Some pictures of the weekend escaping the jungle upstate catching up with friends and family. Hit up my brother’s softball game, finally got to meet my twin cousins! Adorable. Visited with my grandmother, who I must say looks amazing for 94! Spent some time at the Hoffman House catching up with the crew, and pictured is the beautiful bride to be and her maid of honor (great shower, so good to see the girls!). Great weekend but I am happy to be back in Brooklyn and to end it with a Thai Dinner date night with Ruben which hasn’t happened in awhile.

Back to the office tomorrow! Definitely nervous and anxious. Estimating 3 weeks out of office there will be a couple hundred unread emails and a good overwhelming stack of mail. But I do miss those guys. Will be running over to an awesome colleague’s desk to check on how big her baby bump has increased over the 3 weeks and we may have to compare side profiles because she’s got some competition in the office now ;) steroid belly vs pregnant belly. Just realized I’m on the 54th floor… Is this going to be an issue? My ears do pop every morning on the way up and with these open sutures I’m hoping there are no injuries en route up.

I have no idea why but we just turned on that stupid special on the guy, Nik Wallenda attempt to walk over the grand canyon on a rope. Life is too precious to do dumb things kids. Be thankful for your health and don’t do anything to jeopardize it!

Xoxo CBKlyn