”  (x)

Here are all my Kathleen Hanna posts:

Here’s one of my favorite songs of Hanna’s / Le Tigre’s: FYR  (lyrics TW for gender violence, abuse)

Ten short years of progressive change
Fifty fucking years of calling us names
Can we trade Title IX for an end to hate crime?
RU-486 if we suck your fucking dick?
One step forward, five steps back
One cool record in the year of rock-rap
Yeah we’ve got all the power getting stabbed in the shower
And we’ve got equal rights (on ladies’ night)

Feminists we’re calling you
Please report to the front desk
Let’s name this phenomenon
It’s too dumb to bring us down

F.Y.R. Fifty years of ridicule
F.Y.R. Take another picture
F.Y.R. Fifty years of ridicule
F.Y.R. Take another picture

I wonder whether we could be happy in a place like that

Mrs. Doubtfire on Mother’s Day
On-the-job stalker for equal pay
Toss us a few new AIDS drugs as national healthcare bites the dust
While you were on vacation black people didn’t get reparations
You know these days no one’s exploited
Sorry dude can’t hear you with my head in the toilet

Feminists we’re calling you
Please report to the front desk
Let’s name this phenomenon
It’s too dumb to bring us down

You’ve really come a long way, baby
It’s you, not the world, that’s totally crazy
Cause we really rocked the fucking vote with election fraud in poor zip codes
Celebrate gay marriage in Vermont by enforcing those old sodomy laws
One step forward, five steps back
We tell the truth, they turn up the laugh track

Feminists we’re calling you
Please report to the front desk
Let’s name this phenomenon
It’s too dumb to bring us down

“We Will Always have Paris”

Casablanca Goodbye Series

We biked passed Notre Dame

And late night

The river Seine

Shined with the sparkle

Of city lights.

And there’s a cool breeze

Beneath carefree arms

When we let go of the handle bars.

Somehow, I think

We believed

We could fly

Despite our feet.

And we grabbed six packs

And kick back

On the green.

You turned on the music

From your little speaker.

I still remember

The way your arms moved

When you danced –

I loved the way you danced.

There’s a bracelet still hanging in my mirror

From the day we went shopping

With your little sister.

You found us in giggle fits

Trying to explain

Why her school-book English

And my months of French

Didn’t prepare us for this.

And you drove in circles

Around l'Arc de Triomphe

Before showing me

The palace at Versailles.

How do you not fall in love

At the Louvre?

And kiss under the Eiffel Tower?

And I remember

Charles de Gaulle.

At that airport,

Somehow I knew.

There are so many cities

In this world

But you -

you always will be -

You are my Paris.

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Hello! I saw that you'd opened requests! Can I ask for hc about RFA, V and Saeran didn't see MC for few weeks, because was abroad or went to another town and MC couldn't go with him or her. And today he or she is coming back. Thanks for your great blog!

Such a cute idea! Hope you like these~


  • Zen was filming his latest movie and they needed him abroad for a few weeks
  • You couldn’t come because of your own work obligations
  • You get a call on the week he’s supposed to return
  • He says his work is delayed for another two weeks
  • You try to sound as supportive as possible, but honestly you’re disappointed
  • You’ve been super lonely
  • A few days later, you return to your apartment and there’s a path of rose petals on the
  • floor
  • You slowly follow it and notice there’s also a few candles and dim lighting
  • Zen is waiting in the dining room where he has take out nicely plated he didn’t have time to cook
  • You just drop your bags and hug him with a small squeal
  • He picks you up and spins you around
  • When he puts you down, he explains that he lied about the extended work to surprise you
  • You’re too happy to see him to scold him for lying
  • You guys eat together while he shares some stories from his trip
  • As the evening comes to a close, you two just cuddle up on the couch and make out make up for lost time


