Trump’s new immigration executive order is still a Muslim ban and people are fighting back

  • On Monday, Trump signed a new executive order suspending refugees from entering the United States for 120 days and cutting its refugee admissions from Obama’s 110,000 to 50,000.
  • The order, which won’t take effect until March 16, also calls for a 90-day ban on any new visas from six majority-Muslim countries: Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Iraq is no longer included.
  • The revised order comes after federal courts handed the Trump administration several defeats
  • Despite the order’s new language, however, Muslims and non-Muslims alike are speaking out. 
  • This order is still a Muslim ban and people are taking to Twitter to warn others about the consequences. Read more (3/6/17 1:44 PM)

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I saw that you'd opened requests! Can I ask for hc about RFA, V and Saeran didn't see MC for few weeks, because was abroad or went to another town and MC couldn't go with him or her. And today he or she is coming back. Thanks for your great blog!

Such a cute idea! Hope you like these~


  • Zen was filming his latest movie and they needed him abroad for a few weeks
  • You couldn’t come because of your own work obligations
  • You get a call on the week he’s supposed to return
  • He says his work is delayed for another two weeks
  • You try to sound as supportive as possible, but honestly you’re disappointed
  • You’ve been super lonely
  • A few days later, you return to your apartment and there’s a path of rose petals on the
  • floor
  • You slowly follow it and notice there’s also a few candles and dim lighting
  • Zen is waiting in the dining room where he has take out nicely plated he didn’t have time to cook
  • You just drop your bags and hug him with a small squeal
  • He picks you up and spins you around
  • When he puts you down, he explains that he lied about the extended work to surprise you
  • You’re too happy to see him to scold him for lying
  • You guys eat together while he shares some stories from his trip
  • As the evening comes to a close, you two just cuddle up on the couch and make out make up for lost time


  • He had to attend a family reunion in Japan
  • You couldn’t join him, so you had to bear the few weeks alone with occasional spotty video call sessions
  • Finally the day comes where he’s returning
  • You spend several hours making a large Welcome Home sign with drawings of some of his favorite things all over it
  • When he walks out from the gate in the airport, he looks really tired but lights up as soon as he sees you
  • He tries to do that cheesy airport run, but then he just realizes he really missed you and gives you a kiss as soon as he sees you
  • You take him back to his place so he can drop of his things
  • But you’re in for a surprise when he brings out all the stuff he got you
  • He’s so excited to give you a bunch of little gifts, and he tries to explain some of them…but others he’s just like…
  • “Oh! And I got you this because it reminded me of…of…actually, I don’t know why I got this. It was cute.”
  • He’s still talking even as you two are laying down on the bed
  • After a while, he grows silent and just grabs your arm and pulls you into his chest and presses a kiss to the top of your head
  • You two stay there for awhile until you hear his soft snores


  • She’s abroad meeting with partners and sponsors for the cafe
  • She was supposed to be gone for about two weeks
  • Since everything went smoothly, she got to come back early
  • But she didn’t tell you…
  • She got in early as usual and hid in the closet
  • She waits until you come in and start setting things up
  • She texts you and tells you to check in the closet to see inventory or something
  • You sigh and obey instructions
  • That’s when she pops out with open arms
  • Only…you were holding a bag of flour
  • Which you threw right in her face
  • “Jaehee! I’m so sorry!”
  • She spits out a mouthful flour out of her mouth
  • You think she’s mad but she just starts laughing like crazy
  • There was a mini flour fight before you two hurried home to clean up before customers arrived


  • He went on business trip pretty often, but this one happened to be nearly a month long
  • You were supposed to join him
  • But you got very sick near the last minute and ended up staying home while he went
  • It was a rough time for you since he was barely on any phone calls with you
  • It was only to ask how you were doing and check up on you but that was it
  • Two weeks go by and you’re feeling better but the house isn’t the same without him
  • You wake up groggy and go to the kitchen
  • He asks you, “Chocolate or Strawberry?”
  • You shrug and say, “Chocolate,” before sitting down on the small island staring at him in his apron
  • Then it hits you
  • “Jumin! You’re home?!”
  • You’re mildly confused but it doesn’t stop you from tackling him in a hug
  • He’s laughing that his little trick worked but also asking questions about your health
  • He spends the entire day with you, showing you blurry pictures from his time away


