backlash 2004

Randy Orton [April 18th, 2004]

After disrespecting Mick Foley for months, even leading up to their WrestleMania XX match, Randy Orton had finally pushed the Hardcore Legend to his breaking point. With that being said, the Legend Killer showed up at Backlash ready to wage war in a hardcore match. Orton successfully defended his Intercontinental Championship, but not before becoming a human pincushion in a career defining moment.

I dont know how I feel about WWE airing Over the Edge 1999 on the WWE Network. I’ve tried watching it in the past, and I just cant do it. I can get about 20 minutes in, and I just know whats gonna happen, and I end up just turning it off.

Same with Backlash 2004. That was the first ppv after Benoit won the title from Triple H. And it was in Benoit’s hometown. And there’s a bunch of video packages showing that it was “Benoit Day” in Edmonton. And Benoit’s whole family is in the crowd and they’re all so happy and proud of Benoit. And its just so eerie that I have to turn it off. Cause none of them knew what would happen three years later.

I highly doubt I’m ever going to be able to watch those shows in full.