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M O R E   H E R E

Rap Survival Show Tropes/Characters
  • Leader dies first
    • If you are the leader of a crew or group you WILL NOT win over your members. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been better than them up until now.
  • The Ace is Bad Luck! a.k.a “Song Minho is the winner anyway”
    • If you are EVER referred to on air as an “ace”, “contender for the win”, or something along the lines of that, you won’t win. You’ll make it pretty far at least to the semi-finals, granted but you won’t win. Trope popularized by Song Minho on SMTM4 as the alternate title suggests.
  • Poor Ace
    • Slightly related to “The Ace is Bad Luck” but differs because most of the time the person was never named as an ace but was very talented and generally well received. The person in question will ALWAYS be eliminated while a lesser contestant stays. ALWAYS. Bonus points if it’s early on in the season. Even more bonus points if they get eliminated in a head to head battle with said lesser contestant.
  • Career Contestant
    • This person has tried out for every or a large amount of the seasons of a particular show and has even made it on multiple times. Bonus points if they have been on multiple shows.
  • The Rivals
    • Exactly as the name says. These people usually don’t actually have a problem with one another but it’s pretty obvious that they are head to head competition and everybody is waiting for them to face off.
  • The Token Idol
    • Exactly as the name suggests. If there’s more than one then it’s usually the one who gets the most screentime, which tends to be the one who is from the most popular group.
  • The Drama Queen
    • If there’s drama they’re involved in it somehow.
  • The Drama Mastermind
    • Same as the drama queen except better at hiding it. So good that most of the time people don’t even realize how much they manipulated until the season is over and people have time to reflect on what happened.
  • A Wild Controversy Appears
    • Pretty straightforward. There’s ALWAYS that episode that causes an uproar amongst the viewers. ALWAYS. It’s heated at the time but once the season is over people can all sit back and laugh.
  • The weirdo
    • not necessarily a bad thing although it can be. It’s the eccentric character. The one who has a certain accessory, outfit, rapping style, etc. that makes them unique and sets them a part. The thing is almost always pretty weird and thus the usage of the word “weirdo” as opposed to “eccentric” or something else.
  • The Fan Favorite
    • Characteristics vary. “Poor Ace” is this quite a bit of the time. Majority of the time it’s the person from the “Ace is Bad Luck” trope. 
  • The Sleeper Hit
    • The one nobody expected to dominate as much as they did. People didn’t really take them seriously at first but after awhile i became clear that they were no joke. Downside? This person NEVER wins. Might evolve into “Poor Ace” by the time they are eliminated. Differs from “Fan Favorite” because FF doesn’t get “slept” on at first.
  • You’re Still Here?
    • You get all the way to the semi-finals (can be earlier though) and realize that the person referred to by this trope is in fact, still here. They kinda laid under the radar and were able to avoid detection. They did the bare minimum to survive. Tends to get as far they do because they have the luck of being paired up with lesser rappers and they look better by comparison. This situation often arises when two Aces end up facing each other in the head to heads meaning one HAS to go but also means two weaker people will face which means one lucks out.
  • Luck of the Draw
    • Overlaps with “You’re Still Here?” as well as “Poor Ace” most of the time. This is when (As previously described) someone of lesser skill lucks out by getting paired with even lesser rappers for the head to head battles. This means they’ll end up staying longer than “Poor Ace” if not even being the cause of their demise.
  • Informed Ability (stole this name lol)
    • You’re told someone is good and/or you know from witnessing it outside the season but you never really see it on the actual season. Person is usually way off their game for some reason or the other.
  • Choke Artist
    • Heavily overlaps with “Informed Ability”. It’s probably the number 1 cause of “Informed Ability”. This is the person who constantly forgets their lyrics.
  • The Joker
    • The funny one. Brings all or most of the personality to the show. Usually not the best rapper but they are SUPER fun to have around. the episode will probably drag on and be kinda boring ifthey don’t get much screentime. After the season is over, usually ends up being on other non-survival shows as a guest.
  • Collateral Damage
    • The person(s) referred to by this trope are usually friends or associates of someone that someone(see: The Assassin next) doesn’t like. The initial person gets dissed and these people do too. Should have picked better friends, don’t know what to tell you.
  • The Assassin
    • This person usually falls to the background for the most part but is absolutely lethal in diss rounds and cyphers. Usually has a backgrund in battle rapping or just general freestyle. Always the cause of Collateral Damage.
  • The Veteran
    • Tends to be the hosts,MCs, and producers but not uncommon for contestants to be this too. Unfortunately, this heavily overlaps with “Informed Abilities” and “Choke Artist” this person tends to get picked off pretty early due to that. This person is LETHAL when it doesn’t overlap.
  • Boo Boo the Fool
    • Always making a damn fool of themselves. This can either lead to them being hated or rooted for to do better. Tends to be a split down the middle.
  • Contestant Favorite
    • A producer. All the contestants want to be on this person’s team. This producer ends up with the strongest team. Pretty much an Ace team. But as you guys know, “The Ace is Bad Luck” so it’ll probably be the second or even third in command ace from this team who takes the win but not the first.
  • Contestant Indifference
    • When the contestants don’t care about this team,producer, or contestant. Person(s) was cause the indifference are generally considered to be weak and not a threat. This could lead to “The Sleeper Hit” but generally just leads to early elimination.

