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Let's talk jikook! What's your favorite jikook moment? Or what really made you jikook trash? Lol

favourite jikook moment why would you do this again thERES SO MANY buuut here my faves in no particular order

there’s some more but I can’t find the links rn but it’s something also this it took me like an hour pls appreciate the effort ;_;

and to answer the second question tbh I can’t even remember I became jikook trash as soon as I became bangtan trash I fell in that hell real quick tbh

thank you for sending this seeing messages in my ask box always makes me happy ^_^


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Dating Byun Baekhyun Includes:
  • Him always knowing how to make you laugh/laugh when you’re down.
  • H O P E L E S S  AT COOKING but he tries for you. poor you him.
  • Him liking to take you on casual or fancy dates.
  • !!L O T S  O F  H U G S!!
  • endless aegyo.
  • His protectively/manly side coming out when you’re both in public with swarming fans.
  • mATCHING COUPLE ITEMS (hats/shirts)
  • Him asking to take selfies with you often and then putting it as his wallpaper/lockscreen.

  • If you’re taller:
  • Him whining for you to carry him to bed when hes sleepy.
  • Him insisting to be the tall one when y’all hug or kiss. cue him trying to find a bench or something to stand on.
  • Soft kisses to the parts of your face he can reach.

  • If you’re shorter:
  • Backhugs where he rests his head on yours, gently so his chin won’t hurt the top of your head.
  • Kisses on your forehead
  • Him still asking you to carry him to bed when he’s sleepy.

  • Him saying shit like:

B: “Jagiya, I really like your face today.”


B: *to his members*
“Look look, an angel is walking towards us!!!!”
Them: “Isn’t that your girlfr-”

  • Him muttering “gapsong” under his breath when he finds out he can’t spend time with you on particular days.
  • Pinky promises.
  • You always ending up resting your head on his chest during naps/cuddles etc.
  • Him sending you snapchats of what he’s doing and to see if you’re taking care of yourself.
  • You literally on his mind 25/8
  • Him always waiting for you to sleep first before he can sleep.
  • Him looking at screenshotted snapchats/selfies/pictures of you on his phone before he sings aND HIM SMILING  THIS TENDER FRICKING SMILE BC HES SO INLUVF ADN I JSUT
  • The automatic smile on his face when he see’s you or your name is mentioned.

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Hiii could you do seungcheol boyfriend tag please :))

SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups as your Boyfriend:

  • Congratulations, you just adopted a puppy straight from Seoul, South Korea
  • Okay but can we talk about how he never leaves without kissing you? He would have this cute smile on and he would cup your cheeks and place a soft kiss on your forehead
  • No seriously, that boy would run 4 blocks back when he realizes he forgot to kiss you
  • Is going to proudly buy couple shirts and sweaters
  • Is going to proudly wear it~
  • Seungcheol has this habit of winking at you whenever he’s doing something.
  • Talking with the guys? He’ll wink at you across the room
  • Washing dishes? He’ll wink at you
  • Changing his clothes? He will wink at you 
  • Loves to give you back hugs! Everywhere you go, he’ll give you a nice and warm back hug!
  • And from that backhug, he will give you kisses on your cheeks and temples
  • His hands would be placed comfortably around your waist and he would pull you in more to be closer to you.
  • Has an amazing singing voice!
  • Seungcheol is very cheesy, sometimes he would wake you up by singing to you and you’d see him looking at you so fondly! You’d ask him
  • “What are we? In a kdrama?”
  • “Yah, don’t ruin the mood.”
  • A very cuddly person, so you wouldn’t even get out of bed sooner than you think because he just woke you up so that he has someone to cuddle with and talk to.
  • He’ll tell you most of his problems even though sometimes he thinks that he’s burdening you when he shares his woes.
  • But you quickly reassure him that he doesn’t have to shoulder it on his own :)
  • Doesn’t trust the members enough so everytime you talk to another member, it has to be a one person apart radius.
  • Yes even the poor maknae Dino has to stay a foot apart from you
  • Will get jealous easily!!!! Seunghceol feels like he has to redeem himself whenever you compliment another person.
  • When eating out, he would ask to eat some of your food as well and he would ask you to feed him
  • Has a very cute smile on his face whenever you wear his sweaters to go out
  • Loves to trap you in his arms and legs and just have you all to himself
  • Most of the time, Seungcheol is stressed and very busy. But he would make sure to call you or send a message or two because he also worries about you.
  • Is strong, so he can easily keep you close with just a tug of your hand!
  • Piggyback rides whenever you are tired~
  • Likes to nestle his head on your shoulder!
  • Brings you everywhere, even during practice!
  • One time, he accidentally bumped your head with his elbow and he looked so distraught and apologetic, you had to remind him every 3 minutes that you are fine and it was just an accident and he doesn’t have to say sorry to your ancestors.
  • But Seungcheol laughs when he breaks a hard boiled egg on your forehead??? What is the truth Coups??
  •  He takes so much strength from you, he would just sit down by your side and hug you tightly without saying a word.
  • He loves to take in your scent because it relaxes him alot and it just makes him feel a little bit happier despite a tiring day
  • Will watch kdramas with you but will most likely try to one up the male lead because he saw the sparkle in your eyes when you watched the male lead do something sweet
  • Who needs a puppy when you got him?
  • One time, a fan gifted him with dog ears and you were never so thankful as much as you were when you saw him wearing it because he is hella adorable
  • One time you passed by a dog in the park and the both of you made friends with it
  • ……But then Cheol got jealous and took you away to buy some crepes instead
  • Is all giggly when he chats or texts you and the other members just roll their eyes because wtf is he really  the eldest of the group?
  • Gets really enthusiastic about everything
  • Grocery shopping? *enthusiasm intensifies*
  • Going down town to eat some fried chicken? *enthusiasm intensifies*
  • Accompanying you to buy some undies? *enthusiasm level over 99999*
  • Gets really giggly and shows his gums when his smiling whenever someone mentions your name
  • Okay but imagine waking up to see his long eyelashes bless 
  • Also waking up to see his slightly parted lips dear lawd 
  • The type to play around with flour when you attempt to do some baking and splash water when you’re doing the dishes
  • Seungcheol would take you camping!
  • Looking up the stars and making up stories about constellations and somehow he managed to pitch in the story of the two of you from those stars ;v;
  • Gets really cute and adorable when he tries to make it obvious that something is new about him
  • “Do I look different to you :”D ?” *hair flip*
  • “….You got your hair done for your next comeback?”
  • “Omo, so you did notice! :DDDDD”
  • Is happy when you’re happy! It doesn’t matter if the rain cancelled your plans together or that traffic was delaying your dinner, as long as he sees you happy, it’s fine with him.
  • Likes to remind you that you are so special to him, he either shows it verbally or through his actions
  • Seungcheol really really likes you, and despite his responsibilities as a leader and the hardships as an idol, he finds solitude with you! He is thankful he can be laid back with you :)
Dating Joshua (17) would include:

  • him writing songs about you 
  • forehead kisses 
  • backhugs
  • calling you princess 
  • forever healthy
  • cute calls 
  • cute morning & night texts
  • snaps
  • caring for each other a lot 
  • joshua swag
  • being calm in public but when there’s no one around you guys become a too hyper couple
  • of course eating together 
  • so it means a lot of cute dates
  • being really close to the members
  • 24/7 with him 
  • you’re so lucky to have him

The next one is going to be Jun! After all the SEVENTEEN i will start making BTS/ 24K / EXO ones! :) 

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EXO-K Reaction: When You Backhug Them Out Of The Blue

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SuHo:  “Well hey there angel”

Baekhyun: “Oh, you’re being extra cuddly today.. Not that I’m complaining! It’s hard to resist me I know” 

Chanyeol:  “Oh! you startled me, when did you get here? I didn’t see you”

D.O: “E-euh..Uhm”

*Clears his throat and tries to collect himself*

“Ehem.. Spill it! What do you want this early?!”


“W-What was that for?!” 

Sehun: “Aiish you scared the hell out of me!!“

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Suga , hobi , kookie how would they let you know that they want to get naughty


pulling you into his lap. kissing down your neck. constant groping. telling u 

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nibbling on your ears. kissing you a lot. feeling u up

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getting annoyed when u dont pick up on hints. pulling u into a backhug so you could feel his ‘problem’

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- Sky x


Amazingly enough, the sex tape was his idea. He said it would be “my own personalized porn for when I go on tour.” And he spent plenty of time warming you up to the idea with teasing touches, neck kisses, whispering against your ear, and random backhugs that are a little too close to be innocent. He’s so proud of his photography skills, you ended up being the one lying impatiently on the bed as he adjusted the aperture to get the “perfect lighting” as he watches you looking at him with an amused look. When you finally finally sit on his lap as he sits back against the headboard and grind against him, he smirks back at you. “Make it the performance of a lifetime.”

- Admin J

SEVENTEEN walking in on you changing: Hip Hop Unit

Vocal Unit | Performance Unit

S.COUPS - Seungcheol would have the widest grin on when he sees you changing. He’d feign innocence and would act like he didn’t want to see it. He’d have his hands over his face yet his fingers would be wide open for him to see you. He’d be very giggly about it and would even suggest helping  you out. He’d try to poke your sides here and there just to tease you.Seungcheol would be the type to be very playful and flirtatious, he’d also pull you in so he can carry you back to bed because you looked so tempting.

MINGYU - Will instantly flash his canines and a look that can devour you. He wouldn’t be embarrassed at all when he sees you changing. In fact, he’d take this golden opportunity to seduce you. He’d be so flirtatious and would hav a certain tone to his voice when he talks to you. Mingyu would give you a backhug and would whisper sweet nothings to you. He’d kiss your bare shoulders and he would certainly turn your conversation into something a bit more physical. Mingyu would be very smooth with his words~

WONWOO - Wonwoo on the other hand, he’d be lost for words. He’d want to tell you that you should have locked the door, but at the same time, he is deeply flustered yet aroused by the sight of you changing clothes. He;d have a hard time forming sentences, and his mind would go blank, because he’s quite distracted. He wouldn’t know where to look and would even forget why he came into the bedroom in the first place. Wonwoo would sneak in a small compliment before he tumbles to leave the room.

VERNON - Vernon would pretty much be his awkward self at first. He’d definitely be startled, but it’s not like it’s the first time he has seen you that way. He’d just stand there with his mouth wide open, forming the letter ‘O’. He’d be very much distracted with you, and would probably take his time admiring the view.Vernon would forget his purpose of coming in, and he’s pretty sure that he doesn’t mind forgetting about it.

VIXX Reaction: Crush back hugging them

VIXX reaction to their crush backhugging them to surprise them? Thank you so much!!!!



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“Aish, you scared me y/n.”


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“Omo I thought you were someone else!”


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“How about a front hug now instead?”


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“Y/n, it’s you!” *cheeks turn red*


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“Well this is a pleasant surprise.”


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“Yah, be careful I almost hit you!” 


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Taehyung wants Jungkook backhugging him too but Jungkook didn’t do it aigoooo 😁😁 #vkook #taekook