  • He had to attend a family reunion in Japan
  • You couldn’t join him, so you had to bear the few weeks alone with occasional spotty video call sessions
  • Finally the day comes where he’s returning
  • You spend several hours making a large Welcome Home sign with drawings of some of his favorite things all over it
  • When he walks out from the gate in the airport, he looks really tired but lights up as soon as he sees you
  • He tries to do that cheesy airport run, but then he just realizes he really missed you and gives you a kiss as soon as he sees you
  • You take him back to his place so he can drop of his things
  • But you’re in for a surprise when he brings out all the stuff he got you
  • He’s so excited to give you a bunch of little gifts, and he tries to explain some of them…but others he’s just like…
  • “Oh! And I got you this because it reminded me of…of…actually, I don’t know why I got this. It was cute.”
  • He’s still talking even as you two are laying down on the bed
  • After a while, he grows silent and just grabs your arm and pulls you into his chest and presses a kiss to the top of your head
  • You two stay there for awhile until you hear his soft snores


  • She’s abroad meeting with partners and sponsors for the cafe
  • She was supposed to be gone for about two weeks
  • Since everything went smoothly, she got to come back early
  • But she didn’t tell you…
  • She got in early as usual and hid in the closet
  • She waits until you come in and start setting things up
  • She texts you and tells you to check in the closet to see inventory or something
  • You sigh and obey instructions
  • That’s when she pops out with open arms
  • Only…you were holding a bag of flour
  • Which you threw right in her face
  • “Jaehee! I’m so sorry!”
  • She spits out a mouthful flour out of her mouth
  • You think she’s mad but she just starts laughing like crazy
  • There was a mini flour fight before you two hurried home to clean up before customers arrived


  • He went on business trip pretty often, but this one happened to be nearly a month long
  • You were supposed to join him
  • But you got very sick near the last minute and ended up staying home while he went
  • It was a rough time for you since he was barely on any phone calls with you
  • It was only to ask how you were doing and check up on you but that was it
  • Two weeks go by and you’re feeling better but the house isn’t the same without him
  • You wake up groggy and go to the kitchen
  • He asks you, “Chocolate or Strawberry?”
  • You shrug and say, “Chocolate,” before sitting down on the small island staring at him in his apron
  • Then it hits you
  • “Jumin! You’re home?!”
  • You’re mildly confused but it doesn’t stop you from tackling him in a hug
  • He’s laughing that his little trick worked but also asking questions about your health
  • He spends the entire day with you, showing you blurry pictures from his time away


  • He had gotten this one freelance hacking job abroad
  • It paid really well, but the only downside was that it was approximately three weeks and there could be absolutely no communication
  • You still encouraged him to take it, convincing him you and Saeran could handle yourselves
  • You end up with a really bad flu about a week later, so half the time that passes is in a drugged delirium from all the meds
  • Still, you liked to leave your room occasionally to check up on Saeran
  • He’s sitting in the computer room playing some games, so you just casually start a conversation, but he wasn’t responding
  • Then Saeran…another Saeran? Walks into the room and you swear you took the wrong meds
  • But when Saeran starts yelling and brawling with the “imposter” you realize your mistake
  • “Saeyoung!” you cry happily, running to give him a hug
  • “Uh…actually, that’s Saeran….”
  • Oops. You quickly amend your mistake
  • He forgives your mix up, considering your illness, but right away he activates his mothering mode to get you better


  • His therapist had suggested some retreat abroad to help him through some things
  • He didn’t really want to go at first, but you thought it might be good for him to explore a little, since it was only about a week long
  • But once he was there, he was constantly video chatting you in the evenings
  • Even if you two weren’t talking, he would call and just have you there
  • When you pick him up at the airport, he drops his bags in the car and pulls you into the biggest hug
  • It’s odd since he doesn’t usually initiate affection, but he’s holding you so tightly
  • When you two finally get home, he’s clingier than usual
  • He’s just sharing everything he saw and what he did and showing some pictures
  • He’s so tired by the end of the day, but he’s just laying with his head on your lap and still talking
  • Until finally, he drifts off mid-sentence, and you can’t help but find it to be the cutest thing