  • He had gotten this one freelance hacking job abroad
  • It paid really well, but the only downside was that it was approximately three weeks and there could be absolutely no communication
  • You still encouraged him to take it, convincing him you and Saeran could handle yourselves
  • You end up with a really bad flu about a week later, so half the time that passes is in a drugged delirium from all the meds
  • Still, you liked to leave your room occasionally to check up on Saeran
  • He’s sitting in the computer room playing some games, so you just casually start a conversation, but he wasn’t responding
  • Then Saeran…another Saeran? Walks into the room and you swear you took the wrong meds
  • But when Saeran starts yelling and brawling with the “imposter” you realize your mistake
  • “Saeyoung!” you cry happily, running to give him a hug
  • “Uh…actually, that’s Saeran….”
  • Oops. You quickly amend your mistake
  • He forgives your mix up, considering your illness, but right away he activates his mothering mode to get you better


  • His therapist had suggested some retreat abroad to help him through some things
  • He didn’t really want to go at first, but you thought it might be good for him to explore a little, since it was only about a week long
  • But once he was there, he was constantly video chatting you in the evenings
  • Even if you two weren’t talking, he would call and just have you there
  • When you pick him up at the airport, he drops his bags in the car and pulls you into the biggest hug
  • It’s odd since he doesn’t usually initiate affection, but he’s holding you so tightly
  • When you two finally get home, he’s clingier than usual
  • He’s just sharing everything he saw and what he did and showing some pictures
  • He’s so tired by the end of the day, but he’s just laying with his head on your lap and still talking
  • Until finally, he drifts off mid-sentence, and you can’t help but find it to be the cutest thing


  • He got a big opportunity for a photoshoot abroad
  • You encouraged him to take it, as he was slowly building up his work after regaining his sight
  • You two still managed to talk occasionally, but your schedules barely matched
  • Because his project was indefinite, neither of you knew exactly when he was coming back
  • One of those rare moments where you could text each other, you asked how his work was coming along
  • He replied that he just took what might’ve been his favorite picture in the past few weeks
  • When you ask him to send it to you, you realize it’s a picture of you…on the couch you were sitting on right then
  • You jump up and run to the open door where he was waiting
  • You throw your arms around him, your legs wrapping around his torso as he spun you around
  • He had already made dinner reservations so you two could spend the evening catching up 

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you came back

one of them protecting the other + love confession | Ao3

for @crazy-fruit, wishing you an amazing and fantastic Star Wars day for 2017! I enjoyed writing your prompts (I chose both.. :’’) so much, as well as admiring all your lovely art along the way! I really hope that you enjoy this gift and may the force be with you! <3

Cassian stumbles into what’s become their shared quarters, Jyn halts her pacing at the edge of his bunk. He doesn’t know what he expected.

But this isn’t it.

“How dare you,” Jyn whispers, the sound hissed through her teeth. The silence that follows stings raw and bright. Cassian grips into the doorframe, to stand upright or stop himself from running to her he isn’t sure.

“You’re safe,” Cassian manages, the words parched and clumsy, viciously inadequate. He doesn’t say he’s dragged himself from Medbay, that it took four droids to hold him down when she wasn’t there. That he wept with relief when he saw the bandage round his middle.

Because for a single, splintering second, the one just before he came-to.

Cassian thought it had been her.

He sees a tear glaze the corner of Jyn’s eye. It tremors as she blinks, his head twitches before he can quash the reflex.


His jaw clenches, voice prickles to ash in his throat.

Not for me.

