I’ll probably regret posting this in the morning, but I feel bad since I wanted this done last night

Request from anon; KageHina with the prompt CANDY

which i was going to do nsfw first, but then i was like wait i want dumb domestic college living together kagehina, who are probably buying candy to have a dumb movie night that will only end up with them arguing or making out

can you imagine steve and bucky doing one of those “when you check to see if bae is still mad” videos where steve slowly tries to put his hand on bucky’s leg and bucky slaps it away


Scooby Doo Mystery Inc.

When I’m designing an establishing shot, it’s a lot like designing a billboard. It needs to be a very quick read as to the type of place you’re designing and it has to convey an immediate mood. One reliable way I’ve found to do this is to feature an iconic image that draws the viewer immediately in. Faces and figures work really well for this purpose. I think it’s just built into our DNA to take a longer look at them. Plus they look awesome! 


I don’t know who to feel bad Hyuk or NBin 😂 © vi.xxtv