Banner Scroller

Okay, so apparently there are popularized versions of what I want to make called “scrolling banner stands” for trade shows.  (Here - )

I just want something smaller, more lightweight, and sideways.  Also, trying to look up anything about something scrolling is stupid difficult because it’s always about websites and java and crap.

I’m still interested in building my own, so I’m just going to try and figure it out and possible destroy some thrift store printer or something in the process.

Here is the same thing, which they just call “background scroller” built using the following materials:
Background scroll

1 DC motor from a Pixima i1500 inkjet printer plus the belt drive and gears 
2 ¼ inch wooden dowels for inner (slower) axel pegged at top with metal pins
2 toilet paper rolls for outer (faster) axel strengthened with wooden inserts
A large sheet of heavy-duty art paper on which a themed background is drawn
A sheet of clear contact paper to provide scroll stiffness and strength

Many bamboo skewers cut and glued to the scroll for train track sections

What I want to make is just the small motorized scrolling background, not the complex interactive coin-operated thingamajig they made in Escape from Sagebrush Gulch.