background paper


MWHAHA! The stream up is now finish! Well except for my little doodle of PJ but I can finish that tomorrow. 

I did the clothes swap of R00ts and PJ and then a skelinkton R00ts. Why do they look so good in goggles? I love it. 

P.S; R00ts look so odd without his goggles. So I had to make it seem like him somehow so- that’s why the small Reaper cameo. They are pretty much always texting when they are out and about. 

Once more;
R00ts is my bab
PJ and Skelinktons belong to @7goodangel
Reaper belongs to @renrink

I tag both of these amazing artist far to much and I am so sorry!!

That’s no angel

Wow this got a lot more notes than expected, I was pretty surprised. Thank you all!


I like to just look at the skeletons for my redraws before I start coloring them. See the original raws and then compare them to the finished product to see what all changed.

I’ll be streaming one or both tomorrow on my instagram! \(^u^)/

(Do not repost/remove caption.)