FIFA 15 released its goals of the season and they’re epic

by Kellen Becoats

Few things in life feel as good as scoring a goal.

But when that goal is a screamer from 40 yards out and you get to watch your friend’s jaw drop as his keeper fails to get a hand on the ball, it makes the moment even more special.

The video game franchise FIFA, not to be confused with its convoluted, corrupt cousin in Switzerland, has allowed many of us to live this fantasy, along with trying out various tricks, rabonas and scissor-kicks. 

Recently, FIFA decided to rank the best 15 goals of the video game season and post them to Youtube. 

The result is one awesome compilation of ridiculous shots. 

From Gareth Bale to Zlatan and Messi, some of the greatest players are featured here doing something audacious. 

Let’s hope that FIFA 16 gives the keepers’ a better chance.

Photo courtesy of Getty