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Tanz der Vampire +  The Mincing Mockingbird: Guide to Troubled Birds

Art courtesy of @squirrellygirlart, donated to the MiraculousBlackout project.

Content theft is a huge issue at present and I know many people who have completely stopped posting their work because it gets stolen from them and posted elsewhere, without their permission or recognition. This blackout is both in protest and to bring awareness to the issue. 

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>I still haven’t started Nier

>I still haven’t started FF15, which finally had the patch I wanted to wait for before playing

>I’m not even halfway done with Tales of Berseria

>Not even a quarter done with Dragon’s Dogma

>Not even halfway through disk 1 of the Last Remnant

>Not even a quarter done with Nioh

>gotta finish Radiant Historia because Remake Bois!

>Still have the last few chapters of Trails of Cold Steel to finish

>Gotta buy Cold Steel 2 because that story is 10/10


i won’t properly be here until friday but like this for a SHORT / ONE LINE STARTER. please specify muse !

Update 05/24/2017

Over the course of the past few months Acorn Press has fallen behind schedule on current orders and has been working through a backlog of several weeks. This is attributed to surprise but necessary maintenance of equipment in current operation on multiple occasions and the breaking in of newer equipment during the thick of this current convention season.

Rather than further increase our turn-time again to account for this we’ve decided to temporarily close order submissions. We anticipate reopening for new order requests within 2 - 4 weeks.
We need this time to get our effective turn time back down to a reasonable period. In addition, we’ve been growing much faster than anticipated and need time to make some improvements to the way we operate.

Apologies for any communication delays, especially those regarding order status.

For all orders currently paid for and in our queue:
Fielding requests for refunds and/or order cancellations should be emailed to with the subject “Order Cancellation”. Anyone is free to request a full refund regardless of order status.

For all orders that have been placed with us that are unpaid or have yet to receive an invoice:
If you would still like to proceed with your order then please send an email to with the subject “Awaiting Invoice”.

Best Regards,
Acorn Press

  • me: ok, this is fine, im prepared, this is a dumb goofy podcast with characters named after texmex foods and anyway im not thaaat invested how bad can it be
  • taako, taz episode 67: ten
  • me, screaming as i run: never mind
Why Being Boring is Awesome

In his advice book for creatives (Steal like an Artist), Austin Kleon has a chapter titled, “Be Boring.”

“Be boring,” Kleon says. “It’s the only way anything gets done.”

“I’m a boring guy,” he goes on, “with a nine-to-five job in a quiet neighborhood with his wife and his dog.”

Like Kleon, I’m a boring person. I do the exact same thing every day or every week. I haven’t been on a trip that wasn’t writing related in years. I almost never miss a day of work. Saturday mornings I work on my blog and every Sunday I go to church. It’s a good thing I’m a Hufflepuff, because I have the tenacity of a rock.

But things get done. (And money gets saved.)

Once in a while, I get messages from people online that go something like this:

Wow! I’ve read all the things you’ve done and what you are doing now, and all I can say is that I wish I were you and doing what you are doing!

I’m always flattered of course and appreciate each and every one of them.

But all the “cool” stuff other people see lasts about a second. They’re cool, so I share them. But most days I’m hunched over a computer for 7-8 hours. On weekdays I literally talk to 2-3 different people (I don’t have coworkers). To many people who look at me and my lifestyle, I appear utterly boring. In fact, to many outsiders, I give off the false appearance of utter stagnation. (And trust me, some of them let me know.)

I have a friend who is always out on adventures. It’s great. If he had any idea how boring I am, he might have different thoughts about our friendship …

But being boring can be awesome. Just as canyons are slowly carved out day after day, year after year, so is any “boring” productive thing you do strengthened and refined day after day, year after year.

I remember when I started blogging years ago, I looked at my friends’ blogs that were about 5 years old at the time and was a bit envious of their followers, commenters, and big backlogs. Many of those friends have moved onto other things, and that’s great. Strangely, soon my blog will be as old as theirs were at that time. Now I have my own followers, commenters, and a big backlog. Week by week this place has grown. When I began, I could hardly imagine writing so many posts. It felt so far away. But by being boring (read: consistent), week after week, it got there.