  • He got a big opportunity for a photoshoot abroad
  • You encouraged him to take it, as he was slowly building up his work after regaining his sight
  • You two still managed to talk occasionally, but your schedules barely matched
  • Because his project was indefinite, neither of you knew exactly when he was coming back
  • One of those rare moments where you could text each other, you asked how his work was coming along
  • He replied that he just took what might’ve been his favorite picture in the past few weeks
  • When you ask him to send it to you, you realize it’s a picture of you…on the couch you were sitting on right then
  • You jump up and run to the open door where he was waiting
  • You throw your arms around him, your legs wrapping around his torso as he spun you around
  • He had already made dinner reservations so you two could spend the evening catching up 

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best friend!sewoon
  • the person who waits for you outside your door so y’all can walk to school together
  • also walks home with you
  • only met in junior high but your common interests stuck you two together
  • and the fact that you guys have the same route on the way to school and on the way back
  • on hot summer days, he’ll treat you to some shaved ice
  • and you would always say you would treat him next time but he always ends up treating you
  • not bc you dont got money, he just always pays before you can
  • would sometimes come over to study
  • and your mother would always say something like “you should be more like sewoon! so well-mannered.”
  • and ur like -_-
  • but most of “studying” would just be him fiddling with his guitar
  • which he brings to school almost every day
  • and when he doesn’t bring is guitar, you almost feel at lost because what in the world is sewoon without his guitar
  • people would think you would copy his homework but he actually copies yours
  • everyone knows the two of you as the duo and gets confused when one is missing
  • some days he would accidentally crash overnight because he’d be so tired after school
  • and he’ll feel guilty crashing that he ends up making breakfast lol
  • omg he would totally be the type to bring you lunch to school sometimes
  • some nice french toast bc this boy can make good french toast
  • scary movie nights while eating his specialty ramyun
  • everyone thinks he’s quiet because he just blends in the crowd
  • but you know he’s really silly and tells really bad jokes
  • but you still laugh at his jokes because y’all are on the same wavelength
  • literally dances randomly around you
  • like when he hears a song he likes, he’ll start dancing
  • walks with you with his arms around your shoulders sometimes
  • would go to you to consult lyrics with
  • and ur like “uh…”
  • but he’s like “what do you think sounds better??”
  • but everything he sings all sound so good so ur not much of a help to him
  • makes you play sports with him or at least pass a soccer ball around with him
  • really playful person
  • like he would be the type to tap ur shoulder and hide
  • also the type to try to surprise you by hiding behind something
  • tbh if u were really his best friend, a song like 오해는 마 (Don’t Misunderstand) would probably be about you
  • high key gets stressed when you’re sick
  • like he worries so much
  • he’ll buy you cold medicine and would try to play it cool bc he doesn’t want you to think he was worried
  • but he is really worried
  • “stop getting sick so easily…”
  • “thanks sewoon”
  • “it’s nothing, i just had that [cold medicine] laying around”
  • literally has cough drops with him all the time for the just in case moments
  • also has hot packs when the weather is cold
  • will purposefully wear a scarf when it’s really cold just to give it to you if you don’t have one
  • he’s like the best friend anyone can dream of
  • someone who is loyal and kind and genuinely cares for you
  • and a tsundere

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Do you have any really cute stucky head cannons? I'm in the mood for some real good loving between those two

i’m just gonna give u some bullet points out of my own hc stores,,, some fresh n softe hand-grown hcs for u

