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Hey love, I just love your blog and perspective on life, also I wanted to know how you are so smart I know theirs no limit to intelligence but I love how talk and write so I just wanted to know what are some tips also what is your background info like did you go privet schools when did you start reading all that stuff if it makes sense lol xx

Private schools did nothing but indoctrinate me and kill my brain cells and demotivate me to seek knowledge. Once I left that utterly horrendous toxic environment I was introduced to a free world where I had people willing to help expand my mind and horizons, discover my passions and reignite my passion for intellect. They honed my natural skills but ultimately I took it to my liberty to explore what I was really passionate about. I read, I listen, I analyse, I interpret, but most importantly, I think.
If you truly want to expand your knowledge and discover your potential, I only have two words of advice: just think.


― Japanese skater Katsuki Yuuri: Grand Prix Final silver medallist.

Dedicated to the one and only @katsuukis who never fails to surprise me, and whose giffing style inspired me to try something new. 


We’re only getting older baby - Santa Clara, CA | July 11, 2015


Arrow AU: Nyssa is the protagonist of the show
“I picked love over family. And I’ll pay the price for it. But leave Sara out of it.”

One of my pet peeves is people on this website reblogging that one image of the space shuttle Columbia breaking up during re-entry to their “aesthetic” blogs, like…um….