background six

“You shouldn’t make friends with crows.”
“Why not?”
He’d looked up from his desk to answer, but whatever he’d been about to say had vanished on his tongue.
The sun was out for once, and Inej had turned her face to it. Her eyes were shut, her oil-black lashes fanned over her cheeks. The harbour wind had lifted her dark hair, and for a moment Kaz was a boy again, sure that there was magic in this world.
“Why not?” she’d repeated, eyes still closed.
He said the first thing that popped into his head. “They don’t have any manners.”
“Neither do you, Kaz.” She’d laughed, and if he could have bottled the sound and got drunk on it every night, he would have. It terrified him.

- Six of Crows, @lbardugo

  • Matthias: So who wears the pants in the relationship?
  • Jesper: Neither of us on a good day
  • Wylan: *high fives Jesper*

have you met my six children: redux!

i think i got a little bit carried away remixing this thing with the 6oc book cover because that seemed like a good idea today  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(original six of crows jacket art and design by rich deas)


OY VEY! This took a long time. XD I started it at like 1 AM this morning, stopped after a few hours, slept, woke up, kept working. I recorded it for a speedpaint, and I had about three and a half hours of footage. I did take a few breaks between recordings though, so I probably spent more like four and a half hours in total working on this. Anyway I don’t know if they still celebrate Christmas in Vegas in 2281, or where they got that tree, or where Tess got that dress, but its Christmas so let me have my fun. :B The Lucky 38 is going to look FESTIVE as HECK.

Also Rex is a reindeer. What a cute doggo.

The Mass Effect Andromeda media blowout is everything I wanted it to be

  • Longer hair is animated
  • Dyed hair options–white, purple, pink, and blue are specifically confirmed so far, implied there are more, too
  • CC is like Inquisition’s but “much more extensive”
  • Tattoos confirmed
  • Six different backgrounds available for your Ryder that I assume determine starting stats (“Security, Biotic, Technician, Leader, Scrapper, and Operative”)
  • For casual gear, fem!Ryder gets a suit, as well as a leather jacket with a scarf, and more
  • There’s a station on a planet that apparently has “a strong Mos Eisley vibe”
  • The person who demoed Andromeda for GameInformer noted that they had the opportunity to flirt with every squadmate they spoke to (Vetra, Liam, and Jaal)
  • Party banter occurs while you’re driving the Nomad, which is amazing

The bad news:

  • Long door loading times are back, but apparently not as horrendous as they were in ME3 (1-2 seconds as opposed to ME3′s 5-10 second waits is nice)
  • Apparently some of the same god damn conversation animations from the last trilogy are still hanging around, so, fuck