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Transparent templates along with a semi-unscathed background to layer it over when you change the colors to what you’d like them to be. c: Just place the altered templates over the ones in the background and have a riot with whatever hellspawns your mind can think up. 
If you want to make it look KIND OF authentic remember to save the final product with transparency; the rounded corners will sharpen with white corners if you don’t. You can alter the template colors with a hue slider! 

PLEASE don’t credit me for this template, I didn’t make any of this background originally and therefore I don’t need OR want the recognition.

Imagine lying in bed with Niall while the first snowfall of the season begins. You cuddle each other for warmth. You stare at the window as he lightly traces your arm - you’ve never been more at peace. It takes a moment for you to realize, but your favorite Christmas song is playing softly in the background.

“What do you want to do today?” He questioned

“Oh, I don’t know. Bake cookies? Make snow angels? Stay here forever?”

“Sounds perfect. Especially that last one.” He answers with a yawn as he pulls you closer to him. You watch him drift off to sleep until your heavy eyelids cause you to do the same.

I double checked series 5 and even Colin’s play photos.  Bradley’s definitely the pastier one, which is impressive, considering his time working in Southern California.

But artists should feel free to do whatever they want with skin tones, ethnicity, gender, etc. etc..  I love that the Harry Potter fandom, for example, represents Harry in so many ways, from pasty English boi to possessing ethnic backgrounds from all different countries.  Do what makes you happy!  ;)

But for anyone who’s curious, here’s Colin/Bradley a few more times.  


I’m sorry for all of the memes and zero (0) quality art, so please have these wips that I’ll finish for valentine’s day (hint: pair skating practice and bad pickup lines)

FILL IN THE BLANKS if you’d like (and then we can compare pickup lines hahah)

Hello, I’m Lin and I use watercolor on paper not meant for watercolor.

Here’s a contemplating Jackieboy man.

and I feel blessed in this chillis tonight

kinda late congratulations to @yang-smash-trash and @cenizacaer for their enga(y)gement they blessed my eyes and my heart


― Japanese skater Katsuki Yuuri: Grand Prix Final silver medallist.

Dedicated to the one and only @katsuukis who never fails to surprise me, and whose giffing style inspired me to try something new. 

Happy Birthday Killua! 7.7.17 

oh no its a sad headcanon that i was gonna make a comic about but i ended up animating it a little bit instead for some reason???

also is it just me or is swappaps death really funny?? idk, i have no idea how to make death scenes look not dumb im sorry :’))



When creators of your game gives you AU before fans even make some.