  • steve sings in the shower. he doesn’t really think about it, it just happens, and bucky teases him relentlessly for it. but while he’s doin it, scrubbin away at whatever goop or dirt or blood that he’s gotten covered in thanks to a mission, or cleanin his hair, or w/e, bucky’s just standing in the doorway grinning dopily because he fuckin loves his guy, so much
  • on the other hand tho bucky snuffles in his sleep. it’s not a snore, it’s not a snort, it’s this lil snuffling noise he makes every so often and steve absolutely adores it, he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. bucky 100% denies it
  • steve yells at the tv when something he doesn’t like happens. doesn’t matter if it’s sports or a movie or a tv show or a political debate or what, he just makes sure the tv knows his opinions very loudly while bucky just laughs at him and every so often says “you know they can’t hear you right” then laughs more as steve yells louder
  • bucky likes loves napping in the sun, if u can’t find him just look for any large window and he’ll probs be on the floor in front of it, basking like a cat. sometimes steve will sit with him, stroking fingers through his hair, and they’ll either talk about whatever takes their fancy, or bucky will nap and steve will read or draw or whatever. as long as he’s with bucky he’s happy
  • bucky hates mornings. steve likes mornings more than bucky does, but not by much. he still gets up early though, and bucky’s either still asleep, or awake and whining about steve getting up. after steve’s morning run he always ends up back in bed though, usually after a shower, and he just cuddles back up with a complaining bucky and sticks his cold toes on bucky’s legs and kisses his pouty lips and bucky forgives him pretty quickly
  • bucky doesn’t like people behind him, but steve gets a pass bc he’s basically part of bucky anyways. steve uses this power for mischief most of the time, but often he just stands behind bucky and kisses his shoulder, wraps him up into a hug, and bucky just smiles indulgently and pats his hand before he continues whatever he was doing pre-supersoldier-limpet on his back
  • on that note, steve’s a gropey lil shit. as long as bucky’s cool with it he’s all over bucky, always has a hand on him or his arms around him, a hand on his ass or on his arm. he’s just constantly touching, most of the time innocently, sometimes less than innocently, but he just. always is up for some bucky handling and bucky more than just likes it tbqh

sleepover sunday!

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i feel like chris would take a lot of polariods???? Like, he would have a while box of them and would habg the best ones up??? idk its just a thought

  • Chris Thomas who’s wall above his bed is COVERED in photos
  • Staged perfected ones, in the moment blurry ones, black and white ones, accidental ones, every picture he has taken is stuck up because each one has a memory attached to it 
  • But what we really wanna know is what on these photos don’t we? >:)
  • So here we go, there is: 
  • Nabulungi sitting on a swing with the sun hitting her to make her dark skin seem golden and her eyes like pools of lava
  • James is drawing, his face extremely focused, graphite smudged across his cheek and eyebrows furrowed and bottom lips trapped between his teeth in concentration
  • Nabulungi sat in a field of flowers that reach her knees with some of them tucked in her tight ringlets 
  • Kevin mid-getting smacked in the head with a football with a hilarious shocked blurry face and his arms flailing (that one makes Chris laugh the most) 
  • Arnold making Nabulungi’s birthday cake grinning into the camera brightly with batter on his nose and flour in his hair, wearing a Star Wars apron
  • Connor flopped on the couch after he pulled an all-nighter to finish all his ‘District Leader paperwork’ with one leg and one arm over the back and his head limp over the arm of the sofa
  • (There’s a second one to accompany it with Kevin carrying him into their room, smiling down lovingly at Connor clinging onto him with his face nuzzled in his chest (He gave that one to Kevin though)) 
  • James and Arnold who had rotated their glasses upside down and making stupid face into the camera
  • Nabulungi dipping Kevin as they danced in the main hall to her new record player playing ‘Africa’ by Toto
  • Nabulungi teaching Connor a very complex handshake as they sit crossed legged on a hill outside and his face is scrunched up as Nabulungi is in mid-smack of his hands
  • James covering the camera but you could see his beaming laughing face through the gaps of his fingers

But of course, he has secret ones he keeps in a cardboard box labelled ‘MEMORIES’ under his bed: 

  • James sleeping with his lips parted slightly, glasses askew and his hair fallen into his relaxed face as he lays on Chris’ shoulder
  • One of him and James kissing with James’ hand on his cheek and a smile against his lips 
  • The back of James naked back as he cooked breakfast for them before anyone else was up
  • James blowing bubbles at the camera from his outstretched palm with a bubble beard as they sat in a bubble bath
  • Another of James sleeping but it’s the back of his neck, littered in bruising hickeys 
  • One of Kevin when he came to sit with him one night when Chris couldn’t sleep. He was staring down at a softly steaming cup of tea with the moon spilling on his face to make his dark hair look silver
  • Connor in a rare moment when he totally lets loose of his emotion and is laughing so hard he’s rolling in the grass with his head flung back
  • One James took of Chris braiding Nabulungi’s hair as she sat on the floor, leant back into his lap on the couch
  • Kevin had borrowed his camera to take a picture of Arnold and Nabulungi outside, but when he came back to return it he quickly snapped a picture of Chris and James cuddling on the couch while watching TV 
  • A picture of his sister sat up in her hospital bed and smiling softly 