Can’t  think of anymore right now. Add more if you want.


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The Signs Dating a Gemini

Aries:  It’s like pairing the daredevil with the prankster, very bubbly and fun, go to loads of concerts together

Taurus: The couple that no one really expects but they work really well, probably do the crossword puzzles together, fights escalate easily

Gemini: Over time they’ll begin to mimic each others actions, read each other dramatic poetry, 

Cancer: Love having pillow fights and making blanket forts, really adorable together and are really good at babysitting

Leo: Rule social media with their relationship, have really romantic dinner dates for no reason, watch cartoons together

Virgo: Always going on coffee dates, really reserved in public but silly at home, always taking funny selfies and basically build the relationship on inside jokes

Libra: Really free spirited and aestheticly pleasing together, really good at sorting out their problems without getting mad

Scorpio:  One of those couples that aren’t really expected to last but they understand each other in a really weird way. Scorpio loves Gemini’s words and Gemini loves how Scorpio always know what they’re feeling

Sagittarius: Always going to festivals, love trying new things together and go camping like all the time

Capricorn: Fight a lot but in a really married couple way, always do little things for each other to show they care, look after each other in ways they don’t even realise

Aquarius: Always talking about life and different conspiracy theories, love observing others together, the type of couples to only watch movies as backgrund noise because they talk the whole time

Pisces: Literally one of my OTP’s so cute, love looking at the stars together and rambling about really deep shit, love cuddling together and watching childrens movies


- Melanie Martinez

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M O R E   H E R E


Hick (2011) - Derick Martini

5 bullets on this film:

  • Many people didn’t like this movie because it has a boring and slow pace. But it’s a road movie!!! It’s supposed to be like this!! Most of the scenes are gonna be about the protagonist walking around the desert with a country song playing in the backgrund. Keep that in mind and try to enjoy the damn movie.
  • The characters have a strong personality and they are well defined. I love Luli, the main character, so much. She’s one of the women who inspire me AND SHE’S NOT EVEN REAL. 

  • If Eddie Redmayne and Chloe Grace Moretz weren’t in this movie it would suck a little bit. Honestly, they are way better than this script. Eddie, you always in my heart. 

  • It’s very similar to the book it was based on, but I think the movie lacks ‘personality’. The dialogues aren’t natural, and I feel like something more could have been added. 

  • The cinematography is really good, and I really like the costume design. It’s not original or extraordinary, but it’s a nice colorful - indie - cute movie.

in the wake of new hp being not centering the west, using cultural appropriation and also just not making sense in the most basic of ways from a worldbuilding standpoint, I would love if we as a community of dissatisfied hp fans could create our own inclusive, well-research worldbuilding 

there could be a tag and/or a wiki for it and everyone could just add things that they think would exist in the magical community of their country and it would be probably be full of contradictions but it would be interesting and some of the concepts created might survive into fanon and i just want this so bad i want to hear from people all over the world, from all kinds of different communities, contexts and backgrunds, and how they would worldbuild a wizarding society into their context 

and then instead of referencing new hp in fanworks and the like and thus normalising the racism and colonialist narrative involved people could reference community created concepts it would be amazing