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レイお兄ちゃんが大好きなチェンが可愛い。レイお兄ちゃん歓喜。 #LAY #CHEN #EXO #EXOCHANNEL


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shops for groceries: both of them, luhan buys too many random things, jongdae keeps him in check
kills the spiders: luhan but only after lots of persuading
comes home drunk at 3am: both but mostly jongdae if ever
makes breakfast: jongdae, luhan tries, it’s cute, also, lots of backhugs at the stove top and maybe wandering hands
remembers to feed the fish: luhan, he likes watching the fish eat
decorates the apartment: neither really but jongdae brings home cute things time to time and sometimes luhan finds a lamp on the street
initiates duets: jongdae, especially on romantic nights where they’re just lying in bed and luhan will laugh before joining in 
falls asleep first: jongdae. usually he has the longer days and luhan sings to him in mandarin as he presses kisses to the younger’s forehead

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Backhug (Kris)

It has been a long, tiring day at work. Your boss wanted to increase the selling and he was out of ideas and inspiration, so he decided to call you to hel him, but no propose was good for him, and he started yelling. You spilled hot coffee on your favorite white shirt and broke a high heel. You were wishing to go home and spend the afternoon with your boyfriend Kris. To cuddle, kiss and make love so you feel better. But it was 7 pm and you were still at work.

Finally your boss realeased you at 8:30 pm, when you finally came up with an amazing idea. It was two hours later than your usual time to go. You walked down the building with your heels in your hands. You got into a taxi cab that brought you home. You paid and got into the house. 

You threw the high heels through the room and sighed. You felt better at home.


There was no answer. It was late, why wasn’t he home? Maybe he was, but he didn’t hear you. You suddenly felt strong arms wrapping around your waist and you gasped. You were surprised, but when a pair of lips touched the soft and sensitive skin of your neck, you knew it was Kris. 

Your hand went to stroke his hair while you made the job easier for him. Then he started biting a little bit.

“I had an aweful day” you confessed.
“Yeah, you smell like coffee. Let me help you with that.”

He turned you around and slowly unbottoned your shirt, leaving a peck on your lips when he was halfway there. Then, he threw it away.


He looked at your bra.

“Oh wait, you have coffee on your underwear too”

Only you could have the amazing idea to wear a white bra. Well, it was a good excuse to get naked. He ran his hand on your back and unclapsed it, making it fly with the shirt. Then, he unzipped the side of your skirt before pulling it down.

“Wait, Kris, it wouldn’t be fair if I’m naked and you’re not.”
“I agree.”

You tiptoed and kissed him on the lips, running your hands on his chest until they reached the end of his t-shirt and you pulled it off. You smirked to yourself when you looked down to find his abs and a bulge on his pants that looked a bit tight, calling for attention.

You decided that being a little bitchy was the best option. You unbuttoned his jeans and took your time to unzip them, earning a loud moan form him.

“Please, ____, do it faster”
“Or what?”
“Just do it”
“Mmmm…I don’t want to.”

You kissed his shoulder and slowly took off his pants. He grabbed your hand and guided you to the bedroom you two shared. He basically threw you to the bed and he fell on the top of you. Your lips were united again, but this time it was a long kiss. You felt his tongue invading your mouth and oh, what a feeling!

He got rid of your panties and you struggled to take his boxers off but finally made it. Before giving you the change to stretch or take a deep breathe, he pulled his hard member into you. You moaned in sync and you scratched his back while you felt your walls suddenly stretch. It hurted a bit, since he was too big and you didn’t have a preparation. 

Even though he was fully inside you at once, he waited until you gave him a sing that he could start moving his hips. The first time he did it slowly, but finding that you were cool with it, he pounded inside of you merciless. It was a hurting pleasure, but you didn’t want him to stop. It felt amazing. 

He bit your lip and you moaned loud. 

“Say my name”

He stopped suddenly when he was deep to the balls.

“Louder if you want me to let you cum”
“Good girl”

He thrusted with an unhuman speed until you start seeing everything black. You reached your climax with a scream and you had a blackout. He stopped while you recovered and continued when your vision became normal again. He took a little more to cum, but he finally did, inside of you.

He pulled out and rested by your sided. You hugged him.

“I meant it when I had an aweful day. Thank you for making it better. You always do”


150414 제주도 팬싸인회 시우민 & 수호 ‘민석이랑 준면이는 추워여’

aka Cuddling is a perfectly acceptable way to get warm 

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did u see kyungsoo backhugging jongin sorta kinda at the 2nd day of japan fanmeet im like omg kyungsoo pls ur thirst (/watch?v=dqsEMaS2kxY) im like okay soooooo okay calm down boy.

kyungsoo is a thirsty baby for nini thank you soooo much for sharing that i hadn’t seen it i could make gifs of it but i bet someone will make better ones than i do ha