The same is true of any small, productive thing we do consistently. I’ve been doing yoga almost every day this year. I only do it for 20-30 minutes, and I don’t even leave home. I just follow yoga instructors on Youtube. Watching some of them, I feel a little envious of their flexibility and mobility. But no one got to that point overnight. Day after day, year after year, they were consistent.

I’m sure people come up to them, and say, “Wow! I wish I could do what you could do!” And the truth is, most of them can–if they are willing to put in the few minutes regularly, week after week, year after year. But often when people make such comments, they don’t fully fathom the patience, work, and tenacity it took to get there, which are all “boring” traits.

In a strange way, it seems you can accomplish almost anything, if you are boring.

Boring isn’t necessarily the same as being lazy. Though if you are boring by being lazy day after day, you will reap those “benefits” also.

People who are boring in the context I’m referring to understand this scripture:

Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass

To some of the world, I may seem foolish, doing the same things day after day. In fact, 6-7 years ago, I had a friend who honestly had the attitude that working hard at something you want is stupid and unnecessary. That person would even point out others who were working hard in derogatory ways. Last year, when that friend saw some of the “cool” things I was doing, they came to me and asked point-blank, “How do I get to do what you are doing?”

True story.

The reality is, I’ve learned a lot of significant things being boring. I’ve learned a lot about myself, human nature, society, and ideas. There is something about long-term (but productive) stability that clears your vision in ways other things can’t. I don’t know if I would have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it firsthand.

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You guys are killin’ me here

I was at 91 followers a week and a half ago. Tomorrow is the last day to follow to make me write more prompts (despite the fact that I still have TWELVE to do, on top of Reyes Week backlog @.@)

Needless to say, I’ve got my work cut out for me, and I underestimated this website. This is going to cut into my Camp NaNo plans… but maybe i turn a teaser into a drabble. Maybe. We’ll see.

i dont see myself getting much done tonight because ??  idk i zoned out for 20 minutes so that’s my evening. i have a lot on my plate because i love undertaking projects (  i don’t mean that facetiously )   – but here’s where we are:

pencils: 6 - technically this is tentative but i’d like to do them all if i can manage it / memes: 5 / replies: 2 ( + starters ) / themes: 4 / and a personal art thing i’d like to do + getting started on medusa ( literally 2 weeks backlogged on this? im )

i’m not unmotivated or anything but i’m p low energy atm, so i appreciate everyone’s patience ♥

Will start backlogging ‘missed’ SKAM translations for season 3.

Hi guys!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday and a great New Year’s celebration! I know I’ve been MIA for the last two weeks, but I needed some time to just take it easy and relax with family :) I hope you did as well!

I’m posting this just to give you a heads up that I’ll start “backlogging” translations this week. This means I’ll go back and translate texts/chats/etc. that I missed (most from October, before I really started) to add them to my SKAM Season 3 translation masterlist. (Feel free to reblog to your followers if you’re a SKAM blog)
I’m just letting you know so that I don’t ‘scare you’ into thinking these are new updates or something. I’m just a completist (you should’ve seen me collect Spice Girls cards as a kid!) so for my own sake I’ll have peace if I know I’ve done the whole season :) All posts will have a date in them, indicating when they were originally posted during season 3, but I won’t post chronologically; I’ll start with texts/chats/IG, then move along to transcripts of the vids I’ve missed.

I also know that I have a bursting ask box; I feel genuinely sorry that I haven’t been able to answer many of you, and I’ll try to get to that as well, but please be patient with me, ok? <3



Philinda Appreciation Week || Philinda as another pairing - Spaceparents (Battlestar Galactica). Phil Coulson as Laura Roslin and Melinda May as Bill Adama.

When the cylon base ship vanishes and takes with itself President Phil Coulson and a few members of the Battlestar SHIELD, Admiral Melinda May decides to stay back alone in a Quinjet waiting for him to return to the rendezvous point while the rest of the fleet continues their search for earth.

On being asked by her daughter why she is doing this ? Melinda’s answer is fair and simple “because I can’t live without him” confirming that even though they started of as enemies, she has grown close to Phil Coulson, so much that he has become her Sine Qua Non.

When Phil finally arrives back at the rendezvous point. Their reunion is heartwarming and beautiful where they finally confess about their feelings.

Phil : Missed you
Melinda : Me too.
Phil : *Hugs her tightly* I love you.
Melinda : About Time.