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When did Martin call Ben Sugarnut? Do you have a gif or link?

Yup!  Here ya go!

@futureofthemasses was at Setlock 2016 and this apparently happened on June 12:

Some people thought it came from this clip:
(starts at 1:48, should queue right up to it when you hit play)

which is the one where you hear Benedict say ‘sweetheart’, believing they hear Martin saying ‘sugarnut’ in there somewhere too, but those quotes are actually from two different events.  I think the confusion in the video is when Ben says “I just thought you were making sh[bleep] up”, which with the bleep does kinda sound like it might have been ‘sugarnut’ (though someone would have had to mix up who was speaking), and there’s also a bit where Martin’s hard to make out - he says “I thought you’d been christened by him” but if people were determined to hear the sugarnut bit, they might feasibly try to squeeze it in there. Mostly, I think some assumptions were made about it having happened at the same time, and so that’s the information people were passing on. Here’s the transcript:

Ben: …saying sweetheart, I wh’ the [bleep] is that all about? I don’t know.

Martin: John Duttine, the actor.

[muffled words from the crew - clapboard in the way]

Ben: On a particular day in November, how old was he?

Martin: No, no, how old did he become in March, this year? How old?

Ben: I didn’t even know who John Du..Duttine was. I thought you were making sh[bleep] up.

[background crew noises]

Martin: I assumed you’d probably been christened by him.

Ben: [laughter]

Crew: Action!

Ben: [still laughing] Sorry!

Martin: [giggling]

Crew: Still running. First position.

Martin: I thought you knew every actor over 50. I thought there was a by-law.

Ben: Oh still…

Crew: There we go. [Mumbling more directions] And action!

Ben: [cracks up again]

Crew: [laughing]

Ben: Sorry, sorry… I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

(John Duttine’s Wikipedia page: )