Jyn cuts her stare aside, her smile gritted and trembling. She can’t halt the tear’s path down her cheek, won’t let him see her brush it away.

You,” she chokes again, the heat of it sends a welt through his stomach. “Are supposed to know what you’re doing. You’re the one in charge.”

“I knew what I was doing,” Cassian snarls. It feels like a misstep, too quick and too harsh, he can’t find his footing when Jyn’s glare pins him to the wall. He takes another breath, but the words only spit out fiercer.

I was protecting you.

It is completely, utterly the opposite of what Cassian wants to say.

Because it’s true.

And he already almost lost her once today.

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Lost in a Mystery

I wander through wanderless wanderings
Wondering if I wonder too much about wandering
As I wondered a wondrous wanderer wandered through

And spoke:

Illusion is intrusion.
I question your vision.
Ferocious confusion you beguile
Between rivets of gold.

Understand that I planned
From the hand that feeds to the lives
You grieve but
NEVER turn your back
On the ones who can’t stand.

Life is too grand
To demand
Those that are damned
Grasping and gasping
Forgotten entrapping
Beneath flowing sand
You must band
There you will find
What is the illusion
Or what is merely
The truth.

Subjected, Rejected,
Awkward and Neglected,
They walk away.

Leaving you

Lost in the wonderings
Of wanderers that conquer
A wondered conqueror
Conquering the conquered
Lost in the questions
Left to wonder and wander
Wondered by wonders
Wandering alone.

What is the answer?
I seem to be too lost in the question.

-H. Murcia       4/15/2017       8:53PM


It ends with the trilling of a sparrow
perched on the wreath hung over
my green door.  It flies away, poor
fellow.  Its wingspan crossing my
visual path when I swing open to
leave…Going where?  I don’t
suppose you’ll ever know…

With the fluttering of butterfly wings
tantalized by the accumulation of
a tang that drips down my arm and
with the recurring hoot of an old
friendly owl that hides in a pine
across the street.

I ask the children to hoot back
one last time before heading
indoors; to let it know it is heard,
and it responds kindly.  But will
you?  Can you do the same
before this night is through?

RFA and V and Saeran being cheated on by MC

(AN: Remember, cheating is wrong guys. Don’t cheat on your partner(s). I’ve never been in the position of being cheated on, nor have I ever cheated on anyone, so I’m sorry if I write this at all poorly or mis-portray it in any way.

I should note that after each incident in all of these, MC leaves the RFA, or is just straight up kicked out of it. They will not stand for anything like this to happen.)

(Edit: This is very, very long. It’ll take some time to read through these haha. It’s just under 7200 words overall)

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anonymous asked:

Does Yuuri ever 'borrow' (steal) Victor's clothes?

  • so we know Yuuri likes to borrow Victor’s olympic jacket
  • but he definitely has stolen one of Victor’s shirts.
  • probably a soft one thats a little on the bigger side.
  • He wears it to bed every night and Victor doesn’t complain
  • and for sure he has stolen one of Victor’s sweat shirts for when they go for a run.
  • He wont give it back
  • one time Victor tried to steal one of Yuuri’s shirt and Yuuri yelled at him.
  • Yuuri just steals a bunch of Victor’s clothes and doesn’t realize it until they do laundry
  • Victor keeps putting the stuff Yuuri stole in his pile
  • Yuuri calls him out
  • Victor just says “Honey I love you, but you steal all my clothes. I have nothing to wear.”
Dear Hairy Girls,

when I was eight I noticed my eyebrows were thick

like black caterpillars over tired, baggy eyes

I was already worried I wasn’t pretty enough to be

a popstar like I wanted

I took a pair of scissors and knelt behind the teacher’s desk

in front of a plastic mirror

and tried to cut them smaller

I walked around with a patch missing from my left brow for weeks

I couldn’t explain why I did it

just one of those weird things kids do.

