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I hope this isn't offensive and u guys take this the right way but I just wanted to say that this is a really basic, intro-to-feminism sort of blog. It's good for baby feminists (like most of you are, it seems) to learn in a friendly way, but it's not all there is to feminist theory and social justice. I just wish all the mods well and hope you all keep your minds open and continue to learn and grow. You have a long way to go :)

This is such a backhanded comment and really there was no point to telling us this other than to deliver that backhand. And I’m not sure how to take that in a way that isn’t offensive that’s the most backhanded compliment I’ve ever seen.

Yes, a lot of us are on the younger side, meaning that a lot of us (I believe all of the active mods) are students. Which means we just don’t have the time (no really) to be putting into this blog - but we do because we love it. 

We’re young adults and students, not women’s studies professors. What more do you expect from us.

Also have you seen the things these mods can bring to the table? Because they are certainly capable of addressing feminism on a wide range of levels. 

We are not claiming to be the best or even full experts. Everyone, including most feminist blogs, are still learning - we are all still learning. 

Don’t insult my mods.

Mod Bethany and Mod Marie-Rose


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