Bucky as a Friend
  • You befriend each other by accident
  • You fell on him when practicing a move Natasha was teaching you
  • He laughed his head off but still offered to help you practice
  • If you’re feeling down, he brings you hot chocolate and tells you funny stories about Steve when he was younger
  • At any given chance, he will always bring up how you fell on him
  • He rips the shit out of you sometimes, but you don’t mind because it shows he cares
  • When you’re on a mission, he always has your back
  • On the quinjet back to the tower, he congratulates you on not falling on him when you did that move in the field
  • Because he rips the shit out of you all the time, you force him to watch all the Disney movies and listen to disco music
  • He hates every second of it, but sits through it all because it’s you
30 kisses challenge [DONE! Thank you for help!]

I wanted to challenge myself to draw everyday for 30 days and for that I need your ideas


Challenge idea comes from hinalilly


Pick one of My OTPs (or suggest your own) then pick one number from at least one list (Body Parts and/or Kiss Type). It should look like this:

  • DaiSuga 8 + 8 [DaiSuga sleepy eyelids kisses]

Ready prompts send via ask and I will add them (all!) to the masterpost with prompts for the whole month!

Body Parts

  1. on the lips
  2. on the cheek
  3. on the neck
  4. on the hand
  5. on the wrist
  6. on the shoulder
  7. on the back
  8. on the eyelids
  9. on the forehead
  10. on the fingers
  11. on the toes
  12. on the thighs
  13. on the hips
  14. on the chest
  15. on the stomach
  16. on the buttcheeks
  17. on the head
  18. on the nose
  19. on the jaw
  20. on the ear(lobe)
  21. on the small of the back
  22. on the temple
  23. on the palm
  24. on the sides/armpit
  25. on the (censored)
  26. on the foot
  27. on a wound/scratch/scar
  28. on the wedding ring/finger
  29. on the pulse point
  30. over the heart

Kiss Types:

  1. first kiss
  2. fake kiss/kissing practice
  3. accidental kiss
  4. magic kiss
  5. blowkiss
  6. butterfly kiss
  7. eskimo kiss
  8. sleepy kiss
  9. good night kiss
  10. good bye kiss
  11. underwater kiss
  12. tickle kiss
  13. secret kiss
  14. heated kiss
  15. lazy kiss
  16. frightened kiss
  17. through-the-glass kiss
  18. indirect kiss
  19. forbidden kiss
  20. stolen kiss
  21. wedding kiss
  22. victory kiss
  23. reunion kiss
  24. impulse kiss
  25. angry kiss
  26. gentle kiss
  27. failed kiss
  28. nervous kiss
  29. promise kiss
  30. last kiss

My OTPs:

Daichi x Suga
Asahi X Noya
Kuroo x Tsukki
Bokuto x Akaashi
Iwaizumi x Oikawa
Kiyoko x Yachi
Jean x Marco
Levi x Eren
Kakashi x Iruka
Zoro x Sanji

Thank you! 。;+*(★`∪´☆)*+;。

Horie Miona blog 2015/06/15 (extract)

Just a small part of Miona’s entry, regarding Rena’s graduation announcement. Would like to see those two work together again in the future ( *°w°)
Also Rena-san’s graduation.
I’ve known Rena-san from way back
One day I happened to be watching the TV 
A news announced “SKE is shooting their new PV”
I was stunned when I saw Rena-san  
throwing herself headlong  in “Aozora Kataomoi” MV’s shooting
while she was actually feeling unwell…

From that day I’ve always been a Rena solo oshi
Never missing an apparition on TV or a magazine
Buying CD too
Even using her clearfiles…(laughs)
I also went to an handshake event, but only once,
Griping my ticket tight as a friend accompanied me  ♬
And that same me who adored Rena-san,
For whom she was a goddess-like existence,
Is incredibly happy that
I managed to talk to her during MJ, that we went to Disney,
And that we worked together during her kennin with Nogizaka!

Rena-san appeared to be exactly how I had pictured her
humble and kind, her attitude when it comes to work
always earnest, making her so awe-inspiring*   (*・ω・)ノ
I want to become someone who like Rena-san
put fans, members and the staff
above herself.
I’m going to work hard so one day
we can play together again
like we did in the pair pv!
Congratulations for your graduation ♬

*tln : Miona actually uses the word “kakkoi”. And after all those years of following her, I think that’s indeed the term describing Rena best.

no but Joly and Grantaire making a bet while drunk and somehow it ends up with that Joly has to help Grantaire practice fencing and he’s just grinning while Joly is trying to put on the protective clothing, Joly being a bit sceptical over the whole thing because are you sure they washed these before giving them to me and by the way i’ve never done this before.
they both get surprised when Joly apparently has a natural talent for fencing, he gets through the defensive and offensive techniques like a pro and Grantaire has finally found someone to practice with, sometimes randomly picking up an umbrella and starts waving it towards Joly who uses his cane to “fight” back
on Joly’s birthday he gets a new cane from Grantaire, a beautiful cane and probably very expensive where the hell did you get money for this? which he immediately starts using daily, little did he know that when Bossuet tripped him in the streets one day and the cane hit the ground that it would open up and reveal a blade hidden inside the cane

when Joly got home he called Grantaire and spent an hour screaming about how dangerous it was for him and dID YOU EVEN GET A PERMIT FOR IT IN THE FIRST PLACE OR CAN I GO TO JAIL IF SOMEONE FINDS OUT but that’s another story

The Originals Writer’s misogyny - Davina Claire / Kolvina Rant (also a bit of kol rant in the end)