Dear Hairy Girls,

when I was eleven I sat in a treehouse at a barbecue

with my older sister’s friends

I felt mature, cool even

then one of them looked at my legs and said

“those sure are some furry legwarmers”

I looked down, my legs were bare

save for the thick black hair 

moments later she asked if I was wearing eyeliner

“no,” I said, “I just have thick black eyelashes”

she said I was lucky.

Dear Hairy Girls,

I begged my mother to let me shave my legs

she gave me Nair, afraid I would cut myself

it gave me chemical burns that caused sores on my skin

but I never went a shower without using it

grateful to be free of what I felt was a plague.

Dear Hairy Girls,

I was sitting in gym class in grade seven

talking to a boy

that warm feeling in my chest, the safety of knowing

you’re too young for anything to mean something

but you can still pretend

and then the boy to my other side

pulled the back of my shirt down and shouted

“whoa, you have a hairy back!”

he turned me around to show everyone

including the boy I liked

I laughed it off but to this day

I can’t wear a backless shirt or dress.

Dear Hairy Girls,

the same year my mother plucked my eyebrows for the first time

I cried because it hurt, but when it was over

it was like another stone had been lifted

by fourteen years old I could shape my eyebrows

with the expertise and speed of a beautician 

and a year later it stopped hurting.

Dear Hairy Girls,

I was a girl who always wanted a nickname

I thought it would make me cooler, more popular

nothing ever caught on

until someone in the first month of high school

looked at me and said “moustache”

only a few people called me this to my face and when they did

it was gleefully, with broad smiles

but what bothers me more are the people who graduated

five years later

who had to ask my friends

what “Moustache’s” real name was.

Dear Hairy Girls,

I was told I was the kind of girl that boys would never like

(which I’m fine with now, because I’m the kind of girl

who prefers girls to boys anyway

with very rare exceptions and high standards to meet).

Dear Hairy Girls,

I was afraid to wear a swimsuit when I was fifteen

because people would see

my hairy arms, my hairy back, the patches I missed on my legs

and my hairy stomach.

Dear Hairy Girls,

I am the only girl I know personally who has

a fully defined happy trail.

Dear Hairy Girls,

I am fucking beautiful.

Dear Hairy Girls,

I know I can’t ask you to love

the hair on your arms

on your back

on your neck

on your face

on your legs

on your stomach

because I know how something as stupid as hair

can be used as a weapon against you

but if long, thick hair is a symptom of femininity 

then we have it in spades

and should never be afraid to show our gorgeous selves.

Dear Hairy Girls,

never settle for anyone who loves you

and thinks you’re beautiful

“despite” the hair

we deserve better, our hair is beautiful

and I hope you know 

that I’m rooting for you.

