The 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters

1. Kurt Hummel, Glee

Actor: Chris Colfer
Previous Rank: 7

Speaking of the K portion of Klaine (Doesn’t he deserve more than one letter in that mash-up name? Injustice), your winner and undisputed world champion of gay TV characters is none other than Kurt Hummel, the plucky young sprite who stylishly paraded his way into legend and our hearts when he entered that glee rehearsal room over four years ago. What can we say? There is no character quite like Kurt.

The notion of young gay characters on television is still in its fetal stages, though the Glee universe has injected a growth hormone into that process, which is why Kurt has been such a remarkable presence on the television scene. He is fully realized in a way that young gay characters just haven’t been before. He is not simply a statement or storyline or supporting character used to build up the diversity of the gang. He is a person, as outspoken and self-assured as he is confused and fragile, realistically stereotypical without being a cartoon.

Through his first few seasons, Kurt endured many of the expected dramatic travails of the gay high school character, including the emotional coming out and an entire season of bullying, but through that he never became the sad, isolated tragedy he might have become. His enduring brightness, coupled with the openness and genuine warmth Chris Colfer brings to the character, has established Kurt as a symbol of triumph over difficult circumstances for many young gay people. He emerged on the other side, still caring, still optimistic, still funny.

And that’s really why he tops this list. We have watched him grow up and make mistakes and endure, which has cultivated a love, ownership, and protectiveness over him. He’s our Kurt.    –SB

Previously on Glee, Blaine Warbler did some dumb stuff with Eli C. and so Kurt broke up with him forever — except for Christmas and weddings and funerals and Valentine’s Day and Halloween and Arbor Day and Citizenship Day and Groundhog Day and Susan B. Anthony Day. Finally Blaine just told Kurt that they were going to be together for all the days, “And don’t freak out, but my doctor says I’ve contracted Ultimate Tight Pants Syndrome (UTPS) and apparently it’s contagious.”

The Backlot, Glee recap 4x21

I’m laughing so hard and it’s only the first paragraph. Heather is going all out in this recap

[about Derek’s wound] A quick search on the internet would tell him that just about any ailment can be cured by extensive applications of sex with Stiles. Repeated treatments could be necessary. There are whole websites dedicated to describing the ways in which this cure should be applied.
—  The Backlot [X]

Hidden… Gonzo?

On many attractions at Walt Disney World you can find a what’s known as a “Hidden Mickey” which usually consists of the tri-circle shape of the mouse’s head. This is not a hidden Mickey, but it is a hidden Gonzo. As you are in the queue to enter Muppetvision 3D,before you enter the building it is on the brick wall. Look up as you snake along the outside of the queue. There is a large diameter pipe which sticks out of the brick wall and then bends 90 degrees down towards the ground (in the shape of Gonzo’s nose). Around this pipe, in chalk, the rest of Gonzo’s face is drawn in.

Muppet 3D Gonzo Sketch by Peter Lee on Flickr.

Splash is one of my favorite live action Disney films and I love that it has a small representation in the park. As a matter of fact, Splash would have had a much larger presence in the park. The success of the film was brought to the attention of the Imagineers who were told to incorporate the film in some way.  Michael Eisner asked them to put Madison the mermaid somewhere at the attraction  Zip-a-Dee River Run. However, the Imagineers disagreed and said Madsion wouldn’t fit the theme. Instead they compromised and named the ride “Splash” Mountain, in honor of the film.