backlash 2001


Last Man Standing Match:
Shane McMahon Vs. The Big Show
WWF Backlash
[April 29th, 2001]

My favorite era of Shane McMahon was when he had no discernible qualities, couldn’t win a match without help from The Mean Street Posse or The Corporation, and would do shitty little things to wrestlers because he knew enough people had his back that he could get away with it. In 2001, Shane-O-Mac came into his own as a wrestler, having several surprising bouts under his wing that showed his resilience as a tough guy. He’d definitely need every bit of that, stepping into the ring against The Big Show in this Last Man Standing Match. I wish I could find the original “which way did he go? Ho ho, ho ho!” promo where Shane first coined Big Show as being big and stupid, because that promo was hysterical. All the laughter at Big Show did nothing but fuel the rage of the giant, which Shane would learn later may not have been the best idea.

This match is from probably my favorite pay per view of 2001, if not my favorite of all-time, Backlash 2001. I don’t think there was a single match on the card that I disliked.