the fuckin,, autistic jack spicer headcanon is my J A M dude

  • Autistic Jack using the goggles as a pressure stim (source: I Used To Do This), and also wearing them so that ppl can’t tell if he’s making eye contact or not.
  • Autistic Jack having robotics & engineering as special interests do i really have to elaborate on this
  • Autistic Jack picking at the Helibot straps/clasp as a fidget.
  • Autistic Jack fidgeting/stimming constantly and it drives Wuya nuts
    • Y’know how she was complaining about the music in “Chameleon”?? he was probably listening to it on repeat for the past hour or so
  • Jack: *clicks pen repeatedly & in quick succession*
    • Wuya: “JACK, quit that INFERNAL clicking already!!”
      • s1 Jack: *clicks pen slower so as to produce less noise*
      • s3 Jack: *clicks pen MORE*
  • Autistic Jack practicing maintaining eye-contact by talking to the Jackbots. It sorta helps? But also sorta doesn’t b/c they don’t actually emote on the same level humans do.
  • Autistic Jack being Dramatic™ b/c he doesn’t know what else to BE around other people. This is how allistics communicate, right??
  • Autistic Jack designing his outfit mainly around the shoes and coat, which are weight stims.
    • It doesn’t occur to him how bad of an idea it is to carry around unnecessary weight while wu hunting until the middle of the 2nd season or so, but by then it’s Too Late. This is his #aesthetic, there’s no going back
    • One of the monks (Kimi or Rai?) eventually tries on the jacket as a joke and is just all?? dude?? do you carry rocks around in your pockets or something what the hECK,,
  • Autistic Jack probably definitely using some variation of the line “you’re my special interest” when talking to Chase at some point.
    • Dragon man doesn’t understand what this means at first. He finds out months/years later and STILL doesn’t know whether to be creeped out or vaguely flattered.
  • Autistic Jack & autistic Kimiko both infodumping about video games and complaining about Bad Allistic People they’ve had to deal with.
    • Omi wants to understand what they’re talking about and thus does Studious Research on this ‘autism’!! But probably ends up listening to Autism Speaks’ bullshit and has to be set straight on the subject
  • Autistic Jack doing a lot of his socializing & networking on social media/similar b/c it’s easier to manage social interaction when you’re looking at a screen instead of a face.
  • Autistic Jack constantly havin those Shifty Eyes™, gets falsely accused of lying a few times before the others figure out that the dude just Does Not Do extended eye contact.
  • Autistic Jack having to wear clothes that are Not Comfortable, Bad Textures for some fancy party-event-thing that his parents are dragging him to.
  • AUTISTIC JACK RUNNING INTO ONE OF THE MONKS/ETC OUTSIDE OF THE CONFLICT AND JUST…NOT RECOGNIZING THEM AT FIRST. (Omi and Chase are the least susceptible to this, while Rai and Kimiko are the most susceptible.)
  • Autistic Jack verbal stimming with evil monologues. Wuya has heard them So Many Times. She can probably recite a few of them verbatim.
  • Autistic Jack

@huxismyman asked:

reyux cuddles? :)

Lol, idk if this was meant to be an ask for a drawing request or request for headcanons so you get headcanons:

  • Sometimes they’ll just stand in peaceful silence and hug for no reason other than they just want to hold each other and feel the other’s warmth and arms around them
  • Rey initiates a majority of the time but there’s that random occasion where Hux will surprise her
  • More times than once Rey has sat in his lap while he works at his desk. She just lays her head down on him and wraps her arms around his shoulders. He lets her stay there for as long as she wants. Bonus points because great access for neck and jaw kisses. When she falls asleep he carries her to bed and tucks her in (with a kiss (๑°꒵°๑)・*♡)
  • There’s like never a night where they aren’t spooning. A tangled mess of arms and legs. Skin on skin. A face in the crook of ones neck, arms wrapped comforting and secure. They actually both swap big spoon/little spoon. Hux likes to be the big spoon though so he can kiss her back or neck or shoulder. Really he just likes the feel of her in his arms and the press of her body against his. And Rey doesn’t always have her back to him. Most of the time she faces him so that way she can peck sweet little kisses to his chest or chin and of course his lips. And there’s nothing like gazing at his beautiful, sleeping face
  • Rey will literally attach herself to his back like a koala when they’re in bed
  • After intimate moments Rey likes to tangle their legs together
  • Sometimes Rey will just lay an arm over his torso and rest her head on his chest. When she does that, Hux will lightly brush his fingers across her temple about her hairline or up and down the length of her arm
  • Either that or she just lays spread right on top of him. She can tangle her fingers in his hair that way too ♡ He just wraps his arms around her and will soothingly rub his palm over her back until she falls asleep or run the tips of his fingers up and down her back
  • One of their favorite pastimes is when Hux lays on Rey’s lap and she plays with his hair, stroking or running her fingers through it. He’d never admit it out loud but it’s his favorite place to be
  • Hux has this thing about making love confessions to Rey while she’s sleeping or more like while he thinks she’s sleeping ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) He cradles her in his arms and whispers in her ear or they’re just laying together and he traces his fingers across her cheek and speaks her poetry in love (▰˘◡˘▰) 
  • Hux loves to dance with Rey because it’s just another reason for them to be close and hold one another and have relaxing, quiet time together
  • Speaking of relaxing, they also enjoy taking baths together and just peacefully lounging against the other in the water without a care in the galaxy
  • When Rey gets pregnant Hux totally lays his head on her tummy and talks to their baby (or babies *wink*) and rubs his hand over her tummy. There have also been occasions when he has kissed her tummy but he does it while she’s sleeping. Of course she’s not always really, heh heh.

