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Can you maybe write a namjoon fluff? Maybe cuddling in the bed or listening to music together? Or whatever comes in your mind. Your writing skills are very good!^-^♡

Thank you so much! ^^ I added both cuddling and listening to music :3 It’s not a long one shot but I tried to make it as fluff as possible XD Hope you’ll like it ^^ (GIF NOT MINE)

  You were going home from a long day at shopping with your best friend. You were so tired and your legs were tired aswell. All you needed was a cup of tea and your lovely boyfriend next to you, watching a movie together. When you arrived home you called his name and he answered right away from the living room. You took off your shoes and he came and backhugged you which made you blush.
  “Hi, Namjoonie!” You said and gave him a wide smile.
  “Hi, jagi! How was shopping?” He asked and kissed your cheek.
  “Amazing! I bought you something!” You said and took off a bag which had one of his favourite shoes of all the times, Converse.
  “Jagi!!! You didn’t have to!” He widened his eyes and hugged you tight.
  “Of course I did! I know how much you love Converse!” You said and yawned.
  “You look tired…” He said and looked into your eyes.
  “I am tired.” You said and went in your room to change your clothes. After that, you went back in the living room and you saw him staring happily at the Converse you bought him. He looked like a little kid which won a new lollipop. He looked at you, grabbed your hand and walked you back to your room and lied you down on bed. He opened his laptop, played some relaxing music and climbed in bed next to you. ‘This is exactly what I need.’ you thought. He hugged you tight and started to talk about the love song he played.
  “So cute…This is really relaxing! Thank you, Namjoonie!” You said and kissed his cheek and he smiled.
  “You deserve to be relaxed, jagi!” He said and placed his arm around your waist and kissed your cheek and you smiled shyly.
  “Awww!” You exclamed and closed your eyes. You felt his arm hugging you even tighter and you smiled. You turned to him and kissed his lips cutely, making him giggle. Suddenly he got up and you opened your eyes.
  “Something wrong?” You asked.
  “I’ll be right back!” He smiled and closed the door behind him making you wait. After a few minutes he came back with a cup of tea.
  “Awww you didn’t have to!” You said and smiled widely.
  “I did! My baby needs to feel relaxed and happy!” He said and gave you the cup of tea. You started sipping it, it wasn’t too hot or too cold, it was perfect. Just like your boyfriend.
  “Thank you so much!” You said and placed the cup on the nightstand and kissed his cheek.
  “Anything for you!” He said and lied you down on the bed and kissed your lips cutely making you blush. “Sleep well, cutie!” He said and kissed you again.
  “Aww thank you! Sweet dreams!” You said and kissed him back.


150530 — shinee on snl korea (screencaps)
the third skit is called ‘growing a boy’ and is about raising taemin. the woman raised him to say 'noona is so pretty’ and backhug. they even almost kissed! however, taemin started using all this techniques on other people besides the woman that raised him. you can stream snl korea here.

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EXO react to you suddenly backhugging them? (even though you're v v short^^)

Hello annonie!
Thank you for requesting! I hope you enjoy~

Xiumin: *eats slowly so he doesn’t burst into flames over how cute u are*

Luhan: “i- why-… don’t you understand how cute you are!?”
*lost for words and amused at how short you are*

Kris: “jesus christ, this girl..”
*laughs but tries to cover his blushing face* 

Suho: *thinks* “relax Junmyeon, say something… say something cool..”


Y/N: “Mhm?”

“Marry me.”

Lay: *quietly tries to endure without exploding into rainbows and sunshine*

Baekhyun: *on the outside*

*on the inside*

Chen: *thinks* 

“I’m gonna kiss her.”



D.O: *thinks* “she needs to stop being cute im going to die from a heart-attack.”

Kai: *outside* *giggles*



Tao: *starts to fangirl* 

Sehun: *day is immediately brightened*


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Hello!! First of all I really want to thank you for making that beautiful video. I know it must have been very time consuming and I am grateful that you took the time to make it. I wanted to ask your opinion regarding JongKey. I am new to Kpop/Shinee and I love JongKey. I know that the picture where Jonghyun is backhugging Key during White Day is often used as proof that there is/was something going on b/w them. I recently saw a post where people commented how Key looked uncomfortable (1)

(2) uncomfortable while Jonghyun was hugging him. I personally don’t think he looked uncomfortable. I also saw a post where people feel like they are not as close as what they used to be and that it seems like Key is not interested in Jonghyun anymore. What do you think?

~ Thank you for taking the time to watch it! It did take a lot of time, but it was also fun to shift through all their moments and to relive some of them and I’m pretty happy with the outcome^^ NOW for your question, my opinion on them is that yes(like any shipper), I think something is there, that there’s something between them. I could go on and on about why, but I’ll stick with the minimum :) It’s how they look at each other. 

