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do zero and the twins have any plans after they get out of college?

hi! i kind of answered this before but aksjmaksj..

Zero wants to become a Video Game Artist.. preferably for Bethesda or Bioware. in ts4 he starts his career off working as a lowly comic illustrator for Super Llama lol. he doesn’t really enjoy it (mostly because he’s embarrassed) but thems the breaks. if i get far enough in ts3 to where he graduates college i’ll probably make this somewhat canon.

Matt wants to go pro with his football career and if he continues to behave it’ll most likely become a reality. he enjoys what he does on the field and there’s no doubt in his mind on his future plans for it.

Jaide is honestly just drifting so none of her goals are too set in stone. she knows she’d like to stay in an artistic background but hasn’t laid down the specifics yet.

reconciling non-med & med life

Still hits me sometimes. 

Mid conversation with non-med friends. 

one second we talk about random things, celebrities and drugs. 

how was your day…

and I catch myself at..
I just treated an-18-yo-ice-user-who-was-in-police-custody-for-possession-and-is-8-weeks-pregnant-for-pyelonephritis. And she was hella hard to cannulate because she’s IV drug user and her veins are shot. And i’m struggling to normalize things, not feel my heart breaking for her, as I congratulate her on her pregnancy. She doesn’t look..”irresponsible”. she looks alone and forlorn. the cops aren’t mean. they’re compassionate, and trying everything they can. Asking me how can they tell if she’s really sick. Telling me they knew her as a child. I don’t even want to know how. 

Then this 30 yo ex-heroin user, with endocarditis, had trouble cannulating him too, despite all the pro-tip’s he gave me for cannulation. He was a pro. His 10 yo son in the background, protectively hovering.

Otherwise it was like any other day.

I’ve learnt to filter myself now. 

Apart of my social life being the other residents in the four walls of the hospital.

It bothers me more, when people or patients in ‘normal’ lives complain about wait times, a nurse being 2 mins late responding to their needing coffee or something. yea it’s shit I guess? or hospitals only being able to give sandwiches for lunch. I absorb it all. I say I’m sorry and I try really hard to mean it. Because i know, it still sucks, to have to stay in hospital. And be sick.