anonymous asked:

Um... Would it be possible for a holiday request to do with exchanging gifts with V or Unknown? //

Why not both? :^))


  • He put a lot of thought into his gift for you, so he’s positive that you’ll like it
  • Upon unwrapping his gift, you gasped and teared up
  • It was a framed photograph of the sun
  • ‘You are my sun’ was written on the back
  • On the first Christmas you shared with him, he gave you a photo album
  • So you took the idea of giving him one that you made
  • Unlike his album that was filled with professional looking photos, your simply contained all the random candids of him and selfies
  • V sleeping, V eating a bagel, V watching the sunset, the selfie you took with him at the town’s fountain…
  • He absolutely cherishes it
  • “Merry Christmas, Jihyun.”
  • “Merry Christmas, my sun.”


  • Saeran was really worried about his gift to you
  • He really wanted a memorable gift for your first shared Christmas with him; one to thank you and show his love
  • Thank god your eyes lit up upon opening his gift
  • A beautiful, silver circle locket sat inside the box, and your favorite picture of the two of you sat inside
  • You immediately bounced on him with a hug, “I love it, Saeran, thank you!”
  • When it was time for his gift, we swore he saw the box move
  • ‘I wonder what she got me–oh my god it’s a kitten’
  • If he thought your eyes lit up when you opened your gift, his eyes could light up the whole world
  • He’s like a child, protect him
  • “Thank you. I promise to not let Saeyoung touch our baby.”
How You Like It

Originally posted by dyoru

Member: Exo D.O./Kyungsoo

Type: Smut/Fluff

You blinked up at the ceiling, feeling Kyungsoo’s hair tickle your bare lower stomach as he pressed open-mouthed kisses at your inner thigh. It wasn’t that you didn’t like it; you were always comfortable with whatever he did to you now that you two had started becoming more intimate, but right now you just weren’t feeling it.

“I’m not stupid, you know,” he hummed, propping himself up on his elbows looking down at your almost-naked form. Your shirt and sweatpants had been forgotten somewhere on the floor and you were under him against the pillows in only your bra and underwear. He continued, his eyes meeting yours, “What’s wrong?”

You shrugged, forgetting to realize he probably couldn’t see the movement of your shoulders. You waved you hand in a ‘come here’ motion, backoning him to you. Sitting up, he moved to sit next to you with his legs crossed. He watched you, an eyebrow raised, waiting for your response.

You sighed, replying finally, “I don’t know it just isn’t…exciting. You know when you feel the little sparks and stuff? Yeah that’s just not happening.”

“You’re not horny,” he said frankly, making you wrinkle your nose up at him.

“I was trying to find a better way to say that. I mean okay I don’t mind doing stuff but…I don’t know maybe try something else?”

He sighed, dropping his chin onto his elbow as he stared at you thoughtfully. “Well do you want me to experiment or will you just tell me what you like?”

“How am I supposed to tell you? ‘Oh yeah, just move your tongue up there, swirl it around a bit-’” you started before he cut you off with a laugh, shaking his head. 

“I mean show me.”

“Show you?” You moved your hands, pushing yourself up to sit next to him as he smiled, shifting closer to you. He took your hands lacing his fingers with yours as he leaned closer to you, kissing your mouth. 

