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Des Pokémons. Utilises des références mais dessines les à ta manière! :)

Pas bien sûre d’avoir réussi l’exercice mais j’ai essayé. Ils sont en train d’avoir un concours pour savoir qui ressemble le plus à Pikachu

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(1/2) Aight you asked for it here goes! I really love when you guys do AUs because it lets us see what parts of the character you think are intrinsic because they show up in all of them, whereas other traits vary based on the setting and rewritten character background. Most of the faces are the same as ever (especially when looking at Remus) but the reasoning and motivation behind those faces is a bit different to me? This Sirius's confidence seems like more of a facade than others because of

lately my internet has been pretty slow so i’ve been playing a lot of dark souls in my free time instead! the game is so unforgiving but i love it

my knight’s name is Star Porpoise and i sometimes feel bad about that until i remember that the game grumps named their dsiii character Macaroni Grille

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So I see Ian JQ in your blog, but do you know any of the other randoms at the rave? Are they other crew members?

There’s been quite a number of other crew members featured in the show- most notably in “Alone Together” during Sour Cream’s previous rave, which would likely explain why Ian’s character, among other background faces, was present at this year’s semi-annual rave