Welcome to the SHINee World~! It’s a wonderful place to be and you’ve chosen two beautiful people to ship together^^ and the picture you’re talking about

I tend to use it alot, ahha, but anyways, I’ve read similar posts or have seen in forums a person talking about how Kibum may have seemed uncomfortable. To me I see it as shy and caught off guard, maybe even(slightly) uncomfortable due to the close proximity. I say shy because Jonghyun is not only hugging him, but also leaning up towards his neck and kissing him >///< caught off guard because it’s a kiss!! I’m pretty sure he wasn’t expecting such a thing from Jonghyun and so suddenly AND ON CAMERA. So, I don’t think he’s as uncomfortable as some may say, just….a little surprised :)

For your next question, well they haven’t drifted apart, not at all, I think they’ve grown closer. With the hug at Tokyo Dome

and the closeness they kept afterward. When Kibum uploaded that pic of Jonghyun on his insta saying: This hyung was excited

also, I don’t think I’m the only to notice that they’ve taken a lot more photos/selcas together as of late

I think I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it but, Jonghyun and Kibum have simply matured, they don’t do all the fanservice like they use to do in the past. But they show that they care for each other in different and more subtle ways. When Kibum passed out because of low sugar while practicing for Tokyo Dome(he said this at the 7th anniversary party) Jonghyun wrote on his rolling paper: 

When they did the ASK IN A BOX there were also short and teasing moments between them: watch

Hello counselor, Jonghyun had his love gaze on, SWC4 so many things there

And I’m probably forgetting others, but the main point is that they’re more subtle now-a-days. They’ve grown, they’ve changed, but they have’nt drifted apart, I think they’re closer now and it’s nice to see the little things and the big things such as the Tokyo Dome hug because THAT was beautiful and it conveyed so many emotions between them and to us. 

So if you’re ever thinking that: “Oh, what if they’re not as close as they use to be?” or if someone says: “Oh, they don’t like each other anymore.” Remember Tokyo Dome and all the little things :)

shinee world iv (seoul, day iii) - 150517

when jonghyun started crying during “누난 너무 예뻐 (replay)” the members all reacted differently to it. onew backhugged him to console him and taemin “made fun” of him during, asking him something along the lines of “you still have tears?” they also made a group hug to try and calm him down / stop his cry. (source: mt_minmin / kimtaem)

Bangtan Brotp’s

Hoseok & Yoongi: lowkey bros 

Jimin & Jungkook: i-think-he-has-the-hots-for-me-and-i’m-scared-shitless bros

Taehyung & Jimin: soulmate bros 

Hoseok & Taehyung: skinship bros

Namjoon & Seokjin: everyone-thinks-they’re-boyfriends-but-really-they’re-not bros

Yoongi & Jimin: the-bros-you-thought-wouldn’t-get-along-but-they-give-each-other-backhugs-and-piggybacks-and-bro-hugs-and-shit

Namjoon & Hoseok: awkward-but-still-got-each-other’s-backs bros

Namjoon & Yoongi: we-totally-like-the-same-shit-it’s-amazing bros

Taehyung & Yoongi: we-got-this bros 

Jungkook & Taehyung: i’m-happier-when-i’m-with-you bros

Seokjin & everyone: the motherly bro everyone (secretly) goes to for love, comfort, and acceptance

Bangtan as a whole: asshole and dork bros who love each other anyway



It was after Onew being choked up in tears, all the members walked towards the stage extension to thank their fans. Onew gave Taemin a backhug for quite a distance on their way back to the mainstage TT Upon returning back to the main stage, Taem kiddo wanted to cry too !!! Onew backhugged him again and comforted him. His head was always on Taemin’s shoulders… it was super cute TTTT" (cr:healingL_ChInG)

trans: thpapergangster

Regarding ep. 7 preview, I’m pretty sure that’s not a backhug but Takuya rolling up Joonjae’s sleeve (popular trend in Japan these days) ;_;

He did it before to his fellow Cross Gene member, Shin:

well, maybe ends up being a romantic backhug :)

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how would b1a4 react if you loved hugging them and burying your head in their chest or back if its a backhug? Thank you!

Jinyoung: He would feel very loved every time you did it, for sure. He’d wrap his arms around you or your arms and would say something like “Hey, honey” each time.

CNU: He would kiss you on the top of the head or turn around to do so and then stroke your hair lovingly.

Sandeul: He would let you stay like that for a moment or so before either tilting your face up to his or turning around to face you and then he’d whisper a little “I love you.”

Baro: He’d chuckle a bit every time and would just enjoy the warmth of your body against his for a moment or two, but then he’d jokingly ask if you could breathe.

Gongchan: First, he’d playfully whine and ask why he couldn’t do that, too, but then he’d hold you in place and tell you to never leave.