You sighed into the kiss, letting his lips envelope yours as his hands squeezed yours tighter. He moved your hands to your crotch, releasing them so he could play with the skin just above your panties. He broke the kiss, pulling back so he could raise an eybrow at you, his eyes sparkling with mischief and his mouth smiling slightly.

“Show me,” he whispered, his fingers moving down to grab your underwear on either side of your hips, slowly pulling it down as you spread your legs slightly. “Touch yourself.”

You gasped at the boldness of his words, which came out in a deep growl. His eyes were on yours, then they flickered down to your crotch as he pulled your panties down further, to your knees. Your hands sat between your legs, your thumbs twidling as your heart raced at the idea of Kyungsoo watching you finger yourself. 

You watched his tongue peek out to lick his lips as he wated for you to move, and all too suddenly you realized how wet you had become. You slowly inched a finger towards your clit, rubbing it slowly as Kyungsoo watched. 

Your finger moved down, feeling the wetness that had pooled and spreading it around your slit. He was watching your so intently, his gaze not leaving your moving fingers. Your eyes fluttered closed and the heat rushed to your cheeks. You couldn’t watch him like this, it was driving you crazy. 

“Babe,” he growled, and you eyes stayed shut, his voice sending sparks down to your core. You pushed two fingers in easily, letting out a soft moan as you pumped yourself. 

“Kyungsoo,” you whimpered softly as your thumb flicked your clit as you fingers fucked you. You other hand moved up to your bra, where you pulled down the cup enough to expose one erect nipple, which you rolled between your thumb and index finger. You pulled at it, moaning as you scissored your fingers inside you.

One of Kyungsoo’s hands suddenly landed on your bare thigh, and you made the mistake of opening them to see your what your boyfriend was doing. His eyes were wide and dilated, his cheeks pink and his breathing uneven as his other hand shamlessly jerked his dick as he watched you. He was painfully hard and red with need, his precum beading at the tip. You moaned at the sight; your fingers pumping faster into you. 

You added another finger, feeling the fantastic stretch of your walls as you felt yourself build, your other hand still pinching your nipple. His fingers dug harder into your thigh as you finally reached your release, pumping yoruself through it as your boyfriend watched, mesmerized as your hips bucked into your fingers.

“Fuck that was hot,” he muttered, still pumping himself as you pulled out your sticky fingers, watching him as he continued jerking himself. And idea popped in your head, and you moved you fingers closer to your mouth as he watched. As your sticky fingers touched your bottom lip, he realized what you were doing, his eyes widening and his mout opening slightly as he groaned. 

You took your index finger into your mouth, sucking it as he watched you, his thumb moving to press agaisnt his tip as he jerked himself faster. He groaned as hot white spurts of cum spilled onto your stomach, his eyelids fluttering as he watched you suck your juices off your finger. 

His chest rose and fell with his breath as his eyes were on you again, eyeing yotu other two sticky fingers. He grabbed your wrist, yanking it towards him as he took your fingers into his mouth, sucking hard. You whimpered, and his grip on your wrist tightened, his teeth nibbling on the pad of one of your fingers. 

He released your hand and you pulled your fingers out of his mouth. You saw the glint in his eyes and the ghost of the smile on his face as his hand moved to your sensitive core, sliding a finger in and hooking it upwards, making you shiver. 

“I like watching you finger yourself,” he muttered boldly, making the heat rise to your cheeks. “But I think it’s my turn to try.”

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 After you’ve had a bad day      Keeping your relationship secret     Your first date     Morning after your first night together      How he proposes      The first time he says “I love you”      Pulling an All-Nighter      After an injury on a hunt     After having teeth out      Going for a hike     When you’re stressed        Halloween     When you feel you’re not good enough for them     How you met     How you cuddle at night (Winchester bros: Extended Edition)

Dean x Reader.

I Was Made For Loving You 

The Girl’s a Straight Up Hustler Part 1
The Girl’s a Straight Up Hustler Part 2
The Girl’s a Straight Up Hustler Part 3

Welcome To The Big World - Teen!Dean x Reader

What’s Up, Doc?

