random barca moments

write in the tags how many you remember!

  1. busi’s last minute goal against valencia (14/15)
  2. preseason training where the players ran around in giant inflated balls (16/17)
  3. the rakitic razzler (16/17)
  4. after copa del rey 15/16 when the players were taking a group photo and suarez was hopping over on one leg and delfina was copying him (15/16)
  5. lucho’s “abracadabra” (15/16)
  6. claudio bravo’s “ehhh ahhhh” (14/15)
  7. the supercup against sevilla where pedro scored the winner and we all cried (15/16)
  8. when cruyff passed away and we all cried (15/16)
  9. when we were playing atleti and jordi bore down on arda “like a squirrel-faced hellbeast” and stole the ball from him (14/15)
  10. when jordi got hit by the linesman’s flag (14/15)
  11. jordi not being able to look when messi took a penalty against valencia in 14/15
  12. when suarez gave messi grumpy pyjamas (15/16)
  13. pique’s iconic emoji tweet after the cheryshev incident (15/16)
  14. messi’s copa del rey wondergoal against athletic (14/15)
  15. neymar 100% jesus (14/15)
  16. messi and suarez revealing they sit down to pee (16/17)
  17. when the players accidentally walked into the getafe press room dressed in halloween costumes (15/16)
  18. when messi followed chelsea on instagram (14/15)
  19. that ter stegen save vs bayern (14/15)
  20. neymar’s wonder goal against villarreal (15/16)
  21. sergi roberto’s backheel assist (15/16)
  22. sergi roberto’s surging forward run to assist the first goal of the 0-4 (15/16)
  23. when we played city and messi rolled on the ground bc he was so done (15/16)
  24. when xavi fought neymar on the treble tour bus (14/15)
  25. when a fan gave msn hamburgers (14/15)
  26. at the bdo ceremony when cristiano and anto shook hands and neymar looked ready to kill someone which led to the most awkward photo ever (15/16)
  27. when messi tackled pepe to the ground (15/16)
  28. rafinha and his bonsai (14/15)
  29. pique thanking kevin roldan for the treble (14/15)
  30. barca’s offside trap against psg (14/15)
  31. when messi used the ref to get past a celta player (15/16)
  32. during april’s fools’ day when the squad stuck a paper stickman on aleix’s shirt (15/16)
  33. the crisis (14/15)
  34. when we were apparently buying paul pogba (15/16)
  35. dani going down an escalator head first (14/15)
  36. when aleix scored his first goal and everybody laughed (16/17)
  37. busi admitting that football is better than sex (15/16)
  38. barca players and family all going to port aventura together (15/16)
  39. when ney was stepping on a ball and luis kicked it from him then ney almost murdered him (16/17)
  40. the squad celebrating valencia’s goal against rm so loudly that it could be heard in lucho’s press conference (14/15)

“We understand each other blind on the field” 

Mario Götze chips the ball perfectly to Marco Reus which leads to a world class backheel pass (assist) and afterwards a goal from Lewandowski

“It’s easier to get along when you think alike and that’s what we do”

Mario Götze chips the ball 20 meters towards Marco Reus. He planned it pefectly because the ball first touches the ground to then bounce up straight into Marco Reus’ waiting leg which he makes use of and passes the ball with his backheel to Lewandowski who afterwards scores

‘Player Ratings’ Juventus vs AS Monaco (UCL Semi-finals Second Leg)


Mario the Mercenary (10876/10 he deserves all the praise)
Came this close to murdering Raggi
Would have actually done it if you paid him the right amount 
Missed some, scored one brilliant goal
Was nearly consumed by the supporters
Finally got the spot light, he well deserved

Dani Mcfreakin Alves (10/10 “what a player”)
Star player of the semi-finals
Hit home a Mcfreakin stunner
Assisted, scored and defended, he slayin all ova da pitch 
#DefinitelyGoodCrazyGoingOnHere  #KeepSmokingWhateverYouAreDani

Paulito the Bambino (rating: drama level was only 30%, baby level was 100000%)
spraying water like it’s champagne
his babysitters probably hate him
#ExtraAndCute #StillCantSingForShit
He’s learning from Pipa too, taking in his footsteps on falling on his arse and missing the target

Leo the lion (50/10 #GoodShift)
Saved out arses
Pulled off a suave as backheel
We all know he has it in him
Really trying to impress Maxi, so much so that he hopes he’ll be put in as a striker in the final

Georgie (3/10… didn’t fight anyone )
Saved our arses
Helped the elderly (gigi) out quite a bit
Stayed calm once again

Barziggy (6/10 did his job)
Saved our arses
But then almost damaged his own
Got tiny kid to help his old man ass out
Then had to put up with annoying kid on the bench behind him

Gigi-lo (100000% must be feelin’ a huge relief)
Gave everyone a few heart attacks in the first 10 minutes
Was sitting on a deck chair chilling and sipping on some good ol’ Italian wine for most of the game
Let Mbappe score a goal against him cus he hates to crush children’s dreams
High on the excitement and glory, he knows he’s almost got it in the bag

Alex Sandpaper against Monaco’s ass (8/10 absolute boss like usual)
Didn’t see much of him, but our boi was there
He worked his cute little ass off yet again
The real unsung hero

Sami (4/10 didn’t do much but look his usual good looking self)
Died early
Got sprayed with water by a child
Didn’t kill him, cus he loves him

Maxi (tactics: 9/10 for tensing so much that he almost shat himself)
Still, has anger issue
Smiled for the first time in a 100 years at the end of the game