“Years & Years hit the stage lit from beneath. It’s not long before the silhouette of Olly starts cutting shapes through shadows. Take Shelterand Desire get an early run and suddenly, we’ve got a fully blown Sunday night rave on our hands.

His voice is actually insane — hearing that breathy falsetto live is something else. The clarity and control on the slower tracks like Eyes Shut and Memo is damn impressive.”


Local Paddock 08/08/2015 by Matthew Dartford
Via Flickr:
Was going to head the coast this morning. Woke up and it was misty, so abandoned that plan and went to a local woodland spot I had been meaning to visit for a while. This is also the 1st real time I’ve used my new Sony A7RII. Can report all went well, and now thinking my DSLR might be soon be for sale. This was quite early…I probably had the ISO higher than it needed to be, but generally speaking the image quality (for those interested in such nonsense) was pretty amazing.