150329 #SNSDinMY my fancam of Complete & Backhug <333

peperorena asked:

gif reaction of bts when their girl became super affectionate and always backhugs them or peck them? thanks~

Jin: “Hey wait, wanna do that again?”

Suga: *to random people on the street* “Oh my god, did you see that? You saw that, right?”

*turning to you* “Did I do something right?”

Namjoon: “I like this. Yes, this good. This should happen more.”

J-Hope: “If you want to give me more than just kisses and back hugs, I’ll be in the bedroom.”

Jimin: “Kisses? I can give kisses too. Do you want my kisses?”

V: “You’re so cute like this. I love you too, Jagi.”

Jungkook: *surprised Kookie* Inner Monologue: What is happening? Does she want something? Did I forget something? What’s the date today? Oh dear god I will sell my soul to Satansoo if someone will just tell me what day it is today.

Pardon my Satansoo reference. 

~ Admin Shiro


141226 Kaisoo during KBS Gayo Daechukje ending ♡ 김톡톡


Team A members were all lined up and waiting for Bang Yedam to choose which one of them he thought was most handsome. Yedam was supposed to backhug his pick. However, before Mino finishes his countdown, Taehyun tries to sneak behind Mino and backhug Mino himself.