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I love your writing so much!! Your fics are literally amazing. Keep up the good work!! :) as long as requests are open, can I request one with the MC surprising the RFA by coming home early from a long trip?

a|n: thank you for your kind words!
oh jeezus. you didn’t specify to me if this was supposed to be fluff or not.

sooooooo …. my fingers may have slipped a bit lolol who am i kidding this is pure blood angst


  • ( breathes ) you told him you’re gonna be gone for a whole month due to a convention you had to attend on another city
  • and he had been calling you without miss everyday
  • each call, zen would always emphasize how much he misses and craves for you everyday since you left isNT HE SUCH A SWEETHEART
  • he asked you one time if you’ll be coming home any time sooner
  • you’ve only been gone for 10 days??
  • and the convention’s gonna last for a month??
  • disappointed on your last call, he said he’ll try to suppress the growing loneliness he feels
  • and you’ve felt so bad that you decided to cut the trip short
  • you did not notify zen though that you’d be coming home immediately that night after the call oh BOI
  • you took the very last bullet train back home aaaaand
  • there you are
  • standing on the front door of your shared apartment with zen
  • but- the lights are turned on??
  • you gently tried to turn the knob and you discovered it was not unlocked
  • confused as you are, you silently entered the house
  • and there you saw him
  • half-naked
  • with an unknown woman below him she was beautiful you sadly noticed this
  • “Oh my god …” you were so surprised that you were only able to utter his name as a tear rolled down your cheek “Zen …”
  • he immediately scrambled off of the woman and horror doused over his features like he was bathed with cold iced water
  • “MC - Let me explain -” no
  • you did not need to hear any patched lies and excuses
  • you left


  • jaehee accompanied you to the airport since you’ll be gone for a whole month for a seminar because of your job
  • you two parted ways happily that you had been so excited to return home back to her arms
  • she had been very supportive of you whole throughout the career path you chose she had been an angel towards your hardships
  • but you noticed her calls have turned from everyday to every other day
  • at first, it did not or did it?? really matter to you
  • as you thought that maybe she was just very busy??
  • you tried to understand, sure, even if
  • you already started feeling like you’re the only one who seemed to have been missing her so bad
  • so you decided that you’ll surprise her by going home earlier than expected
  • and you were lucky that the seminar ended 5 days earlier than the due date
  • excited as you are, thinking you’d surprise her, you did not alert her of your arrival
  • it turned out the opposite
  • as there she was
  • with a man
  • having coffee ( it was yours and her shared habit every afternoon ) on the cafe located just below your shared apartment
  • but what hurts the most was when you saw the man kiss jaehee
  • as he held her hand
  • and she genuinely seemed happy with the gesture
  • you knew from that moment that you had no one to come home to
  • but what hurts the most was the feeling of being replaced 