If you don’t want to read spoilers stop here (even tho the whole tumblr knows)


So davina claire, a brave little witch who went through so much, he dad being absent, her mother turning her back on her, she escaped a sacrifice ritual, got a whole coven after her, then died, was tortured on the ancestral plane and then came back

on season 2 she was there for everyone, kolvina happened, and i think the reason why she liked him so much was because he didn’t try to use or lie to her about his intentions (after she knew who he was) when he wanted something he asked, simple, unlike his “noble” brother who used her to unlink hayley and never looked back, and his other brother who murdered her childhood friend.

davina is very known for one thing, once you’ll be nice to her, whether respect her, don’t betray her or just help her you’ll earn her love and respect and she will do anything for you, we saw it with marcel, with josh, with hayley, with cami, with kol, even with ariane the girl she barely knew and showed her like 2 seconds of kindness she repaid that

she’s one of the rare characters on the show, who were brought as their own independant character who weren’t there just for shipping (like cami )

davina is fearless, she doesn’t know any limits, she has power and uses it whenever she has to, she faces whoever threatens her friends, and makes dangerous decisions for it, she brought back mikael to save josh, she broke klaus’s sireline to bring back kol, she tried to be a good regent and stop the sacrifice rituals when she was 18, she did it for months, yes she made a mistake by ordering a murder that accidentally ended up in a massacre, but in this show when we root for 1000 years old psycho killers i don’t think it was that horrible (also that woman was a raging bitch and deserves to rot in hell sorry I really hate her, she wants to make davina pay by making kol kill innocent people? that was the stupidest revenge plan ever)

So after all davina did, in 3 season, they not only paused any independant storyline since 2x14 and made bringing back kol her only purpose on the show, sshe could’ve had the sister’s coven storyline “the price davina had to pay …. remember?” but they were all killed, that was such a waste, and when she finally does bring him back (finally)

—————spoiler alert —————-

he will just kill her (we don’t know yet but i don’t think it will be himself, more like the ancestors taking full control)

what does that mean? her only purpose on this stupid excuse for a show is to bring back kol, and once she’s done she has no other purpose and dies? how is that fair? in kolvina it was always like “how to save kol” (although the writers didn’t treat him any better but it’s not my point) how about what davina wants? does she want to study ? what are her hopes and dreams? what is the future she’s planning for herself? will she get a job? so many questions that never mattered to the writers because ever since season 2 all that mattered in the kolvina relationship was kol, and how to either save him, defend him or bring him back

don’t get me wrong, it’s not hate towards kol, it’s the writers who only cared about the male side of the ship

and after all she went through, we were expecting to see more of her, see what she acomplishes that doesn’t have to revolve around her love interest, we wanted to see her live, enjoy life, because no matter what she deserves it, but nstead the writers just deny her that and once she has served her purpose (bring back kol) needs to die (and he’s one of the reasons why)

Davina Claire Deserves so much better than this


which leads to this second point, the writer’s obcession  with making everything about ships sometimes just makes both characters codependant and can’t live without each other

—– this will be about how killing davina after all she did fore kol is a terrible idea that not only makes us lose an amazing strong female, but will also kilda ruin kol—————- (I’m not making her death about him, or don’t want her to die bcause of him, just showing how the writers should write in a way that allows ther characters to move on from their love interests once the story is done and there is no other way———

why was davina the one to bring him back and go that far for him, it was great but their relationship wasn’t that serious back when he died to make her do all that, on a show about family, it would’ve been far better if the show focused on the family aspect, showed how the family helps bekah bring him back,since davina didn’t have to hold the spell all rebekah had to do was allow freya into her mind, show her the spell and after the strix getting klaus’s sireline undone freya will use the nexus vorti and kol would’ve been back

and in that way both character could still be in their ship, but without having to completely lose their mind if either of them dies, and they could greive a little and try to move on, the way the writers put it just puts kol in an impossible situatuon

either he mourns her as long as she did, and try to bring her back even if the way she dies there is no coming back for that (i would be more than happy if there is :) )

or he goes on full psycho and kills everyhting that moves, that would just dishonor her memory

both those are worst case senario

option 3 is the least bad, but not good either, he’ll greive and then move on, there could be a time jump so that the audience skips the sad parts, but that wouldn’t be enough because she went so far for him and for so long she deserves to be fought for harder

in every way, kol won’t be an interesting character, such a shame, his fandom fought 3 years to bring him back only to see him mourn, die, suffer, get ooc sometimes, recast, and mourn his girlfriend we deserved better too

The 60's

Lassie and Disney back to back
on TV every single Sunday Night 
the family gathered round the set
with rabbit ears in black and white

We knew dreams would come true
and you simply needed to believe
we couldn’t see it could never be 
as we were still innocent and naive  

JFK, MLK, Vietnam and Bobby too
death came via the evening news  
til the carnage we saw every night 
radically changed our world views

Those days now belong to history 
flower power, cold war and Berlin
the 60’s are gone and I sadly see
we’ll never be that innocent again






four movements


only so many

times we can fuck

before we realize

this was not

meant to be




excuses lessened nothing
we cannot change the unchangeable
the body knows the body
the mind knows not the mind
the soul can explain nothing
it can only be
dharma plays back
on repeat
same old lessons
same old speech patterns
the truth remains


impressions left
we are impressionable
depressions yet
we remain undepressed
expressions mastered
we allowed ideas
to remain unexpressed
suppressed but learning
how to be unrepressed

okay that graphic is crappy but yeah let’s go with it anyway yay


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