One Tough Cookie

Night Talks

The Cup Of Tea - short drabble

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head
Ain’t That a Hole In A Boat

Right Time, Wrong Place

Small Screen Dreams

Lies (Part I)
Lies (Part II)
Lies (Part III)

Hand Me Down

A Tale of Two Crushes

Sleight Of Hand (Part I)
Sleight Of Hand (Part II)
Sleight Of Hand (Part III)

Anything Goes (Part I)
Anything Goes (Part II)
Anything Goes (Part III)

Roadhouse Rookie

Headlong - male!reader

Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

Y/N - short drabble

Jet Pack Blues
Jet Pack Blues Finale

Uncertainty - short drabble (friendship)

Moonchild (Prologue)
Moonchild (Part I)
Moonchild (Part II)
Moonchild (Part III)
Moonchild (Part IV)
Moonchild (Part V)
Moonchild (part VI)

Friendly Advice

Who Tells Your Story?

A Funny Thing Happened (Part 1)
A Funny Thing Happened (Part 2) - Kind of Meta!Marvel too?
A Funny Thing Happened (Part 3)

The New Kid

Stowaways - teen!Dean short drabble

The Black Parade

Quick Thinking

M.I.A. (Part One)
M.I.A. (Part Two)

Unnamed Drabbles: X x X x X x X

Sam x Reader

Hitman - Sam x demon!Reader

Memory Lane - Sam x Reader. Dean POV

You Are Not

The Pizza Evening


Only In Dreams

Get ‘Em Up


Love In An Elevator - First go at an AU! (college!AU)


Northern Downpour


Room 21.

Fatal Excuse

Jet Pack Blues
Jet Pack Blues Finale

More Than This

A Theory Test - (short)

In A Pinch



A High School Reunion

All-Nighters Are Overrated

Date Night

A Hotel By The Lake

Unnamed Drabbles: X x X x

Cas x Reader

Stick ‘Em With The Pointy End

Cas and the Borrowed Impala

The Babysitting Job

Sorry - letter

A Helping Hand

Airs and Graces (Also did a drabble loosely inspired by this, continuing the final scene)


White Horses


Time - short


Sweet Dreams

Thrift Shop Treasure - short

A Match Made In Heaven

Unnamed drabbles: X x X x

TFW or Sam & Dean x Reader Friendship

New Roomie Blues - Dean/Sam x Reader friendship

Dog Sam Afternoon - Sam/Dean x Reader friendship

A Hike To Remember - TFW x Reader friendship

Make A Memory (TFW and quite a few extras x Reader friendship):

The Incredible Hulks - Dean & Sam

Starlight - TFW x Reader

Pill Problems - TFW x Reader

Undisclosed Desires
Weakness In The Eye Of The Beholder
The Final Countdown - short drabbles

Man’s Best Friend - trigger warning for PTSD

A Walk On The Wildside - Bitchachos Prompt

Road Rage

Unnamed Drabbles: X

Crowley x Reader

The Easy Way Part 1 ——
The Easy Way Part 2       |
The Easy Way Part 3       |— Kinda others too (spoiler!)
The Easy Way Part 4       |
The Easy Way Part 5  ___|

Cell Mates

Just Another Day At The Office

Gun. (quick 5 minute drabble)


The Emergency Exit (Part 1)
The Emergency Exit (Part 2)

You Scratch My Back

One Man’s Trash is Another’s Treasure

Unnamed drabbles: X x

Gabriel x Reader

Knock Knock

The Glass Wall

Unnamed Drabbles: X

Lucifer x Reader

Devil In The Details - this is also Sam x daughter!reader (kind of…)

Kevin x Reader

Supply Drop

Balthazar x Reader

Unnamed drabbles: X

Benny x Reader

Unnamed drabbles: X

Adam x Reader

Unnamed drabbles: X

Chuck x Reader

Unnamed Drabbles: X x