  • business meetings both domestic and international were nothing new to this man
  • even tho at first he was a bit hesitant to let you go on your very first business meeting for a month ( he was very much afraid of letting you go alone and you found this fear a bit irrational but it’s jumin just worrying for your safety so you dismissed the thought )
  • he did
  • ever since you left to take care of some business for C&R international dundundunn be proud you’re their department’s sales manager
  • he had been calling you every hour of every day
  • at first, it felt like he was still with you everyday, eagerly waiting for you to answer your phone despite both of you having extremely busy schedules
  • but then the calls suddenly STOPPED
  • and you were a bit puzzled at his sudden silence for days
  • he’d call you today then it’ll take him another 3 days to call you back
  • you tried asking jaehee regarding any changes with jumin and she just said that he had been very busy with his proposals and investors and other business meetings
  • but you noticed that during each calls, jaehee seemed to want to tell you something more than intended
  • but you dismissed it as maybe she just wanted to ask you something personal and maybe decided to put it on hold till you get back
  • one call happened when jumin dialed you but it seemed to be on accident
  • you can hear light shuffling on the background and a few laughter
  • but he was not answering so you ended the call
  • bothered as you are, you decided to cut your trip short and return earlier than usual, you tried ringing him and tell him that you’ll be home that day but he told you upon answering that you should call back later as it’s not a good time and he’s with some of his clients over dinner
  • heck, you even bought him a vintage wine only exclusive in that country you went to, thinking it’d surprise him and you’d be able to share a drink or two
  • you decided to go directly to his office since you thought he might still be in
  • and you were right since the lights were on
  • you prepared the wine
  • and of course, yourself
  • but it turns out you were the one who was severely surprised instead
  • the first thing you notice was she was beautiful
  • even more beautiful than you are
  • you caught them just in time where jumin was about to kiss her
  • that you accidentally lost your grip upon the wine bottle
  • she spotted you on the door because of the noise, all dumbstruck at what you’re witnessing
  • and she pulled away from the kiss jumin was about to give her, horrified of being caught in the middle of the deed
  • he scrunched his face as he turned to the direction to where the woman was looking and to where the breaking noise originated
  • and his eyes widened in dread and surprise when he spotted you
  • you tried hard not to cry, believe me, you did
  • but even your own tears betrayed you
  • you silently proceeded to go, not wanting to hear any possible lies he might come up with, ignoring his calls upon your retreating figure
  • and excused yourself from his office and as well as his life


  • being both game enthusiasts, you decided to go to a LOLOL convention held at another prefecture
  • since yoosung couldn’t go and it was his dream to have the autograph of the LOLOL creator himself
  • you decided it’d be a great gift for your anniversary with him it was a secret plan
  • you kept the rest of the details as a secret and did not tell him that you’d only be gone for like 3 days
  • but instead you told him you’d be away for a month
  • at first he was against it but then he decided it’d be best if you go
  • he was all cries and whines and promises that he’ll be good and that he’ll be missing you
  • so when you arrived at the place
  • you were trying to reach him for the whole 3 days but his phone was out of reach
  • school was out and you thought maybe he just forgot to charge his phone
  • and abused his freedom to play LOLOL all day and night
  • 3 days passed and you successfully retrieved the gift you got for him
  • and you were super excited to go home
  • you were on the front door
  • when you heard giggles inside the house
  • you slowly opened the door and your nose was engulfed with an unfamiliar strawberry scent
  • that you knew belonged to neither of you
  • you furrowed your brows as you saw how thrashed the place seemed 
  • your eyes widened when you saw two figures on the sofa, cuddling with the lights off and a horror movie playing on the screen
  • yoosung’s amethyst eyes widened upon seeing your figure looming over them
  • in your hand was the present you were supposed to give him today
  • you did not expect he’d give you one tho
  • and a very painful one at that
  • he looked sad as he hurriedly stood up, standing in between you and the girl beside him
  • “MC?! Wait, I-I can -”
  • “Shut up.” you gritted your teeth as you tried to muster up a very bitter smile “See this?”
  • you raised the hand that held the autograph you worked so hard to get just for him
  • and ripped it on his face
  • “Happy Anniversary. Enjoy it with her.”


  • your heart skipped a beat when the costume you ordered arrived in town
  • its been 2 weeks since you last saw seven and now that the costume finally arrived, you were so excited to finally go home
  • since the day you’re supposed to arrive back
  • and the day of his birthday were the same
  • you planned to go home a day earlier than usual
  • the carrier told you to come pick it up since you and seven live just near the post office
  • it was your surprise for his birthday
  • it was a limited edition neko atsume neko costume for couples
  • he had been wanting it since it was released but the place where it was being sold and your prefecture was far apart
  • that you told him you’d be doing work at some place but in truth, you just waited for 30 days just to be able to purchase the item
  • you planned to take a lot of pictures together
  • before going home, you bought a cake and some balloons and of course, some fanta and phd pepper as a gift to your very hard working hacker he once told you he wanted to drink strange flavours of sodas and juices aside phd pepper while wearing a neko costume LOLOL
  • you came to the post office just a street away from your place, with the cake in hand and the juices too
  • but what surprised you when you saw seven’s car passing through in a leisurely manner
  • but what took your breath away was when you saw a woman on the seat that’s supposed to be yours, her arms encircled upon Seven’s shoulders as she peppered his cheek with kisses
  • Seven turned and planted a light smack on her lips and they both laughed as if there was something funny
  • you couldn’t believe what you just saw
  • that the shock made you lose your grip on the box of his supposed to be birthday cake
  • and it smashed right through the ground
  • tears pooled your eyes as you proceeded to throw the remaining present you prepared for him and decided to not even pick up the costume anymore the EFFORT you spent hurt more than the money you used to pay for everything
  • you went home one last time that day, before they even got the chance to go back, and gathered your things
  • you tried your best not to tear up while saying goodbye to the apartment you’ve grown accustomed to
  • you left and made sure you were so far away from him he’d never consider looking for you
  • not that he’ll go looking for you anyway. he seemed to be so happy with somebody else already.

** on a keynote, i am not promoting cheating. nobody deserves to be treated that horribly. you all are wonderful people that deserves all the love in this world~

you came back

one of them protecting the other + love confession | Ao3

for @crazy-fruit, wishing you an amazing and fantastic Star Wars day for 2017! I enjoyed writing your prompts (I chose both.. :’’) so much, as well as admiring all your lovely art along the way! I really hope that you enjoy this gift and may the force be with you! <3

Cassian stumbles into what’s become their shared quarters, Jyn halts her pacing at the edge of his bunk. He doesn’t know what he expected.

But this isn’t it.

“How dare you,” Jyn whispers, the sound hissed through her teeth. The silence that follows stings raw and bright. Cassian grips into the doorframe, to stand upright or stop himself from running to her he isn’t sure.

“You’re safe,” Cassian manages, the words parched and clumsy, viciously inadequate. He doesn’t say he’s dragged himself from Medbay, that it took four droids to hold him down when she wasn’t there. That he wept with relief when he saw the bandage round his middle.

Because for a single, splintering second, the one just before he came-to.

Cassian thought it had been her.

He sees a tear glaze the corner of Jyn’s eye. It tremors as she blinks, his head twitches before he can quash the reflex.


His jaw clenches, voice prickles to ash in his throat.

Not for me.

Jyn cuts her stare aside, her smile gritted and trembling. She can’t halt the tear’s path down her cheek, won’t let him see her brush it away.

You,” she chokes again, the heat of it sends a welt through his stomach. “Are supposed to know what you’re doing. You’re the one in charge.”

“I knew what I was doing,” Cassian snarls. It feels like a misstep, too quick and too harsh, he can’t find his footing when Jyn’s glare pins him to the wall. He takes another breath, but the words only spit out fiercer.

I was protecting you.

It is completely, utterly the opposite of what Cassian wants to say.

Because it’s true.

And he already almost lost her once today.

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Lost in a Mystery

I wander through wanderless wanderings
Wondering if I wonder too much about wandering
As I wondered a wondrous wanderer wandered through

And spoke:

Illusion is intrusion.
I question your vision.
Ferocious confusion you beguile
Between rivets of gold.

Understand that I planned
From the hand that feeds to the lives
You grieve but
NEVER turn your back
On the ones who can’t stand.

Life is too grand
To demand
Those that are damned
Grasping and gasping
Forgotten entrapping
Beneath flowing sand
You must band
There you will find
What is the illusion
Or what is merely
The truth.

Subjected, Rejected,
Awkward and Neglected,
They walk away.

Leaving you

Lost in the wonderings
Of wanderers that conquer
A wondered conqueror
Conquering the conquered
Lost in the questions
Left to wonder and wander
Wondered by wonders
Wandering alone.

What is the answer?
I seem to be too lost in the question.

-H. Murcia       4/15/2017       8:53PM

Kiss Art Challenge

Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin
  9. on the neck
  10. on the shoulder
  11. on the back
  12. on the hand
  13. on the foot
  14. on the leg
  15. on the chest/torso
  16. on the butt
  17. on the naughty-bits

That cheerful laugh gone silent

And you watched every moment

Carved away and left to bleed

Is this really what you wanted to see?

Fierce confidence turned to fear

Far too late, he’s already here

In your skin, your veins, your mind

A deadly disease creeping inside

Once warm smiles now leave chills

Steady your breath, hold the gun still

Get in one last perfect shot

Their faces will be your final thought

Once brave hero, brought to his knees

Faced with an evil he can’t defeat

Nothing to do, this can’t be the end

But who in this world can hope to save him?

Put on a show, but no one stays

Trust in your friends, but trust betrays

One last trick to bring them back

One final breath for one final act

You seem so surprised behind the screen

Like it wasn’t you who wrote this scene

In all of this bloodshed, you share blame

Cause in the end we are one in the same

the fuckin,, autistic jack spicer headcanon is my J A M dude

  • Autistic Jack using the goggles as a pressure stim (source: I Used To Do This), and also wearing them so that ppl can’t tell if he’s making eye contact or not.
  • Autistic Jack having robotics & engineering as special interests do i really have to elaborate on this
  • Autistic Jack picking at the Helibot straps/clasp as a fidget.
  • Autistic Jack fidgeting/stimming constantly and it drives Wuya nuts
    • Y’know how she was complaining about the music in “Chameleon”?? he was probably listening to it on repeat for the past hour or so
  • Jack: *clicks pen repeatedly & in quick succession*
    • Wuya: “JACK, quit that INFERNAL clicking already!!”
      • s1 Jack: *clicks pen slower so as to produce less noise*
      • s3 Jack: *clicks pen MORE*
  • Autistic Jack practicing maintaining eye-contact by talking to the Jackbots. It sorta helps? But also sorta doesn’t b/c they don’t actually emote on the same level humans do.
  • Autistic Jack being Dramatic™ b/c he doesn’t know what else to BE around other people. This is how allistics communicate, right??
  • Autistic Jack designing his outfit mainly around the shoes and coat, which are weight stims.
    • It doesn’t occur to him how bad of an idea it is to carry around unnecessary weight while wu hunting until the middle of the 2nd season or so, but by then it’s Too Late. This is his #aesthetic, there’s no going back
    • One of the monks (Kimi or Rai?) eventually tries on the jacket as a joke and is just all?? dude?? do you carry rocks around in your pockets or something what the hECK,,
  • Autistic Jack probably definitely using some variation of the line “you’re my special interest” when talking to Chase at some point.
    • Dragon man doesn’t understand what this means at first. He finds out months/years later and STILL doesn’t know whether to be creeped out or vaguely flattered.
  • Autistic Jack & autistic Kimiko both infodumping about video games and complaining about Bad Allistic People they’ve had to deal with.
    • Omi wants to understand what they’re talking about and thus does Studious Research on this ‘autism’!! But probably ends up listening to Autism Speaks’ bullshit and has to be set straight on the subject
  • Autistic Jack doing a lot of his socializing & networking on social media/similar b/c it’s easier to manage social interaction when you’re looking at a screen instead of a face.
  • Autistic Jack constantly havin those Shifty Eyes™, gets falsely accused of lying a few times before the others figure out that the dude just Does Not Do extended eye contact.
  • Autistic Jack having to wear clothes that are Not Comfortable, Bad Textures for some fancy party-event-thing that his parents are dragging him to.
  • AUTISTIC JACK RUNNING INTO ONE OF THE MONKS/ETC OUTSIDE OF THE CONFLICT AND JUST…NOT RECOGNIZING THEM AT FIRST. (Omi and Chase are the least susceptible to this, while Rai and Kimiko are the most susceptible.)
  • Autistic Jack verbal stimming with evil monologues. Wuya has heard them So Many Times. She can probably recite a few of them verbatim.
  • Autistic Jack